June 24: PBS Tavis Smiley

On PBS Tavis Smiley, “Area 51: Author Annie Jacobsen pulls back the veil of secrecy on the secret military bases and explains the controversy surrounding

June 24: Publishers Weekly

In the Publishers Weekly newsletter,  PW Daily, Annie Jacobsen’s upcoming interview with Tavis Smiley is highlighted in “Authors on Air.”

June 16: USA Today, Best Selling Books

“Area 51” is again featured on USA Today’s Best-Selling Books list, which ranks the 150 top-selling books in America to determine “What America’s Reading.”

June 15: Italian Public Radio Broadcast

Speak Italian? Journalist Alessandro Forlani interviewed Annie Jacobsen about “Area 51,” which was translated for Italian-speaking audiences and can be listed to at GrParlamento.

June 13: CBS The Early Show

Filmed in the desert outside Area 51, the author and two of her book’s sources discuss the secret base with CBS The Early Show.

June 13: The Mancow Radio Experience

With his approximately eleven million listeners a day, The Mancow Experience is quite an experience. Annie Jacobsen joins Mancow to talk about Area 51.