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  1. Having served in combat operations in Afghanistan and comparing my experience with your book “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”, I must state, emphatically, that the bulk of your book is military-grade black propaganda.

    And all of that horseshit about President Kennedy authorizing “Executive Action” capabilities, that is just shiting on his honorable legacy. There is not a single document that states President Kennedy authorized assassinations, much less having a working relationship with the Deputy Director for Plans, Richard McGarrah Helms!

    If anything, Richard Helms oversaw the assassination of President Kennedy, along with William King Harvey, William Guy Banister, George Hunter White, Frank Gardiner Wisner, Carmel Offie, James Jesus Angleton, and a couple dozen other crypto-fascists working in the CIA!

    Shame on you Ms. Jacobsen for pushing the party line about covert action and it’s validity.

    You made not one mention in your book of “Operation Gladio” and “Operation Condor” and the mass-murder campaigns that were funded by narco-terrorists protected by CIA covert operators in Central Europe and South America.

  2. Ann-ala, these are great subjects and appear to be meticulously researched and you’re wonderfully articulate. But I think a tit shot of you on the dust jackets would humanize you and then your career would take off. I don’t mean some 50’s beaver mag full frontal water balloon shot, but maybe some tasteful cleavage. Think about it. Big Jay from Tootie

  3. Just recv’d your book, Area 51. I was wondering if you could autograph if for me. I realize a book signing here in SW Florida would be out of the question,like ‘no way,no how’ with the CoVid running around. Maybe on 3×5 index card,I can tape it inside the book. Stay Safe You and your family. Thanks!

  4. Hi Annie, I love all your books and have been devouring them. Just wanted to say as a German you say in the Joe Rogan Podcast that “Jedem das Seine” means “Everyone gets what they deserve”. I would argue its more insidious than that. It more literally means ” To Each his Own”. I am curious if that influences your way to think about it because it is quite different in meaning. To me it means, not you get what you deserve but “you will work here and live off the meager things we award you”. Is it better or worse? It is semantics but an interesting semantic conversation. In any case I have been a big fan and will continue to be.

  5. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am a middle school English teacher in the Finger Lakes. I have been to Argentina, Chile (Easter Island), and Peru, but I did not have the knowledge of Ratlines, Bariloche, Candido Goidoi, or Ville Barevia. Would Operation Paperclip be the book you would recommend most for further information?
    Best always,

  6. Dear Mrs Jacobstein,
    I need someone with assets to help me check out a rumor, your reward if you decide to accept, might be another book. Perhaps a movie deal. In any case I hope the following information will be at least entertaining to some like yourself If nothing else.
    The rumor I picked up was based on a conversation in a booth behind me while I was dinning out back in January. The gentilmen spoke with a accent I think that is what attracted my attention. I rarely hear Russian in Caldwell. The snatch of conversation I assumed refereed to the Covid-19. As best I could make out one person was commenting to the other “They released a doomsday virus…just like that.” How dramatic I thought. But it got my attention and over the last few months I began considering that the out brake in WU-Han, may have originated in Russia. Climate change is one consideration. Trumps desire for power which has emerged over the last year, his attempt to work on covert communication with Federation Security. Lead me to believe that an attempt to bring about Marshal law and the postponing of elections during the “emergency” is in the offing.
    As I said there are elements in the government that believe a war with the “Red Dragon” is inevitable. The fact is we have never won an Asia war. Not Korea, not Vietnam.

  7. Have you seen CHAOS by Tom O’Neill? It is a wonderful book that finds its way to MKULTRA. Your Operation Paperclip is a top favorite of mine. Keep up the great work.

  8. Hi Annie!

    I just finished reading The Pentagon’s Brain. What a magnificent research and writing effort! So appreciate all your hard work on this incredible book. As a grad student, it’s inspiring to see that it is possible to undertake and finish a massive project like yours on DARPA. I’m ordering Operation Paperclip next!

    Wishing you and your loved ones health and best wishes!

  9. Just finished, Surprise, Kill, Vanish. What a great read, that helps fill in lots of gaps about the people who keep us safe. Great job!

  10. Just finished ‘Operation Paperclip’ and loved it! Then I realized you were the author of ‘Area 51’ which I also loved! Best theory yet on Roswell.

  11. Dear Annie Jacobsen,
    I’m a 61 year old postal worker from Pittsburgh, PA. This is the first time I’ve ever written fan mail.
    Here goes.
    I’ve read your 4 books and enjoyed each of them. I eagerly anticipate your next book!
    Perhaps ” the Pentagon’s Brain” and “Operation Paperclip” most of all. Your research and level of understanding is impressive and obvious.
    There are two subjects that I’d like to suggest, they could certainly benefit from your understanding and depth of research.
    1) The D-Day Invasion and 2) The JFK assassination. I hope my suggestions are not rude or too presumptive.
    Keep up the great and impressive work!
    Best Wishes!

  12. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen,

    my hobby is investigative journalism, I find your books extremely interesting. I have a question, does the name Harold Agnew ring a bell for any of your sources of information?

  13. Annie
    While in the army, I was doing free fall para-scuba and HALO night raids in the late 50s. Please send me an email with an email address that I can email photos to you.
    I was also an aeronautical engineer working on the YF-12/SR-71 at the Skunk Works and Area 51 in the 60s. I flight tested the F-4, F-14, and F-18 and wind tunnel tested YF-12, F-15, and F-16. I also won the “best paper” award from the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in 1990.
    Paul Herrick, B Aero E, M Mech E, Registered Professional Aeronautical Engineer (U.S. Patent Holder), Commercial Pilot, Master Parachutist (world record holder)

  14. On page 148 in ‘Surprise, kill’ you owe $5 bucks more…..the revolver in not a .375 its a .’357’which is an elongated .38 Special case. It’s funny what slips past the editors. Keep up the great work! Your Area 51 book is fascinating.

  15. Your book about Area 51 is great. Roswell was Soviets flying Nazi designed saucers. So much for the Alie-inn. Am reading ‘Surprise,kill…..’ and know you have been told of the error on page 144 regarding JFK’s Navy rank. A Lieutenant Colonel is an 0-5 in the Army, Marines and Air Force. An 0-5 in the Navy and Coast Guard is a ‘Commander’. A Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy and Coast Guard is an 0-2, which in the other services is a ‘First Lieutenant’.
    On page 148 you owe $5 bucks more…..the revolver in not a .375 its a .’357’which is an elongated .38 Special case. It’s funny what slips past the editors. Keep up the great work!

  16. I read Operation PaperClip and it was very, very interesting, fascinating, and instructive. I had corresponded with Dr. Von Braun in Junior High and High School (MN) and he invited me to sit with him on the Dias with him at a MEA (Minnesota Education Association) convention in the late ’50’s and I have a picture of us at the convention. I then purchased Area 51 (how I got large print version I’m not sure) and in reading noted General Osmond (Ozzie) Ritland was mentioned. He was my late mother’s uncle. She was a Johnson but her mother was a Ritland, all of us from Norway.

  17. Hi Annie! I just finished watching a documentary on the Skunk Works that featured you. I’m sorry I’d never heard of you before–I’m a nature photojournalist with widely varying interests, but wow. You were amazing–I’ll definitely be reading your books!
    What I found most mesmerizing was the sound of your voice. You should be doing more of these documentaries! 🙂

  18. Dear Annie,

    In the last year I’ve had a number of physical issues that have prevented me from reading in my usual manner. Meticulously underlining…bracketing…adding my own notes in black pen only…basically attacking every non fiction book as a text to be read and learned from. I have had to switch to Audible. Some background. I went to Washington College in Chestertown, Md. for English Literature and then Hopkins for grad school–Creative Writing. I almost wish I had majored in journalism because I’m very good at researching the most impossible pieces of backed up factual information. I have studied the Nazi’s for over twenty years in and out of academia. Your books are absolutely riveting. I have listened to each one repeatedly. I’m now listening to your 2019 book on the CIA’s Presidential “Hidden Hand” lawful ability to exact death upon other people. I find war disgusting, but I have also found that much of war involves experimentation…testing methods…testing drugs…You must be aware that the Nazi’s were taking pure meth in the form of a pill called Pervitin which then led to the Brits and Americans also drugging their military personal. One thing I wish you would investigate is the experimentation on Vietnamese citizens and both the American and Vietnam military factions with agent orange etc. I feel you would approach it in a different way from other authors. Anyway, I love the research you’ve done…it’s just impossible to question much of what you’ve written. Although, at some points, I do wish you had delved into false flag operations like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 not to mention covid and Agenda 21/30/50…there is a lot of information out there that is factual about those topics and more. I am so pleased that you read your own works on audible. You have a very soothing yet pointed way of annunciating and utilizing intonation to the benefit of the listener. I appreciate this. I have delved into the Holocaust and the psycology of the German people and the Nazi’s for many years, visiting Germany four years ago. The things I could tell you…in one Nazi museum…that is what it is…is not a memorial at all..I found three rats hidden in a drawer at the bottom of a cabinet. This then caused me to purchase one as proof and contact the Direktor of Museum Services or whatever they want to call themselves. I also contacted major magazines and newspapers with a well written formal letter of complaint. Keep in mind that in Germany, my internet was all in German..but I still got through to the right people…However, the answer was that Rats are considered “Farm Animals”. I ask you….when you are asked to list farm animals do rats enter your mind in any way? No. One month after my return to the states, I received an apologetic email that was on the whole…RIDICULOUS. Anyway, thanks for all the work you’ve done to uncover the history behind DARPA, OP PAPERCLIP, AREA 51, and the CIA’s use of ESP etc…using LSD which of course led to the development of the MK-Ultra programming and the spraying of “Free Love” citizens in San Francisco with LSD. Are you aware that Dr. Mengele was here for about ten years as Dr. Green or Dr. Greenbaum, training the CIA in mind control? We have always expiramented on our own people…take the Tuskegee Airmen. That was a FF operation to cover the deaths of 200 black Americans who were purposefully injected with yellow fever. This covid thing is another beast…bioweapon…being used across the world but in very specific places. I hope you are aware that people are being diagnosed with covid without tests and over the internet. Not to mention that any death with an underlying condition is listed as a covid death. Anyway, I’m sure you have your next idea and I look forward to hearing the next Jacobsen edition. 🙂 Please excuse my typos/spelling mistakes but my prescription has run out and I cannot get new glasses due to covid. I went for the exam but that was almost a month ago. Will I ever see again..I wonder. Take care and congrats!!!

    Marianne Culbertson

  19. Hello, I am trying to get into contact with Annie Jacobsen. I have been researching Operation Paperclip and have reason to suspect that Eva Braun (Eva Hitler) may have been brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip, and may have done so with the child of Adolf Hitler. This is mostly theory at the moment, but there is plenty of reason to suspect. I would love to have a conversation with Annie Jacobsen to see if she could corroborate or dispel any of this theory. 

  20. Hi Annie,

    I’m reading surprise, kill, vanish today and a story from an international newspaper came by my news feeds. I like your writing style and the topics you cover in the book. I’m wondering if any of the people you interviewed served in southeast asia. Particularly the Philippines. There’s an article that I read that the writer suggests that the CIA were using vampires to spook a communist group in the philippines back in the 1950s. In addition, the article suggests that the CIA learned that filipinos in general were superstitious, so they devised a plan the the mountains had a lot of ghosts. Such ghosts are killing people for their flesh and blood. I’m wondering if any of your sources were part of this operation?

    News Article

  21. Hey Annie, I have a relative that I was aways told was in the CIA. Other than that all I was ever told is was he was also a part of USAID and the US agency for international development. He passed before my curiosity about his career was peaked . I did find his Obituary in the foreign service journal and holy smokes was I surprised by what I found. Id be happy to send you a copy, but basically between 58 and 89 he was posted in some very interesting locations. Athens, Jakarta, Amman, Kabul, The Dominican Republic, Bogota, Managua, Cario, and finally in 87′ Panama. I would love to know more about him and his career, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as far as where I can get more info on him. I would also love to, if possible, confirm or deny the rumors of him being in the CIA. Id also be curious if you ever came upon his name in any of your research. My family a has a very unique last name that is very rare, so if you had come across him, his name actually might have stuck out. Hope this finds you well.

  22. Did your research have you come across a German scientist named Victor Kehrer?
    He was a professor who worked on the Manhattan Project with V V Braun and worked on/designed the detonating system.
    Great presetation!

  23. Hi Annie,
    Alan David here. I heard one of your talks about the CIA etc. regarding your book “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”; I have been researching the
    history of the law and the Government of the USA for a long time, the law since 1991 some around 29 years, and the government longer than that. I am an expert on the history of how the Republican Form of Government of the USA was over thrown form within just as Thomas Jefferson predicted it would be, and as Ben Franklin warned, and Patrick Henry warned as well as some of the original Anti-Federalists predicted would happen if the Constitution of 1787 was ratified ! I would like to inform you about these matters & provide the documented research that proves it so you will be informed in the future, and aware of what you currently do not know; this is not any theory it is based upon documented factual history from official sources in the Government of the USA ! It has to do with the fundamental principals and maxims of Law which you do not know at present based on some of your erroneous statements at the talk I refer to at the beginning of this comment. For instance a statute title 50 of the US Code can not overthrow the Federal Constitution or its provisions, or give the President power to exceed the limits of the Executive branch expressly stated in the Constitution, any statute that purports to so is void ab initio under the law ! To change the Constitution you have to comply with the provisions therein that state how it is accomplished ! That is not by passing a statute of title 50 us code ! That is fundamental law which you apparently do not comprehend ! The National Security Act . a statute can not do it either, so you would do well to study and learn those distinctions and become knowledgeable ! email me at !

  24. Operation Paperclip

    Hello, this is Nicolo from Italy. I want let you know that is very hard to find the book here. All the websites are out of it.
    Could you please help me and tell me where I could find it?
    Hope all is good in the States with the Coronavirus and I say thanks in advance for your reply.
    Have a good day,


  25. Operation Paperclip

    Hello, this is Nicolo from Italy. I want let you know that is very hard to find the book here. All the websites are out of it.
    Could you please help me and tell me where I could find it?
    Hope all is good in the States with the Coronavirus and I say thanks in advance for your reply.
    Have a good day,


  26. In your interviews have you heard mention of numbers inside a Tattoo?

  27. Hi Annie just a heads up I will email you about Area 51 for an assignment.

  28. Hi Annie,

    Just recently finished SKV and loved it!

    Wondering what your insight is on the whole Silvercorp/Venezuela stuff is. Would definitely be interested in reading what you might have to say about it although I imagine it may take some time for the more interesting details to come out of the story.

    Peace and love.

  29. Dear Mrs Jacobsen, hello Annie
    I watched your ‘Operation Paperclip’ book presentation. I did that because I recently mentioned a historical fact on FB about the ‘liberation’ of the village of Oberammergau, Germany. This happened on Sunday, April 29, 1945. On this day US troops got to the barracks complex in Oberammergau where WvB and around five hundred of his technicians were working on the further development of rocket driven engines. These engines were tested in a small tunnel complex behind the barracks complex. I dug up a lot of historical facts during my fourteen years military posting at the NATO School, which is currently residing in that same barracks complex. I wonder if you do mention Oberammergau in your book. Kind regards from the Netherlands.

  30. Hi Annie,
    I would like to talk to you about Dr. Joshua Norman Haldeman, Elon Musk’ grand father. I knew him 1978-1983 and worked for him in Napa, CA, U.S.A. Our family is connected, I have since left The Aragon Family. Doc H. did not die in `1974 in Africa as reported. I would like to remind the world he was arrested for the crime of being a TECHNOCRAT and expelled from Canada. He was here in U.S.A doing evil secret crap in Napa and Silicon Valley, I remember very well. He caused me great suffering, he is Illuminati. The Technocrats creed of 1919 was to take over the world by force with robots. 2019 the NEURALACE brain chip was presented to the world, a 100th year goal. Have you considered investigating and exposing this family? I do not consent to their agenda and have told the truth to warn and save any who will listen. God bless you Annie!

  31. I would love to talk with you about “Gang Stalking” and the ties to MK Ultra and how to discover an individuals involvement as a target.

  32. Hi Annie,

    I hope you are doing well during this pandemic.

    I am a midshipman at the Naval Academy, and I am currently writing a research paper about Operation Paperclip for my ethics class. I’m addressing the nature of competition and using it to justify certain actions.

    I ordered your book, but due to the lag in shipping I won’t be receiving it in time before my paper is due… Are there any online resources you could recommend for learning more about Operation Paperclip? There’s plenty of stuff I’ve found online, but I wanted to get your expert opinion.

    Thank you so much!

  33. Hi Annie:
    I just finished “Surprise Kill Vanish”. Excellent!! You gave your daughter $5. for catching a mistake, well put $5. in your charity box for me. On page 144 you refer to John F. Kennedy as Lt. Colonel, John F. Kennedy. There is no such being as a Lt. Colonel in the Navy, he was a Lt. J.G., a Lieutenant, Junior Grade. No big deal, we got what you were saying.

    Billy Vaugh is most amazing and his type although HUGELY respected by me is a tremendous enigma. I am a third generation Army Veteran and served from 1967 to 1969. If it were possible to recreate, which fortunately is not, the following scenario====offer me one million dollars cash to spend 1 day in combat in Viet Nam I would turn it down. Offer that same opportunity to Billy Vaugh and in his 80’s he would probably pay that much to be there.

    Great book. Keep up the good work.

  34. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    Regarding J. Peter Grace and his role in Project Paperclip/Catholic Church, I strongly urge you to contact Keri Burnor. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge about this obtained at great personal cost. You can learn more about her:
    “I believe it was because I exposed St. Joseph’s Abbey as a CIA front. Not all the monks are bad or all the monks are CIA covers, but there is no question in my mind now that the monastery was erected for a specific purpose and it is related to national security.
    “The monastery was protecting those who were conducting mind control MK ultra experiments. They used children for this. [3]”
    You are likely familiar with Kinzer’s Book about Gottlieb, Poisoner in Chief.
    I encourage you to read this testimony with an open mind:

  35. I have read your books and greatly admire your work! I am curious if your possible future work may include anything on more secrets from our government or the related parts of the deep states divisions in particular whos very interesting black projects include top secret ancient artifacts(ones defying all known scientific laws of nature and physics like gravity & energy ) discovered in/from all over the world & have been accumulated over time by different entities & military departments.They are studied afterwards by the best of the best in related fields of science through compartmentalized companies including non-profits and universities and than covered up from the general public to a great degree and yet some have actually been simply changed into everyday terms that seem boring to all & so remain unknown & designated by some random number set of characters/symbols …..but the ones who question them , people like me …. get quite interested in these things. What projects you ask ?
    Federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) are public-private partnerships which conduct research for the United States Government. They are administered in accordance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 48, Part 35, Section 35.017 by universities and corporations. There are currently 42 recognized FFRDCs that are sponsored by the U.S. government.[1] FFRDCs are similar to the University Affiliated Research Centers run by the United States Department of Defense.

    There’s quite a few different ones I am currently researching myself and fact checking. Probably don’t have anyone checking these comments anyways, so this is probably a great waste of time. Just thought I would reach out and try. I never have before until now. I just felt a sense of idk something when I read your works. I can’t explain it really. Odd as it seems, you seem so familiar but also very foreign at the same time. Ok this is enough, so good work and hope all the best!!

  36. Annie,
    Popular book. I’m here because of 42 years of research not all of which has been my will alone. MKULTRA experience at 16, a year or so before Vietnam. We need to talk. The big wheel s are afraid their cottage industries will go “kaput”. Later

  37. Is anyone doing research on the global impact of all nuclear tests on our climate? I couldn’t find any data on it.

  38. Would you look into the NSA on the issues raised by Oliver Stone’s movie “One Good American”.

  39. What are you views on GANG-STALKING. Have you researched the current rise of American citizens who feel as if they are being targeted?

  40. I was just watching an interview of yours from a couple of years ago on ESP and the government programs. 1) There are many more gifts which far exceed those mentioned. 2) The Cosmology will not be understood as long as you believe the physical begets the energetic world. It’s actually the energetic(Consciousness) which creates the physical through manifestation. 3) Those who don’t have gifts, fear and envy those who do. It’s a “power thing.” Those who don’t, also have a problem with personal responsibility.

    One scientist was looking at inconsistencies of results in the lab, of psychics. Trying to find a pattern to explain the random, he finally found it to be Sidereal Time. (Sidereal Time is based upon when the Earth is facing the Galactic Sun and can be found on the Naval Observatory website. It’s different from Earth/Solar Time.) When the Earth subject is facing the Galactic Sun, a psychic can be up to 400% more so, than when not. Furthermore, the Earth’s Solar System when placed, oriented, towards our Galactic Plane, it doesn’t just reside in a static orientation. Our movement is like a sine wave going above and below the Galactic Plane. Historically, this produces for Humans the Yugas. A cycle of Light, and of Darkness, over thousands of years.

    Something else to think about? If Gold is the value setting foundational basis of world economies – what happens to its’ value if it can be created out of thin air? What would be the ramifications , or even the possibility, of such a fact?

  41. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I very much enjoyed your book, “Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America,” and I’m wondering: are you available for a brief conversation (email or phone) for a book I’m writing? I’m especially interested in discussing if you know of Nazi scientists who may have been involved in mind control studies at Wright Field/Wright Patterson AFB in the early 1950s. I’ll be happy to discuss my book project further with you, if you are interested. I’d be so grateful if you could find time in your schedule to discuss this issue with me. Many thanks.

  42. Re Operation Paperclip. I’ve read numerous books on WWII & watched numerous documentaries.
    It is easy to judge people & their actions. 75 years on & with no personal experience of living during those times & with hindsight it’s really unfair to judge the choices people made. One must also take into account the entire situation & the consequences of ones actions, not only to themselves but to their family who would also be affected by their actions/decisions

    On the question of a “good German” , IMO the person who chose to stand by their convictions is the “good German”. Doing that requires the willingness to not only sacrifice YOUR OWN LIFE, but that of YOUR FAMILY AS WELL.

    IMO, no one alive today, unless they lived through that experience has the right to judge anyone’s -Axis or Allied-choices. By the Grace of God and due to the sacrifices of millions, we have not had to make those choices. If one was German one had to be willing to give their life & their families’ lives-Operation Valkyrie is one example.

    People often do not realise that people can commit horrid unspeakable acts and at same time be capable of acts of kindness towards individualists and for society.

    In situations where prisoners were forced to think only of themselves to survive, they were forced to do so at the expense of others. Does that make them selfish or a bad person?

    There is no doubt that there were individuals who took great pleasure in the pain & suffering they inflicted on others. There are others who were unwilling to sacrifice their families & themselves, who chose to survive, a choice that put them in a position where there actions led to the torture & deaths of others.

    The sheer numbers of those involved. Should the Allies have executed the 3 million plus Germans who were Naxis & were affiliated with war crimes? The Japanese, Hungarians, Finns, Ukrainians & more. What about them?

    What of the Allies agreement to send the 2 million plus Russian POW’s back to certain torture & death at Stalin’s hands?

    The same fate that befell many of the Polish & Czech military personnel who had escaped, found their way to London where they then fought, many with distinction, for the Allies only to be encouraged to go home to countries that post war were Communist & they were viewed as spies. Many to be arrested, imprisioned, tortured, & executed by Stalin’s henchmen.

    Don’t forget the Allied POW’s swept up by the Russians, our allies, and who never returned home.

    These are questions with no clear cut answers. Maybe for the victims who suffered terribly. Maybe the only ones who received justice were the ones where the sentences were carried out immediately after the liberation.

    Many personal scores were settled immediately upon liberation, not always were the sentences just.

    As time passed & trials wore on it seems that people grew weary of the process.

    These are difficult situations with no one right answer. How is anyone ever made whole again after a war that costs them their property, their livelihood. their family, their country??

    Some things never change. If one has money, power, or knowledge & knows those in power, they are able to insure their welfare.

    Everyone MUST read & study history. People do not change.

  43. I’ve enjoyed your work. I’ve some questions about Lt Gen Robert N Smith…. as he was the head of LeMay’s intel shop as director of intelligence at SAC. (Name is on SIOP 61, etc.) I’m his grandson and working on his life’s story. I know you probably get many requests for contacts conversations, thus I won’t be disappointed if I never hear from you. But if you do have a moment or two… 😉 please do contact me.

    Thank you,

  44. I just watched your presentation about DARPA and found it very interesting. I have wondered who was actually behind the GeoEngineering we are seeing the trails almost daily around here. They have sprayed heavily a day before we got our unusually heavy rains. You should write about their connection to weather warfare. See info at Dane Wigington has an enormous amount of information and evidence.

  45. Dear Ms. Jacobsen: thank you for your books. Your writing is superb. I just got Surprise, Kill, Vanish–it’s terrific. I can’t put it down.
    You’ve done thorough research and presented your findings in a compelling way. I thank you for those efforts.
    Finally your bibliography pointed me to additional works of interest. I wish you continued success, and keep writing.
    Can your books be released in paperback editions? If they are, I’d buy them immediately.

  46. I’ve obtained the JOIA (Paperclip) File on Werner Noell who specialized in aviation medicine. Noell’s file appears sanitized, vouched for by colleagues and claiming he only experimented on “dogs” in hyperbaric chambers. I’m trying to confirm if he was a war criminal, or not for his surviving family.
    Since you obtained APO 124-A, has it been published anywhere? I could not find it in an initial Google search.

  47. MS. Jacobsen, I just started reading “Operation Paperclip” & only on page 25. I’m fascinated by the info. & Love ur writing style. I feel like I’m seeing it take place before my eyes! I’m making my own comparisons to Operation Paperclip & Dr. Lieber of Harvard University …arrested for selling Bacteria secrets to Wuhan China. I noticed what u said on P. 6 about people do not create a virus w/out a vaccine for their military & civilian operations. I firmly believe this (Corona Virus)has been initiated by China due to the Tariffs placed by President Trump. So “might” sound like conspiracy theory but I Think Not.

  48. Maybe the story of the whole of human history.
    Man by the name “Billy” Edward Albert Meier has been is being actively suppressed he has just turned 83.
    It is real, most people don’t know of it, perhaps a FOIA request can deliver what has and is being done.
    Look at The Statesman Delhi Wednesday September 30, 1964.
    He will eventually be herald as the greatest Spiritual teacher ever to have walked earth although by the time this occurs he will be deceased.
    Three topic to consider:
    Overpopulation, Correction of the Peace symbol, Spiritual teachings.

  49. Annie… Respect for your work

    You should also write about
    The injustice towards Julian Assange
    Rothchild and Israel and truth about Israel
    Banks, money and the grid to keep humans in slavery
    The True history of SA and the horrific murders
    Plan of the NWO
    Lies they teach in schools and universities to keep us in slavery
    Medical system and the toxins they feed us
    Chemtrails and geo-engineering
    Lies about cancer

    Take care and be safe

  50. I started reading your book on Darpa. I was only through a few chapters when I realized you are a liar and a fraud. You aren’t writing for posterity, just profit. I understand, I would like to have millions myself. But I wouldn’t perpetrate a national fraud to do it. That you haven’t been held to answer is baffling. Where is our vaunted “free press” and the watchdog role they allegedly play. I know there are people with the ability to get published and draw attention that have apparently not taken you on. I can only wonder why. You are an embarrassment to serious writers and belong more on Saturday morning children’s entertainment than to write about serious subjects that matter to your fellow citizens. You should be ashamed but then that would require a conscience. I suspect that is one thing you don’t have and can’t buy.

  51. Annie:
    I just watched your presentation in Washington DC 2/14 on youtube. I grew up in the 40-50s born 1944. My mom was an avid pro American, she never mentioned that the Germany scientists were Nazi’s. I suspect she did not know, but believed they were good German’s. Which is surprising to me. I ended up in Central CA after my AF time and in my 20-30s learned about the Japanese internment camps – I was so shocked – that was left out of my central Ohio education. So clueless. Thank you for your fascinating book on the Project Paperclip.
    Jerry Johnson
    Rogue River, OR


  52. Just finished reading “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”. The book was exceptionally written. The contents left me with a bundle of inner turmoil …I realized again that there is actually nowhere to hide, and the strand which is holding it all at bay is in the eye of the beholder.

    Please consider writing about the South African Border War and sometimes denoted in South Africa as the Angolan Bush War. The conflict that occurred in Namibia, Zambia, and Angola from 26 August 1966 to 21 March 1990. The rabbit hole is deep.

  53. Many years ago I watched a programme in the UK called “The World at War” at the time I was about 13 years old. Everything was fine until I watched the episode on the death of Adolf Hitler. It just did not add up.
    Scrolling forward to 2014 I read the Book Grey Wolf. I also watched Hunting Hitler.
    I have come to the conclusion that Hitler died in South America about 1962.
    When I began to search Google maps on the subject I noticed some areas in South America have a distinct shape to their field/towns/Cities. Where the top corner of the square point North. Thus the geometric design is like a hidden Swastika.
    Most maps you will get stuff built like the street system of blocks. Except areas in South America which has links to people running away from Europe in 1945.
    Kind Regards

  54. You should look into gun control that is being pushed by the UN and Genocide

  55. Too bad DARPA didn’t figure out the medical cost problems of burning garbage on bases in Iraq and Afghan. in open pits. It produced many cancers making it the Agent Orange of its day. Check out the book on Amazon called “The Burn Pits” by former Army Intelligence officer Joseph Hickman. He wrote it as part of a Seton Hall Univ. Law Dept. project. The book says that one of the soldiers who breathed in toxins and got cancer and later died in the U.S. was Army attorney Beau Biden, the former V.P. Joe B.’s son. Fortunes were spent on contractors but no money on enclosed incinerators. These open burn pits existed under the administrations of both Republican George W. Bush (43) and Democrat Barack Obama. Besides the inhumanity of using open burn pits, how much does it cost to retrain a new infantryman or officer and pay for their cancer treatments?

  56. The world is much removed from what we think it is?
    The research you provide is most interesting but without truly understanding the game-plan, you are perhaps missing the opportunity to truly reveal the fact, that the Nazi’s were not defeated, their victory was assured by the signing of OP-Clip and was simply a step in a much wider plan set in motion thousands of years before hand?

    Their plan is still active and they operate in plain sight with our full consent?

    It is time to truly appreciate why our consent is necessary and what is truly at stake!

  57. Would like to know the name of the lady that handled green beret assignments during the Vietnam war. I called her from Ft. Bragg in 1965 and asked her to put me on orders for Biet Nam. She did. That day. I believe, according to Ms. Jacobsons book on the CIA operations, her last name was Alexander.

  58. Just finished reading Surprise, Kill, Vanish! I am so impressed with the research that went into it. It is not easy to read, with all the people, places and events, but is well written and very interesting. Most of the events I remember some things about, so it is good to have more detail. I have an idea for a related book for you to write, which may or may not be about one of the characters this book, so most of the research is already done. I met this man in the past 8 months, and his stories are quite compelling. His are stories that should be told, and he is geographically close to you. If you email me I can provide info about how you may contact him.

    Again, thank you for your excellent work. And a huge Thank YOU to those who defend our country and our culture.

  59. I just finished Phenomena. Outstanding. I have studied the govt research into Psi for several decades, and yours is the best book on the subject I have found. I know you have limited time, but I’d like to relate one of my own experiences, if I may. This is prompted by your story about Anthony Hopkins.

    I was working as a govt contractor in Germany. A colleague and I were interested in some extremely ancient Celtic artifacts scattered in the woods of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 2003 we were visiting one of these, while discussing the upcoming Iraq invasion. We were concerned about the possible repercussions of this event. My friend had brought along a copy of the I Ching, and we opened it at random to Hexagram 23, which we interpreted as the fall of a “great king.” We feared the invasion would be a fiasco. Upon our returning to his home, he pulled out a different version of the book that he also owned. Again at random, it opened to Hexagram 23. He next mentioned that he had a book of commentary on the I Ching, and it, too, opened immediately to that hexagram. We were astounded; this was beyond coincidence.

    Two days later, we were in the PX bookstore. My friend was a WWII historian, and he was perusing the section on that subject. He discovered there 2 copies of a just-published version of the I Ching, which we learned had just come in the night before and had been misshelved. These were the only copies in the store. If they had not been in that section by mistake, we would never have seen them. We decided that it was fate, so we bought both copies. I subsequently practiced the casting of sticks for a decade, with about 80% overall accuracy.

    I have had many paranormal experiences throughout my life, and I think there definitely is something to Geller and the other viewers. I have just finished writing my second novel on supraconsciousness.

    Thanks for your time. I’ll be reading more of your books. I’m now following you on Twitter. 🙂

  60. Hello Annie my name is Christopher. I wrote you a few letters to your publisher to tell you that I am a lineman and I work for AT&T. I need to get ahold of Mr. Alexander. I know where SOFI is in Northern California and I also know all these things are true. I know three ethical codes of PSYOP:
    1- Run to your problems.
    2- Use teamwork.
    3- Think outside of the box.
    I have been contacted and am looking for the office. Maybe the numbers 8413 and 3164 make sense. I need your help to help the world, my yes is yes and I know what no means. My number is my name

  61. Is it possible to get an autographed picture from you? Wonderful books. Great speaker. Knee-weakening beautiful.

  62. Ms. Jacobsen: As a now-retired reporter, history columnist and editor with Gannett, 40 years in harness, I am profoundly impressed with your research and work. After reading your book on Operation Paperclip, I purchased two m ore your books and just finished the one on Area 51. I was astounded, however, that you failed to include any information on the March 1951 loss of a C-124 carrying almost 50 top nuclear personnel from Walker AFB (Roswell) to the United Kingdom. Also on the flight was USAF Brig. Gen. Paul Thomas Cullen, who played a major photo/intelligence role in Operation Crossroads. Lost with him were his top staffers, headed to England to form a unit that would have been the spearhead in any assault against the Soviet Union. No trace of their airplane ever was found: It remains the Air Force’s greatest unsolved mystery of the Cold War. I wrote several articles on this for my paper, which I would be happy to email to you. I now work as the PIO for our parish (county) district attorney and coroner (two separate elected officials). My emails with them are and My personal email is listed below.

    Keep up the splendid work, and if you ever pass through Shreveport, let me buy you lunch and introduce you to our great Barksdale Air Force Base.

    J A Prime

  63. i just finished “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”. A stunning work. The amount of research is mind-boggling. Your abiliity to hear the individual stories and then set them to words is remaable. I will heavily recommend this book to anyone curious on the subject matter.
    Thank you for a most-enlightening work.

  64. Hello There!

    I am recently doing some work on Area 51 and I have seen that you’ve written a book about it. I would really love to see if we can perhaps have a little conversation about it.

    I know there are many secrets hiding about this military base and i would love to hear your opinions on what’s really going on in there. I would really appreciate if you could get back to me about this topic.

    I hope I didn’t take up or waste any of your time. Have a good day!

    With warm regards,

  65. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    regarding the reference to the Lodge-Philbin Act in your excellent book Surprise, Kill, Vanish (page 62)…may I point out, that the right to apply for US citizenship was granted immediately those who volunteered for the US Military service during the time of war (Vietnam). That is how I have obtained my US Citizenship, 18 months after legally immigrating in this great country…US Military (Airborne!) was great time…

  66. Just finished Area 51. Great book! Lots of stuff I didn’t know. As an MIT grad I was very surprised
    by your comments on James Killian.
    Question: Comments on Roswell & Mengele’s experiments on pseudo aliens had me wondering
    if there is a connection between Area 51 S-4 facility and Dulce Base Level 6 aka “Nightmare Hall”
    Or does Dulce Base exist? But then neither does Area 51!
    I plan to read more of your books – they are interesting and very well-written.

  67. Hello Annie,

    I read your book: “The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top Secret Military Research Agency,” Excellent book.
    I just finished Area 51 Also Excellent book.
    I bought and started reading “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” but got interrupted by “Permanent Record by Edward Snowden that came out last week”. But I’ll resume it as soon as I’m done.
    And I just a couple of minutes ago ordered “Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis.”

    Just a constructive critique. I think on Area 51, the Ending was a let down. I think you got played. That the spaceship was from Russia and the Alleged Aliens were modified children.

    I invite you to do some research and Interview this person David Adair and do a Area 51 part Deux aka part #2.

    The Best Documentary Ever UFOTV Presents David Adair at Area 51 Advanced Symbiotic Technol

    Lesson #21-Art Bell Interviews Scientist David Adair about Area 51

    This is the really good inteview.
    Former Area 51 Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public

  68. Saw you on Joe Rogan and then bought Surprise, vanish, kill. Fascinating, well written and impossible to put down. Thank you so much

  69. Annie,
    Really enjoyed Area 51. It is interesting that Bob Lazar never saw Russian writing inside the saucer. It seems you left the idea of that and the humanoids open by referring to the engineers as “that is what they were told.” As if the Russian explanation could be the false narrative. Either way thanks for your in depth research. Also loved Kill, Vanish, and Phenomena.

  70. Dear Annie,
    Enjoyed your book on Area 51, and was an innocent part of the cover-up when I was a boy. We vacationed from 1959 to 1962 at Greenbrier Resort, and in 1960 or 61 dad said, “C’mon, let’s take a walk.” And we walked, all the way to the end of the property, where there was a stairway and perhaps 30 steps. We went down these, into a large dark cavern, unlit and cold. We were there for only a minute or so before going back up. I later (1996) found out he was a deep-cover FBI agent, but only on reading your book did I find out what the true purpose of that tunnel was. My best, look forward to reading more of your excellent work.

  71. Annie, I just completed reading Area 51 An Uncensored History Of America’s Top Secret Military Base. This was a very interesting and enjoyable read. In regards to the flying disc discovered near Roswell, I always believed that if it was alien, their technology would be so advanced that they would most likely never crash, or if they did, they would quickly recover their craft. You offered that it was Russian, sent by Stalin to spook us Americans. Question: Why would he risk sharing this amazing, game changing technology, knowing our engineers would reverse engineer it?

    Your book re-enforced the fact that the Nazis were developing spectacular technology that was (and may still be) ahead of its time. I can only imagine what our scientists and engineers have created and continue to create in secret compounds similar to Area 5, if not Area 51.

  72. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    Just finished reading ‘Area 51’, and realized that as a child I innocently was part of the great cover-up. During the years 1959 – 1961, my family vacationed at Greenbrier Resort. This was an odd place, even at the time: hugely boring for a kid, there is only one incident of these trips that stands out. This occurred I believe during the 1960 trip, when my father said. ‘Come on, let’s take a walk.’ And we walked. And walked. To a remote corner of the property, where it turned out there were stairs. We went down these stairs, maybe 30 or so, into a dark, cold, deserted tunnel. It was very spooky, but we were there only for a minute or so. Thanks to your book, I now know, from page 326, that this was part of the bunker that was being constructed during that time period.
    I later found out (in 1996!) that my dad was a deep cover FBI Agent, and that at one point he had one of the highest security clearances in the country, behind only 5 or 6 people. He is deceased, or I would not be telling this – to anyone and, indeed, I kept it a secret for many years. I thank you for your very interesting book, and look forward to reading others you have written.

    Dr. W. David Goff

  73. Your book is a good read, i see many of my former Associates from the ‘ISA” days and Shin Bet, as a former member of “Operation Grand Eagle” with Col. M. Eiland, Maj. M. Smith and many others. I wrote about ISA my book “BOHICA” got plenty of riff from it, the the truth always comes out even decades later.

    SAD, also had many front companies all over the Globe, it was and is a necessary “Evil” sometimes you assassinate the wrong people and that is unfortunate but it does happen. The ISA also Operated domestically as well as Globally , the other Book that shadows yours is ” Kiss the Boys Goodbye” by the Monika Jensen Stevenson and her late Husband William Stevenson. I recall having to testify at both Senate and Congressional committees , then out of the blue into the ” Vault” where everything was “Secret” and the 22 minute Video was never released only to the WH back in the day.

    Great Book

  74. Annie, during your paperclip research, did you run across Walter Tilleman? I know he was a part of the X-15 program, an a German electronics scientist. Later retired to San Antonio and started a business…Soundcom Electronics. I met him, as he was a friend’s father. I also met Werner VonBraun when I was employed at Swearingen Aviation. He was called in by Fairchild Aviation to collaborate on the Sino Swearingen business jet. He was still wearing a ring, that had a swastika on it.

  75. Annie,
    I’m Greg in LA & I’ve been reading online about Sterling Haydens time in the OSS during WW2. His de-classified war diaries were published online. Hayden was a noted movie actor in the 50s-60s & 70s. There was a ltd,private publishing of of Haydens story that’s impossible to find.
    Can u help me make his war stories into a film?

  76. “Operation Paperclip“
    Factually incorrect, in parts. A knowledge of German culture and perhaps the German language is a prerequisite for understanding what really drove German scientists during this period of history. The definitive, standard reference work on Operation Paperclip still needs to be written, a task I might one day undertake myself.

  77. I’m listening to “surprise, kill, vanish”, right now and am really enjoying it. As a trucker I have lots of time to listen to books and I have heard all of yours! You write good stuff and I really appreciate listening to your works. THANKS!! Bill

  78. Ms. Jacobsen,

    Hello. I have some information I’d like to pass on to you that you may find fascinating possibly.

  79. Enjoying and learning a lot reading Surprise,Kill, Vanish. If it has not been brought to your attention, please refer to Krulak, JFK encounter in WWII (pg. 144). Believe Kennedy was a lieutenant commander, definitely not a “young lieutenant colonel”.

  80. Loved your book Operation Paperclip. My father was in the Army Ordanance department during the war. After Paris was liberated he was part of a team of ordanance personnel who was sent to Paris to coordinate the activity of, as it was explained to me, “finding what the Germans had that might be useful and getting it to the US”. He lived in the George V or Plaza Athinee Hotel, no one seems to know which for sure. I assume he must of been part of Paperclip. I would love to learn more about his activities. I don’t know what records exist or how they can be searched. Presumably u have been through a lot of this. Could I speak with you? Buy you lunch? I am a lawyer. I live in Pasadena and work in downtown LA. Thanks.

  81. Hi Annie, love your books and find that your research is normally spot on with one exception. I’m reading Phenomena at this time and you write that Edgar Mitchell landed The LM Antares on the lunar surface when it was actually Alan Shepard. Although Mitchell was the LM pilot the commander of the mission, in this case Alan Shepard, always piloted the LM descent and ascent stages for all the Apollo missions with the assistance of the LM pilot.

  82. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen,

    First of all my congratulations on your excellent “enlighting” works.

    Secondly i have a question in regard to your book Suprise, Kill, Vanisch, introduction at Politics and Prose. In the introduction you speak of three important factors:

    1. “The Eishenhower principle” you do your work as an journalist,
    2. The title 50 ground on which is is made possible for the CIA to work as they are now within and outside the US,
    3. The fact that the OSS / CIA always works with ” indigounes people / partners” i.e. “hearts and minds principle”.

    From the OSS until the CIA now at 2019: do the partners i.e. countries that work with the CIA ground branche under title 50? And how does that conflict in lawfull actions; work within and a cross America, and how is that “solved” now internally within the US?

    As title 50 is solely an internal American legislation, and not internationally it raises the question of internal / external conflict.. Even stronger so, it would be in direct conflict the European Convention on Human Rights.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,


  83. A fascinating, compelling look into how American politics has evolved in its effectiveness in fighting the war on terror.

    Author Annie Jacobsen’s novel, ‘Surprise, Kill, Vanish,’ covers how America fought clandestine, behind-the-lines, covert, and tackling the delicate issue of assassination, all under the order of ‘plausible deniability’ in order to prevent World War III.

    From the ‘Jedburgh’ teams dropped into Occupied France during WWII when the Office of Strategic Services was born, to today’s CIA Special Activities Division taking on America’s most lethal enemies, this book is an eye-opener.

    American involvement in WWII required a special breed of men and women to fight Hitler’s Europe, and volunteers signed up for training which took them to the heart of the enemy. Our men and women needed to fight Nazis in a way never fully understood…. Until now. Jacobsen tackles the delicate issue our leaders faced when fighting an enemy. Even discussing the assassination of a tyrant like Adolf Hitler meant opening a ‘Pandora’s Box’ that left our leaders second-guessing themselves. Killing the head’s of state meant our own leaders were subject to equal threats from a determined foe. Legalities of such action also comes to mind. When politics fail to bring peace, and a declaration of war is not an option….Plausible Deniability is the only course of action our American President has with which to keep our enemies at bay.

    In forefront of Jacobsen’s powerful books is Billy Waugh, a veteran soldier and CIA operative, this man has done and seen it all. From the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam, and to the Middle East, Africa, and God only knows where else, this man has done so much for his country it’s practically a crying shame he is not a household name.

    Jacobsen’s book educates the reader on how war has evolved from presidents declaring war, to plausible deniability (meaning, we can neither verify nor deny any and such action).

    I’m a veteran myself, having served in the 82nd Airborne Division ’84’-’87, and as a kid I admired some of the persons mentioned in Jacobsen’s novel. I dreamed of being and doing what they did. Alas, that was not to be. But I do not have regrets. I’ve lived a good life. And I, and many of us, owe thanks to people like Billy Waugh and many others mentioned in Jacobsen’s book for that. This book reads like an action novel, but it is in fact historically true. The author’s research educates us as to how and why we are in a state of war in unprecedented terms. As I write this review, I have family celebrating a niece’s 6th birthday, all the while there are men and women serving our nation abroad, fighting in a war our government neither acknowledges nor denies, so that I can be here safely with my family and friends.

    Parts most precious in this novel to me were her details of Vietnam, Laos, and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. My father served in the United States Air Force for 23 years and was assigned to Communications Intelligence. Part of his tour was in Laos, at a time when our president denied we had troops there. They wore civilian clothes and set up communications in the jungles for SOG. He never got any awards or recognition for this part of his service because we weren’t supposed to be there. Had he been caught he could have been shot as a spy! I think my father would like reading this book, and so will you. It is insightful, historical, and offers readers the ability to see for themselves how the war on terror has made us fight in a way we never imagined.

  84. Am interested in having author’s permission to use a blurb I found in ‘Surprise, Kill, Vanish’ for a book.

    “The assassin is determined, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, and physically active. He is knowledgeable in many weapons, can fight mano-a-mano, and kill with bare hands. They cannot be emotionally high-strung, and do not believe their actions is to commit murder, but rather justifiable for the greater good.” – From ‘Surprise, Kill, Vanish by Annie Jacobsen

    I’d like to have the author’s permission to use this blurb from her book as a chapter blurb. Please let me know if this is all right.


    David Lucero, author

  85. Hello Annie Jacobsen,

    Surprise, Kill, Vanish was similar to taking an online course. Historically, diplomatically, economically, militarily and covertly, it pulled together many
    disconnected bits of knowledge and assembled them into a coherent understanding of where the USA and the world of bad guys came from, are today and will likely be going to. As the son of a father who fought at Normandy and the nephew of a namesake uncle who went from a private to a lieutenant on the field of battle in Korea receiving his commission from the President, I understand the value of service. In my years as a Middle School Principal, those ten teachers who were veterans in active combat or not, were so completely, “can do”. With them all the bluffs had been called after their military experience. Thus, they did their jobs without hesitance, without doubt but with courage, kindness and simplicity. This book reminds of so many veterans that I have known who go quietly about their lives without us knowing they have had a hand in keeping us safe.

    Thanks much!

    Mike Connor

  86. Please, if you are going to write and speak about Nevada, pronounce it correctly!!!!! Otherwise, you can’t possibly be taken seriously as any type of real expert.

  87. I am currently reading your book on Area 51 and really enjoying it.

    I just got to the section on the U2 that shot down over Russia and the part about the silver coin.

    The poison could not have been curare because it takes too long to take effect and is a long and painful way to die as you suffocate when your diaphragm is paralyzed. Also with a LD50 of .7 mg/kg it would take roughly 60mg to kill a 180 lbs man. This would be a spoonful and wouldn’t fit on a pin.

    I believe it was Saxitoxin or Botulism toxin because that is what the CIA used to stockpile for craft work prior to the Nixon administration.

  88. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen,

    I am thoroughly engaged in “Surprise, Kill, Vanish.” I find your research to be quite complete. However, while reading through Chapter 1 (p.27) I read, the Winter of 1945, the assassination of Adolph Hitler was contemplated. As I am sure you are very aware, by the Winter of 1945 VE and VJ Day were being celebrated and our troops were in the process of returning from their overseas responsibilities.

    I welcome each page that I turn and look forward to reading your other works.


  89. Dear Annie,

    I watched your interview on the Joe Rogan YouTube channel I’m a BSc currently doing my MSc, I used to work with Nuclear Weapons on submarines in the Royal Navy. I’ve been trying to say what you said in you Joe Rogan interview but because of my research I have been left with PTSD, because of the trauma from the reaction to what I said. I personally believe that you’re onto the truth when you discuss Autistic children being surgically modified to appear as Aliens. I believe your source is telling the truth, I believe you are right in your analysis. I know of multiple people discussing similar experiences, I can currently provide two sources to you due to my research being lost when my van was stolen. One alleged from the victims side, a source which is a little rocky, allegedly due to her trauma, I’ll leave it down to you to decide. Another from a good source, by the name of Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter.

    1. Mauri (Austistic Children Aliens) –
    2. Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter –

    My belief comes from my research into Operation Paperclip, Nazi UFO’s, MKUltra, Paedophilia and Ritual Abuse, Religious and Political Extremism. When a group of people believe they’re doing the work of God, whoever that God may be, the ends justify the means, sad but I believe true.

    Another documentary which you should watch is called “Abducted in plain sight”, it’s about a girl who was abducted and drugged and her abuser used Alien scenarios to make her believe it was Aliens abusing her. It is not evidence to the facts you discuss, but it does show that paedophiles use this method to hide the fact they are abusing children. To make the child appear they are having some sort of delusion.

    On closing, I was locked out of Facebook for discussing what you said said in your Joe Rogan video. They claim there’s suspicious activity coming from my account. I can assure you, there was no suspicious activity coming from my account.

    I have listened to other people discussing a similar thing, if I find them, I will send them to you.

    Kind Regards Lee.

  90. Caught you on the Joe Rogan show … immediately went to and downloaded and listened to each of your books in succession. Great work. What and when is your next and who owns the rights to Billy Waugh’s life story?

  91. Ms. Jacobson,

    I have not read any of your books. However I saw you on The Joe Rogan Show and was very impressed by your knowledge and story telling skills. So I picked up two of your books and anticipate hours of pleasure reading them.

    I can’t help thinking that you should look into doing a book on Unit 731. The Japanese biological weapons division located in China during the Second World War. You are probably familiar with it.

    If not, it is eerily similar to Operation Paperclip but in the Pacific theater. In addition it is a very gruesome story. In many ways more nefarious than the experiments conducted by Joseph Mengela. That is if you consider the numbers of victims, the variety of cruelty and complete disregard for human life, or logs, as the victims were referred to. No offense, but it sounds like it fits well with your area of expertise.

    And finally, it needs to be exposed.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  92. Annie Jacobsen

    Looking to interview you today

    I am a host at Canada’s Top Talk station.

    Please email me Jim.richards@CFRB.COM

  93. Annie,

    I’m a huge fan of your books now that I have discovered them. I’m reading them all (well listening, actually), and want to commend you on your work. I am living in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany and want to extend the invitation – if you ever want anyone to do some lightweight snoop-work or move things from here to there, I’m more than willing to help you continue creating awesome works; or if you even want a friendly reception/recommendations on traveling, touring, and sightseeing!


    I’m contacting you, because I saw your interview on Joe Rogan’s show, which has been posted up on YouTube.

    I’m trying to reach you, because I am in need of Mr. John Rizzo’s help, expertise, with respect to an elevated threat to national security of the Republic.

    This situation is sensitive in nature, and requires expeditiousness, by experienced individuals.

    Is there some way I can leave a contact, and have you contact me by landline?

  95. Dear Ms Jacobsen,

    I just listened to your book, “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the stories you tell is through the eyes of Donald Summers. My Grandfather who was in the Army was also named Donald Summers but has since passed. When I have asked about his experiences in Vietnam the answers were always vague. I was hoping to get more information to be able to see if the Donald Summers in your book was actually my grandfather. Thank you!

  96. Saw you on Joe Rogan. Started reading some of your work. I’ve been attempting to piece together(with little success) some stuff from my past. I’m wondering if you are aware of a program that the US Government had going on that at least ran during the 1970’s and early 1980’s where they took children and trained them to, well, I’m not sure what we were being trained for exactly. I’m just looking for some answers. Wondering if you could help. Thanks.

  97. Annie,
    I have not ordered your book yet, but I will and I am interested in Erik Traub. This dirtbag gave me Lyme. I did see the presentation at book store with you in it. Very interested….Is Traub in the book?

  98. My grandfather was in the US 3rd Army, and drove von Braun out of Germany after the war, to the coast to get picked up by one of our subs. He told my grandfather Germany was within months of completing a new super-weapon that would’ve enabled them to win the war. After Hiroshima, he understood what von Braun was talking about. Am interested to know if you found anything to corroborate this story.

  99. My grandfather was in the US 3rd Army, and drove von Braun out of Germany after the war, to the coast to get picked up by one of our subs. He told my grandfather Germany was within months of completing a new super-weapon that would’ve enabled them to win the war. After Hiroshima, he understood what von Braun was talking about. Am interested to know if you found anything to corroborate this story.

  100. I love you Annie

  101. Greetings Annie Jacobsen,

    I’m a journalist working up a book on the science of consciousness. I would greatly appreciate hearing your perspectives on current research on this subject, particularly outside of the government. Thanks.

  102. Am reading your book “Phenomena”. You don’t know the half of it. I have met several individuals noted in this book and was aware of a number of incidents cited in the book while employed as a civilian by the US Army. This is not a joke and these people were completely serious. Only problem was, I was not a member of the military and therefore not subject to military orders but was coerced anyway (ie forced) into participating in research projects similar and beyond those mentioned in your book. I am convinced that, had I stayed employed by the US Army I would no longer be alive. Dead (wo)men tell no tales. Every single day of my life I have looked in the rearview mirror hoping it will not be my last.

  103. Hi This is Annie. I’ve made a note not to publish anything from your email address, but for me to read.

  104. Dear Annie:

    How can we send you our comments at your website without allowing everyone to read them?


    Texas – Russia Girl

  105. I have firsthand experience on private unconstitutional prisons in the united states where MKULTRA type torture and experiments are (to my knowledge) currently going on. I believe the old guard has spawned a new generation that have infested the status quo at influential organizations in mental health and are continuing to carry on their sick mind control experiments in the private sector in stead of the US government using children as lab rats. I have begun to connect the dots between the names of senior members i know to be involved at high levels in these organizations to what little i can gather from the remnants of MKULTRA, and believe these people are continuing the work of nazis brought over during operation paperclip. I have tried and failed for over a decade to prosecute these people, and even just when it seemed there was a judge who was willing to make a ruling on it, it seems he was intimidated into dropping the case altogether. I have even reached out to the UN and still failed to make a ripple.

    Please email me at I would very much like to see if your research on MKULTRA unveils more names that can help me connect the dots further. Even if my theory is incorrect, and they are not related to the CIA MKULTRA old guard… It will still prove a highly controversial expose, that private corporations are practicing some of the very same mind control and torture techniques that were used in MKULTRA, indefinite detention without trial or conviction, and many other disgusting practices. I can connect you to an entire network of people who have been victimized by these places with PTSD for life. As i believe the people involved in this industry are dangerous, I would like to keep my identity private.

  106. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:

    I have read many of your books and am thoroughly enjoying your “Surprise, Kill, Vanish!” I read 2-3 non-fiction books per week and send you my highest compliments for your meticulously researched, entertaining, and very readable efforts!
    As a student of JFK, I was an undergraduate at Georgetown during his presidency, and, after graduation in ’65, an Army attack helicopter pilot in Vietnam, I feel I need to bring your attention to an error on your narrative on page 144, 2nd paragraph, where you cite JFK’s rank in the USN in WWII as a Lieutenant Colonel. There are no lieutenant colonels in the USN, only in the Army and marine Corps. JFK was a USN Lieutenant which is the equivalent of an Army or USMC Captain.

    You might want to correct this if you publish another edition of your terrific book!

    With best regards,

    H.H. (Rick) Roll
    Wyoming, DE

  107. Annie: There is so much evidence out there that we never landed on the moon. And if so, why can’t we go to the moon today???? I think it’s a fair question. I have a good friend that is about to join the Rangers. I am reading your book about DARPA. A little concerned.

  108. I am so impressed and will now beginning to catch up with your books interviews and ideas..mwah dual lipa

  109. I first listened to your Joe Rogan podcast and became obsessed with anything you’ve written. I’m currently reading Surprise, Kill, Vanish, i’m not very far in but it’s so thrilling and interesting. Thank you very much for writing the book as your style of writing is so phenomenal, all of the information you know needs to be heard and I’m glad you’ve done it in such a fascinating way. You are extremely brilliant and I will continue to read all of your books and any future books you put out I will instantly purchase. Thank you, Annie.

  110. Annie,
    I really enjoyed the conversation you had with Joe Rogan. Didn’t know about operation paperclip or information involved with bringing nazi’s over after WWII. In Joe’s podcast with Jordan Petersen and Bret Weinstein (1006) they began to speak about Hitler and a certain “disgust mechanism” which could be a source of what happened in the Holocaust. Petersen also has spoken in detail about the effects of the USSR and Mao’s China. I encourage you to view the podcast and possibly do a podcast with Jordan Petersen on these issues to gain a better understanding or a new book. Thank You.

  111. Interesting that you pointed out the ‘War of the Worlds’ connection to Soviet propaganda in the context of Roswell. In all likelihood, WotW was some kind of antifascist black propaganda connected the Soviets. For one, HG Wells was the head of anti-German propaganda for the British in WW1; but by the time preceding WW2, he was in a relationship with Moura Budberg, who was a Soviet agent closely tied to the Cambridge Five spy ring. Facilitated by Budberg, HG Wells and Alexander Korda (a propaganda film maker closely tied to British intelligence who employed Budberg) apparently discussed a WotW adaptation, but instead came out with the film ‘Things to Come’ (1936). (The film rights to War of the Worlds were not available at the time, although a prior adaptation had been discussed and abandoned by the Soviet propaganda filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.) Orson Welles, who debuted the famous ‘War of the Worlds’ radio hoax in 1938, was by that time involved in numerous Communist Party and Popular Front organizations in the USA, although he was never proven to be a communist. The broadcast played on significant anti-Nazi feelings and many people who tuned in were apparently primed to believe it represented a Nazi invasion of the US. By the early 1940’s, Welles was campaigning for the Communist/Theosophical asset Henry Wallace in conjunction with the known Russian spy Louis Dolivet (who had married Michael Straight’s (of the Cambridge Five) sister, Beatrice Straight. When Orson Welles was blacklisted and left the US in 1947, one of his first projects was performing in the anti-American propaganda film ‘The Third Man’, which was produced by Korda and based on the real-life exploits of Russian spies Kim Philby and HP Smolka (Henry Peter Smollett). Later, Welles’ Mr. Arkadin film (a sequel of sorts to The Third Man) would be bankrolled by Louis Dolivet and inspired by another Russian intelligence agent named Michael Olian (as well as inspiration from Josef Stalin). For the rest of his life, Welles contributed to significant pro-Russian conspiracy theories, such as those related to CIA assassinations of the Kennedys, Nostradamus predictions, and the anti-war movement – many of these things are reflected in Active Measures revealed in the Mitrokhin archive. Altogether it seems very likely that Russia contributed to the War of the Worlds hysteria as well as Orson Welles being a major contributor to the modern pro-Russian conspiracy climate which we exist in today.

    Ultimately, a theory that Stalin contributed to Roswell does echo the ideas to some extent which were imbued in the War of the Worlds hoax. It would seem to align with the black propaganda tied to the Russians of the era.




  112. Ms. Jacobsen,

    I found your interview on Joe Rogan to be fascinating. Take no offense please, but I had never heard of you before that podcast.

    The biggest thing I took from it was being very impressed with your demeanor and professionalism. Both seemed first rate to me.

    So I write to give you a suggestion for a future journalistic endeavor, it’s not a subject, but a person: Martin Armstrong. If you haven’t heard of him I suggest you take a look at the information found on-line about him and if you find him to be worthy of your time, I am willing to bet he’d be interested in telling his story,which I have found to be fascinating. He’s another one of these people that are low on the radar but knows much about what happens “behind the curtain.” He’s independently wealthy, has built his own super computer which rivals the others, has a data base of historical information going back thousands of years and consults with central banks and world leaders behind the scenes.

    I found this synopsis on reddit to be one of the best I’ve seen.

    A search on YouTube will give you some interviews with him and a German filmmaker did a documentary about him several years ago.

    His blog with all his writing archived:

    I hope you give my suggestion some consideration.

    Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Mr. Armstrong in any way and do not personally know him. I read his blog and follow his analysis.

  113. Have you ever looked into the “Pervatin” usage by the NAZIS and the German population in general. Hitlers drug abuse. And America’s creation of a “Superman” drug of our own and the disastrous consequences we had by testing it in the North Africa campaign? I’ve seen several documentaries on the topics and was wondering if you had additional information on it or if you might be interested in looking into it and providing us with your rare level of investigative journalism. Your books and lectures are amazing and eye opening. Thank you.

  114. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I’ve just finished devouring your latest book, which for me the sections dealing with Vietnam were extremely interesting. I was in the US Army from 1966 to 1972, trained at Fort McClellan Alabama. The school trained soldiers in CBR warfare chemical, biological, radiological warfare. Particular emphasis was placed on the tunnels in Vietnam .
    Research will tell you that the tunnels in Vietnam, or initially started when the Vietnamese were fighting the Japanese, the French, and the Americans. After every encounter the tunnels were expanded throughout most of Vietnam. These tunnels served as escape routes hospitals, storage facilities , Just to name a few. In your book you emphasize use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but in my opinion the tunnels of Cu Chi, played as important a role in North Vietnam winning the war , as the use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

    If I’m not mistaken, to this date, the extent of these tunnels complexes is still unknown .

    One of the few detailed books written on the subject, was by Tom Mangold and John Penycate, called ‘The Tunnels of Cu Chi’.

    Maybe you would find this Often overlooked aspect of the Vietnam war interesting. I’d love to hear your comments thank you.

  115. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I’ve just finished devouring your latest book, which for me the sections dealing with Vietnam were extremely interesting. I was in the US Army from 1966 to 1972, trained at Fort McClellan Alabama. The school trained soldiers in CBR warfare chemical, biological, radiological warfare. Particular emphasis was placed on the tunnels in Vietnam .
    Research will tell you that the tunnels in Vietnam, or initially started when the Vietnamese were fighting the Japanese, the French, and the Americans. After every encounter the tunnels were expanded throughout most of Vietnam. These tunnels served as escape routes hospitals, storage facilities , Just to name a few. In your book you emphasize use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but in my opinion the tunnels of Cu Chi, played as important a role in North Vietnam winning the war , as the use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

    If I’m not mistaken, to this date, the extent of these tunnels complexes is still unknown .

    One of the few detailed books written on the subject, was by Tom Mangold and John Penycate, called ‘The Tunnels of Cu Chi’.

    Maybe you would find this Often overlooked aspect of the Vietnam war interesting. I’d love your comments thank you.

  116. would like to ask you questions about operation paper clip. humbly and respectfully

  117. Does anyone know anything about the Post war MK ULtra program at the University of Michigan?

  118. anti-semitism is a big topic these days. does it make it ok for jews to attack white males of german decent and through fraud make germany pay to build isreal? they say 6000 a day killed at auschwitz i assume…when you jews brag you need to make sure the numbers compute and the lie seem believable….Example….you can be persecuted by one european nation and the world should weep for you…but 100 countries? that can only mean there is something wrong with Jew….for comparision thats like a highschool student claiming to be persecuted by the students from all the schools within 50 miles….AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP FAST AND WHEN WE ALL REALIZE THE TRUTH YOU MIGHT GET YOUR HOLOCAUST FOR REAL THIS TIME..Ill pray for you that you dont…might get an advance ticket to isreal…being proactive would keep us from having to round you up…we

  119. Avery provided the paper and office supplies to the Nazis, for their records,

  120. Paperclip came from the Avery Paper company that had South American operations at the time. Avery has their corporate campus in Pasadena, near Cal Tech. Their campus is backed up to the property owned by Feynes Ranch property, same owners at Los Alamos. I was also curious and did a lot of research around Los Angeles. Avery’s logo is a Paperclip in the form of a pyramid. This is a reference to the alliance with Egypt.

  121. I met Otto Ambros around 1991, he told me who he was, how he invented Serin Gas. I met him at a social event in Huntington Beach California. I wondered what the heck was going on, but now that I see your book, I didn’t know they were that well protected by the military. I’m 72, I grew up in Los Angeles after the War. I met a lot of these Paperclip Nazis, they came to our church. My ex husbands brother was married to the daughter of one. I’d be happy to tell you about Otto and the others. I think they feel comfortable around me because I look Nordic German, but I’m actually Scandanvian and Irish. I am personable so they open up and talk. I an help you fill in the blanks a little about their personal lives in the United States.

  122. Hi Annie,

    Listening to your Joe Rogan chat about paperclip and I was thinking about what we did in Korea when we left all the Koreans who were complacent with the Japanese were left in place to run Korea going forward – when in fact they should have been jailed … I think it is why Korea had such dark times – we left bad people in power to run Korea for us…

    Anyway, I think it is a very interesting story and history about America leaving criminals in place to do our dirty work. I bet half the rich Korean families left in place today are ancestors of these war criminals

  123. Wow is everyone turning stupid annie is a full on delusional woman she hasn’t a clue she has no proof on anything all make believe an speaking slow does not make u smart makes u look daft .bob lazar is no liar u love are so so stupid I had to find out this page just to tell u that .please stop writing books the stuff u put in people’s minds is ridiculous. If I are 100% think it’s all real u need psychiatric help as u are showing signs of a bipolar

  124. I just think you are the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen. Your voice sounds like an angel, and I just get hooked on every word you say. You are officially my #1 celebrity crush.

  125. Annie, I saw you your interview with Rogan, I am not familiar with your work but you are very pleasant to listen to and if I may say very easy on the eye with all thou respect.
    Since I have been researching and learning about what is hidden from us in respect to various secret programs I want to ask you how can you be sure that the space program since its inception is not a made up narrative. Based on all the evidence that I have seen and studied it does not look or seem feasible that we ever landed on the moon or that the way we envision space activities happen in reality.
    For some reason in my opinion, before trying to understand about space invaders, aliens, and more complex stories we should be entitled to know
    what exactly is going on out there, or maybe we shouldn’t?, perhaps then you know the secret of why they are keeping us in the dark , after all with so many books written you must know something to help me clarify my position and you maybe you want to share. Aprox half the population now believes there is something going on that does not add up, wouldn’t you like to tackle this problem to help them?
    I love the certainty you describe so many unknown phenomena and the way you construct the stories around them, it really makes this strange world we live in a lot easier to understand, if only it was. Why don’t we solve the obvious first, shouldn’t in a way be part of your responsibilities
    as a trustworthy investigator, scholar and publisher as well as an famous citizen of this world.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  126. here from JRE- what a waste of time- read my book, read my book – you clearly have no pulse on today’s economic standard.

  127. Surprise Kill Vanish. … Audible Version, Chapter 3, 2 min 15 sec into chapter 3 I think there is an error. You say that Pearl Harbor Attacks America, I did not want to post this publicly. I have all your books and gave them all a 5 star rating. Great Author !!!! Hopefully Hachette Audio will fix this.
    Thank You

  128. Hello, this is probably a weird question for conspiracy theorist but I wanted to get your take on the pills they prescribe, why people keep going back after all the proof about them, also what do you think about parallel universes and if you could reach them in dreams…

  129. Hi Annie

    Just heard you on JRE and was wondering what if any info you have come across about covert activities in WWII. My grandfather, who’s now deceased, fought in WWII and told me some things before he died that he seems to have told to no one else. I bring it up to my cousins who have talked to him more in depth about his time overseas and no one else has heard what he told me.
    He was in the infantry from what I recall and he told me his group used to carry out “black out ops”. He said his group would go in to an area secretly and “clear the way” for the troops that would actually get the credit for winning the battle or taking over the area. He said he couldn’t ever tell my grandmother where he was so he would secretly send he money with coordinates on it to let her know where he was and that he was ok.
    I’m no military man so all of these things could be completely normal for the time but it’s always stuck with me that I’m the only one he ever told this to. I’m sure you’re busy but if you have any info you could pass along it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  130. Annie,
    I am not defending the Nazi’s by any means but I think it’s important to distinguish the Germans fighting in the Wehrmacht (Heer, Kreigsmarine, & Luftwaffe) from the NSDAP & the SS. The NSDAP & the SS orchestrated the Holocaust, not the regular German troops simply fighting for their country. Many of those men were conscripts as well.

    As far as the NSDAP & it’s SS branch, there were plenty of truly evil men in that organization but I think it’s also important to point out that many of the Waffen-SS men were fighting battles against the Allies, not participating in war crimes. You must remember as well that it’s proven not every high ranking official in the NSDAP agreed w/ Hitler and Himmler due to documented assassination plots. You can be assured there were plenty of others who also didn’t agree with the direction the party was taking but was faced with a difficult choice most of us will never have to make. Do you disobey orders and risk having your family killed or do you play ball?

    That is no justification for any genocide. As a Native American who’s ancestors were victims of genocide, I could not and would not give the Nazis a pass but I think it’s important to note that this whole thing isn’t black and white especially when you are talking about conscripted members of the Wehrmacht or even many of the volunteers. Many of those men were not Nazis. The NSDAP, or ‘Nazi party’, is simply a political party. Just as Americans can enlist in the US military without affiliating with a political party, the Germans didn’t have to be NSDAP members to serve. They simply signed up to support their country just as citizens do for countries around the world. When I enlisted in the Army in 2008 I did NOT agree w/ the war in Iraq but I enlisted because my country needed soldiers.

    There’s that old saying, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Many Germans could not see things the way we see them. Many of the resistance fighters in Iraq & Afghanistan see our American troops the same way we see the Nazis. Most of the Germans in WWII were good people who were doing what any patriot would do. They too are victims of the handful of the truly evil bigwigs at the top of the chain of command. There is no punishment severe enough for the upper tier leaders & figures of the NSDAP.

    You did a great job on Joe’s podcast & I look forward to reading your works!

  131. Annie, I heard your May 13 (?) 2019 interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory. In it you asked if there was a book that provided documentation about the JFK murder. There is near universal agreement among scholars in the field that the best book ever done was by James Douglass: “JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why it Matter,” 2010, Simon and Schuster, paperback. Literally thousands of footnotes, mostly from government sources. Among the things revealed: there was an Oswald* double in Dallas that day, and he was later evacuated by an Army plane to, of all places, Roswell. Douglass interviewed a man who was on that plane. Further, Norman Cousins serves as the shuttle diplomacy liaison among JFK, Khrushchev, and the Pope during the Cuban missile crisis, and at the very time of the murder, his envoy was sitting with Fidel Castro trying to work out a live-and-let-live policy. And so much more. I can tell you more as well, having been a colleague of Douglass in Hawai’i long ago.

  132. To: Annie Jacobsen:
    I listened to you on Coast to Coast (95.1), with host George Noory last night (May 14, 2019). It was awesome! I didn’t get to sleep until 3:00 a.m.
    I have never heard of you before, but you can be sure I WILL be purchasing your latest book! God was speaking to me in so many different areas. Not about the CIA, etc., but about the tactics of lawyers/men of influence, etc.’ that I’ve had to deal with. What intrigued me was your ability to write in fiction, and yet tell the truth! It’s probably the best way forward , instead of first person and getting sued!!

  133. Wondering if Annie would like to talk about or investigate the more esoteric explorations of the CIA and associated private organizations and firms, particularly in speculative areas that might be called time science, related to technology acquired and efforts to reverse engineer.

  134. Annie, you do know there is no direct evidence that the Soviets had a vast Bio-weapons program? Why then is the media so quiet about it? It may have been Soviet lies.

  135. In the Operation Paperclip book, why was there no mention – or no U.S. effort – to acquire Nazi physicists, i.e. atomic bomb researchers? The only branches of science and engineering covered were Rocket Science, Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, and Aviation Medicine. Didn’t anyone go after Werner Heisenberg’s group, for example?


  136. Excellently done book! However, being of an engineering and science background, I was astonished when I reached page 390 (paperback) to find another 80 pages of wonderfully numbered citations and references. I then realized that while reading the book, there was not a single citation or reference number in the actual book text itself! Was this an oversight? Hardback had numbers? Too bad, as I will have to now reread the entire book with one finger in the citation section. Will be worth it, though.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of Ms. Jacobsen’s book.

  137. I understand why Roswell documentaries create a false narrative by omitting most of the facts. But it’s not helping the UFO field in the long run to support mythical narratives created by leaving out key details. The wreckage was paper, sticks, tin foil, rubber and scotch tape as stated by M Brazle.
    Creating false narratives hurts the UFO field and detracts from cases that merit further investigation. I expect this from people selling books on a UFO crash at Roswell but why can’t actual journalists report the facts (which debunk the case) and put focus on UFO cases that actually might be UFOs?
    “” Brazel told the Roswell Daily Record that he and his son saw a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.”[5] He paid little attention to it but returned on July 4 with his son,”
    ” “[We] spent a couple of hours Monday afternoon [July 7] looking for any more parts of the weather device”, said Marcel. “We found a few more patches of tinfoil and rubber.”[
    And the press release did say “flying disk” but there was a little bit more info that was left out of that description:
    “On July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) public information officer Walter Haut issued a press release stating that personnel from the field’s 509th Operations Group had recovered a “flying disc”, which had crashed on a ranch near Roswell. As described in the July 9, 1947 edition of the Roswell Daily Record,
    The balloon which held it up, if that was how it worked,
    must have been 12 feet [3.5 m] long, [Brazel] felt, measuring the
    distance by the size of the room in which he sat. The rubber was smoky
    gray in color and scattered over an area about 200 yards [180 m] in
    diameter. When the debris was gathered up, the tinfoil, paper, tape, and
    sticks made a bundle about three feet [1 m] long and 7 or 8 inches [18
    or 20 cm] thick, while the rubber made a bundle about 18 or 20 inches
    [45 or 50 cm] long and about 8 inches [20 cm] thick. In all, he
    estimated, the entire lot would have weighed maybe five pounds [2 kg].
    There was no sign of any metal in the area which might have been used
    for an engine, and no sign of any propellers of any kind, although at
    least one paper fin had been glued onto some of the tinfoil. There were
    no words to be found anywhere on the instrument, although there were
    letters on some of the parts. Considerable Scotch tape and some tape
    with flowers printed upon it had been used in the construction. No
    strings or wires were to be found but there were some eyelets in the
    paper to indicate that some sort of attachment may have been used.[9]”
    Yes the weather balloon was a cover-up. A cover-up for what was described above. In 1947 Brazle thought “maybe that pile of foil, sticks and tape was one of those flying disks I’ve been hearing about”.
    Dead aliens, autopsies, etc, were all added on in the 1970s.
    People in position to fund or aid the UFO field are scared away by seeing too many people embrace obvious myths. This drags the UFO issue to about the level of Big Foot.

  138. Well I can’t make much of a comment other then I am happy to see a investigative journalist about my home town. It makes me think of the things I heard about growing up in the 90’s, in Roswell, NM. I still go there when I can to leave flowers on my dad’s grave in South Park Cemetery. He was an executive nurse in the rehab facility, where my dad would say the soldiers took in the aliens and it was very eerie to hear those things and experience the hallways. blehh. Now I can’t find record of where he worked and I feel like the city is a ghost town of the past. I also went for journalism, but felt like…why would anyone listen? I came across this today and it still made me think…wow…this is awesome. I am 29 and still looking for the answers of my untold childhood. Much love. <3 -Grace Young

  139. First of all, I hope someone forwards this to Annie Jacobsen. “Phenomena” has given me a great sense of relief from the burden of doubt about my paranormal experiences.
    I am almost 70, and have had many. Yet, until this authoritative book, I had never heard that such experiences were taken seriously. That(paraphrasing here)(no pun intended)
    “we now know that such experiences are real, even if we can’t understand or replicate them”, has relieved any shred of doubt or feeling of silliness from these experiences.
    I have often thought the gods had been giving me a crash course in what, Life, Spirituality, Another(s) Reality??? I saw my first person killed when I was five years old; had Adolescent
    Epilepsy–drowned during my first grand-mal seizure at age seven. Lived across the street from a cemetery and saw the burials of people I knew. Was nearly electrocuted at nineteen.
    Not a little shock but full on thru both arms from a power drill while I was sweating while lying on concrete.
    Anyway, aside from my thanks, I am offering to share these experiences or consider testing. If there is any interest please let me know. Thank you
    (Jim Travers, 18 Dusty Lane, Newtown,Ct 06470) (Website: (email: (home phone: 203-304-1503)

  140. I purchased Mrs. Jacobsen’s book “Area 51” and I was wondering if I could possibly send her a blank bookplate, with a self-addressed envelope for return, for her signature, so I can affix it into my book? I’d greatly appreciate your consideration and help in this matter!
    Brian Eubanks

  141. Hi Annie, my name is Bruce Borgos and I’m writing a novel (my third) which takes place in large part at the Nevada Test Site in the 1950s. I greatly enjoyed reading “Area 51” and was wondering if you might be able to help my research on a couple fronts. First, do you know of any descriptions of the buildings in which warheads used to be stored prior to the day of a shot? I’m looking to get a visual sense of these buildings. I interviewed Ernie Williams who worked for the AEC in the mid-fifties out there, and he described them simply as reinforced concrete structures but not much beyond that. And I’m wondering what the security would have been around these buildings.
    Also, you mention in your book that after “Project 57”, a 1952 “model” pickup truck from the fenced off area, and that it was contanminated with plutonium and scheduled for burial. So was this a true model and much smaller than an actual vehicle? I know they placed vehicles and other everyday things in the area to measure the “stickiness” of plutonium. Also, do you know if they ever found this truck or what potential danger there would have been if it had gotten off the NTS?
    Any assistance you might be able to lend in these areas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
    Bruce Borgos

  142. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    I’ve been listening to your audiobook reading of Operation Paperclip and much appreciate your research and attention to detail.
    Part of what drew me to your book was curiosity about a former landowner on property that abutted mine. The patriarch of the family died almost 40 years ago and his wife and children sold the old farm nearly 2 decades ago. I had known for a long time they had emigrated to the US after WWII, and also had known why, but my unsatiated curiosity led me to dig further a couple of weeks ago. I located surviving family and wrote to a son to ask about his father. We exchanged several emails, but he ended up in clasic ACOA mode, denying his relationship and soon ceasing to respond. My research—difficult since the trail was obscured—revealed his emails were a string of lies.
    I found the father on the Paperclip list. Also found references showing his work had been exploited extensively by the US military after WWII and later he had ended up a high executive in a German company contuing the same work. I would rather not give more details in an open forum.
    I’m writing because I assume you have volumes of research you did not include in your book, and I’m hoping you might be able to steer me toward resources beyond what I’ve uncovered.
    I will send more details if/when you respond to my email address.
    Thank you….

  143. Just finished Pentagon and Phenomena. Great info in each. I would like to discuss other things with you but not on public comments.

  144. Dear Annie,
    Hi, how are you? I am a junior at North Andover High School in Massachusetts, and I am participating in National History Day. Our topic is on Operation Paperclip. My partner and I have purchased your book on the subject it has been an amazing resource for our project thus far. We are creating a short documentary on the subject at hand about the triumph over tragedy in the situation. We were wondering if you could possibly do a quick interview with us as an expert on the topic about the triumph and tragedy that would be perfect. If you could possibly do this, it would be a great help to us and our project. Thank you very much for your time, we hope to hear from you soon!
    Zachary Levin and Theodore Wolfenden

  145. Good afternoon,
    I have purchased all four of your books and am currently finishing Area 51. Last night I started another book to read concurrently with Area 51. This new book is titled Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Programs is by Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD and is the first of a three-book set by him. While I will read the entire book critically but with an open mind, there are extensive footnotes and references should I choose to follow up on some of the statements.
    While I was reading chapter one of the new book last night, I remembered a statement concerning your writing of the book titled Operation Paperclip. The statement was you could not access allot of the references you desired as they were still classified by the military. Chapter one of the new book I started last night contained references of the fact some of the ideas for some of the highly classified programs came from World War II Germany along with some of the scientists who were working on them prior to their capture. Chapters two and three of this book, which I have not yet read, deal exclusively with Nazi Germany and their advanced aerospace programs.
    I am writing this note in the event this information might help close some of those questions you could not answer while writing Operation Paperclip.

  146. I am enjoying your book, PHENOMENA, but am puzzled as to why you never mention the CIA/MK-ULTRA experiments with LSD on unsuspecting victims, and how many lives were ruined because of those experiments.

  147. Hi Annie,
    “Have I got a story for you!”
    A true story greater than fiction– how Duane the Great Writer and the Real Guides offset the purposeful destruction of the world.
    The elites use every means possible to enslave and destroy mankind through weather control, DEWs, Agenda 21, vaccines, and much more.
    Find out what the Real Guides are doing to wake people up!

  148. Hello Annie,
    “Have I got a story for you”
    We are moving into an unprecedented era of our evolution with the advent of transhumanism,, GMO foods 5 G kill towers, weather control, Agenda 21, Flat earth and much more.
    You would be doing humanity a service if you wrote about the cure.
    This being the work Duane the Great Writer and the Real Guides are doing to offset the purposeful destruction of the planet by the elites.
    The book could have it all- galactic, interdimensional, romantic adventure and it would all be true!

  149. What do you know about the Miaac report ? Or agenda 21? project looking glass. HAARP

  150. hi, I want to tell you a story . you will be interested please…

  151. Did the US government know in early 1990 Saddam was planning to invade Kuwait? According to you book Phenomena, they did. So why did the US and several other countries allow this to happen? It seems like the first gulf war was the catalyst for this mess we have today. I only mention this because I heard about this 15 years ago. Remote viewers and other specialties were sent to Iraq to ferret out Saddam’s generals to halt the invasion. Omega teams

  152. I love your work!!
    I hope you write a book about the pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines.
    Also, all the chemicals (fluoride, aluminum oxide, pesticide poisoning) and mind programming they are doing to the American now.
    Please write another nook

  153. Hi Annie,
    Do you ever wonder why your anonymous source gave you the Horten Brothers explanation for what crashed at Roswell? Perhaps it was to obfuscate the real Cold War origin of this myth. If you get a chance, please read my free book called The Roswell Deception where I document how the U.S. created the UFO myth in one of the opening shots of the Cold War. All source documentation is linked via end notes and also freely available. I think you will find it a fascinating read. You can download it from my blog at
    James Carrion

  154. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am writing you to inquire about who to approach for an interview with our podcast. On behalf of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli, I’d like to invite you for a quick 1 hour Skype interview to promote your work. We have a very large and growing audience with over 200,000 downloads on YouTube and I believe they would be fascinated by your work. Are you available for podcasts? If so, we’d love to have you as our guest. We appreciate your work so much. Please let me know what avenue to take in order to book you in the future. You can reach me at
    Booking Manager
    Allyson Hagstrom
    Tin Foil Hat Podcast

  155. The Osenberg List plunged from a toilet?
    Sounds like a story told with a underlying distaste for all things “kudos” and the “stealing someone else’s thunder.”
    Basically, German sarcasm implicating the length of the list.
    If it’s a pun, es ist noch frisch!
    My thoughts, postwar just get along and coexist. I don’t believe it would’ve rectified any prior injustices or improved the world for the better had we not enabled compitent Germans to continue going about their dilligent Deutsche things, unabridged processes, and methods of mechanically “wowing” observers.
    Also, America or ‘Murica whatever floats your boat is cool with me.
    They say the “Devil is in the Details.” Thinking aloud here in an industrialized world if you hang the people who invented the details due to association with Devil; well for lack of a better analogy, it’s like shooting yourself in your own damn dick!
    I haven’t read the book yet, just chiming in ahead of time. Maybe my thoughts will change.

  156. Ms Jacobsen, I was wondering how your research re: Magnus Von Braun is going ? Have you looked into Cosmologist Thomas Gold? They both seem to have been working with Helmut Holzer on the “mixing Computer” aka the “organ” a component of the V2 later called the inertial guidance system or the “plex/multiplex”. I have been working on tying up some loose ends re: my Grandfather, William Guy Redmond’s life after MIT, Servo-lab 1951, when I came across Gold’s memoir, “Taking the back off the watch”. He speaks of someone he calls “Helmholz”, and solving “Helmholz’s” memory problems
    … I think you might find it interesting. Thanks !

  157. Annie,
    I grew up on the Space coast of Florida in the 60’s, My father was an Apollo engineer for IBM then and names Like Debus and Von Braun were bandied around the house. I also had a friend growing up who’s father worked at NASA pretty high up who was jewish. After reading your book I find it hard to understand the interface between many Space Industry workers and management who were jews and the Paperclip Nazis…How did this work…Did any one know?

  158. Dear Annie,
    I enjoy your work and I am a fan of yours.
    I have listened to many YOUTUBE interviews, some more believable than others, some more creditable than others, and some more sincere than others.
    It seems that most investigators and hosts are so deep in the woods that they do not see trees.
    Claims of huge and deep underground facilities, well equipped with large and expensive equipment are almost a staple statement.
    I will use Holloman Air Force Base, at White Sands Missile Range, as an example.
    If things are as claimed by many, there is a huge underground base there.
    The questions to ask, and research to do, I believe, is determine how it was built – which contractors, what do their records show?.
    It seems like an easy enough statement to make, but I want to elaborate.
    Where did all the sand/dirt go that allowed such a deep underground instalation?
    Where does the water to the base come from? A public record seach should show how much water was used in 1955 and comparing it to more recent years should show when an increase came about. The same deal with drainage and waste management payments to utility companies and state governments. Electric power usage over the years should be also useful.
    Unless food is free, it is purchased and the State of New Mexico should be receiving the proceeds from a sales tax, that amount should show how many people work there.
    Public library and in particular newspaper accounts of the base should be on record, the Country Historical Society\Museum will probably have all sort of information.
    Advertisements for contractors should abound in the surrounding region and state. I am rather sure that heavy construction workers were not sworn to secrecy. The building of anything as big as claimed to exist did not go unnoticed. There may be dozens, or even hundreds of locals with stories, however small or minor, about aspects of this construction.
    If these facilities are there they must be maintained and sustained.
    All sorts of service trucks will be needed to bring in soap, soup, and sheets, near every day.
    A nice detailed sit down with real estate professionals also should be able to tell you when the facility was built. These public records should also be a big eye opener of how many homes were constructed. How many schools had to be built?
    Details on public documents may be the key to determining the validity of many claims.
    Sincerely yours,
    Charles Bugajsky
    Viet Nam 1966 & 1968 – Infantry
    Retired Chicago Police Detective

  159. I have recently purchased your books,”Area51″ and “Phenomena” through Audible. I have found them most interesting. I have studied Remote Viewing for years.

  160. Hi Ms. Jacobsen,
    I enjoyed Phenomena very much, and I’m looking forward to reading your other works.
    I was a subject in ganzfeld ESP experiments run by Charles Honorton in Brooklyn in the 1970s. It was quite the unusual experience, in the basement of the hospital, half ping pong balls on the eyes, white noise played through headphones, free associating.
    Honorton died, quite young, from a heart attack. I recognize it was far more common then, but in light of Pat Price, if you do more work on the subject, I’d be curious if there are suspicions.

  161. When this book was published 4 years ago, I thought why do I need another book on Operation Paperclip. So recently when I discovered that it included mention of one of my favorite Ritchie Boys, Henry Kolm, I immediately bought a copy. I am very impressed with the author’s scholarship and writing ability. Is it possible that I know some minor facts not mentioned in the Book?

  162. Hello, based on a few interviews I’ve listened to, you strike me as someone I’d like to put this to. I believe there’s an important link between *music* and ufo/fortean/paranormal (and possibly AI) fields and phenomena.
    Key points; sine waves, origins of the synthesizer & transistor, the alchemical philosopher’s stone (namely the square/circle/triangle symbol) and synchronicity (or put another way, timing). The relationship b/t music & consciousness.
    You do interesting work, from what I’ve seen (and heard).
    Kind Regards,

  163. All I want to know is do you Anne believe the story, “The Day After Roswell”?
    Yes or no?

  164. Is there a simple email way to send a message to Annie Jacobsen? I do not do twitter, etc.
    I have some knowledge about Operation Paperclip I would like to discuss with the author

  165. Reading yesterday’s NYT article by William J. Broad on microwave weapons and their possible use in Cuba and China, I noticed he referenced two patents on the microwave hearing effect. Following his link to those patents I started to read the details of the more recent patent. The inventors’ discussion of amplitude modulation and waveform processing sounded very familiar to me. Dr. Andrija Puharich (and G. Patrick Flanagan) did extensive work on RF hearing through the skin using amplitude modulation and waveform processing. Sure enough, in the References Cited section (of both patents) there are two references to patents by our friend Andrija Puharich, M.D.! While growing up in San Antonio I was familiar with our two parapsychology labs–the Mind Science Foundation and Science Unlimited–and the Brooks School of Aerospace Medicine (SAM), where I knew people there who did classified research on RF bioeffects. So, I was fortunate enough to meet people like Andrija Puharich, Hal Puthoff, W. Ross Adey and lots of other creative scientists and thinkers. However, I think that there’s still plenty of room for skepticism of William Broad’s suggestion of microwaves being the source of the attacks. But this will be a most interesting case to follow!

  166. Mrs. Jacobsen- I was stimulated to read your book, “Operation Paperclip” after reading “The Woman in Gold” and that book followed a recent visit to NYC and viewing the wonderful Glimpt pictures at the Neue Museum. Your book adds a tremendous light for me to a long time period following the war of where many people were dealing with the unspeakable crimes committed by many in Germany and elsewhere during WWII. I think the most revealing comment to me was the one which basically said that many perpetrators were just not capable of looking at their own lives and their personal roles in the murder and subjugation of many different minority groups which were scapegoated at this time. Of course, the Jewish people bore the brunt of the most vicious of these perpetrators.
    Let me share with you a recollection that I had as a young child born in Cleveland Ohio in 1947 and pose a question to you. I remember my parents having a meeting with 2 or 3 men which I believe introduced themselves as members of the FBI . This must have been somewhere during 1951 or 1952 as I was old enough to remember to this day. At the meeting, at our home, I remember the men asking if my parents would be willing to rent a home that they owned in Lakewood Ohio to a scientist from Germany and his wife and family. And then I recall my parents discussing this subject amongst themselves and concluding that they would move forward with the rental. The scientist, I believe, named Gerhard Grossinger, was to work at the NACA facility called Lewis Research Center, which is still operational at this time and adjacent to the Cleveland Airport. I was aware of the facility as my older sister worked there as well. Further, several months later, the “men” returned for a second meeting, and this time to ask if my parents would open our home to the mother of the scientist who was also coming to the USA. Remarkably, my parents agreed and the mom, “Millie”, moved into our home with us and displaced me to another bedroom in the house. I recall spending time with Millie on our front porch and she would quiz me on mathematics and, one day even pronounced to me that I was quite good at math and should grow up to be a smart doctor as her son was! Also, have dim recollections of Millie having visits from her son and speaking in the German language.
    My curiosity has gotten the best of me and I attempted to find Gerhard’s name on the “NARA ? list” and also attempted to find him on lists of employees at NACA and the Lewis Research Center all to no avail….do you have any other suggested sources where I could locate more information about this man and his history during the war?
    Kind regards
    Dan Love
    Los Angeles

  167. I am really looking forward to Anne’s next book. Found all of her work to date to be my favorites.

  168. Hi Annie-
    Just finishing your book “Phenomena” and loving it! It was purchased for me based on an off-hand remark I made about being tested by the government for ESP in the 1970s. Of course they laughed at this idea and wrote it off as my typically off-the-wall sense of humor. The thing is, it was true. I am curious if you have ever come across documentation of the government testing civilians for ESP in the 1970s, specifically school aged children?
    As I remember, I was probably somewhere between 7th and 9th grade. Maybe around 1973-1976? Through my school (a public school in Erie, Pennsylvania), I was asked if I would like to participate in some additional academic testing. I agreed and was given an appointment, I believe on a weekend or after school at a location downtown. I think I went by myself by bus, arrived at a nondescript office building close to downtown Eire. Went into a small office and sat down with a facilitator. The office did not look used much and in hindsight, seemed like a short term rental of the place. There just wasn’t much office equipment, furniture, or wall decoration. The facilitator was pleasant and explained that they wanted to test me by having me see if I could guess the correct card from a series of 5 cards that were shown to me. Having read your book I now know at least one set of these cards was the classic Zener cards. The facilitator would select a card from the set, and behind a makeshift partition, ask me to concentrate and see if I could tell him which shape he was holding up on his side of the partition. I definitely recall the Zener cards but for some reason I think there were also cards with colors and possible cards with numbers or words. Although I recall the Zener cards distinctly.
    That was it. Maybe lasted about 15 minutes and I left. I never had a follow up, was told why I was being tested, or received any future information, results, or contact. I guess I didn’t have the “gift”! Later in life as I recalled this episode, I wondered if the government was looking for an association between high IQ and ESP? I was pretty bright and possibly some standardized tests at that age had triggered some interest? I typically scored very high on those types of tests. Later in my 20s I took the Mensa text at the urging, or chiding, of a friend and scored at a 144 IQ level.
    Anyway, after reading your book it brought back those memories and I was just curious if you’d ever come across any information on these types oft tests or met anyone else who had a similar experience. Would love to hear from you if you have a moment.
    Thanks so much and Again, really have enjoyed your book.
    Dan Foster

  169. I really enjoy the complete history and the level of information in the books. I am a avid listener to the audio books and the fact the author reads the content makes it hard to switch off. I have always had an interest in the higher level of thinking that people can produce and really enjoy the exposure of the inner workings of these projects.
    I hope Annie keeps writing for many more years.

  170. Anne.
    In the middle of Operation Paperclip…This is a great book. And you are an exceptional voice talent.

  171. Annie, I enjoyed The Pentagon’s Brain very much. As others have no doubt pointed out, it was horrifying to see that the U.S. armed forces had not learned and applied the COIN lessons from Vietnam in time for the Iraq War and instead adopted the same pseudo-scientific approach. I did have a question about the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the minimax strategy. In each case, the prisoner is better off talking than not talking. If you knew the other prisoner was going to NOT talk, you are still better off talking. You could minimize the collective consequence – 1 year each – but you would be better off eliminating any jail time for yourself, barring, as you said, a strong familial or other bond of trust. Is the prisoner therefore able to meet the minimax conditions for him/herself? In any case, it was a delighful read – ironically, I live across the river from your alma mater, Princeton University, which is also horrifying in its own way since I am a Harvard alum.

  172. Dear Ms Annie Jacobsen,
    I really enjoyed reading your amazing book on DARPA. It is very absorbing with tremendous research work. I wish you many more fruitful years of life with more books and laurels on your way.
    Best Regards,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Brigadier Abdul Rahman Bilal, SJ (Retired from Pakistan Army)

  173. Just started reading Area 51. There is a significant error in the prologue. The Manhattan Project cost was largely exceeded by the long range heavy bomber project. This entailed the B29 and lesser known B32. 50% more development cost.

  174. Can we expect a book about Operation Highjump?

  175. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:
    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the excellent writing and painstaking investigation that went into Phenomena. I don’t need convincing of ESP; I grew up with it and have seen it at work. Because my father didn’t believe her after the fact, my mother got into the habit of immediately reporting her dreams, no matter how outlandish, correctly foretelling specific incidents that directly affected her or those close to her. Within that framework, she many times foresaw flash floods and freak weather. I wrote about those incidents in the now defunct magazine Fate, which required corroboration from another witness before publishing the article. She also found things we children had misplaced, such as a hair ribbon, schoolwork, a shoe. In a tizzy, we would tell her what we couldn’t find; she would stop what she was doing, close her eyes, then tell us where to look, many times in the most unlikely places.
    For her, foreseeing was a natural ability, very down-to-earth with no otherworldly or religious connotations, no mumbo-jumbo. She had manifested the faculty as a young child, with a range beyond her own family. However, when her innocent remarks caused trouble, her mother punished her and made her keep quiet for fear she would be considered a witch by immigrant neighbors (late 1800s, Chicago). Even after she became an adult, she restrained herself, being very careful to whom she revealed that particular talent.

  176. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Please keep the good books coming. I have read “Area 51”, “Operation Paperclip” and now i’m working on phenomena. You are an outstanding researcher and author!
    Brent Mettert

  177. Ms. Jacobson, I am wondering how you were permitted to expose such truth without being murdered.
    I myself am the granddaughter of a survivor of Aushwitz, Majdanek, and Treblinka, prisoner # 127 818.
    My grandfather Janusz Lengiewicz was murdered off before the 3rd Majdanek trials in the 1970’s such
    that the Nazis only received 3 yrs for mass murder. I have been targeted and suppressed since 33 yrs
    of age and the more attention I tried to bring, the more I tried to get Janusz recognized as being among
    the Righteous Among the Nations, the more I am completely shut down by folk. My Duke degree is worthless
    as I am permitted to achieve very little, have neuro-interface torment, and am wondering if I will ever be permitted
    to make a living or have a place to live. I survive sheerly by the rememberance of what both of my grandfathers
    went through such that I might have life. I also do investigative work and sleep research, but the targeting resulted
    in life destruction and suppression. I am not organized enough to write nor to put the abuses on file at the Library
    of Congress and others who deal with covert harassment are to do. The military industrialized complex and their
    black psyops have squelched any hope I had to live a normal life and achieve goals that prior were attainable.
    I will never know who placed me into the program nor why but have a wonderful understanding of how it
    works being an 8 year survivor. How is it that you remain uncensored?

  178. I heard you speaking on Area 51 and heard you mention one of the last major projects there was the Stealth “bomber”. It was the Stealth fighter. It only carried one bomb and had no protective armaments, like guns, for self protection, it was called a fighter.
    Maj Ken Dyson flees the predecessor, the Hav Blue into Area 51, and is shown doing so on YouTube, in the different tail configuration. One of two of these crashed and seriously injured the other pilot. Ken also flew the B1 bomber and the X37B that looked like the wings were on backwards. Not so long ago the Russians came out with a copy the was twin engined model. I meat to ask Ken what he thought of that.
    Anyway, I don’t mean, in pointing out the Stealth fighter info, like someone circling Misspelled word and sending it to you.
    Thank you for your help and kindness.
    Dr Mark Maher

  179. Just finished Area 51. Already read paperclip and Phenomena. I was curious about Roswell. Did the nazi’s and Stalin REALLY have the ability to remote control an aircraft to New Mexico? Then how come it took us 20+ years to come up with the Predator drone?

  180. For Annie Jacobsen-
    I just finished reading Phenomenon and was fascinated by what you wrote! I have worked in the Intelligence field, and some ‘black programs’ for both the Army and for the MITRE Corp and had never heard about those programs. In any case, if possible, I’d like to ask a few questions related to Angela Dellafiora and Edwin May. I have also asked for permission to use references to Kit Green’s research into the ‘Genomics of Supernormality’ in my soon-to-be-completed Military Techno-Novel.
    Thanks, Nelson

  181. started reading area 51 i have 1 question you stated something did crash in roswell any idea as to what is was?

  182. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  183. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    My compliments with your great work!
    I am now reading a third book of you, “Operation Paperclip”. I there discovered something the world should know.
    People can donate organs after they have been declared “brain death”. That criterion is invented by the Harvard Comitee in 1968. Worldwide this criterion is critised, see the book “Finis vitae, is brain death true death?” The medical world has nevertheless accepted this criterion as a basis for taking out organs. But many doctors speak of “the Invented death”.
    The president of the Harvard Comitee was Dr. Henry Knowles Beecher.
    I always thought that Dr. Beecher was a neurologist.
    I was flabbergasted when I read page 367 of “Operation Paperclip”.
    Not only Dr. Beecher appears te be a anesthetist, not a neurologist. Worse is that he committed crimes against humanity by helping the CIA illegally trying to make forget prison Russian spies what they had undergone after they were, as you describe, drugged and interrogated. He acted without their “informed consent” and therefore he was a criminal.
    The fact that the president of the Harvard Comitee violated an important medical ethical rule is the more reason to be critical towards the notion “brain death”.
    If any reader should want to know more, he/she can contact me through the website of our (Dutch) comitee:;
    Kind regards,

  184. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    My father worked at Ft. Monmouth for the Army Electronics Command starting in the 1950s. Several Paper Clips were parked there and it was generally known. In fact, my father’s first Unit Chief was Horst Kedesdy whose deNazification file was apparently sold at auction. If you google Kedesdy’s name you might still see the auction house photo of the file. I wonder if there is a more complete accounting of the Fort Monmouth Paper Clips.

  185. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am a retired McGill University professor who published a peer-reviewed ESP paper in 1979 and a book titled “UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence” in 2013. Those are my bona fides: you can find that and more about me online. I am reading Phenomena. I am impressed by your investigative thoroughness and your narrative skill. I haven’t read Area 51 but was intrigued by a review that indicated there was a lot more to know that you reported. I knew that too — but via rumor within the UFO community.
    Someone — it could be you — should do for the UFO/Abduction evidence what you did for PSI in Phenomenon. My book is a narrative history but it’s only 321 pages long. You or someone you know in the trade could write the definitive book involving all of the FOIA documentation and current interviews that you can complete, and end up with 500 – 600 pages on the subject. There’s a lot to work with already: many of my UFO colleagues have written scholarly compendia but almost no one outside of the UFO/Abduction community reads them.
    Why you? Because you are a superb storyteller, your book will be widely read, and spreading the word on the reality of ET UFOs and ET interference is a public good. It will of course be good for Jacobsen: I expexct your publisher would go for it. And if not you, you might know one or more professionals who would consider the challenge. It needs to be done: the time is right (i.e. Elizondo and Mellon), and on the basis of Phenomena I don’t know anyone who could do it better.
    Don Donderi

  186. Mr. T. Mitchell’s disbelief of the US Apollo program only suggest his, and other of his fellow travelers’, lack of knowledge, research, or presence at the time the Apollo program happened. I followed it daily when new to the military. All our briefing rooms and command centers had the TV on watching this historic event. Many colleagues were involved in the military’s contribution to this program and the main event itself. I don’t understand the mind set to disbelieve something so well documented.
    And the book Operation Paper Clip is an interesting part of history. But, the German scientists, all complicit in Hitler’s murderous war against, well, everyone, gave their approval to his extermination of the 6 mil Jews and 6 mil non Jews. They were only received into the US due to the new Cold War need to compete against the Soviets in missiles. Otherwise, they could have been tried at Nuremberg or other post WWII war trial courts. It was Von Broun’s German rockets that killed 2700 civilians in London. Many British considered him a war criminal.

  187. Annie, just settling down to read this book until I see pictures of an astronaut after he came back from the moon. Do you not know YET that the US has never been to the moon???
    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the ther is to refuse to believe what is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    You, Annie, have been fooled, along with the majority of the world regarding the fake moon flights.
    Oh and now I see the washington post plugging your book. Really the fake news WP!!!
    Damn it, now I will only laugh my way through you book, if I can get past the first chapter. NOT.

  188. Dear Ms Jacobsen: “Operation Paper Clip” really knocked my socks off and put you on my must-read list. ” Phenomena” brought me up to date on a fascinating subject I had read about 20 years earlier, and one that still remains troubling to me — why did no one pursue a genuine scientific method approach to what obviously is something worth studying?
    Surely the pure research should be almost finished before attempting the applied-science effort of weaponizing remote viewing talent.
    Be that as it may may, I have a very high regard for your ability to combine story-telling with interesting facts and long-developing events.
    i have written a book’ “It Don’t Hurt to Fight,” which analyzes the 2016 election as the culmination of plans and decisions made in the 1990’s, which I think explains why Hillary lost and how the lessons learned by my old boss, Lyndon Johnson, could have reversed her election result if she had taken them to heart.
    I think the same lessons, again if taken to heart, could be extremely useful to Democrats in 2020; I use how to win Texas as a demonstration model.
    My subject and theme may be very different from yours, but my efforts to tell a story and organize a whole lot of relevant facts are exactly what you do so well. If and when I do find a publisher for my book, I’d like to send you a review copy. Would that be OK with you?
    With high regard, Tom Mitchell
    14 Shenandoah Place, Morristown, NJ, 07960 518 524 5242

  189. Dear Annie,
    I am currently writing my dissertation on Paperclip recruit Hubertus Strughold. I was wondering if by any chance you had access to any documents or general information on Strughold that you may be able to share with me. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Operation Paperclip is an absolutely fascinating topic.
    Kind regards,

  190. Having just read “Phenomena” with great interest, I wondered why no one ever asked Uri Geller to bend anything but a spoon? Save for the tongs he did bend.
    Fred Frodyma
    Retired Electrical Engineer

  191. Dear Misses Jacobsen,
    I pray you are well and congratulations on your investigative-historical research. Two years after seeing you on a book television show on the Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network at the time of “Operation Paperclip : The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists To America”. your name came to my attention in a recent article in January by a Mister S. T. Patrick in the Maryland fortnightly newspaper,”American Free Press” formerly “The Spotlight”.
    I intend to acquire your books but I have a question to ask about “Phenomena : The Secret History Of The United States Government’s Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis”. The best book site for a book buyer to purchase it is by way of Amazon Books. Now I never look at REVIEWS since I’ve a mind of my won but I caught the name of Doctor Russell Targ. Now in his REVIEW he points out quite a number of historical errors in your work given that he worked at the Stanford Research Institute. I should like to know,since you’re a schlolaress and a serious researcher, if you have responded to what Doctor Targ has historically clarified and corrected for us? I ask this question sincerely and without any antagonism toward you ; I’m all for you.
    God Bless,
    Eric Galati

  192. I have read both Area 51 and The Pentagon’s Brain enjoyed both. Only negative comment is Area 51 photographs are to small, can’t really see the detail I was hoping for. Both books are digital wouldn’t think that should affect the photos. Thank for your time and effort.

  193. Annie, Just finished your Area 51 book…marvelous! Last year I located two of the entrances to Area 51? and was greeted at one “No Trespassing” sign by a uniformed security guard in fatigues in a white truck with visible weaponry. He was not friendly and told me to leave “in no uncertain terms”! He also indicated there was no Area 51 there. Whatever they are not doing, they are still not doing! Your book was wonderful, and corroborated what I saw in the desert!
    A side note…I noticed on page 39 an individual names Denys Overholser…same first name (and spelling) as myself!
    Thanks so much!…Denys

  194. Dear Ms. Jacobsen, Enjoy your book Phenomena. I read it because I have information about a person who possesses unusual extra-sensory abilities and hoped to find a person who was interested in learning about this individual and his extraordinary abilities. I was surprised to find out how little is known about esp and primitive examples of esp given in your book. I am not really talking about psychic and/or magical ability. What I have seen and experienced is concrete brain functions in an individual, telepathy, telekineses, etc. that are far beyond anything I read about in your book.

  195. transcendental meditation mum is also alias telekenisis, telepathy, out of body flyers experimenting on people i have been used for three years 24/7 i have info i should not know about human physiology. iam a living map i understand everything about every symptom victoms of tm mum have but docs do not because they are not sensitive intuitive they do not know telekinisis and pentagon out of body flyers and telepathy there are falsified findings due to lack of knowledge everywhere germany and swiss and usa this was so easy for me as i know thses fields easy.

  196. Good morning, Ms. Jacobsen.
    My debut novel, The Astronaut’s Son, a literary thriller, was inspired by the true story of Operation Paperclip. It comes out in September 2018. I would love to send you an ARC. Please email if interested. (You’re in the Acknowledgments!)

  197. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    My name is Hannah Schultz and I am a psychology major at Eureka College. In my advanced writing class we are researching various conspiracy theories and over the course of the semester writing a sequence of papers over our topic. My area of focus just so happens to be Area 51. As I was reviewing articles, I came across one of your works for the Los Angeles Times. In “The Road to Area 51” I found particularly interesting that during the interviews, the details recalled by Kenneth Collins, about the CIA, were incredibly detailed. This said, I have a few questions for you.
    In the article, you state that the problem with solving the mystery is that we need someone to speak out. What is the most compelling description of Area
    51 that you have received in all your interviewing?
    How does that answer tie into your opinion of the happenings at Area 51?
    According to the accounts of Colonel Hugh (Slip) Slater and Thornton “TD” Barnes, the rumors of reverse engineering and underground tunnels is in fact
    truth. How do you think this debunking of suspicions impacts that people still believe the government is lying?
    Those are the only questions that I have for you today, so thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response!
    Warm wishes,
    Hannah Schultz

  198. Annie, for you to make empirical statements about the “psychic” and magical community is arrogant. You have not idea what is out here. For starters, real psychics and magical people are usually scientists and the analytical discipline is what allows us to know truth from illusion, i.e. paranormal from fantasy. For you to make empirical statements that such phenomena do not hold to scientific testing is ignorant on your part, because you have no idea how big the psychic and magical community is, and it’s just short-sighted to think that by studying the Pentagon program that you have some idea as to what’s going on in the world outside of the U.S. government.

  199. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Such a pleasure to see so many interested in psychic phenomenon these days. Those neurologists who dispute the possibility, mentioned in the CBS article, do not realize psychicness is based in the emotions, not the brain. I had an enlightening experience in 1997, and wrote about it then. Last year, after a heart attack, I wrote about it more fully. It is now titled Our Magical World, Our Magical Selves, and is available on In it, I describe how I let coincidences , that my impulses led me into, teach me. That is all I did. Life did the rest.
    I had a healing on my leg, and two changes in nature to prove to my partner it was a real experience. I didn’t need the proof, as I was experiencing it!
    Hope you have time to read a four hour story! I’ve included pictures of two of the three “miracles”. The third was a healing on my leg, so that picture would just show an undamaged leg!
    We each have a piece of the puzzle, but life makes us share for a more complete picture! I have also written to Dean Radin.
    Thanks for your efforts, I’ve really felt somewhat alone these past twenty years. Only my Partner, Kenny, and a few close friends, believe me. It is so hard to get people to understand that what they believe influences what they perceive.
    May your impulses always lead you to value fulfillment,
    Dave Starkovich
    P.S. I am giving the book away free this San Francisco Pride Weekend, June 23, and 24, 2018.

  200. Never knew about you or seen you before Annie, but your sure an attractive lady. Seen your segment this morning on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Good Job!! Was interesting listening to you. I believe a lot of people have “Precognition”, I know I have in the past and still do. More in the terms I’ve pre-recognized something in my mind or sensed and then it happens. I’ve had these recognition’s and sometime’s they happen seconds later or sometime’s they happen days, month’s and years later. I don’t consider my thoughts ESP or anything unusual and as stated above that I believe a lot of people all have these senses.

  201. Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am an undergrad student at the University of St.Louis-Missouri and am currently conducting my final research paper for my degree in History. I am pursuing my research on Project Paperclip and i have a question about a source you used. On page 250 of Operation Paperclip you write that “Eleanor Roosevelt became personally involved in protesting Operation Paperclip” . Part of my research is about those who protested against the Project and the allowed importation of former Nazis and i would like to find that source to use for my research. Your book is the only Paperclip book i have found that even mentions the backlash that the U.S. government faced over the secret project something that has proven to be invaluable to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and i will provide my student email below if you would prefer to contact me that way instead.
    Thank you
    -Bret Love

  202. Thank you, Annie Jacobsen, for writing “Phenomena”. Best and most thought-provoking book I’ve read in years. I don’t claim any psychic abilities but I have had experiences that I can’t explain logically.
    During the 1970s, self-help books on self-hypnosis and alpha waves were virtually my only sources of support. I HAD to believe in myself because I had other lives depending on me and had no one else to turn to for help. I never discussed these books with others because I knew I’d be ridiculed. When books were later published on quantum physics, I intuitively believed the unexplained phenomena I experienced could somehow be linked to quantum physics.
    Since your book is fact based and balanced I hope it inspires those who read it to discuss and explore scientific explanations.
    The recent book by Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. “The ESP Enigma” begins to make the link between phenomena and quantum physics. I hope you two brilliant women know one another and perhaps work together on a book in the future. A neurologist and journalist would make an ideal team.
    Thanks again for all the time, effort and talent you put into your incredible book.
    Jan Hooper

  203. Dear Mr. Mullholland,
    Thank you for your lovely note. It came at a most brilliant time. Eight weeks out from finishing the manuscript on a new book, wondering how—and if—I can really make this one soar. Your note was perfect and gave me a giant boost from the universe indicating that I most certainly can. So I thank you, truly.
    Warm wishes,
    — Annie Jacobsen

  204. Hello Richard Wade,
    Thank you for reading my book so carefully, and for your kind note to relay errors. (Not everyone is so kind!)
    Please do provide info and I will correct the Errata in the next edition.
    Warm wishes,
    Annie Jacobsen

  205. Annie Jacobsen:
    First and foremost, I’m reading a fourth book of yours (Operation Paperclip), your books have changed my life. My life quest seems to have always been, “what is really going on’ (in part why I became a psychotherapist), and read books such as yours. Your highly in-depth books on very important topics, you have filled-in the ‘why’ in the life directions I’m currently taking (e.g., planning to leave the USA).
    I truly hope you receive a Pulitzer prize, you are highly deserving of this literary award. And, ‘thank you’.
    Paul Mulholland, M.Ed.

  206. Ms. Jacobsen,
    On the recommendation of Billy Waugh, I have completed reading Area 51 and Operation Paperclip. I compliment you on your excellent research and writing ability. Billy is absolutely correct in praising your work. I’m looking forward to the next book..

  207. Mrs. Jacobsen,
    I have read Phenomenon, 51 and The Pentagon’s Brain. I consider myself a fairly well read individual. The topics and breadth of knowledge and understanding in these books is incredible. You have a passion for topics many have tried to report on in the past, unsuccessfully I might add and brought this accurate and timely information to the public. In this era of social media and instant information at our fingertips, again not necessarily accurate or factual information, it is refreshing to read well written and thoroughly researched books on our nations history that is not readily brought up in your average cocktail party. Area 51 resonated with me in particular with the extremes our country was willing to go to for research sake. I was born in 68 in Maryland and moved to San Diego when I was 4 years old. Both my mother and in particular my father was apart of some of the work you talk about in some of your books and I am grateful for your hard work in bringing to light so much of the mystery surrounding these topics. As stated in one of your books on one of your interviews the crouton is just a hint of what is out there.
    I am finding personally the statement, “be careful what you wish for”, has more meaning now to me than ever before. I am hesitant to pick up Parperclip knowing what I know now but seeing what is going on today in our country I am a firm believer in not repeating the same mistakes we have made in the past. Respectfully, Eric McElroy

  208. Hi Annie — Area 51 is a wonderful book, details never understood, even in the aviation industry. Congratulations. Facts are detailed, events fully described, and writing is superb.
    I was USAF jet interceptor pilot during early ’50s flying F-94B/C, and then an engineering test pilot for P&W at Edwards testing the first supersonic fighters, F-100 and -101. Had unofficial world speed and altitude records in -101 (Civilians not allowed to hold official records). Knew Tony LeVier very well, and Lou Schalk chased some of my -101 test flights. Very surprised I didn’t know others in your book – apparently they did not cycle thru Edwards in the mid ’50s. Those were great days for aviation research and development. I loved being a contributor to that history.
    I am in the final draft of my autobiography, designed for family and friends, but would gladly send you a copy if you provide mailing address.
    harry schmidt cromwell ct 860-635-7716.

  209. I thought that Operation Paperclip was a masterpiece. All accolades are well deserved. It was well researched and substantiated. I would provide one suggestion. Near the end she refers to the 6 million prisoners killed at concentrations camps. This is incorrect. There were 6 million Jews and about 8 million non-Jews (mostly communists and gypsies). The real horror is the correct number 14.7 million casualties, and more non-Jews than Jews.
    Area 51 is next on my reading list
    Thank You

  210. Ms. Jacobsen.
    Just started reading your Operation Paperclip text, very much enjoying it. There are some glaring errors in some parts of your background geography- timeline and a few individual notes which are factually incorrect at and around page 19.
    If you plan on a second edition I would be happy to provide you with the necessary and correct cartography information and background corrections. The Eastern Front is my area of expertise.
    Richard P. Wade
    Military Historian

  211. I have a tip for you regarding DARPA, the MOAD, Carter Hawley Hale, and Elevators on the Golden Gate Bridge. Should I go through your agent on the speaker’s circuit?

  212. My name is Mason Hurlbut and i’m in 10th grade at SJHS. I am doing a NHD project one Operation Paperclip and was wondering if we could send a couple emails about the book for an interview. My email is or either would work. Thank you have a great day

  213. Dear Annie, heard you on Salt Lake City Radio, 2/7/18
    Are you interested in doing a story on MISDIAGNOSIS of a woman in Salt Lake City, Utah? NSA headquarters in Bluffdale, Patriarical headquarters, Dugway(Area 52), Hill Airforce…. etc?
    It is not just that I was misdiagnosed, it is how women are treated by the medical community AND what I have learned about Craniomandibular Alignment (jaw to skull), setting the Atlas/axis, (skull to spine) and how this all effect the brain and spinal column OPENING THE PINEAL
    1982, dentist tells me all he needs to do to move my jaw forward is the new technique of putting wax strips over my back teeth and drilling them down. I was only 32 and trusted because a relative sent me to dentist. I left the office with NO Back teeth touching (he had done no x ray molds etc just eye balled his equilibration). My life changed……… the pain the lack of equilibrium, the vomiting….. the decades it would take to understand what he had done.
    Went to a lawyer, the TMJ (temporal manibular Joint specialist) would not testify but told me all he needed was to restore the equilibration. He did not understand the jaw joint. I had be UNHINGED, the jaw does not just move up and down. He charged me $9000 to recrown my back teeth. IN THE DISLOCATED ROTATED TO the left brain hemisphere…. the migraines were like strokes (read Stroke of Insight by Jill B. Taylor)
    So…. I lost my home and husband and would later lose my job. Three time dentist just said they could cure by making teeth longer/higher…. the back bottom teeth put in plastic so “the condyle could be romanced” into place.!! I have kept records, xrays AND PICTURES.
    When I lost the bottom back teeth to being in plastic…. Implants were put in but the proper xray were not done SO… Implants were put in the NERVE of my jaw…I have been have injections for Craniomandibular Dystonia (form of parkinsons painful spasms!!to lip chin….can not pucker to KISS etc)
    It is a horror story BUT what I have learned could change the health care system. Please let me send you info on how important our jaw relationship to skull and skull to spine is…. just look at the football players hit…. it has been a whiplash chiropractor to relocate my jaw… and another to set my atlas. (side line: I go to IANDS, international assoc near death studies because at 4 I had paritinitis and died came back… no one believed me) My NDE has help keep me going as I have learned about balance and alignment and the third eye or pineal gland.
    Please help a woman, under a corrupt medical community of men who MISDIAGNOSED me for 3 decades and what it is taking, after being mutilated, invalidated and mistakes covered up so no progress can be made. Why don’t drs understand the foundation of health??? the skeletal, muscular, nerve system? Please help me reverse the curse…. Let me send you a bit of my story with pictures…. you are open minded…. Help me show how important, and we are just learning from the football players, car accident, soldiers etc that are left misaligned so spinal fluid does not flow properly.
    My name is Susan I only answer phone when I know who it is… because speaking is painful…….
    Yes I have seen UFO and had what was “abduction”….. We need to make sure the third eye is open so we can align with our Oneness. Yes, when my jaw was dislocated rotated to left brain…. I wrote a book on co creating peace there is a book: Right brainers will rule the world…..
    OK…. I’m 35 yrs into this…. in my late 60’s BUT no one in Utah will help me write my story….
    Thanks for taking the time to read and pray you email…. Sincerely Susan

  214. Hi Annie,
    I just read your book Operation Paperclip! You did a phenomenal job is pulling all the different storylines together to paint a complete picture of the secret plot to use criminals from the Nazi era to further our defense against the Russians during the Cold War and after. You had me exclaimed may times in surprise that the US would do so many undespicable coverups. I want to read ever book of yours, you are an excellent researcher and writer. Kudos to you!!

  215. Half way through Area 51. Astounding. Can’t begin to imagine the depth of research such a book required. Truly amazing and great reading.
    Tom Beardsley
    Waterbury, VT

  216. What do you think of Randy Cramer’s story on You Tube? Needs your researching/organizing talents. You might have one of two reactions: Wow, what a fantasy–so much detail. Or: I may have overlooked something?

  217. hello annie
    can you tell me about your source of eg&g the name and if he is in life?
    and where i could find information about the “operation harass”?
    thank you, bye

  218. Ms.Jacobsen,
    To date I’ve enjoyed “Area 51” and “Paperclip”.
    I wonder if you can shine some light on an interesting detail in “51” ?
    First edition 5/11. Page 220 , lines 18~21. The quotation;
    “The canopy closed and I got into another Mach 3 aircraft we had flying alongside during the test”.
    Does this refer to another M-21 or did we have another aircraft type capable of M3 ?
    Good writing,good history. Thanx Bob Hearst

  219. Hi, I loved your book on the Pentagon. How can I connect with you in a more discreet fashion? I have a few questions and comments.

  220. In the epilogue contend an EG&G engineer believed go Stalin had German hover and fly technology, and that another EG&G engineer called it “electromagnetic frequency.” I wonder if in your research you came across Thomas Townsend Brown? He was born in Ohio in 1905. Before WWII he was working with charging capacitors with high voltage to get movement. Together with Dr. Paul Biefield he explored the Bieflied-Brown effect, and introduce the field of eletrogravitics. Saucer shapes were described as particularly suitable when getting prototypes to lift off the ground. In 1956 he founded the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. When former CIA Director Adm. Roscoe H. Hilenkoetter retired in 1957 he joined NICAP’s board of directors and made statements confirming UFOs being guided by intelligent control. The stories I have read say Brown’s work was classified, but then anything can be classified. A lot has been written about him. His association with Hilenkoetter would suggest his work in eletrogravitics had some merit. Perhaps he had no connection with Area 51. I was just curious.

  221. Ms. Jacobsen,
    University of Tex, El Paso professor Anthony Kruszewski was interviewed 12/30/17 on KTSM-AM 690 regarding his research on Operation Paperclip. Prof. Kruszewski is a history professor who was a member of the polish resistance during WWII.
    I asked him if he had any connection to your work or had been approached by you when working on your book. He admitted that he had never read it but had read good reviews.
    As documents become declassified I’m sure there are troves of untold stories regarding Nazis in America after WWII. Since El Paso played a part in Paperclip I’m sure that any continuing research would prove fruitful and be widely received by the historical community of El Paso.
    All the best.
    Mike M
    El Paso

  222. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen, my name is Diane Arrington. I have always been at the curb of the supernatural. My journey started as a seven year old looking into the Casket of my mother in 1968, and declaring out loud that this is not my mother standing their alone. When a gentle but firm voice said, ” Yes she is”. Defiant in my belief I walked away skipping from the casket in my white Crindelyn dress because an Authority had spoken. I was always attracted to movies like Contact with Jodie Foster, Joan of Ark, and the like to validate my own environmental experiences. Then I started reading the Bible more in-depth in which my heightened hyper-sensitivity sent me to the Church World or Behind the Veil thus entering into the dark night of my soul. I like what Puhurich said about perverting nature, and I agree because we are left with uncontrollable perversions if subdued by them.

  223. Columbia University Press just published a new book, “A Time To Stir: Columbia-68,” that filmmaker Paul Cronin edited, indicating how anti-war students at Columbia and Barnard began protesting against Columbia University’s institutional membership in the Institute for Defense Analyses [IDA[/ARPA/DARPA/Jason Division weapons research operation in spring of 1967 that ties-in, somewhat, to your “The Pentagon’s Brain” book. Coincidentally, the Columbia Life Trustee and CBS, Lockheed, and American Metal Climax board member who was also IDA’s board of trustees chair in 1960s, William A.M. Burden, was also the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium between 1959 and early 1961 who pushed for the Eisenhower administration to covertly work for the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Patrice Lumumba, after formal Belgian colonial political rule of the Congo ended in late June 1960. (For info about the new Columbia University Press book, see info at following link: )

  224. Hi Annie Jacobsen! Earlier this morning I saw You on C-span. Annie, back in ’84 I was a Star Wars freak and friends thought I was crazy! But when I saw You on C-span You were talking about Space. Annie, traveling in OUTER space is filled with secrets! I think I have figured out the biggest secret about space-traveling! I believe that it IS possible to observe ANY time period in earths history! Annie, I have figured out how it is possible to FIX any part of earths history! Annie, it IS possible to go back in time and CHANGE what will happen! Breaking it ALL down >> Annie, I would like to meet and talk with You about >> [time-travel]! David Kirts

  225. Hi, I watched your CSPAN segment from April this year. You mentioned you are interested in struggles (you might have used the word “battles”), so I hope you can find time to look into the struggle for the Article V Convention. The pros and cons and who is making them. has a lot of information available.

  226. Thanks for the three hour cspan interview in april 17′. enjoyable and illuminating. Thanks. kjk

  227. Hi,
    Looking forward to reading your latest.
    Again, small world. I worked alongside BG Stubblebine for 4 years at Arlington Hall as Consultant on Electro Optical Systems….only 🙂 His staff appointed me to serve on Dr. Tony Tether’s IC S&T committee. Tony has been a friend and colleague for many years. Also have had many meetings with Dr. Ed May over some of Andy’s (grill) best bar-b-q ribs and have discussed, in depth, his pursuit of remote viewing and other weird phenomena.
    With the latest acquisition I will own one each of all your books………so far. Every detail you so eloquently describe contains info about which I have either sufficient knowledge or personal involvement, and can vouch for its authenticity. Amazing to me is the number of people listed in your books with whom I have worked and/or had personal contact over the years. Why am I thinking of six degrees of separation?
    You are always “spot on.”
    Please keep up the great work.
    Joe Houston
    Arlington Hall, VA, alumnus
    PS: “The Taking of K-129” by Josh Dean contains details of my humble contribution to retrieving portions of a Russian Submarine, the K-129, from a depth of 16,500 feet in the North Pacific during 1974; this action was performed under the code name AZORIAN. Thus my new e-mail address Azorian74. I worked for Carl Duckett’s organization during that period and with Carl personally for many years after…..until his death.

  228. Annie, who is your publisher, we would like to carry your books in our store.
    Thank you,
    George Harris
    Alien Research Center

  229. Just finished Area -51, a most excellent read and so well researched. My sincere thanks for such a worthwhile book

  230. Just finished reading Area 51. Received the book as a gift when it came out. Rediscovered it about a month ago. Regret not reading it sooner. Excellent work.
    I interviewed Walter Haut in 1996 and he was clear – He only did as he was told – He was the PIO. Didn’t know anymore. I was very surprised when I heard about the written reversal after he died, but hadn’t thought much about it since, until reading your book.
    I find it hard to believe Walter was unable to mistake a Russian built craft from an other worldly machine. Also, that even the evil Stalin would have gone to the lengths suggested. I don’t doubt your source’s statements, only his motives.
    I’ve had a life long interest in the subject and was in law enforcement for most of it. Even first on the scene for a cattle mutilation case Thanksgiving day 1976, but that’s another story.
    The reason I’m bothering you is to find out if you’re done with this? Surely you have moved on to many other things. But if you’re stll interested in nailing this down, I have some thoughts.
    Thanks for your impressive contribution to the body of knowledge. Wishing you all future success.

  231. Ms. Jacobson
    My father in law was brought to the US from Germany during WW 2 and was in Los Alamos. We do not have much information on him prior to coming to US. All of his records were in his office that burnt to the ground the day after he died. Could you point me in a direction where the files for Operation Paperclip are kept. We would like to get some information about his past. He changed his name after coming to the US. We have a possible German last name for him.
    Thank You

  232. I can’t believe she’s not coming down to Nashville Tn, I know an entire army of people that would pack an arena to hear her speak! hmmm..

  233. Dear Ms. Jacobsen: You are perhaps unaware of the fact that the
    phenomena that Hal Puthoff and others studied as something rare, are
    today very common. For many “Indigo children” psychokinesis is just a
    funny pastime. Radio shows like “Coast to Coast AM” regularly organize
    mass meditations to change the weather. But these things have very
    dangerous side effects that are consistently overlooked, or
    misattributed to other causes. Most people prefer beautiful lies to
    horrible truths. Project Marina is a new endeavor to develop a REALLY
    comprehensive theory of the so-called “paranormal.” We don’t shy away
    from the fallout, such as the massive increase in autism and mass
    shootings. We show how these are related. Our theory is based on a small
    set of axioms, in accordance with the scientific method. The official
    site is here,
    but recently we recommend as a first read the reader-friendly
    Introductory Letter,
    which was originally written to a specific person.

  234. Hope you write a book on the JFK files..

  235. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen,
    I first read Area 51 a few months back. Now I have Pentagon’s Brain in front of me.
    You are a refreshing author to read. So many crazy theories about these topics, so it is
    a pleasure to read your thoughtful, balanced, educated research upon these subjects.
    Thank you for providing these… I look forward to reading all your books and witnessing
    the result of their subsequent translations through television or film.
    Wonderful works of research and Art, all in one package.
    – Adam Hall a.k.a. TrackHead

  236. Hello Annie, I very much enjoy your material. I’d like to encourage you to write a book or chapter on weather control.

  237. Been enjoying your book “Operation Paperclip” there seems to be some linguistic typo(s). For example there was no President Eisenhower in 1945 and there cannot be a “commanding general” that is a major or colonel, it would be commanding officer. Nevertheless fascinating book! Thanks.

  238. Hello. I’m wondering if you have ever heard of Gabe Campbell? He served as Spiritual advisor and Pastor to several Congregational Churches (One located in Connecticut).
    He was involved in operational government training with the programs you you have studied.
    Very involved with left brain/right brain studies and spirituality.

  239. There are some mysteries about “Little brother” Magnus Von Braun. I am looking for anyone who knew him or knows about his life details. HIs work on amplification of signal and on servo’s mimics my Grandfathers work and i think they may have worked together on the nose-cone steering system. My Grandfather William Guy Redmond got his masters at MIT 1951 and was in the servo-lab with berenanke and forrester, he was hired by Kelly Johnson shortly after. My Papa worked on the PINGS and redundant control systems for Apollo, he also holds the patent for fly-by-wire , autothrottle, pulse-width modulation, servo-control lever and many more. His 1951 MIT Masters Thesis called” Design and construction of an artificial reverberation producer” has” memory” in it in 1951??!!! please contact me with any info …..

  240. Annie Jacobsen’s book Operation Paperclip clarifies for me the old question of what would it be like to have the horrors of the Holocaust in my neighborhood. Her graphic descriptions of the Nazi regime’s treatment of its “enemies” reminded me of the descriptions of the treatment used in aborting babies, for instance, burning them alive with chemicals, using their bodies for scientific experiments. Jacobsen is self-righteously indignant about the Nazis as the epitome of evil when the real epitome of evil is going on right down the street in abortion clinics in this country where mothers are killing their babies. So now I know what it would be like to have the Holocaust in my neighborhood: nobody would take any notice, not even me and probably not Annie Jacobsen.

  241. I just wanted to let you know that I have concluded listening to “The Pentagon’s Brain”, now I know I must acquire the latest novel you have written. Thankfully, there are people such are yourself that pursue the truth and have the ability to bring it into the open. It was an eye-opening book and I sincerely hope that you can bring home the Pulitizer. Sincerely, Patricia Koval

  242. So it turns out Stephen Paddock used to work for a ‘predecessor company of Lockheed Martin’ – although they won’t say which – and was firing a scant 15 degrees north of the Janet airlines terminal. I bet that’s got you curious.

  243. Hi, I’m a student doing a project regarding Area 51 and its secrets. I was wondering, based on your knowledge and information, how the US government could possibly handle the exposure of area 51, if they even could. I also was wondering if there were any ex-employees of Area 51 that have shared information regarding their work there

  244. Having just read your book PHENOMENA (2017), and being a psychic, and remote influencer myself, I wonder why the current black ops teams haven’t assassinated Leader Kim…of North Korea in such a way it appears an accident? Perhaps that’ll be in your next book? I’m about to purchase your book The Pentagon’s Brain. If you do decide to write another book…give me a shout….my experiences have lead me at least as far as what PHENOMENA highlights. My anonymity must be Guarantee, as I have connections that must remain anonimous! Another reason is potential copyrights and patents…but lets just the “folks from out of town” might bbe pissed off if i revealed their identities!!!

  245. I have just finished reading Phenomena. I have never really believed that all of this stuff can happen but after reading Annie’s book, I am now a believer. It was hard to put this book down. I can’t wait to read her other books.

  246. Ms. Jacobsen:
    Am currently reading your book Phenomena. I’m not done yet, but I would classify myself as open minded about ESP, but skeptical. I certainly think most, if not all, claimed psychics are frauds–a conclusion not inconsistent with your book, so far. Either way, it doesn’t seem anyone has figured out a way to practically and consistently make use of ESP.
    I had a thought regarding the several occasions Pat Price suffered physical symptoms doing remote readings: One involved a cross, and the other the gentlemen walking into a church and praying. I’m not religious either, but could it be that Price, or whatever power was behind his abilities, a spirit or something like that, perceived itself as a demon and found religious things disconcerting? Seemed like an apparent connection. Maybe you make it later. I’m only about half way through.

  247. Hello! I am a retired nurse who has always loved to write since I was 8 years old. In the past I have written for professional Nursing journals as well as some other books and poetry. My new book called “Separated Lives” is a true story about beginning a skeptical search for my son’s friend Ryan who wishes to find his birth parents. After I consent to help, I take him on a fascinating but uncertain and sometimes tearful journey with unexpected twists and turns in many directions. Readers’ comments about the book have been that it is “highly engaging”, “an emotional roller coaster” and “reads like a private diary”. I am hopeful that my adventure in searching will be of help to other persons in their birthparent search!
    It is available from the following:
    Dorrance Publishing (in Pittsburgh, PA)
    Barnes & Noble
    (ISBN: 978-1-4809-1247-2)
    Author: Lynn Assimacopoulos
    P.S. Looking forward to reading your work!

  248. Annie-reading DARPA, in chapter 16; have you ever heard of/have knowledge of PROMIS? Supposedly with it’s “backdoors” it made it easy for all that technology you write about to know when, where and how the enemy was going to act/react! Great book

  249. Do you want to investigate a real mystery? I have had ongoing visitations from only what I can call are aliens. Not only do I have incredible stories but I have picture, video and physical evidence. My family and I are all willing to take polygraphs to prove that my story and evidence are real and true. I have had so many get so excited after seeing my evidence to never hearing from them. I have told MUFON and others my home is open for investigation and NO ONE is interested. I don’t understand why MUFON and others are interested in stories they can never prove and yet I am trying to give them proof on a silver platter. I even went as far as to invite investigators out to prove me a liar and hoaxer. NOTHING.

  250. We absolutely love your work! I would be so honored if you would consider being a guest on our News Network called “Believe”.
    We have 4 hosts currently, release shows daily and cover specifically categories such as: True Success, Money & Business, Health & Wellness, Our Universe and World News.
    We’ve interviewed a variety of excellent guests even though we are just getting started, and I will list some of the interviews below.
    We would love to interview you and have you share your knowledge! Our goal is to harmonize the world (including the toughest of topics) while helping to shine a light on all sides of things, so we can help people succeed, come together, find their truth, and find their purpose.
    We actually also interviewed someone who appeared on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, which we loved YOU on as well.. the interview is here (full episode + clips from the episode):
    Some interviews we did before building the new studio (many of these are in our old studio earlier this year with only our founder, the newer studio we’ve just built along with our other hosts you can see at
    Jeffrey Slater (International following, helped millions – Balancing Business & Spiritual Purpose)
    Chris Martenson (Financial Expert – Appeared on CNBC National TV Network and others)
    Damion Lupo (Business Leader and accomplished motivational speaker)
    Sebastien Martin (Business Owner worth $XX million who came out amazing story about true nature of reality)
    M.C. Laubscher (Interviewed legends like Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers & hundreds more on his show)
    Perry Marshall (One of the top Google Adwords consultants in the world, Engineer, Speaker & Author)
    Orion Talmay (Love Coach who’s appeared on National TV in the US)
    Josh Elledge (Been on ABC, NBC and many other national shows – Business Leader, PR Expert)

  251. thanks for exposing the atrocities. I am a victim of the sick degenerated gutter dogs who have managed to destroy my family, and finally, I have written about my targeting, Persecuted but not Forsaken, though they’ve tried to kill me nine times. Blessings, Ken Lee

  252. So thrilled to find an established and well-respected journalist that is willing to go out on a limb to discuss and expose the many technologies and experiments that are taking place in our world today. I ordered Phenomena specifically because many “normal” people that I know are boldly talking about unbelievable situations that they are experiencing. All their stories match up precisely with the many programs and experiments researched and reported on by Annie Jacobsen. I too have witnessed some of these para-normal oddities and I’m the last person on this earth that believed in any of this stuff being real. I run with the sheep herd now.
    Annie, thank you for writing about these all too real conspiracies in a way that brings factual evidence to light. In Phenomena I sense that you are writing about programs that claim to have been discontinued or halted. There are far too many people reporting the same stories so it is my opinion that these mind control programs and experiments are indeed being utilized right now on a global scale.
    Please consider a future expose` dedicated to the many victims of these horrid abuses and experimental programs. There are thousands of websites devoted to educating victims and the public of these electronic crimes. You will have no problem finding honest, believable, well educated and respected individuals willing and ready to tell you their unbelievable stories. This is really happening to thousands and thousands world wide. I’m of the opinion that many of these technologies have landed in the hands of non-governmental entities. This has made it possible for anyone to be tracked, followed, played with. Let’s just call it bullying on steroids!
    Annie keep at it – continue writing about these programs. If you are ever in need of an assistant – here I am!

  253. To Miss Jacobsen:
    I read Operation Paperclip and was impressed by the clear picture that was provided in the book. My question is, through your research did you find out if the German Paperclip scientists were advocates of the high number of nuclear weapons tests that were conducted after WWII? After hearing 23 tests were conducted in the Marshall Islands, it begs the question who was calling the shots. Hitler had a scorched earth policy as it pertained to Poland, France and Italy and all his scientists worked to that end. So what better way to enact Hitler’s policy after WWII, than to be the advocate for widespread nuclear weapons testing. And since the Russians had German scientists as well, that would cause even more scorched earth if the German scientists could sow the seeds of suspicion in Russia as well. Because I think we can agree that 23 nuclear weapons tests was excessive in terms of the damage done to the air, water and land. Which we still contend with in the present day. Operation Paperclip points out some German scientists were reluctant parties to sharing information and were offended when confronted about their Nazi past. It makes no sense to the Allied way of thinking to unleash 23 + nuclear weapons tests as a show of force. Thank you.

  254. Annie, I’ve enjoyed all four of your books and had the good luck to meet you at two book signings in the DC area. You have a unique set of skills in that you are clearly a ferocious investigator and have then the ability to translate what you learn into a narrative the rest of us can understand and become a bit learned.
    Can’t wait for number five. See you in two years.

  255. Hello Annie
    I hope you’ll answer this query. While I was being evaluated for Major Depressive Disorder I was subjected to many questions about any psychic ability I thought I might have along with other questions about UFOs, out of body experiences, any apparitions I may have seen and other anomalous phenomena. I did not answer truthfully. I have seen aerial phenomena I cannot explain and I have had out of body experiences along with bouts of unexplained knowing. I was ultimately prescribed antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. I wanted to know, in your opinion, could these types of medications diminish any latent talents we may possess? Is there evidence to support this? Could there be a hidden negative purpose behind the antidepressants, since this power some people possess could be utilized in ways that are counter to so much of the operations of society?

  256. Question: I have a copy of the AREA 51 book. It looks like it was signed by the author. Can you tell me how Ms. Jacobsen signed her book at a book signing event? Thank you.
    Tom Dallmann

  257. Ms. Jacobson: Thank you for your amazing book. I am an avid non-fiction writer, and I when I heard about your book. (C-Span?), I got a copy from the library and gave it a go. Although I am widely read, at 57, I am still largely ignorant (perhaps by design) of much of what goes on “behind the curtains” of our military industrial complex to both keep us safe, and sometimes, to scare the stuffing out of us. While reading your book I was constantly heading to Wikipedia, usually in disbelief, and then delving back into the pages to see what further far out stuff would be revealed. I was most interested in how so many fake beliefs (UFOs, the “staged moon landings, etc.) were a result of the need for secrecy and the strange activities at Area 51 and related facilities. Amazing stuff! Thank you for filling me up with a wealth of 20th century history. We do live in an age of miracles!

  258. ANNIE:



  259. Just wanted to write and ask you if you know whether there are other things within the confines of the Area 51?


  260. Dear Annie, I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed “Phenomena”. The opening story about Hess and his horoscope hooked me. But I was surprised about your support (?) of Uri Geller when everything I had ever read was that he was a fraud. I would have appreciated a note about oil/mineral companies’ opinions of the success of the work Uri did for them. I even looked him up on Wikipedia for positive comments, but none were to be found. But your reporting of his simultaneous bendings or of spoons bending on chairs would surely have put the disbelievers to rest, no? Are we that skeptical, or just in need of scientific proof? I was thinking that there would be a conclusion on the fate of Uri Geller or of the many government programs into this research, but it sounds as if both topics are still open, and continuing, yes?

  261. annie,
    i have listened to all of your books and am currently wrapping up “operation paperclip”. reading isn’t my favorite task, but as a truck driver i love to listen and learn from your books. thank you for all your hard work investigating, writing and recording. your books were much enjoyed and appreciated.

  262. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:
    I have recently completed your Area 51 book and am now just getting into Phenomena. In fact, I have just hit pp. 51-52 where you refer to Talbot Mundy’s “The Nine Unknown,” and your description of it simply does not match my recollection of the book at all. Having not read it for perhaps more than twenty years, I scanned through it briefly again. In fact, it is set not in India of 270 BC but in modern India (ie Mundy’s modern India, ca. 1930s). Puzzling. Did Mundy publish two works under the same name? No indication of that. A word search on an electronic copy from Gutenberg Australia does not turn up the name Ashoka, nor 270 BC. The Wikipedia article on the Nine Unknown matches your description, but does not accord with the book. This should be looked into for the second edition.

  263. Your Ingo Swann, Uri Geller and Dellafioria don’t compare to Padre Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968) whose gloves (from his stigmatized hands) I use to bring to the sick; I was also authorized to produce artistic renderings from his “epistolario.” He could bi-locate, raised a priest from the dead in a morgue, healed a man of fblindness in an eye that was only a socket…and was diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti who I dialogued with. Pio was of concentration; Krishnamurti was of awareness. I lectured on these matters in October of 1984 at the Jung Institute in Zurich. We should talk. Nirvana is never a goal but an effect.

  264. ——————————————————————————–
    From: Towanda Raymond
    Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2016 11:55 AM
    To: Towanda Raymond
    Cc: Towanda Raymond
    Subject: Human machine interface-Augumented Cognition program
    Accordinging to your book on pages 443-444 amd 445 where do things stand at this day and time with the program? Have you been granted access to the people in the program? Do you know if they use mental health patients at these facilities? I have more interesting questions to ask you and would like very much to talk with you concerning your book on Pentagon’s Brain. My name is Towanda Raymond and I live Stateseboro Ga. My number is 912 587-2456. Please feel free to call me if you like.

  265. There is a series of interviews on Youtube 1-6-“Art bell and Ingo Swan and Paul Smith ” were at the end of part one Ingo gives his reason for Stargate being cancelled ,mainly the trainees began to get telepathic info mixed in with the other sensory data.There was concern in the upper command levels of the implications of this in the long run as Ingo states.Too danderous to have people reading minds.Ok as long as they just “saw” things.
    Also Hal Putoff in one of his Youtube videos states what Pat Price did for the CIA – view Russian code rooms.From Puthoff’s hesitant speech and body language he knew more and felt he already said too much.

  266. Hello- I recently read your book Area 51, loved it , which made me read Phenomena- which I liked even more. I find the topic truly fascinating.
    I just wanted to say that I have worked with Edgar Mitchells step daughter for the last twenty five years. Over those twenty five years I had heard stories about her father and then times the when Uri Geller would come and stay with them . I remember the stories about the bending of spoons etc….. but I hadn’t heard about Edgar’s landing on the moon . They way you told of his approach and the problems that ensued was nail biting . couldn’t put it down . I spoke with my co worker about the just beautiful closing of your book, which was in my opinion a tribute to Mr Mitchell . She was very appreciative of your words .
    Thanks for writing of these books and thanks for brining to light these great men . Kelly

  267. Your book on Pentagon’s Brain was the first book I view that gave me some insight into what was and is currently going on with my body now. On the subject of brain chipping and augemented intelligence. I would have probably believe this could have happen to me.

  268. Amazing tome to say the least. l know this sounds crocked but why not see if Uri Geller can coax a prmiate like a chimp or an orangutan to bend spoons? Also, l’ve heard that voudou priests can cause the death of people. . .but you always hear that you have to believe in voodoo for it to work. Now l am not so sure!Also why no autopsy on the tree salesman? People drop dead from coronary disease all the time. Was this just a case of coronary disease or something more sinister?
    Craig Feeney
    PS You and Melinda Gates could be sisters

  269. I hope your books are on Audible. You should watch the YouTube lecture “No More Secrets” by Dr. Persinger. He reveals how they got Saddam using a psychic. Then he got locked out of his lab!

  270. Dear Annie,
    Heard you on Coast-to-Coast. only was able to listen to last 20 minutes or so. Was wondering if you know anything about USDA falling under budget of DoD since 1950s? Or maybe USDA has its own budget for general accounting, but it flips over to de facto DARPA black ops at a moments notice – which would be under National Emergency Act, and etc. – for national security purposes at the stroke of a pen. Thought I read this somewhere back in the ’70s and never had it confirmed by any other source when I looked some more into matter. As I recall the idea was one more brainchild of John von Neumann. I think it was von Neumann’s stab at enhanced command and control to tie up any loose ends for tight national security during Cold War years. I’m saying von Neumann “war gamed” it. To use the common expression – von Neumann was trying to “weaponize” the food supply, and etc. I’m guessing the idea was seconded by Hermann Kahn.
    Keep up the good work.
    Your pal, tom

  271. Just finished “Phenomena” and offer my congrats on another deeply satisfying read! As it’s still in First Edition, I’m hoping you might have input to your publishers re: typos. In the Little, Brown hardcover edition I have, on page 397, on the 7th line from the top, I’m thinking the word “multiply” should be the word “multiple.”
    I catch a lot of typos in a lot of books of all types and this is the only one in “Phenomena” that I found. I hope this is of use to you!
    All best,
    Stephen Maynard

  272. Hi, my son is a 5th grade student from California and he is writing a report on Area 51. He needs to interview a person for his project, and it would be his great pleasure to interview you by email or phone.
    You may reply back to this email or call me at 3109908047. I appreciate your help.

  273. Ann, I read the review in NY Times today and was delighted to find that you were born in Middletown. I was raised in Middle Haddam and went to Durham High in 1961 so can share that with you.
    I wanted to comment about Dowsing. I do not think it falls into the same category with rest of the “phenomenon” you investigated.
    Please see by Kenneth Roberts as a start.
    I wish you could have watched my great uncle as he dowsed my lot on Arbutus Street before we build our house in 1970. He could track the underground steam crossing the lot and tell us the water flow amount and its depth as he walked around the lot telling me put a stake in the ground here and another one there until the track of the water was clear and the distance between the stakes indicated the depth.
    The proof is in the pudding. The well driller was a skeptic, but drilled where I asked him to. He was surprised, but I wasn’t when he hit waters exactly at the depth and in the amount that my great uncle predicted.
    My great uncle had of course had been doing this many years for many people in the Middletown area.
    Find a dowser, have them show you how they do it. Try using two L shaped metal rods made from coat hangers and try it yourself. Be ready to experience the unexplainable.
    John Boden

  274. Good morning Ms. Jacobsen, I just finished listening to Phenomena and absolutely loved it and your narration. I am always impressed when an author invests their time and energy to actually participate in an audiobook production. (Your book also helped me survive that commute on the 5 Freeway into and out of downtown LA.) I found the topic utterly fascinating. I think all or many of us have had “interesting” experiences that defy explanation, but nonetheless have enriched our lives. Once again, thank you for a really neat book.

  275. Fixed! Thank you, Dr. Selch, for the careful read and the (most polite) correction of my error!
    –Annie Jacobsen

  276. Annie
    Enjoyed both Operation Paperclip and Area 51. I was project manager on the optical navigation system for the U-2 back in 1958 and 1959. It was designed by Baird Associates in Cambridge, MA. The mechanical design was by a fellow named Bob Shaw and the optical design by Bob Burley. I handled manufacturing and provided field service. Area 51 was then known as “the Ranch”. We slept in trailers and worked on the planes during the day under “howdahs” to protect us from the sun. By nightfall we were back wearing parkas. I just turned 90. Your book brought back a lot of memories.
    George Crosby

  277. I am listening to her book on Werner Von Braun and I would like to share some information with her. My brother-in-law, who has been deceased since 2000 directed him in a movie. This was before he married my sister, and I have seen the film. My brother-in-law, during this filming, had Mr. Von Braun live with him so he could get to know him and that was the first time I had heard anything about him, and he told me how we ended up with him, instead of the Russian’s. And she should see my brother-in-law’s film. He was an amazing director. He was much much older than my sister, and my sister died in 2003, way before she was ready. But I would love to share the story he told me about him.

  278. Annie Jacobsen
    I listened to you on NPR this week and bought Phenomena at Barnes & Noble yesterday. I looked for synthetic telepathy in the index. Are you aware that synthetic telepathy is used by various government agencies to torment thousands of innocent U.S. citizens? Please read “Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance” on The EveryDay Concerned Citizen website.

  279. Dear Ms. Jacobsen: Disappointed that I just missed out on your book signing in Seattle; I live in Tacoma. I read a lot. I’ve corresponded with a couple authors over the years (I’m 63), but it’s not something I do often — only when really inspired. I loved your first three books and anxiously awaited Phenomena. For the first few chapters, I was thinking, “this is going to be boring.” Well, of course I was wrong. Once I got going, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve always believed there were people who could operate on a different plane. Your book is justification. I really enjoyed it. I just felt like telling you that those narrow-minded naysayers are thwarting their own progress. The wrap-up with Ed Mitchell made me sad. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and felt like I was witnessing the making of history. To have that ignorant at&t repairman scoff at the opportunity to meet such a wonderful man really pissed me off. That’s all. Can’t wait to find out what you’ve got up your sleeve for your next project! I never watch TV, but from some of the comments I see here, it looks like I’m going to have to find that interview.

  280. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    I just finished Phenomena. It was an outstanding read, just like Area 51 and Operation Paperclip. My only editorial comment is that on page 95 you write “His pulse was racing between 160 and 170 beats per second. Now I know Uri Geller was an incredible man but I believe this should be beats per minute. Otherwise it’s on to The Pentagon’s Brain.
    Michael Selch, MD
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Radiation Oncology
    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

  281. AJ: Heard you on Ashbrook’s show WBUR Boston and recalled incidents in Vienna (where I was stationed as part of 4-power army of occupation in 1955). Those personal experiences convinced this cynical New Yorker / business lawyer that time and space as we commonly understand them (or don’t) operate completely “unconventionally.” My personal experiences with two individuals proved to me that some can see the future — events in some detail that have not yet occurred; that touching (in the broadest sense) another person can reveal that person’s history and present events in their lives, and more.
    I’ve written up these experiences for a later memoir and can send you the draft FYI if you send an email address. (I’ve even begun to try to tap into my own limited “hunches” and follow their direction — usually for my benefit Now isn’t that curious!).
    Best regards.
    Milton Bordwin
    Boston MA

  282. Hi Annie,
    I’m President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Edgar Mitchell, a long-time friend of Ed’s, and we are the lead organization on the genetics of psi project you mention in your book. I’d love to have a chat if you are interested!

  283. Ms. Jacobsen, I heard you speak today on NPR’s “On Point”, and was thrilled to hear the topic of your latest book, “Phenomena”. My dad worked at the Round Table Foundation’s Glen Cove, ME facility for three years in the ’50’s. He was a mechanical engineer and an inventor; he was hired to design and build test blind equipment. This was a perfect job for him; he was a physics major at Yale before he served as a naval officer in WWII, and he was certain that the laws of physics made telekinesis and telepathy impossible. He assumed the psychics coming in to the Foundation were charlatans. But after three years of working with them, he resigned; he had seen too many things for which there was no reasonable explanation, and he had made friends with many of them. He kept up his reading on the field for the rest of his life, but never saw real progress toward the solution of the problem of non-reproducible results. I look forward to finding your book, soon, at a Rockland or Camden ME bookstore.

  284. Jack Sunday, KFGO-AM Radio, Fargo North Dakota here.
    I am interested in interviewing Ms. Annie Jacobsen. I admire her work. I’ve read “The Pentagon’s Brain.”
    I understand she has a new book?
    However, I’d like to interview her regarding the life and times of Robert W. Walker, one of the “inventors” of the internet.
    He died recently at age 85. I think she wrote of him in P-B.
    Please call 701-238-7596. Leave a message if need be. I’m on the air from 11am-2pm, Central.
    Jack Sunday

  285. Jack Sunday, KFGOAM radio, Fargo North Dakota here. I would very much like to interview Annie Jacobsen regarding the death and life of Robert W. Taylor.
    I believe she wrote of him in The Pentagon’s Brain.
    I understand she has another book out?

  286. Ms. Jacobsen. Having read ”Area 51″ and just having finished ”Operation Paperclip”’, I applaud your courage, diligence and research. The world needs to know of your efforts, and tenacity in uncovering and exposing the monsters of Nazi Germany and America. I look forward to your new accomplishments.
    Thank you so much for removing the shrouds of malevolent secrecy.
    John Haggerty

  287. Great book. I was on the fringes but never read in. I have some material to forward to Annie. How to contact.

  288. Hello Annie-
    We’d like you to get involved with our group on the history of the computer, starting with ENIAC, wth Eckert and Mauchley, an on to Von Neuman at Princeton and the Maniace, tec. Send me an e-mail to
    Thanks for all you do
    Jim Scherrer

  289. Thank you for a clear-eyed view of the paranormal. You are one of the few journalists who seem to have taken the time to understand this topic and not treat it as if it’s meant to be ridiculed.
    I am a psychic/medium. I also ‘read ‘for psychics who are employed by the government. I help them.
    I very much appreciate the time you put in to investigate the topic, including understanding the concept of the collective unconscious.
    In one of your interviews the question came up- can anyone become psychic?
    The answer is yes. I teach workshops that have included students from very left-brain organizations including the State Department, USAID, NIH,etc. Everyone has been able to learn how to do this. It can be taught. Our Western culture believes that nothing exists beyond the material world – a result of a science oriented culture and many in our culture are vested in supporting this viewpoint. It’s unfortunate. But the truth is, many people are psychic, most children are psychic ( usually after a point, they tamp it down when their parents discourage it and it’s suppressed) and in other parts of the world, particularly the East, these types of abilities are not considered that unusual.
    I am an author and former Wall Street researcher and have also used my ability to investigate various little-understood phenomenon. For those of us who do this, we consider it part of our lives and not a big deal.

  290. saw your interview on Charlie Rose and was quote impressed. I do have one comment though. I knew about area 51 in the early 70′.s through a lot of reading about ufo’s . I learned about stealth while stationed in Panama where I overheard pilots talking about that subject. tell your husband that : jeg snaker norsk. mi mor er fra trondelag og mi far fra farsund. I speak, read and write enough Norwegian to get in trouble. I wish you would show up here in Biloxi, Ms . it would be a hoot to see you in person.

  291. My name is Craig Hendricks. I am a Navy Civilian Analyst. Prior to working for the Navy, I retired from the Army as an Intelligence Analyst. Intuition was always my interest for obvious operational reasons while in the military. But, after I retired from the Army and went to work with the Navy, I carried on my interest in intuition and continued to work toward developing my own intuition skills which ultimately led to me proposing a mechanism to reduce IED attacks on convoys. I could never get the Navy interested. I will be purchasing your book Phenomena. I live in the San Diego area. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
    Very Respectfully,
    Craig Hendricks

  292. Ms. Jacobsen:
    My name is Don Siedenburg, 1630 Williams HWY #368 – Grants Pass, OR. 97527 – tele: 541-660-5221 –
    I thoroughly enjoyed your super excellent interview on CSPAN last evening and I would like to respond.
    Here is my story about my U. S. Army Medical Experiment back in June of 1954. Jordon Pease – Ashland, OR
    produced the enclosed interview. – also see: – Equipment for
    this website was designed from the exercise equipment taken from the space ship.
    This interview was for Jan at MUFON made on November 30th, 2016. Since I have heard from any one I think
    the reason is because it was not about a space craft sighting or maybe they did not believe my experience.
    During the study I was fed 2 ounces per day for 21 days of a food source said to have come from a space ship.
    The food source had been tested on laboratory mice and had three purposes for the crew. 1. Nourishment –
    2. Mental Alertness – 3. Longevity. As we know, space people are undoubtedly confined to the craft from
    many years traveling millions of miles.
    I am 81 years of age and I have not aged normally. I can do physical things unheard of from 80 year old people.
    Case in point: I can run a full length regulation basketball court in 17 seconds. I can breast stroke a 25 yard swimming
    pool course in 25 seconds and 25 yards return doing a back stroke in 60 seconds. I can do this for 60 minutes straight
    without stopping.
    My blood work from my Physical Examine is very near perfect. The interview shows me sprinting near the end. You will
    notice I am not breathing hard at the conclusion because I could have lasted a lot longer.
    My story can be believed or not. My PT demonstrations cannot not be fabricated. Mr. Pease is my witness. Unfortunately,
    my military records were destroyed in the St. Louis Military Records Fire of l973. However, the U. S. Army took very good care
    of me during my enlistment. I was promoted from E-1 to E-5 in 23 months. My DD214, that is my only record remaining,
    points this out.
    For anyone reading this comment, please contact me if interested in further details. My e-mail address is:
    Again, Ms. Jacobsen, thank you for one of the very best interviews I have seen on CSPAN plus television in general.
    Don Siedenburg

  293. Loved your appearance on CSPAN. Since US took in 1600 Nazi scientists, and aerospace people, how many did the Russians take in? Thanks, Jan

  294. Thank you C-Span for a fantastic 3-hour interview with investigative journalist, Annie Jacobsen yesterday. Today I plan to purchase all books authored by Ms. Jacobsen. Hopefully, she will schedule a date for book signing/talk in Chicago very soon.

  295. Holy Shit, Soinnie! This is so cool! I’m coming to your Commonwealth Club lecture tomorrow. Can’t wait. Its been waaay too long! -bo

  296. Hello Annie
    I saw you on C-Span tonite talking about your book “Phenomenon.”
    I was an officer at Nellis AFB Operations Center from 1989 -1993. I have a unique perspective of Area 51.
    Pamela Lill, Major, USAFR (retired )
    Facebook Pamela Lill

  297. Wonder if you can help me locate my car key 🙂

  298. Over 5,000 devices are hidden by bogus National Security laws such as The Inventions Secrecy Act. The CIA and NSA covertly use these devices on political / idealogical targets. They include neurophone based technologies (hundreds of web sites on this one), powerful brain wave scanners and brain wave software with complete bw vocabularies. As a result non verbal communications are possible, allowing ruses such as alien / psychic / paranormal events to be staged and dupes to be created. This is common knowledge in certain “elitist” circles; many politicians, journalists, law enforcers, clerics, bureaucrats, “businessmen” and military personnel know as, of course, do thousands of spies and scientists. It is one of the world’s biggest conspiracies of silence; I have personally interviewed many on this though none are brave enough to put their admissions in writing. This is also how many protected criminal operations avoid scrutiny.

  299. Thank you for your work on the Area 51 book. I hope you will write a sequel.

  300. 04/02/2017 I am THRILLED to have seen your 2+ hour interview on CPAN2, today! You are amazing to listen to, in that you are so fluid & concise.
    I am ‘blown-away’ that your work validates so many persons I’ve come into contact with since the late-sixties, who would, or might, discuss what
    they knew without breaking the classified line.
    My other reason for thanking you FOR BEING is, I’m recovering from a heart-attack & terrible systmeic reaction that effected my brain — your
    interview helped ‘bring me back’ to who, & what, I knew, and thought I’d lost, forever.
    BLESS YOU! Suz Dove

  301. Wow! Thank you C-Span I just watched you for 3 hours.. My 80 yr old brain is still vibrating. You are such a treasure.

  302. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I saw your interview on C-SPAN – In Depth. I thought you might be interested in a series of events beginning in 1970, in Portsmouth, VA. This concerns an incident in which I and one other person witnessed two UFOs there, and the effect of a strange electrical phenomenon that it has had on me for the last 47 years. In 1976 a woman in Beaumont, TX who had no connection to me or anyone that I knew at the time, verified what I had been told in 1970 by the other witness to the UFO incident, who’s father was an employee of AT&T reporting each morning aboard a nuclear sub in the Chesapeake Bay, regarding a military project involving “unified field theory”. If this might interest you, please contact me.

  303. Why do Psychics Occasionally get it Right, Often Wrong?
    The post “See the Future in Dreams” at provides an answer. See also the post “Earth Cycles and Dreams.”

  304. Amazing interview on C-Span. Haven’t read your books but will remedy soon. Keep on keeping on.

  305. I was a senior at Jefferson High in Rochester, New York in 1970. One day I was called to the dean’s office. There was an Army officer there. I had been picked to participate in a test on perception. From what I recall I put on a viewer type contraption worn like a pair of glasses. I was asked to look straight ahead and tell the colors I saw back by my ears and further back if possible. Some other tests were conducted but I don’t remember much more. No one believes that this ever occurred and I haven’t been able to find any evidence online about such a program.
    In 2014 I applied to the CIA, after I took the online test, a very difficult test, I figured I’d never be asked to interview. To my surprise a round trip to D.C. was offered and I indeed interviewed. Sadly I didn’t get it. Nobody believes me about the test given by that Army officer back in ’70. I am a sheep though.

  306. Miss. Jacobse, I heard you on C2C the other night and really enjoyed your time on the show. I’ve been studying and practicing for years much of what you were talking about, you know, what they do at SRI. I’ve read many of the books by authors you talk about in your book, Phenomena, but your twist is much more informative and interesting. I also got the audiobook so I can listen to you read your book (calming voice by the way) as I follow along in the book itself. Of course, I’m addicted to books published in the Kindle format, so I read that version. Even Russell Targ’s books were not as interesting as your book, though they referred to the same subject. Don’t tell him I said that, I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Even Swann’s books are not as well written, and far less interesting. I just wanted to tell you I am enjoying your book immensely. My passion is in using the pendulum, which I also use in map dowsing. I’ve dabbled in RV and Astral projection, but prefer dowsing. I enjoy all forms of dowsing, bobber, “L” rods, and so on. I enjoy it so much I have no fewer than 20 pendulums, many I use only for certain materials or minerals, and one I use only for answering questions. My interest in it’s use lead me to write a book called “God’s Pendulums,” a mystery where this nice church going lady uses her pendulum to find missing children, five hidden boxes of gold and the killer of an old Indian. I’m writing the last chapter now, but the way I procrastinate I will be working on it for another year. Writer’s block you know. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your book, which I got the day it was released. You are an exceptional author.

  307. On the Coast to Coast program this morning you mentioned a Harvard Study that revealed 73% of the population are sheep and 27% are Goats/Skeptics. Would you have a link to that study?

  308. The Government is committing high crimes with the use of para psychological warfare in contra Costa county centered in Antioch, California as I’m writing this. Much occultism and black magic is also being used against the citizens there.
    Conrad Weule 28 is one of the black magicians under the direction of the US govt.
    My name is Justin Enriquez my phone number is 925-383-4884

  309. My dad worked for McDonald Douglas in the 50 to 72 was a big part of mercury Gemini project and knew McDonald personally .. Mc was deep into the occult … Proof everything planes space and weapons had occult names … Easy to look up mercury Gemini etc

  310. Annie . . .
    If you’d like an detailed invitation to visit “The Psibrary”, the world’s largest metaphysical book collection of some 17,000 volumes, please respond to . Best. . . P. Paul (USAF, Ret), Curator

  311. The Humane Genome Project’s Discovery Proves Mankind was
    Scientifically Created by God. And there is no way it could naturally happen.
    The Adam and Eve Method of Genetic Engineering, We were Created, by Robert Kress
    Read how 2 chimpanzee chromosomes were fused by a 150,000 base pair sequence
    to make our human chromosome two. Evolutionists will not be able to explain
    this one.
    Genesis One, God Created our Solar System
    Dark Matter Explained and Understood, You will See, Standard Science
    Interviewed by Art Bell:
    8/16/96 John Qurine/guest, SOHO evidence, new red shift model,
    said that SOHO was taking Spectroscopic pictures of a close star.
    There was no Red Shift.
    Then a Corona Flare of ionized particles passed in between SOHO
    and that star.
    Suddenly there was a large Red Shift.
    Conclusion: Charged particles can Red Shift light rays.
    And as light travels from far away occasionally it passes close to
    charged particles, gives up a little energy to them and in doing
    so Red Shifts a little each time.
    The greater distance a light ray travels the more charged particles
    it passes, the more it is Red Shifted.
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    KJV Bible UFOs Outlined and Explained, by Robert Kress
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    Ten Examples of Resurrection, some ate food after, and Prophecy Verses
    Is a spirit words or a ghost? 22 Examples
    The Iniquity that Preachers, Rabbi’s, and Evangelist’s Die the 2nd death For REV 21:8
    Eight Examples of my 100 or so Bible pages, each is a subject,
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    Evangelist Robert Kress, U.S.A.
    Must See
    Bible UFO Sightings and Bible Miracles, 3 charts

  312. Thank you for bringing to light my father’s (Herbert Miller) involvement in Area 51. I see that the recent release of declassified material has also revealed several more written items revolving around a later program referencing his name as well. At the time of that program we lived in Las Vegas, and my sister and I were only told that our father was involved in atomic energy work which (then and now) was a completely reasonable cover story considering his work in WW2 on the Manhattan program. I speculate he knew of several dry lakes like Groom Lake throughout the South west as a result of this earlier work.
    He did tell me, shortly before his death, of his 1st meeting with Kelly Johnson in the early fifties – I was a teenager at that time he told me this story and recall thinking it was an amazing story. I never spoke of it to anyone. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly afterwards.
    Many years later I asked my mother to confirm what my father had told me; she did adding another detail and confirmed that my father worked for the Agency for several years.
    Again many thanks, I still have more to read – and would be very interested if you have other information – including pictures that I could see. Now that I am retired I look forward to filling in the details of this portion of my earlier life.

  313. Hi Annie, I’m looking forward to reading your new book. I do, and teach, telekinesis to the public. I just put out my training manual and wanted to let you know about it in case you’d be interested to learn in detail how to do this yourself. The website I posted has a sample video of what I teach people to do. The book is called “Defy Your Limits: The Telekinesis Training Method”. I’m grateful for your writing because it helps increase social awareness and acceptance of these abilities. We still have so much to learn, and getting past outdated belief systems is a big part of that.
    Thank you,

  314. I read the book over a year ago and still remember much of what it said.
    It was disturbing in some instances to find out what was actually going on when I remember what as said years ago about the XB-70 Accident that killed Joe Walker and the A-12 that imaged the USS Pueblo in Wonsan Harbor. In 968-69, I remember reading that no aerial recon was done.
    The ending story about the “Roswell Incident” was MORE disturbing than any other part of the book and I told a Conspiracy Theory Loon named Clyde Lewis about it on Facebook and he dismissed what I told him. He, like other UFO Believers, believes it WAS an Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft and will accept NOTHING ELSE.
    The book was not just a Good Read. You did the Right Thing in writing it and I Hope that you will do more such books in the Future.

  315. Annie, I led to team which published the 1952-1954 Collier’s space series (created by the von Braun team) page by page in high resolution. A first! We obtained a legal opinion before proceeding. That is available for anyone on the newsletter page of AIAA Houston Section, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. My since-1985 French father-in-law was not happy about that volunteer work while I was unemployed after my 1981-2011 aerospace engineering career (one employer), mostly on NASA projects. Now I am a math teacher and a substitute teacher. Our upcoming Annual Technical Symposium (Friday, May 5, 2017) will use the venue of the NASA/JSC Gilruth Center again this year. Please put me in contact with Houston area Paperclip-related people if convenient. I am the since-2015 History technical committee Chair in the technical branch of our Section. We would enjoy presentations from them. I organize lunch & learns about twice a year, too, in the NASA/JSC community. Also, if you are ever in Houston, please keep us in mind. I am sure NASA/JSC would like to hear from you in a book signing event, and if AIAA Houston Section can help with that, we will be happy to do that.

  316. I am reading the Pentagon’s Brain currently and have read Operation Paperclip a while ago. Both are interesting reads, but I confess I had gotten much of the information in Paperclip before reading it.
    I made contact with a German fellow after the collapse of the Soviet empire in the early 90’s. He lives, or lived in what was East Germany near Dresden, and I took him to be some kind of functionary in the East German government. He spoke Russian but no English, so we corresponded in German. He’s the one who gave me the history you had in the book but also more information equally interesting. He wanted me to go down to the National Archives and do research for him, which of course wasn’t so easy for me to do at the time..
    We lost touch but I still have some of his lengthy email correspondence. In it explained who Boris Pasch was, and Hans Kammler. These two are worth a book each. He also showed me where there was on line documentation of the tunnel where they were to build the Amerika Rackete in Austria. The Saturn was the same design with the outboard nacelles. It supposedly was going to reach the USA.. Von Braun didn’t change it much.
    He and his friends had a club with high tech metal detectors, and they spent weekends prospecting for Nazi treasure. The big target was to be the Bernstein Zimmer or Amber Room, stolen from Russia. It too would be a book and has never been found..
    It’s amazing to me how much world history was crammed into the 5-6 years of World War II and still there are secrets to be discovered.
    Keep searching and writing.
    Flemington, NJ

  317. Annie,
    I read the book area 51 book, one of the best books about area 51 I have ever read.
    Two things that were missed.
    Bob Lazar was not being completely untruthful, he claimed to have worked with a metal that didn’t exist at the time of his claim to work at area 51, and is now part of the table of elements! Some 10+ years after his claim.
    And the CIA had made dummy companies to get titanium from Russia, the same titanium used in both oxcart programs that flew over the Soviet Union!
    And Josef Mengele was a monster in his field, It would not surprise me if he was part of Roswell, I have read a bit about that man and his work
    The Horton brothers were beyond there time, without the power of the Soviet Union, Roswell would not have happened, shoot Nickolas Tesla invented remote control in the late 1800s and the Germans wanted nothing to do with it then!
    Annie great book, loved the time and effort you took to write it
    I’m a retired aircraft mechanic who resides​ in New Mexico.
    Erick Dorsey

  318. Re: Area 51 In view of all the classified material (past and present) that you needed for research, I am curious how you go about acquiring those materials?
    Are you able to get materials that have been declassified by requesting it from the National Archives, or do you need to ask CIA, or FBI? When you do receive files, are they digital, or hard copy? Are the files heavily redacted, or clean in presentation?
    Lastly, can you tell me how I could learn what information the government may have about me? The only reason I suspect there may be a file about me, however small, is that my grandmother’s brother worked for CIA for 20 years – perhaps I am included in background done concerning his family.
    Thank you for any explanation you might provide. I hope to hear from you when you have a chance to respond.
    Bob Edgarton, Chelsea Maine

  319. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:
    Hearing of your new book this morning (from an invitation to your upcoming book-reading at the Harvard Bookstore), I thought you might find worthwhile the NON-GOVERNMENTAL uses to which some of that classified research has been put. I therefore link for you herewith — — a chapter that builds upon the CIA’s “remote-viewing” research conducted at the Stanford Research Institute, and illuminates how the human mind might accomplish such “non-physical” perceptions.
    In addition, that linked chapter reports on rigorous research (never-classified) which studied related mental capabilities that you might find very interesting (so-called “telepathy” and “precognition”).
    Those described experiments are important to civilian science, not just to our country’s military needs. For, coupled with contemporary developments in neuroscience, they can help humanity in general to increase its understanding of how the mind works, and thereby how our minds could become more skillful in utilizing such (unfortunately-called) “extra-sensory” capabilities — which seem actually to be built-into our basic biological nature.
    Feel free to contact me, if you would like to explore these matters further.
    Wishing you much success in the sales of Phenomena,
    Paul Bernstein, Ph.D.
    (Boston, Massachusetts)
    (617) 889-4971

  320. Hi James,
    Thanks for the careful read! Will change/correct Norton to Norden in the next printing.
    Warm regards,

  321. I left a comment a a while back where i raised a few questions i would appreciate if someone got back to me thank you in advance

  322. Dear Ms. Jacobsen your book area 51 is a great read and as a military buff i found very satisfying,however 2 quick questions a)I find it really hard to believe that a man like stalin , who for all his faults still did not have the brain of a two year old, would let his only horten brothers plane out without first reverse engineering it and successfully replicating it. and if he did dont you think egomaniacs like kruschev wouldn’t at least hint to it. B)At the end of your book you accuse the government of horrible things yet you cant mention the name of the engineer so no can refute what he is saying and if thats to protect him why is that different than the government withholding information to protect the entire nation? Also why have a engineer and not a scientist work on humanoids ?
    With respect please respond to my email thank you

  323. Exceptionally well written! Like

  324. Hey Annie, just finished listening to your audiobook Operation Paperclip. I’d heard for years about it, but really enjoyed your in-depth investigative writing on the subject. Thank you for pursuing the truth.
    Daniel Barnhart

  325. I found information from the 1930’s-1950’s about a technology many would consider innovative today. Circumstantial evidence indicates German scientist involvement. My interest is to learn more about the company’s leadership/directors, company disposition, scientists, products, etc. You may have some information that could be helpful to me or be able to point me to new sources of information. I’m an independent researcher interested in science and technology. I’m willing to share more privately if your amenable to the idea.

  326. What’ are you working on now?

  327. To Annie Jacobsen:
    I went to high school in Ohio near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with the many children of Sigfried (?) Knemeyer. Among them were Sigfried (Jr.?), Doris, Manfred, and Juergen (?) who was in my class that graduated in 1961. I am Professor Emeritus, Brown University, and would be glad to help you with your research.

  328. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am pleased to let you know that a specific part of the “Area 51″ work meant a lot to me.
    I was assigned to work the Jan. 1966 Palomares Broken Arrow. You research was accurate. About 1500 USAF and an assortment of civilian experts gave it our all to help clean up Palomares as best as we could.
    A few of my fellow Airman were written about earlier this year in the New York Times, in print and video accounts.
    The VA has recently approved my service connected medical issue relating to plutonium exposure at Palomares.
    Many of us consider ourselves the”forgotten” veterans of that era.
    Thank you so much for your coverage of that service so long ago.
    With deep appreciation,
    Mike Lieb
    M/Sgt. USAF (Retired)
    PS Most importantly…of the flight crew members lost that day, nine didn’t
    make it, four ejected from the bomber and survived. Silent Heroes all.

  329. In passing in “The Penagon’s Brain,” you mention late in the book that “the Nazis” occupied Paris. Let me
    suggest that a better locution would have been “the Germans” or “German forces.” Some of the occupiers no doubt were Nazis. All were Germans.
    The invasions of European countries were acts of state of
    the German government (with considerable support from and little
    known opposition from the German people). It was Germany, under
    the National Socialist government, that made war.

  330. I have listened to your book,”Operation Paperclip” and as many others find it enlightening and disconcerting.
    Question 1: At this time in history, how do the German people feel still about WWII and the Nazi involvement? While you stated that many German people after the war did not want to face the facts of what their people did to the ‘Untermench’ people, I wonder what is the feeling now.
    2. You stated that the chemical weapons that were used by the Army were destroyed., I have found that there is a very large amount of Agent Orange still stored in OR. The private logging companies are spraying with helicopters with agent orange to keep the leafy trees from growing faster than the spruce trees that they harvest. If you have not been to the Oregon Coast, it is a logger’s paradise. But there are many in holdings where people live. These logging Companies will tell these in holding families to move out for a day.
    I have lost friends who fought in the Viet Nam war to Agent Orange symptoms which the Veteran’s Administration does not recognize. I fear now that these people living on the Oregon Coast are going to suffer from this chemical warfare for monetary gains.
    This information was given to me in an article from “Hipfish Monthly” alternative press serving the lower columbia pacific region. Sept 16th 2916, vol17, issue 212
    Just thought you might be interested in such a topic and know these people living on the Oregon Coast are in for a long fight with the logging companies who have a lot of political power.. But their lives and health are at stake.
    Sincerely, Claire Casey, Hailey Idaho

  331. Ms. Jacobsen,
    Admired all your books! I have a book called “The Secret of Huntsville”, chronicling the inside story of the establishment of the German community in Huntsville, published in German and Czech. Might make a fascinating book, authored by you! Please let me know if you would like the book.

  332. The were on the moon for 22 hours, overnight and into the next day. Laser experiment was late in mission. Thanks for the careful read.

  333. Please do your next book on the New World Order conspiracy.
    I have read all three of your awesome books and can’t think of a writer/journalist better able to either dispel or prove the aspects of what is today one of the biggest stories of interest. Huge populist backlash about “Globalism” going on right now and Annie’s approach would most certainly be the definitive text on this subject.
    Please, please, please 🙂

  334. Hello my name is Bobby Brown from Las vegas,nv. Id like to see if mrs. Jacobson will consider a topic of investigation concerning nonprofit organizations cover-ups that are happening everyday in this nation.

  335. Have read all your books with interest and enjoyment.
    Am just reading The Pentagons Brain, and think there might be a small error, possibly.
    In the chapter “Star Wars and Tank Wars” on page 262 of the paperback edition, you state that the laser experiment on the Moon, with Armstrong and Aldrin when they walked on the moon. You stated the date as 21st July 1969. In fact the date they landed was July 20th (Houston Time which governed all NASA space flights)
    Perhaps I’ve mis-understood your meaning of the date.

  336. Hello Annie,
    We have not met in person, but I am a fan of your writing and resaerch.
    I wanted to share a documentary project that I am working on.
    I thought this might strike your interest, and if it does, I am wondering if you might be able to help us share it with individuals that might also be interested. I ask you this, because I respect your research in this area and think that some kind of sharing or endorsement on your part would maybe draw some (needed) contributors our way.
    I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about the project. The pitch on Indiegogo is intentionally nondescript so that the intended audience doesn’t get lost in details, but If you DID have any interest in helping out, I’d be glad to explain anything/everything about this series.
    Sincerely, Tyrone Davies

  337. It is Wernher von Braun not Von Braun. He was the second of three sons and styled a Freiherr, or Baron. He later became an Evangelical: go figure.
    You have to get the detail right or you creds get busted. Remember that there is a difference between ‘bighting the rope’ and ‘biting the rope’.

  338. Annie: have read your Operation Paperclip and Area 51. You are truly a gifted researcher and writer that tells it like it is. I have just noticed your recent book on the Pentagon’s Brain; that was an oxymoron was it not! I wonder if you have ever given any thought to doing on a book on the German Sub U-238 that was carrying all kinds of advanced scientific goods and data including the disappearing Uranium?
    Thanks for the hours of insightful and spellbinding information and I truly look forward to reading your latest book. I can always count on you to bring things to light

  339. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:
    Please accept my compliment of your book – “Operation Paperclip” which
    I recently purchased from This is a well written and extensively
    researched subject of an episode of post WWII era.
    At the end of this book there is a page of ten “Questions and Topics for Discussion”.
    With your permission may I present my own answers, opinions and comments to you?
    [1] Yes, I have learned Operation Paperclip program a long time ago. I know
    Wernher von Braun and other German rocket scientists worked in New Mexico
    and later on for NASA, but this is first time from your book I ever learned other scientists
    and technicians also worked on biological and chemical weapons for US Government.
    [2] The Allied victors; namely US, Britain and USSR absolutely has rights and choices
    to determine the ultimate fate of their respective war trophies. In this case not
    the hardware but live human beings with talents to suit the victors’ needs.
    Not that much different than Romans and Vikings to plunder the conquered land
    take whatever they needed then dispose rest of it.
    [3] Just remember this; Joseph Stalin definitely is not an angel. Anyone ever heard of
    German-Soviet Non-Aggression-Pact signed by Ribbentrop and Molotov in Moscow
    on the eve of WWII on August 23, 1939? The Soviet Army invaded eastern Poland
    and carved half of Poland with the Third Reich. Ribbentrop was hanged in Nuremberg,
    what about Molotov? How many Poles were killed by Red Army from 1939 until 1941?
    The evil nature of Soviet Union in their zeal of world domination is equal or even exceed
    Nazi Germany. Operation Paperclip did not accelerate the upcoming of Cold War,
    I do sincerely believe this program provides the protection of western democracies
    so today I can sit in my home write these words and you can read it without any fear
    to be sent to Siberia.
    [4] The Government possess the nature to keep secrets, some of them forever.
    What difference it makes?? Those scientists are not working for German Reich
    anymore. Their activities during wartime clearly can be described as barbaric
    atrocity against humanity. But that regime was finished. Kaput! Right?
    I am positively certain when those scientists brought to this country by US Army,
    they are NOT going to do the same evil deeds again in their lifetime under
    the supervision of U.S. Government agencies. The federal government has the right
    to decide how much information to be released to the general public. Those officials
    with the titles of Secretary or Director were appointed to run the affairs for the best of
    interest of this nation. The government was run by those individuals not by general
    [5] Believe me; there are plenty of secret government programs running constantly
    from 1945 until today and beyond to the future. Such as; covert assassination in
    South Vietnam, support of Nicaraguan Contra Rebels and CIA’s black prison in Poland
    [6] The comprehensive nature of bringing in the scientists to U.S.
    Before read your book, my impression on Operation Paperclip was just about
    a handful of rocket scientists who worked on the secret project and helped America
    land the astronauts on the moon. Now the scope of this operation even extended
    to the medical research and development of America’s biological weapons arsenal.
    [7] The decision made by U.S. High Commissioner back in 1951 in my opinion was
    based on virtual practical reason. Why keep those convicted criminals behind
    the bars? Instead, this country can utilize their knowledge to boost our needs for
    national defense.
    Honestly, those people in Landsberg prison not only just the small fish but their
    activities during the war was basically offer their services to Nazi regime in order
    to enjoy a better life as part of the elite class under the swastika banner.
    The bigger fish are all dead in 1945; Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring
    and Joseph Goebbels. Without those big fish there won’t be any small fish around
    doing the evil deeds. So why waste money and effort to lock them up? Give those
    people to US Army to pay for their sins.
    [8] In my view, this proverb applies perfectly to the convicted war criminals of
    Nuremberg Trials. Other than the ones met their death on the gallows;
    Albert Speer was imprisoned 20 years. Rudolph Hess killed himself after 41 years
    in Spandau Prison. So “Everyone Gets What He Deserves”.
    [9] No, for what purpose? When they landed on U.S. soil to work for NASA, it is like
    a new life was reborn from the dying ashes. If we keep the past alive, do we know
    every single individual who entered this country as post war refugee from Europe
    as what they claim they are? Why disclose their wartime activities of the past?
    It only add unnecessary embarrassment and awkwardness to NASA itself; and
    the decision to let these scientists came to this country was made by Truman
    Administration not by NASA.
    [10] No. I was a financial accountant for HMO and healthcare system of my entire
    professional career. All in number crunching technical stuff no excitement at all.
    In 1960s there was a cartoon joke on the newspaper, it depicts two satellites; one Soviet, the
    other one American passing each other on the orbit above the earth. Both satellites burst out
    a preprogrammed greeting message when encounter each other in space. Instead of Russian
    and English the words are: “Gutten Tag!”
    In your book the following paragraphs obviously were not accurate in its context, if you do not mind may I point it out in here?
    On page 93 – the second paragraph you have mentioned Dr. Robertson served under
    President Eisenhower in 1945? Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of SHAEF at that
    time so it should be General Eisenhower instead.
    On page 169 – you have mentioned Admiral Horthy, I believe he was the ruler of Hungary.
    During WWII Austria was part of German Reich.
    On page 330 – the group at the resort in Crimea includes Field Marshall Paulus, Schreiber and
    Muller returned to Moscow at the end of summer of 1947 by “private jet”?? I believe the first
    passenger jet travel service was conducted by British in 1952. I don’t think USSR has private jet
    flying around in 1947.
    These are my comments of your Operation Paperclip book and I do look forward to read
    your future works relates to this subject.
    Edwin Loh
    Huntington Township, NY 11746

  340. Hi Annie. I finished you book Operation Paperclip. Excellent great deal of research. I sent a note to Elizabeth Garriga to forward to you but received not follow up. I don’t know if she did or not.
    Yo ur work mentions ALSOS quite a but never detailed what that term came from. Here are the details.
    This went to Garriga.
    Dear Annie Jacobsen,
    I carefully read and very much enjoyed your exceptional book Operation Paperclip. The attention to detail was very thorough and impressive. Great work! I learned much more of the dark history of Paperclip. I noted you mentioned ALSOS on multiple occasions but never discussed where that term came from and why it was chosen. A story within a story it appears. It turns out there were ALSOS I and ALSOS II. They had somewhat different functions. I am a heart surgeon but also a writer (mostly novels but some nonfiction) I had a novel published which I called Nazi Treasure it’s on Amazon. While developing the novel I also discovered the term ALSOS so I decided to track down what it referred to since it seemed an unusual word and why it was used and soon understood that it resulted in Operation Paperclip. As you are aware the man in charge of the Manhattan Engineering District (MED) from the military consideration was General Leslie Groves. He is the source of the term ALSOS.
    Excerpt from the novel:
    … The man in charge of the totally secret US $2 billion Manhattan Project employing 125,000 persons to build a US atom bomb General Leslie Groves was concerned that I.G. Farben the giant German chemical corporation might be attempting to make weapons’ grade nuclear material for a German atomic bomb. But he wasn’t sure because a vast majority of the company’s records were lost in the ensuing firestorms from the massive aerial bombings in the latter stages of World War II.
    Worried by this possibility, General Groves set up ALSOS Missions I & II as divisions of MED (Manhattan Engineering District – the atomic bomb project), to investigate the state of Nazi Germany’s atomic weapons development.
    ALSOS comprised seven military officers and thirty-three US nuclear scientists and was led by San Francisco born Intelligence Officer Lt. Colonel Boris Pash. ALSOS I scientists extensively interviewed first Italian nuclear scientists; then ALSOS II interviewed additional nuclear scientists in Germany, particularly if they were connected to IG Farben industries. It later sent them to England’s Farm Hill and secretly recorded the German nuclear scientists’ conversations for about nine months and finally concluded the German nuclear scientist were a long way from developing an atomic bomb. (This is discussed in your book). They were apparently unaware of the 1941 Maud Report.
    Meanwhile the two I.G Farben “employees” Germans Steyr and Olendorf (these two are the arch crooks in my novel), were extensively questioned by nuclear scientist elements of ALSOS II and it soon became abundantly clear the two deserters knew nothing of atomic weapons and the ALSOS investigators wrote in their reports that Steyr and Olendorf were simply disaffected German war refugees but not German nuclear scientists.
    ALSOS for the observant is a Greek word meaning “grove” and was obviously a name play on General Leslie Groves the man appointed by President Roosevelt to take charge of Manhattan Engineering District program. ALSOS developed into Operation Paperclip and expanded to included Nazi chemical and biological weapons scientists. Operation Paperclip brought a significant number of these Nazi scientists to America, and largely kept Americans in the dark about their war time horrific human death experiments. This ultimately led to the Nuremberg Code – Informed Consent – applied to patients today about to undergo some sort of surgery or experiment etc. There were two main reasons for Paperclip [1] to prevent these Nazi scientists from heading to the Soviet Union and [2] to use their intellectual power to help the US in its war against Japan.
    John Opie MD

  341. I have read all of your books and I love your writing style and objectivity, coupled with your relentless attention to the small details.
    Now I have a problem as you have no more books for me to read! 🙁
    John in Florida

  342. I just finished reading your book at the Pentagons’ Brain in about 10 days and I have to say it’s a great read. Your research is absolutely phenomenal. I have one burning question though after finish reading your book… it seems that ARPA’s creation came about only as a means to create technologies to stop incoming nuclear ballistic missiles from hitting the United States. A good portion of your book at the beginning is spent on the research of these technologies. Then at some point it just kind of dies off. Was it because you wanted to cover more topics on DARPA or was it possibly because at some point the Pentagon’s brain figured out a way to stop incoming ballistic missiles from attacking the US? It just seems to me that the mentality of the men and women at DARPA is such that no problem cannot be solved. Is the issue of stoping nuclear attacks from Russians and other entities against United States still on the forefront of DARPA’s agenda? I’m quite sure strategically getting into that information will not be something that current DARPA would want to discuss. Based on your research can you assume that there possibly has been major advancements that were made in stopping incoming nuclear ballistic missile attacks or are all the energies of DARPA now on stopping biological weapons? I know this may be a subject you could not really get full answers on. Also do you have any upcoming book tour dates in Los Angeles? It seems i just missed your Pasadena talk.

  343. Kenneth — Thanks for the eagle eyes while reading. Both errors have been corrected and appear so in the paperback version. Regards, Annie Jacobsen

  344. Miss Jacobsen ,
    I purchased The Pentagons Brain recently. at Barnes and Noble in Denton , Tx
    Near my home in Justin . It was a genre I infrequently purchase , and even though I’m 59 , I wasn’t familiar with the term DARPA at all , but skimming through a few pages it was so intriguing I couldn’t put it down.
    You are an outstanding writer with the rare gift of being able to sift through difficult research and put down on paper a very complex topic yet make it captivating and understandable to the reader . It was a fascinating and very thought provoking read about the possibilities in the near future of what could be . I’m not a big science fiction fan but some of the things you describe are right out of that type of thinking and concept .
    Sought out and purchased AREA 51 tonight at B&N and look forward to another outstanding read .
    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your writing . My wife and I both appreciate excellent writing and I will seek out your books as they come out . Keep up the good work!!

  345. Annie, I liked the Area 51 book. Having seen a UFO up close, this was an interesting read.I
    wish you could have gotten some more UFO info.Yes UFO’s exist! Tom Deighan

  346. Pensez qu’à l’heure actuelle peut être contrôlé par ordinateur du cerveau humain? J’ai lu des articles où obtenir de l’information ou la tête de personne VOLONTAIRE a été entourée avec un équipement réel.
    Je crois que de grands progrès ont été réalisés et les chercheurs ont réussi à obtenir la comande de programme et de controle du cerveau humain.[encore secret?…]
    Que pensez-vous devrait présenter une personne pour à rayonner? Je pense que une “antenne”qui doit être au O.R.L., un métal qui ne oxidexe pas en temps, autre fois causerait des infections vraies dans le corps, d’allergies et d’autres traumatismes.
    Après un soin, puis [disons mots croisés en cours untie] pour chaque lettre nous avons un signal, alors nous intervenons avec les programmeurs.Noi avons quelques-uns des meilleurs .Les recherches devrait être fait en connaissance de cause, autrement odeurs d’assassiner. Comment pensez-vous faire en Roumanie? Mais dans un pays où la corruption régnerait?
    Si vous ajoutez une télépathie, je pense que nous sommes confrontés à même un assassin potentiel! Je pensais à ce moment,quand j’ai vu l’assassinat de Nissa. Comme il a été contrôlé et ordonné! Si cela était vrai , le chemin de grandes atrocités serait ouvert.
    Je pense qu’il serait contraire à l’éthique, voire détruire l’homme, sa personnalité, serait d’obtenir des informations sans que personne ne sait pas ,serait même une torture mentale possible.
    C’est possible que les cobayes humains sont des gens qui ne connaissent pas qu’ils sont manoeuvrer , mais dans un certain contexte pourrait être surveillé?
    Je me réjouis de votre réponse
    Adriana Vasilescu
    P. S.Je suis convaincu que émettent sur une certaine fréquence et les allergies sont aussi………

  347. Hello my name is Anton nazi and I had a surgery in Kosovo. I am a US citizen and after the surgery began hearing transmissions as I could best describe it. I have family that works in high levels of government. Put these transmissions would be statements such as stop smoking or drinking. I could also respond back to them without speaking. I know this sounds crazy but I dont know what to do or who to talk to. I also worked at NASA for five years.

  348. Ms. Jacobson:
    Love you work..just finished the Area 51 book and have seen your work on Operation Paperclip and our postwar relationship with key Nazi’s.
    But how have you and everyone missed the biggest lie that still continues today?
    Specifically, the possibility that Dr. Karl Brandt and his brother Rudolf Brant were not the individuals that were supposedly hung after their convictions in the “Doctor’s Trial” at Nuremberg?
    Best Regards,
    Peter Heitmann

  349. Hello my name is Brian Malpasso, I’m a independent life long researcher of 35 years, Theoretical conceptual Theorist, expert in conceptual frame work dynamics and Proficient in all areas of understandings in conjunction with Cosmology, physics, astrology, particle physics dynamics, Time concepts, and I defined reality, see below. I’m also a master artist of 25 yrs
    Space time is a negative space expansion time realm set compared to positive matter Time, the difference between the two time sets is Time dilation, that the current exchange rate of energy, the friction between positive light time matter energy and negative space time, the energy exchange the friction of the two going through one another cause energy exchange that builds or depletes forms due to energy mass exchange. We all end because space is so great that it depletes the positive energy around and in it, by its mass compared to all other masses. All matter in its different forms, can be explained by the variances in light positive energy frequency variations. The difference in matter formation is the frequencies at which matter forms under different mass gravity ratios. The variances in matter are directly linked to variances in positive light spectrum wave energy frequencies giving way to endless matter formation variables.
    You see everything is in motion, or sustained in motion, or created in motion, therefore the bases for all matter is motion. Motion is energy and the expansion of energy is Time, the expansion of energy over distance is what creates time. Reality is the flow of positive matter time energy expanding or being pulled forth, over distance in a negative time realm. The universe is a perpetual machine, it is not yet balanced, but I’m sure what ever created it is well understanding in why keeping it would be wise. I’m sure at some point it will spin like a saucer and everything will slowly balance out like I’m sure other Universes have done. Please write back.
    ©Malpasso 2010-16 Publication
    I can explain more, I want a interview with someone who understands conceptual Cosmology frame work dynamics.

  350. Just finished reading Area 51. Is it possible to correspond with Annie Jacobsen directly through e-mail? to verify lots of questions and opinions that is triggered in my mind. Thank you.

  351. On October 13, 2009 Ms. Jacobsen’s byline appeared above an article that reported the arrest of two al-Qaeda connected spies employed at CERN. This was, according to the mini-bio at the end of the article, published at That link is one page only and the language is Latin (as in ancient Rome). Below is Ms. Jacobsen’s lede to help identify the story. Question: what happened to Aviation Nation? Why Latin? Thank you.
    “Last week I was in Las Vegas attending a banquet honoring retired intelligence officers, many of whom once worked for the CIA. Some of the guests were still active. Others currently work for the Department of Defense. There were four of us from the press.”

  352. If you win the Pulitzer for The Pentagon’s Brain, Ms. Jacobsen, it will be well-deserved. I read this stellar piece of journalism from cover to cover, by turns fascinated and horrified. It is a masterful piece of research and a hell of a good read. Congratulations.

  353. Do you have any evidence regarding the claimed identities of the Roswell “aliens”?

  354. I just read Area 51. I almost put the book down because I was not interested in what I thought might be an UFO conspiracy book. I am so glad I didn’t. It was really good. I only wish there was more of it to read. All that to say thank you. I was entertained and educated. Justin H.

  355. If, as the author… and narrator of two of your audio books which I have listened to…
    Why do you so frequently mispronounce common words in your narration.
    I cannot fathom how you would not know or learn these from all your conversations and interviews.
    It is very distracting and diminishes your credibility… at least in my eyes.
    Do you have a credible explanation?

  356. My brother, James Robert Tynes, was stationed in Sinop at the same time. He pdies in a motorcycle wreck in 1984. He was 13 yrs older than I am and would get very upset when I questioned him about what his job was in Sinop. The last time I asked he told me, mens lives are still at risk, don’t ever ask me again….so I didnt. He was young, early 20s accident prone and funny. Just curious if you knew him?

  357. Hi, I am a former Australian Soldier. I wish to converse with Ms Annie Jacobsen.
    I have several Qs.
    US Military presence in Syria related to a Stargate being there?
    Is HAARP also active in Northern Australia?
    I have yet to read your books, but will look into them

  358. At a dinner party I learned of Annie Jacobsen and her book “Area 51,” and a week later I had not only purchased this book but had it fully read cover to cover with many highlighted areas. All I can say is how amazingly brilliant an investigative writer Mrs. Jacobsen is. I am 40 years old and for many, many years, like most Americans, I have heard countless conspiracy theories. Well, after reading this incredible book, “Area 51, ” many of my questions are no longer theories. This book is brilliant, eye opening, and astonishing with critical FACTS that the American people have never known. Great job Mrs. Annie Jacbosen!!

  359. Your other website Area51thebook does not let a viewer search
    for references to a specific text in the comments.
    I ran across two problems with the book.
    (reference Large Print Edition,978-0-316-17807-5)
    page 292, “…he was attacked by Japanese fighter jets, …”
    looking at Wikipedia for “Jet fighters of world war 2”;
    it listed only 2 and neither seems to of been operational.
    The other was “Rods from God”, where you say:
    “…at ten thousand miles per second.”.
    WE have not developed a capability to propel ANYTHING at
    10,000 miles per second.
    Perhaps you meant 10,000 miles per hour OR
    ten miles per second?

  360. Hello Ms. Jacobsen. I want to make you aware of the career of my father William Lewis “Bud” Uanna. He figured prominently in the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission. I am investigating the circumstances of his death. At the end of the movie ENOLA GAY in which he was portrayed it said that he was murdered in Africa and all records relating to his death have disappeared. He was the Administrative Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the time of his death on December 22, 1961. The official cause of his death is heart attack. It is my contention that the U.S. Department of State covered up the details of his death and that they are still covering it up. Before he went to Addis Ababa he was the Chief of the Division of Physical Security at the Department of State. His career in intelligence and security started just before WWII when he was a Special Agent with the Army Counter Intelligence Corps. He handled the security for Radar experiments and other top secret research. At the Manhattan Project he handled the security for the 509th Composite Group which dropped the 2 Atomic Bombs and the First Technical Service Detachment which prepared the bombs on Tinian Island. After the war he was the Chief of the Office of Personnel Clearance at the Atomic Energy Commission where he named and wrote the criteria for the AEC’s Q Clearance. In 1948 he worked for the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project out of Kansas City, Missouri where he oversaw the construction of the storage bases for the U.S. Atomic Bomb Arsenal. In 1949 he was back in Washington D.C. working at the CIA and wrote the briefing manual for the Office of Policy Coordination. He was the special assistant to the Secretary of Commerce from 1951 – 1953 as the Chairman of the Facilities Protection Board. In 1953 he went to the Department of State, first as a consultant where he wrote the Evaluators Handbook and when he became Chief of the Division of Physical Security he established the Marine Security Guard Training School and wrote a Protection of Dignitaries Manual. I say he was “exiled” to Addis Ababa away from Washington. It was there that he died on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in the Air Attaches Office. My mother always thought he was murdered but could do nothing about it. I suspect that my father may be the source of the “Guy Hottel Memo” My reason – while he was at the AEC the FBI said that he was their main source of confidential information. They sought him out in Kansas City to continue their relationship with him. I think that my father was kept out of Robert Oppenheimer’s Security Clearance hearing because my father would not have agreed to take away a clearance from Oppenheimer that he had probably approved, especially since no new information had surfaced. Taking Oppenheimer’s clearance paved the way for the Nazi scientists to take the lead in the U.S. scientific/industrial community. William Uanna has a page on Wikipedia and there are documents and pictures on Wikimedia under Category:Bud Uanna. I read AREA 51. Very good book. Good research. I think my father’s career will interest you. Thank you, Steven Uanna

  361. Read your Pentagon’s Brain twice as it fills in many blind spots for those of us who lived through this entire period. It is sobering and chilling to think the pivotal choices for humanity were never made in favor of the good of the collective inhabitants of this planet. Worse still is that this same tendency continues in its most powerful institutionalized form and is more entrenched than ever. Giving only lip service to ethical considerations is normal it would seem by those charged with oversight of forward looking project work.
    And when such concerns are actually raised, as in the case of the hydrogen bomb, even the acknowledged greatest thinkers or our time are overruled by fearful conservative bureaucrats. It is not comforting to realize that they are predisposed to opt for one upsmanship, even if it spells an apocalyptic result.
    Can we draw comfort from our current set of enemies? Not really, as radical Islam believes it is every Muslim’s solemn duty to move us ever forward towards an end of days scenario. Having a world filled to the brink with all the necessary tools to realize the visions of such maniacs on both sides of this divide should make us all run for cover. Only there is no longer anywhere to hide!

  362. Hello, I want to make you aware of the career of my father William Lewis “Bud” Uanna. I am investigation the circumstances of his death. At the end of the movie ENOLA GAY in which he was portrayed it said that he was murdered in Africa. The official cause of his death according to the U.S. Department of State is heart attack. During World War II he was a member of the Counter Intelligence Corps and was responsible for the security of the 509th Composite Group. After the war he went to the Atomic Energy Commission where he wrote the Q Clearance. He oversaw the construction of the storage bases the Atomic Bombs in 1948. He went to the CIA in 1949 where he wrote the briefing manual for the Office of Policy Coordination. He was the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce from 1951 to 1953 as the Chairman of the Facilities Protection Board. In 1953 he went to the Department of State and became Chief of the Division of Physical Security. In 1958 he was sent (I say “exiled” to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) where he died on the grounds of the American Embassy there on December 22, 1961. My mother always thought he was murdered but could do nothing about it. I suspect that my father was the source of the “Guy Hottel Memo.” The FBI said that my father was their main source of confidential information at the AEC. I think that my father was kept out of the Robert Oppenheimer Hearing because he would not have agreed to taking Oppenheimer’s Q Clearance away. A clearance that my father had probably approved. This paved the way for the Nazi scientists to take the lead position and the acceleration of the arms race.
    William Uanna has a page on Wikipedia and you can see documents on Category:Bud Uanna on Wikimedia. I read AREA 51. I think my father’s career will interest you.
    Thank you, Steven Uanna

  363. Hi – I have published 4 books, 2 of which are part of a 3-part series of historical fiction for young readers. I am researching the third book, which features Operation Paperclip. I have enjoyed your book on the subject, and would love to connect with you to learn more information that might be of interest to the imagination of a young reader. I can also send you links to the other books if you are interested. I imagine you get many such requests, but I appreciate your consideration. Thanks so much – Steve

  364. Loved the book. The CIA uses spy fiction to train operators. I am glad that you didn’t get into Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard, who had a role, back in the day. At the time no one wanted to say Rocket, because of the science fiction, so we have JATO and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Also science fiction is used to explore sensitive social issues, Dick and LeGuin for two.

  365. In need of a new project? The most popular airliner in the world, the Boeing 737, was developed with a faulty yaw damper. That’s the system that automatically makes the back end of the plane follow the front. The early dampers were susceptible to electrical noise coupled to the rudder position feed-back loop. At least three fatal rudder rolls resulted until the box was replaced by a digital design from the B757 in late 2000. The problem was covered over by Boeing, and the NTSB and FAA went along with it. I can supply a list of about 40 telephone numbers you or associates can call for conformation. Most, but not all, those involved are now retired, consulting, or “talking heads” on TV every time there is a plane crash.
    I’m currently devouring the DARPA book and thought of you for this story. Your Area 51 book is on my shelf.
    Your thorough research and writing style is refreshing.
    God bless, Doug

  366. Sorry, can’t find name of your book on Soviet role in Roswell crash. Thanks a lot. All the best.

  367. Hi! I’ve been following your site for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

  368. Watching you on CSPAN about your book Pentagon’s brain, you referenced an event in Oct 1960 when NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain was alerted. Fact is the Cheyenne facility was not in operation until the mid 1960’s.

  369. I just finished Area 51. I have a couple of small comments. The Lockheed Constellation was a large, four engined aircraft, not a small two engined plane as you twice described it. Also, referred to a warship as a”destroyer battleship” it’s either a destroyer or a battleship. They are two very different types of navy ship.

  370. I was wondering if she also knew that Otto Ambros was also responsible for the making of the drug Thalidomide. The same drug that caused so many birth defects in pregnant mothers who took the drug. Also, that it has been questioned whether the drug was tested in its earliest patent form within the camps.

  371. I am getting a lot out of your book, “The Pentagon’s Brain” . some things I knew, some things I didn’t know, but one of the things that clicked for me was the Stategic Hamlet Program, and the Anthropologist report that was dissmissed because it wasn’t what the government wanted to hear.
    I havent heard that tidbit before. The fact that the North Vietnamise had never heard of Carl Marx and just wanted to return to their land. It was corruption all around (unsurprisingly) that fuel,ed that conflict.

  372. My name is Makayla, and I am writing an essay for my school, its worth a lot of points, and I have chose to write about Area 51, I am a freshman in high school, if you could email me that would be fantastic!

  373. I’m an avid non-fiction reader, and the subject matter alone for Area 51 would normally appeal to me, but with each chapter I became more and more impressed with Ms. Jacobsen’s writing talents. I kept telling my wife “I can’t believe how well-written this is!”. Keep up the great work!

  374. I am a medical historian. The audio book “Paper Clips” mentions that the German and American Air Forces were testing pilots in simulated atmospheric chambers with low oxygen and on centrifuges at high G forces. Deaths were recorded during low oxygen testing. Did Annie Jacobsen’s research unearth any deaths during G force testing of pilots during the human centrifuge experiments?

  375. Ms. Jacobsen, just purchases your book “Area 51” and I will a lot I’m only 12 pages in (although first day I’ve had it), I find it amazingly interesting and a great read. Kudos to you on your research and courage. I find the covert military actions and nuclear weapons information extremely interesting and I am nothing, but pleased with your book. Thank you.

  376. It was curious to me to find mention of Rheinmetall-Borsig and Oerlikon-Buehrle completely absent from “Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America”. I am sure there must be reasons for this! What are they? Thank you.

  377. Listening to Annie Jacobsen’s hypnotic voice read “Area 51” consistently triggers release of my brain’s endorphins. My blood pressure in traffic has been identical to when I am at Starbucks having a invigorating conversation..
    I wonder if she have a team of researchers and technical advisors? I am sure the declassified papers she used as resources did not come with descriptions comprehendable by the laity.
    However this LA Times reporter pulls the rabbit out of the hat by comprehending and describing the application of cutting edge aerospace science that someone who didn’t graduate from MIT can understand. She is a masterful writer who poetically translates physics into Legos.
    As a Docent for the Computer History Museum (Mtn. View, CA, USA), I often tell followers of my tours that the fastest way to make new scientific discoveries is to steal it. I first learned of Operation Paperclip after reading Tom Green’s “Bright Boys.” I was preparation a book report as a requirement to complete my apprenticeship at the CHM. I found Green’s book so laden with details that if each word weighed 100 pounds, it felt like it could sink the US Nimitz. My background is pharmacy and a 1 year junior college physics class was a poor match for the task. I asked my instructor if I could do “Discovering Steve Jobs” instead but was denied. After what seemed like 200 hours, my Bright Boys book report was reward by a round of applause. I think the music video “1000 Crains” by the 1980s era Japanese American Fusion Jazz group “Hiroshima” poignantly portraying the courage of a girl with radiation burns after The Bomb hit in Japan must have added a human dimension to the cold steel of war which resonated with my audience. Since passing my qualification tour on August 7, 2015, I have given 45 tours to cheering visitors from around the globe.
    I look forward to reading Annie Jacobsen’s “Operation Paperclip” which seems to me book 2 of a trilogy ending with “The Pentagon’s Brain.”
    Fortunately, my obvious AJ addiction will not land me in San Quentin. However if Ms. Jacobsen could be kind enough to network with me, this humble pharmacist / CHM docent / aspiring professional writer would not only be grateful and willing to be helpful.
    Keith Seiji Kawamura, PharmD

  378. Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed both “Area 51”, and “Operation Paperclip”.
    I look forward to reading “DARPA”.
    It would be interesting to find out what the first classified document is, and how old it is!
    I have heard that there are things still classified from the first world war; cannot begin to imagine what could still be sensitive after all this time!
    Best Wishes from Cincinnati, Ohio

  379. Just finished Op Paperclip…great read…very disturbing….moral questions etc…..the more I read the more upset I became… a retired high school history teacher I had heard of the program but never knew the extent of it….there is a local group here ,over age 60 ,that meets once a month to discuss history and I was wondering if I could talk about your book and what the program entailed…..

  380. Amazingly comprehensive, well-researched and readable (and slightly scary!) book “The Pentagon’s Brain”!!Your chapter-ending conclusions esp Ch 23, 25, and the end of the book itself are particularly telling. Thank you, thank you.

  381. Annie, I bought your book Area 51 as soon as it was published. I have just re-read it, and will be passing it along to others. Thanks so much for your intense research and clear, interesting writing. These are issues that almost no one knows about, and they should!I’m a Canadian, but all of this is still of relevance and importance to us as well.

  382. Hullo; checked your “Paperclip” images and saw Dornberger’s mug-shot. My lists and some paper indicate he was a very high priority to our military Itel folks…I have copies of the Intel of scientists, technicians and such scooped up and notice there is one individual actually has the occupation next to his name as….Gestapo! Dornie was listed at Wright Field as a “Guided Missile Specialist,” and same at Bell. I even found his Bell work contracts and he made a handsome sum per annum in this field. I understand he may NOT have taken U.,S. Citizenship and after retirement, moved to Mexico, and supposedly his wife returned to Germany.
    I have not succeeded in finding a living family member who might have his files, notes, and ideas on boost-glider projects…they would be a treasure for me to use for my articles.
    Fifteen years of research on Bell Acft Co and Dornie has allowed me to gain a reasonable amount of fractured information on how he talked Larry Bell into a “winged glide-rocket” project not threatening to the IRBM/ICBM group, but as a parallel compliment, should the re-entry nose-cone research fail to yield a survivable re-entry nose cone..
    Dornie even starred in a very unique color film, a survivor of our U.S. corporate world’s answer to their company history…..the “Landfill Option,” it is his BoMi (Bomber Missile), presentation a very rare find!!
    Unless Dornberger…is a stigma where aerospace history is concerned, few people have focused upon Bell’s heavy contribution to winged space vehicles and perhaps, why nobody in the Aviation history community has published detailed writes on the subject: his and the Bell engineering team’s work actually laid the foundations for hypersonic boost-glider work, led into the Dyna Soar Project, then provided something of a data-base for the Shuttle program. Here is why; early on, Bell Acft requested the NACA (early 1950s), while constructing and flying their X-planes, to initiate research into hypersonic vehicles, thus paving the way for X-15, but also the Secret boost-glider projects at Bell.
    However, the dark side is we made a pact with the devil but seemed to have no choice against the Russians carting off factories, the dirt off the floors and at gun-point, “press-ganging,” as many scientists and engineers as possible. Nazis remain Nazis as is seen in the colony or are there more, in South America.
    There are tons of German material never released including the Ahnnenerbe (wrong spelling naturally), and their paranormal research seized by OSS and Army Intel units and used over the years, including the “germ-bug” research for bio-warfare.
    Nuff said. I do plan to acquire the Paperclip book and see what Annie has written on the subject…far too much is still hidden, as authors Stevens and Witkowski have found in mid-Europe.
    Unfortuantely, this led to a Fascist taint in our manner of governing here in the USA, and it is still prevalent today.

  383. Greetings. I’m retired Vietnam Vet, researcher and author aviation-aerospace history and published in 5 countries. My credentials are Commercial Helicopter pilot, A&P maintenance technician and ex-Defense Contractor. My USAF tenure included the 4080th SRW SAC (U-2 operations), high security clearances in Cryptographic and Communications Operations and later with Space Surveillance.
    My exotic and once classified winged spacecraft( read boost-gliders), articles of the Cold War era are found in WQUEST History of Spaceflight Quarterly, and secret post WW II Cold Wart Operations in the Arc tic in the AAHS Journal (American Aviation Historical Society).
    Also, Lenticular Fascinations The man-Made Saucer Controversy, Fate Magazine.
    I read your first book and am into the Penton Brain write.
    Having a very large amount of Cold War aerospace history…I must ask why you leave us hanging concerning the four little black miceonauts?? Well, what happened to them-were they returned? Did they survive re-entry or bake? I’d like to add this to my space animals file that rocketed into space, since the V-2 rocket program at White Sands.
    As the Jesuits say…”I have mental reservations concerning your Paperclip book as Linda Hunt did a very unique historical write concerning “our German” scientists, among them some genuine un-repentant Nazis and outright psychopaths.
    Having said that, they…the Germans performed some of the most unusual research into physics, propulsion, rocketry, optics, and extremely unusual air-craft planforms, some of which, among tons of Docs and research were grabbed by our recovery teams…much of that material is still classified and buried away. This includes a lot of paranormal research, hinted at in the Fate Magazine article, Psychic Espionage Apr, 2006, but the Editor removed the really juicy bits!
    Dr. Dornberger captured by the British was to be tried for crimes against humanity but my German scientist lists show him listed in a special request with a few others as high priority so an arrangement was made to move him to the USA. He worked at Wright Field as a Guided Missile Specialist and moved to Bell Aircraft in 1950; it is this man who furthered the “winged glide rocket or boost glider” projects at Bell and based upon the winged A-4B, A9/A10 and The Sanger’s Antipodal bomber proposal. I’m writing these projects this year and some are seen in Quest. Also, many are unaware that a concept for an armed space force with a plethora of boost-glider vehicles armed and unarmed were studied…however, other than the armed Dyna Soar proposals I have, other components of this secret space force studied in the late 1950s into the early 1960s are still classified, as is much German documentation! Go figure…our government treating us as sheeple, although many of us are anything but!
    I will acquire your Paperclip book and see what research you’ve done, but do be careful of your material in future for accuracy, cause many will ooze out of the woodwork with guns, various edged weapons, grenades, and rope when authors make mistakes…as you see from some of the E-Mails.
    Thanks and good fortunes on further writes.
    Dave Stern

  384. I’m about halfway through the book and it is FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!!
    It destroys the Conspiracists Idiotic “alien” UFO non sense and educates me that the Germans were a measure further ahead of us in Aero/Astronautics.
    Other writings had already told me about the A-12 imaging the USS Pueblo in Wonsan Harbor, but the details that You have gotten hold of make things MORE fascinating and educating than anything else that was allowed to be known.
    It’s a GREAT book and I Wish it had been nominated and won some literary Awards.
    Take Care and keep on investigating.

  385. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Thank you so much for your brave and tireless work. I write to you as aninstant fan, now that I’ve discovered you via an agent search. Not to seek advice or help, I share my completed book on my experience in the Shah’s Iran only as a source of information for you, and in case you may one day write about the horrors the US inflicts on the Middle East in hopes to drive them to despair. Mine is only a short and non-penetrating book. But it recounts the attitudes then that helped morph into what we have now. See it at
    Thank you again for your courage.
    Richard Asmus

  386. Just finishing Pentagon”s Brain, have read your other two books. Research on all is unbelieveable! Please write a few dozen other books, i will be the first one at the book store to buy them. In my case audible. Please keep up the fantastic research – book writing.
    Allen Berg

  387. Hello, I feel compelled to correct a few technical errors in “Area 51” : the CASPIAN MONSTER isn’t hydrofoil, it’s a ground effect craft; “kinetic kill vehicle” isn’t explosive device- it has no explosives as it kills by just colliding with a target; Ho-229 wasn’t stealthy, see the link below:
    But most important: Why would the Russians provide USA with advanced craft that could be reverse engineered and used against them later? Also, if the intent was to make them look alien, why have Russian writing inside of it? furthermore, those midgets were still human
    & any doctor worth his salt would confirm it! This looks like disinformation &/ yellow journalism by author, possibly in exchange for permission to publish her book or create a sensation to mate it a bestseller!

  388. Hello Annie Jacobsen:
    Just a few weeks ago I finished your book “Operation Paperclip” with much personal interest. My father Dr. Harald W. Straub (Phd. Physics) was one of the “Paperclippers” and we are trying to find his files under the FOIA which rest with the government. We moved to the Hotel Alamac late 1954 from Germany as VIPs and then settled in the Washington DC area. My brother Tom and I are interested in digging into the past a bit more even though we have a bit of data. I personally want to find out who contacted whom in this case. Was my father looking for a way out of Germany – which I suspect – or was he contacted by officials of the Army for a potential move.
    If you could provide me with whatever leads and avenues for this research, then I/we would be forever grateful.
    If we don’t remember and understand the past then we are doomed to relive it! My motto.
    Henrik Straub

  389. Hello! I am doing an essay regarding the argument of whether or not the government should be able to spy on it’s citizens via technological means such as smart phones. You being an amazing journalist, it would be great to do a short interview about your stance on this! I know you do not specialize in this area, but you have done so much research about the government, that it would be great to talk.

  390. I just finished reading Operation Paperclip, which intrigued me since i grew up in Huntsville, amid
    the Germans, and my HS graduation took place at the Von Braun Civic Center. Germans were everywhere, and
    my father (deceased nearly 20 years now) was selected to work with many of them at the Army Missile Command on Redstone Arsenal after spending his time in the Army in Germany during the 50s. I wish I could ask him some
    questions after reading this book.
    It was an interesting place and time, but most of the revelations in your book were of course unknown
    or little talked about back in the 60s & 70s. I spent time in the homes of Germans and learned to speak German
    in my encounters there and then in high school at Virgil I Grissom.
    I plan on checking out Area 51 next. Thanks for a good read!

  391. Just finished (and enjoyed) The Pentagon’s Brain” and noted a few typos.
    Page 163: “Captain Roger Donlon was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor…”
    “Congressional” is not part of the medal’s name. The medal is awarded by the President in the name of the U.S. Congress; however the medal is officially known as just the “Medal of Honor.”
    Page 199: “…with his face in the Norton bombsite,…”
    I believe the manufacturer of the bombsight was “Norden” rather than Norton, and “bombsite” should be “bombsight.”

  392. Dear Annie,
    I would like to talk with you about my grandfather, HP Robertson. It’s a pleasure to see how you’ve covered some of the interesting moments in his life, from PaperClip to Roswell.
    I would also like to introduce you to my mother, Mariette, who still lives in the house they bought when they came to Caltech from Princeton in the 40’s. She might be helpful to you in your research.
    BTW, grandpa was not a fan of football. You may have gotten that that little piece of hocum from the book about his good friend, Mo Berg. Uncle Duncan played football for Princeton, and so HP would go to his games, but that was it.
    Again, thank you for your work, and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Todor Fay

  393. Hello, I am a student and we are doing a project called “Little Big History”. In this project we look into the chemical origins of an object and how it has impacted people today. I am researching the paperclip and I learned about Operation Paperclip, but I would love to know more. If you could contact me, one of our requirements for the project is to interview a specialist, so I would be interested in interviewing you if you have time. Our projects are due soon, so the sooner the better for communication. Thank you! 🙂

  394. Dear Annie,
    Great Paper Clip Story!! I couldn’t “put it down” (though I listened to It in my car)
    Anyway, as a physician, as they used to say…..there may be another book worth considering …..i.e. “the rest of the story”….related to current goings on in American medicine.
    Would be happy to chat with you about that.
    Thanks again.

  395. Annie. Thank you for “Paperclip”, I’ve wanted to learn more about it and now I have. I then decided to go for “Area 51” a subject I tend to shy away from because of the concentration of conspiracy theorists flitting around it. But, after the quality of ‘Paperclip’ I bought it. As I started it seemed I’d been suckered into buying a conspiracy theory book, but I kept going. I finished and was glad I did. Thanks for the ‘Human Radiation Experiments’ reference, I’m going to look into that. After your ‘Area 51’ I read ‘Sonic Wind’ by Craig Ryan (Copyright, 2015). It is about Air Force Colonel John Paul Stapp. Stapp was the man who, in the 1950s rode rocket sleds, which in your area of interests you probably know about. I bring this up because in Chapter 21, bottom of Pg. 282 on, there is the most believable and reasonable explanation of source of the Roswell Crash and aliens I’ve ever read. It references Joe Kittinger and the Excelsior Project, successor to the Man High Balloon Project and the crash of the balloon capsule and injuries to the pilot. I leave it to you to judge for yourself.
    Being a former Navy man I smiled at the reference in ‘Area 51’ on page 106 of the ‘destroyer battleship’ escorting the nuclear materiel. It would be either a destroyer or a battleship. In ‘Paperclip’ on page 93, you have Dr. Howard Percy “H.P.” Robertson, in 1945, serving President Eisenhower. Eisenhower wasn’t President until the early 1950s. Regardless of these unimportant, and not altering the message at all, errors, thank you for your books. I have a collection of LIFE magazines from 1946 to the end of publication. This summer, on school summer vacation I will be going to them and look up reporting from the time of many things you mention in the books. Now, to find ‘Pentagon’s Brain.’

  396. In the process of reading The Pentagon’s Brain. On page 187 you state that “San Marcos Baptist Academy, in rural Mexico”. When in fact it is in San Marcos Texas since 1907. Enjoyed your Operation Paperclip.

  397. Annie, I am so grateful to you for writing about and exposing all of this. Pentagon Brain is my real story, from growing up in MK ULTRA which was proven with overwhelming evidence in the courts, but never admitted to by government. I am only finally getting my memory back now, in the last few years, for the first time in my life. I worked as an agent in the Special Forces for many years, and had no idea I was doing it. Hugs to you! from P. Leia Lucas

  398. You mention on page 142 of your book that I had no previous knowledge of Southeast Asia when I went with Vic Sturdevant “to reevaluate the Strategic Hamlet Program…from December 1962 to September 1963.” The truth is that I had been in South Vietnam from July 1962 to the point in time that I joined Vic Sturdevant for the strategic hamlet study. During that period of time I had spent one month in Quang Ngai Province. The real problem with Vic’s study was that it should have been done in the Mekong Delta where organizing strategic hamlets was much more difficult because of its geography.

  399. I am currently reading “Area 51,” and just looking for some clarification. On page 28, Alfred O’Donnell is said to be on a ship 40 miles west of the lagoon at Bikini. On page 29, it is said that the wave of a nuclear bomb travels at approximately 100 miles per hour. However the shock wave is said to reach O’Donnell within 4 minutes. Correct me if I am wrong, but at a rate of 100 miles per hour, within 4 minutes the wave would have only travelled 6.67 miles. In fact it would have taken about twenty four minutes to reach O’Donnell’s ship.

  400. Really enjoyed the book. But, A MASER DOES NOT BECOME A LASER!as stated on Page 85. I assume she knows the difference and should have stated her point in a different way. A maser is microwave amplification by stimulation emission of radiation and a laser is light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. And maser and laser devices are two different things. To improved her technical credibility you might make a correction in the next edition.

  401. Hello,
    I took a quick peek on your website and wanted to see if you have any investigative articles on synthetic telepathy.
    Anything new for 2016?
    Warm Regards,
    Michael Bettasso

  402. Thank you for putting all this material into a readable comprehensive text. As a retired physicist who worked on the periphery of star wars programs, I was surprised at the short list of notes available for Chapter 15, compared to the long list of notes for other chapters. Much of those systems must still be classified.
    I worked for a small company in Boulder, CO that measured laser output for safety and other applications, and writing standards for medical use with the help of NIST in Boulder. The company sold laser measurement systems to Los Alamos, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, Air Force Direct Energy weapon test facility in Albuquerque NM, Mc Donald Douglas, and others. During training visits that I conducted at these facilities, I put together bits and pieces of information that astonished me as to what the real intended uses were. In the 80’s, no one would have believed me if I told them.
    After delivering a laser measurement system required to be space operational and launched from the space shuttle, I received an invitation to a NIST meeting, not unusual, I worked with their laser laboratory many times. The meeting in the auditorium was packed with people (men only as I recall) dressed in designer business suits, with me in casual shirt and pants, a local I felt terribly out of place. I found the only remaining seat next to a huge Russian. His name tag identified him as the person I recognized who invented the phase conjugate mirror, used in laser weapons, and the top Soviet laser weapon scientist. I didn’t know what was happening! Senator Domenici NM,( think Sandia, Los Alamos, Air Force Laser Weapon Test Facility), came on stage and the Russian next to me stood up and began to argue with him, saying “You can’t deploy this weapon”, the Senator replied “We already have”. I believe this occurred partly during the secret DOD mission following approximately 2 years after the crash of the space shuttle Columbia.
    Thanks for helping me to fill in the gaps of my understanding of the events that took place.

  403. Dear Ms. Jacobson,
    I’ve just finished your DARPA history and read your Area 51 book last year. Though a technical detail now and then could be challenged, overall, both are valuable contributions to our modern American history in many arenas. I’m retired military having worked over twenty years in both flying and space operations. I never worked in Area 51 and might have peripherally worked with a DARPA project once or twice. Both books were fun reading as I did recognize peoples, places, and events I encountered during and after my military duty. You wonderfully showed how many of DARPAs past efforts evolved into household items today-most significantly the internet and GPS, both unintended consequence’s of Cold War research and development efforts. And there are so many more past DOD sponsored research projects that sprung out of the Cold War that today give us modern America.
    And you did mention that many of DARPA earlier “ideas” and “brain storming” are now operational, and needed military tools in the 21st century.
    You might have mentioned even more of these positive results. I don’t believe any writer has yet researched or wrote about the genuine and massive stimulus to the overall American economy by government research. There would be no Silicon Valley without the initial contracts and money for microelectronics needed for cold war missiles.(see Neil Sheehan’s bio of Gen. Bernard Schriever and the missile race) The jet engine was a military program, then adopted and refined for civil use.
    As for secrecy, you could emphasize more that both Area 51 and DARPA secrecy concerns were birthed out of an abject fear of the Soviet Union in the early years of the Cold War. Stalin’s Soviet Union turned out to be neither a socialist nor workers paradise but a greater killing field than Hitler’s Europe. Our leadership knew about the up to 24 million killed by Stalin’s Soviets before and after WWII. (See books: “Harvest of Sorrows” and “Moscow 1937.”) But Soviet secrecy about anything and everything and closed borders along with a larger ground force based in Europe after WWII quiet honestly scared our then highest levels of leadership to genuinely worry about our nation’s existence. Stalin with the atom bomb was a greater threat than ISIS today. And he had spies in the US. Therefore our secrecy for the likes of Area 51 and DARPA projects. We needed science and technology to help us where we lacked tanks and manpower in the field. You somewhat noted this in the DARPA book. But these rationales deserve more emphasis in either your introductions or conclusions or somewhere interwoven more within the context of the times. Implied “conspiracy theories” help sell books, but are not the real truth of why and how folks did things at the time. And it was a scary time (50’s, 60″s, 70’s) for those that wore a uniform then. My father did. Then I.
    Today I would guess there remains ample rationale for secret government programs in still a dangerous world. In only English speaking and Western European countries is there a semblance of a free press. This freedom of expression and the press, as you so actively exercise, is so unique as well as threatening to most of the world’s governing regimes and despotic leaders worldwide. I’ve lived in both Asia and the Middle East where not only the publication of your books would not be allowed, but you would not be allowed to write them. . And those that would try to write about the government in any capacity would be punished. This is most of the real world today. And, therefore, to protect what we have, there are still, yes, secret programs, like Area 51 and DARPAs. You need to emphasize this basic, ongoing fundamental fact more in such expose’ writings. But at least you can still write about them.
    Otherwise, write more. I enjoy reading them.
    Finally, I suggest a new, related subject for your research and writing dealing with secret programs. Only they are not government. Having worked with and for the government over the years and now fully in the civilian world, I have no lingering fears of government programs and my privacy. No one from the government intrudes on my life (factor out the tax man.). However, I do fear the collection of massive data about myself, habits, family, spending, etc. collected by the recent proliferation of private data mining and distribution of my personal information used for profit! And without my knowledge or permission. I think a new runaway best seller would be an expose on the giant data server farms hidden away in barren, mostly inaccessible regions by the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple, and others that sell for profit their “tech” toys and phones in order to mine the most private information about individuals. All citizens should know that Internet and cell phone use automatically waives any privacy for the most part whether the user knows it or not. Unlike the dumb tech kid Edward Snowdon, my fear for privacy invasion isn’t the NSA or others in government. But it is Google, all “Social Media”, and other, mostly internet fronts that mine one’s personal information for profit. And the profit motive is greater and stronger for some than just mere patriotism or simple government secret programs. So where are Google’s giant server farms and who runs them and why??. Why can’t Apple help government agents find terrorists secrets that already have taken US lives in the US? Money, profit, sales, share values? And all under the guise of privacy concerns? Or is this just a bogus deception to an unknowing public. At least government programs have congressional and media (like you) oversight. Bu who is watching Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.? Who do they answer to? Or they now too powerful financially and is it too late? . Now here is another book for you. I’d be the first to stand in line for your autograph on this one. I know Google has server farms. And I know where Area 51 is. But I don’t know where Google keeps my personal data, and without my permission.
    Please keep writing.

  404. Is there a complete list of names for all those Germans who were part of Operation Paperclip?

  405. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    I recently finsihed your new book, “The Pentagon’s Brain”. I found it disturbing, but perhaps not in the way an author might hope. I found your round up of “the facts” to come up short in perspective and depth. Except for your final chapter with all your doubts about autonomous killer robots, too often you sounded like a cheerleader for the death squads the Pentagon has sent out to the world.
    The War on Terror… you write as if this war was not concocted and created by the needs of this defense department for endless war and by our corporations’ endless greed for the resources in other countries. Leaving out the greed in your narrative up to the last chapter does a horrible disservice to your study.
    Americans already have enough disturbing gaps in their knowledge of history. Please don’t write as if we are automatically the good guys in any “war”. It’s obscene. Although fascinating to read about DARPA’s obsessive compulsive relationship with fear of the future and new ways of killing human beings, I cannot recommend your book in any way due to its lack of context.
    Ben Piper

  406. I am delighted to have found your webpage. Louisiana, Missouri is my hometown and my father retired from the plant which was eventually purchased by Hercules. He did work as a Bureau of Mines employee. When the German scientists were moved to Louisiana, my parents were approached and asked if my father would object to a German family living next door. My father was a veteran of WWII. He did not object – probably because of Jobs. He would not visit my husband and I while we were in Germany in the 80s.. My husband was in the Air Force.
    I was a toddler and the daughter of the family babysat for me. I have pictures of her with me. The mother gave me an embroidered skirt and vest and the father gave my mother a vase made from an artillery shell casing.
    I would very much like to know their names as I do not remember. I will order your book today.
    Donna Parsons Price

  407. Sweet heart you are being played like a fiddle. The aliens do not give a rat’s about your “magic” weapons. They are more concerned about the new world order and the destruction of this planet. Good beautiful planets are not a dime a dozen, you stupid fucks. You greedy asshole double dragons need to check yourselves; One love together.

  408. I loved your book. I read most of it. I think Roswell was real aliens trying to get chip technology into our bombs so they could stop us if they need to, need to know. Thank you creators! This new world order is blind and they need to see. Maybe they are just super greedy and will die anyway. They need to become artists and they will live forever. Salvador Dali. One heart you all. Stan Friedman. Jacobs. David Ickes. Nice to meet a new ally. Hello yourself!

  409. According to your book, Pentagon’s Brain, pages (443-444 and 445) on the Aug-Cog interventions where do things stand at this day and time with the program? Have you been granted access to speak with the recipients of these programs yet? Do you know if any those participants were from mental health institutional or not. And was this a totally voluntary participation on behalf of these recipients? I am very much interested in your book! I have more questions however; short on time right now! More to come. My names is Towanda Raymond . I live in Statesboro GA .

  410. Dear Annie:
    Couldn’t put your “Pentagon’s Brain” down and will definitely read your other books as well. I was very interested in your Pentagon tour with the Carters and Gayle Hurd. I’m a member of SAG/AFTRA and wrote a script (who hasn’t?) titled “PURGATORY PD”, a dramedy about cops in the afterlife. I also have a website. Those who have read the script really liked it but I’m always seeking script readers who might find it of value and able and willing to pass it along. I’m wondering and hoping you might know any script readers I can contact (and compensate) for their efforts. I thank you for your time and wish you continued success. (I live in the Studio City/No. Hollywood area of L.A.).

  411. Didn’t care for the DARPA Pentagon’s Brain. They are total idiots without regard to humanity, morals or ethics. If you would write about current events in the gov’t with regard to human experimentation, still ongoing with nanoparticles and MRI , cruel experiments on still unwitting people, I would find your information more useful , please consider.
    Nanowerks website, Albany, NY as the “nanoparticle capitol” and please comment how totally cruel these experiments are on animals, humans, babies and see clinical trials gov about just what these dod and universities are doing to people. Aunt Minnie com. All for what?

  412. HI anniejacobsen
    I am seong wook who live in Busan, Korea
    Area 51 read books written by my Aninie jacobsen
    …. very interesting.
    Only you opposite(if you want) with a movie scenario I want to write.
    Recently at least I write movie scenario(hollywood)
    Four or five films scenario planning to write.
    ….many kinds Horror film romance film SF film
    First SF
    Let’s have a challenge together.

  413. One of the best creative nonfiction writers of our time. Beautiful Narrator and talented researcher. Annie sets the bar in investigative journalism and reader engagement.

  414. Annie–I recently finished the fascinating book of yours Operation Paperclip. After listening to you on Coast to Coast, I just had to buy that book. But I have one question. The book didn’t mention anything about Rudolf Hess. The History Channel said the ID number on the plane he took off on was not the number of the plane that he supposedly crashed in. The children of Hess asked for a blood dna test to make sure it really was the real Rudolf Hess locked up in Spandua prison but the request was always turned down. Any input would be appreciated. One would only hope that as these declassified historical papers surface that the actual intentions of Hess will be found out.

  415. Annie,
    I would like to contact you by e mail about a true, untold story that took place in 1956 that involved the defection of 13 German-Russian scientist to the U.S.
    Contact me at

  416. Hi Annie:
    Love your stuff keep up the good work. Have you look into
    IRAPA The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity
    Cool, stuff a few steps beyond darpa

  417. I am currently reading Pentagon’s Brain and was gobsmacked by the obvious error in the anecdote reportedly supplied by Ralph “Jim” Freedman in the opening chapter. He supposedly saw the facial bones of his colleagues as X rays passed through them. This is not possible as X rays do not cause the bones to glow in the visible spectrum but cast a shadow onto X Ray film or fluorescent media. It certainly causes me to wonder what other important but less obvious errors are contained in this book.

  418. Operation Paperclip is available in 5 languages, including Chinese and Polish. No German, alas. Thank you for your interest. — Annie

  419. Please can you help me in finding out, if a German translation of “Operation Paperclip” does exist? Many thanks, I am very very interested. Beate, Munich

  420. I see there is no mention of your Flight 327 book on your website.
    The president said “if you see something, say something” but I dont think he means it.
    The silencing of people’s concerns is very chilling.

  421. In your marvelous book, Operation Paperclip, page 398, you mention Heinz Haber. During WWII I was with the 69th Infantry Division in Germany. We were the first trios to link up with the Russians. After the war ended in Europe, I was stationed at Army headquarters in Heidelberg. The Army sponsored a course at Heidelberg University presented by Prof. Haber. He offered me private lessons in physics in return for items from the Army PX. He said that during the war he worked at the Kaiser Whilhelm Institure in Berlin developing synthetic fuels. I am now a retired physicist.
    Sincerrely, Walter John, PhD.

  422. Can I order from your website but I want the audio for operation paper clip and Area 51? Thank you Walt Vincenti

  423. Just finished “The Pentagon’s Brain;” you are one very bright lady!
    Have interacted fleetingly with DARPA, via Assault Breaker; I worked on AB hardware and testing; however was not aware of the breadth of this program until your book. By the way, this was an excellent read!

  424. Annie , I saw you story about Area 51. My Dad worked at the Nevada Test Site in the 1950’s We lived in Las Vegas and watched them set off the A-bomb tests under ground from a 100 miles away Mom use to get me & my sister up so we could watch Then the winds would come from the blasts My Dad got tired of driving 200 miles a day round trip so we moved closer to a little spot on the main Hwy I was bused from that spot to Battie,Nev to a one room school house. My mom died in 1969 due to cancer at age 43, I have had cancer and may have it again I’m willing to meet with you and talk more I live in Redmond,Oregon This isn’t a stunt to get attention. There is no record of my dad or his friends ever working for the Atomic Energery Commision My Dad died in 1992 we don’t know from what here is my 809 N.W. Greenwood Ave. Redmond,Or 97756 if you wish and you contact me back I will send you my phone # I really enjoyed your story Thank you for your time Vernon L. Budd

  425. Operation Paperclip: Why did you keep calling Von BRAUN, /Mr. von BROWN?
    His was a name that was often in the news and it irked me every time I heard you use the different last name. The book on tape left a bad taste due to the reading.
    Someone said that Braun translates to Brown in English, but that ‘s no excuse. It’s insulting to a person to change their name to an English equivalent. My great-great-grandfather was Johan Ficht from Switzerland. I’m sure he would have been insulted if addressed as Mr. Pinetree in English.

  426. Your story about the origins of GPS on pages 249-250 is wrong. The 4/17/73 memo establishing the GPS Joint Program OQffice does not mention DARPA. The Air Force ran the program which used the Navy’s Timation system. I’m the co-author of GPS Declassified: From Smart Bombs to Smartphones. Your research is defective. I can provide you with numerous primary source materials which show this.

  427. Are you coming to Florida anytime soon? It would be wonderful to see you here in your next lecture.

  428. You helped me solve a family mystery! I never knew how my dad, Malcolm Lee Peterson, M.D., Ph.D., knew so much about the Nazi scientists. My dad was Howard Robertson’s nephew, I’m HP Robertson’s great niece. Your description of Uncle Howard was perfect. His sister (my grandmother) was exactly the same….. totally happy with a crossword puzzle, an Ivy League football game, and a glass of scotch! After reading your book, I finally came to understand how my dad gained his knowledge about the Nazi scientists. He obviously learned a ton from his uncle. My father was always perturbed about the ethics of using medical knowledge gained from inhumane and brutal Nazi medical experiments. I would really like to learn more about Uncle Howard. Can you tell me what references you used to research Howard Robertson’s involvement with Operation Paperclip? Thank you very much. Lee

  429. Area 51 is one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read in years. Just got the books on DARPA and Operation Paperclip. As a baby boomer engineer that grew up in Southern Calfornia near March AFB and living through the turmoil of the 50’s and 60’s, this book filled in a lot of blank spots
    I hope we can get Ms. Jacobsen to speak at a future Atlanta Writers Club meeting. Check us out on

  430. Pentagon’s Brain is a stunning book. It is extremely well written and researched as well as it can be — given the government secrecy surrounding these projects. I agree that citizens should be informed about these topics but many are not. Thank you for writing it.
    Last night on PBS here in Hawaii broadcasted “The Brain With David Eagleman”. I suggest you look him up. His thesis is that human brains are very flexible.
    I am glad that you just presented the dilemma that we are facing with these brain technologies as fairly as possible. It’s complicated.
    After reading the book I searched for you on the Internet. There was a Wikipedia entry which needs amplification and enhancement.
    Good fortune to you and you family. I am not sure they see you as long as they would like after thinking how much time and effort it took to write Pentagon’s Brain.
    Great good luck and success.

  431. Just a note to let you know how much I’m enjoying “the pentagon’s brain”. As an aeronautical engineer I worked with both DOD and DARPA. I seldom read 452 page books anymore, but I’m sure I’ll read all of yours. BTW, I’ve read the 2000 + page Urantia Book 7 times and listened to it 26 times. It is the book an alien or angel would give you if they gave you one. Thanks for writing your book. It’s great.

  432. Thank you,
    I am in the middle of reading your book and just read the last paragraph on page 366. It has been something I’ve been thinking for years. You know as Yogi once said “deja vu all over again.” I was a junior officer with MACV J-311, assigned to the (Army of the Republic of Viet Nam General Politcal Warfare Department) ARVN GPWD as an advisor. That meant I was first assigned stateside to the JFK Center for Special Warfare for training before deployment. In Saigon we dealt with IED’s on a daily basis. In fact we took turns checking our jeeps for booby traps (IED’s) and bicycles or bags left unattended near our housing. We also tried to blend in to the community as best we could. Unfortunately those who were in US units gave a very different persona to the local population. What we learned and did in MACV and Special Forces was very different. The area I was assigned to was responsible for three newspapers, one white propaganda, one gray, and one black. We had monthly magazines and a myriad of banners, fliers and posters. I had an opportunity to work with some really good (ARVN) artists and technicians. Nothing I’ve done since had the thrill or learning since. Only one thing came close. It was the almost ten years I spent developing and opening HTHS in Monmouth County NJ as the founding Principal.
    Thank you for writing (The Pentagon’s Brain), it my only hope is more people will read it and try to understand what is going on in the world. Living life today is a continuous political warfare of misinformed people trying to gain control for nefarious reasons. It is sad that we haven’t evolved yet.
    William J. Pollock EdD

  433. Mrs. Annie Jacobsen,
    i have not yet read your books but i look forward to getting copies and tuning-up my own knowledge on these subjects to your investigative levels.
    i watches an interview you did on a book club program on p.b.s and was pleased to see a woman whom is very attractive and also educated on these topics and may i add, with the courage to address these simple facts about our current state of affairs within modern U.S. Government secrecy and, in my own opinion, sorcery.
    I use the word ‘sorcery’ due to an event or episode in which i was the target or subject of a darpa or some-such agency’s use of an insect sized drone, obviously robotic, and was used to do something (my thoughts on its use) to me such as spy on me inside my home or worse and rather much more sinister as i further delve into the science of “micro air vehicles” their practical applications and planned uses.
    I (and i am being completely honest and serious about this) was lucky enough to have been able to photograph this “MAV” or drone, the size of a small bumble bee and with an obvious proboscis off its unique face, while it did to me whatever it was sent to do. Not frightening me, stunning me and also somehow hypnotizing me at first then in its subsequent visits i became aware that this was definitely not natural and i was able to get a picture of it.
    Now i wish to show this photo around in order to find out more about this thing and to spread an awareness that these do really exist today. I have met ignorance and from places like “”, “propublica” “the Huffington post” and other information syndicates i have contacted to show this evidence of an obviously intelligence-grade spy (or other use) robotic bee “micro air vehicle” or drone. I have even contacted our illustrious government agencies such as “Office of Naval Research (ONR)”, “Office of Technology Rapid Response”, The Federal Bureau Of Investigation, and to no avail, no return response; frustrating and insulting that not one of the many-fold avenues that i had reached out to would even consider this worth the stamp to respond to me to.
    so i continue to try to have some sort of conversation about what had been going on with me and this thing, writing about my experience with its visits, using image enhancing software to get more details out of the photo, researching winged insect flight published papers on ‘air swimming’ creatures, nano technology and wing propulsion materials, every node i could, harnessing transmitted radio signal into usable power sources, radar (such as in the N.S.A.’s “Ragemaster” technology) and i have concluded that i know how it was done, but no one will listen to me and that is my main reason for contacting you Mrs. Annie Jacobsen, i feel that perhaps you could see something in this with your own vast knowledge and intuitions. I have no other reason for doing this, for stating this. I was used by someone or something to advance technology and i want to discuss this. they picked the wrong man and i uncovered their doings.
    But i need help to solidify the technology, the apparatus, and even the “Agency” doing these things to ordinary citizens on U.S. soil and for what ever unknown aims and objectives??? Maybe you are the one who can get the ball rolling and maybe it can snowball into a boulder where secrecy and this drive toward these types of technologies can be brought out into the light of day and then our ‘democracy’ if in fact we still do have one, can make judgements and decisions instead of the few small stalls of military covert programs in which funding is poured into, and without the publics consent or knowledge, you know what i mean?
    And then, on the other hand i could be completely mistaken and egregiously incorrect about my assumptions. Or maybe insane.
    I wish someone would take the time to reason with me about it and i can be contacted at
    thank you for reading me, peace and bless.

  434. annie,love your books! but in “area 51″ I must disagree with your conclusion that dr.josef mengle worked with the soviets on creating small huminoids- the Russians would’ve hung mengle from the nearest tree! and where are these amazing craft? don’t you think the red air force would have used them against us in korea&vietnam?…”the pentagon s brain” shows the waste and stupidity by the military-industrial complex-dr .teller was a lunatic,who wanted a bomb with his name on it! but,we live in a dangerous world…that’s why “operation paperclip” was important- the Russians scooped up plenty of german scientists too,and amazing weapon systems on Nazi drawing boards….it was a devil’s bargain to bring them to the US,but we had to. and any thing that DARPA comes up with to save US military personell’s lives is fine with me!PS,did you ever see the film where rolf ,mengle’s son,confronts his father over the horrific acts he committed during WW2? you know ,mengle drowned in the late 70s in brazil….waitin’ on your next book! keer them coming!

  435. Ms. Jacobsen:
    I cannot put down Area 51 nor can I stop listening to Operation Paperclip. OMG, In the interest of medical advancement and research into the destruction of life. I feel we have condemned ourselves by allowing men and women who have committed crimes such as listed in your book to live while so many others have perished. I just read each of the articles listed with the photos of the Nazi doctors on this site. Just average German men doing a job? Do we have the same type mentality today in this country? Thanks for the books. Can’t wait to read Pentagon’s Brain. OMG

  436. Hi Annie
    Just wanted to write this note to say I have bought everything you have done on audiobook. Your writing style and smooth as the best cup of coffee someone has ever had voice keeps me commng back. Area 51 was a fantastic book. But if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion. would you ever consider putting your talents into writing a book on “remote viewing” it’s a fascinating field and one that could use your in depth and fair critic and writing style. In the future as man evolves this type of traveling clairvoyance will be common place and understood, but right now it is considered a roll your eyes subject. It has it’s start in the military with project grill flame,stargate, and other exotic code names. I’ll wrap this up by saying I’m going to purchase your new DARPA book and wish you the very best with it.
    Thanks park .

  437. Kudos from a fellow author. Great to see your extensive research. As someone who writes about technology enabled innovation I tend to look more at present and futures.. Your work inspires as much looking at history of how technology develops and evolves. Congrats.

  438. have been gobbling up your fascinating works, what’s upcoming in the pipeline?

  439. Just found it on audible. Wow! Thanks again for all your work on this project!

  440. Hello,
    Your latest book looks great. I am curios to know if an audio book is in the works, possibly with you voice?
    Please would you kindly keep me posted on any developments.
    Thanks for all your work and either way, I look forward to reading or listening to your latest book.
    Highest regards,

  441. My name is JD Kammes and I am the Public Programs Manager at the First Division Museum on Cantigny Park in Wheaton, Illinois. We are a non-profit museum and we host a monthly military history lecture series called ‘a Date with History’. While the museums main duty is telling the story and history of the 1st Infantry Division, the lecture series tackles all military topics. I would like to invite you to come to the museum and speak about your book, “Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America” on September 7th, 2016. Thank you for your consideration

  442. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    I’m learning a lot from The Pentagon’s Brain, and I’m grateful to you for writing it. Don’t know if you’ll see this, but – I came across a small error on p. 155, about Ithiel de Sola Pool. Pool may have been “left-leaning” in his youth, but by the 1960s, surely not; for details, consult Christopher Simpson’s A Science of Coercion.
    (Nor, for the record, was Pool “the world’s first authority on the social impact of mass media.” Many, disparate other scholars have a better claim on this designation – Harold Lasswell, Paul Lazarsfeld, and Theodor Adorno among them.)

  443. Hello Annie,
    I found Area 51 fascinating and concerning. I have a long time interest
    in the Cold War, military technology, and UFOs. I should say also that I
    firmly believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists.
    The portion of the story involving Stalin and Mengele doesn’t add up to me.
    Are there any independent lines of evidence suggesting that Stalin and Mengele
    ever communicated directly or indirectly? Stalin had an aggressive and
    paranoid personality. A scheme using a flying disc and fake aliens as a way
    of warning or threatening the US seems too cerebral for him. Stalin knew that
    he would have nuclear weapons very soon anyway. Why threaten the US in such an obtuse way? A lot can be speculated about the origin and fate of the flying disc technology. I will only say that, if both sides have had the technology
    for many years now, what’s the point in continuing to keep it secret? Perhaps
    Roswell as a Soviet ploy is another layer of misinformation.
    Going to read DARPA next – thanks so much! Dave

  444. I am reading Anne Jacobsen’s “The Pentagon’s Brain” and admire the depth of her research. At the same time, I find it unfortunate that such an amazing history is hampered by the author’s ability (or lack thereof) as a serious writer of non-fiction. All too often, her prose is little more than conversational, losing power in the process.

  445. Hello Ms. Annie Jacobsen,,
    obsen Author
    Chat Conversation Start
    4 minutes ago
    Hello Annie…great interview on Alex Jones. One of the most important interviews on that network ever. I invite you to go to my website. and you’ll see my background. My business partner and I were the people that released the secrets of mind control. After the book was released OPERATION MIND CONTROL I went public about what was really going on. And yes Annie brain augmentation is a reality. In fact, it’s operational and some of the most sophisticated Manchurian Candidate individuals are functional and in public. I thought I would confirm that for you…I would be very interested in speaking to you at some time.
    I might add as well. I’m the biggest activist in the world for Cold Fusion or LENR. And I’m going to be in an upcoming documentary for RT America. Once Free Energy is released which is being used now..all that your saying will all be here…And now the conversation changes. I do hope to hear from you and perhaps meet you in the future in Los Angeles. I’m here. My best to you and yours. James Martinez

  446. Hello Annie,
    Having enjoyed reading your Project Paperclip and Area 51 Books, I have a question converning the procurement of Post War NAZI Scientists .
    With being a British physicist, its always bugged me that after the surrender of
    Germany (NOT the NAZI Party!!), Truman arranged Project Paperclip and basically
    ousted the cream of the Nazi Scientists off to the USA.
    What did Primeminister Churchill have to say about this decision ??…..And did the
    UK not get any say in the matter at all ?
    I came across an article from the UK Newspaper THE GUARDIAN.
    Which basically states that two covert UK teams.
    1. British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, or BIOS
    2. The Field Information Agency (Technical), or FIAT
    Were responsible for literally Kidnapping NAZI and German Scientists and bringing
    them to the UK.
    ‘Recently declassified secret documents reveal how at the end of the second world
    war an elite British unit abducted hundreds of German scientists and technicians and put them to work at government ministries and private firms in the UK.’
    I know you mention briefly both BIOS and FIAT in your Project Paperclip book Annie,
    BUT I am dumbfounded that Truman would have such a say amongst the allies such as the UK, over who got the pick of the the great German scientists after the war.
    Do you know the reason for this, and whether Churchill was threatened in any way ?
    All we seem to hear about is the two big superpowers, the United States, and
    Russia, with no mention of the United Kingdom. But The UK was major alongside
    the USA an Russia in dictating allied Policy, and dont forget that the UK was at
    war with Germany for over 2 years before US boots touched the ground in Europe.
    Any information Annie that could shed any light on how the UK got left out of the
    loop with their share of Major NAZI scientists and weapons/technology programs
    would be greatly appeciated.
    Thanks very much,

  447. I have yet to read any of your books but once I heard George Noory of “Coast To CoastAM” radio say “frightening” in regards to the revelations in your latest book about the DARPA and the Pentagon, I am jaded; not surprised. Your books are a trifecta that completes the circle of stealth alien technology(Area 51) Nazi high technology(Operation Paper) in which Werner von Braun, who helped find NASA with his rocket/missile technology claiming it came from “above”, US President John F. Kennedy, the son of a US ambassador to England, may have visited as a US Congressman, Germany, after the war and seen the Germany’s technology. In his 1961 speech, he had said before the end of the 1960s decade, a man will be on the moon. Had he known such technology would be possible to achieve such a feat? One company, now defunct, Lucent, was like DARPA and had incredible promising technologies and innovations. It was considered America’s premier private RD high tech lab. In regards to the Chinese cyberhacking, various reports have stated that Edward Snowden may have been helping behind the OPM’s data breach of 21.5 million government workers in which the US had to pull out their spies in China. This is the latest news. I hope your next book will be on cyberhacking and attacks.

  448. Please read my Profile and Facebook timeline. Ms Jacobsen. You are perfect. For I just retired from the Homeland security and the military four months ago.And now the Gov want place micro-chip in all employees and military by 2017. I ‘m now in the Tx State Guard and UP. RR.

  449. Dear Annie,
    I have enjoyed your books Area 51 and Operation Paperclip, but I have a problem with your new book “Pentagon Brain, DAPAR”. As a whole it is very good reading and informative, but concerning the Gulf War , Desert Storm, which I am a veteran of, you have disappointed me.
    I disagree with your assessment of JSTARS and the BIG Battle of 73 Easting.
    I was there, the last 12 hours of the war airborne on a United States Air Force aircraft. Don’t ask me about the details, because of the security restrains, I am not in the position to comment, ever.
    The night began on February 27, 1991 at 4PM when our flight came on orbit over the battlefield. First reports were of a downed helicopter which was shot down while attempting to rescue a downed US fighter pilot. The helicopter impacted the earth at 160KPH, all we could do was pray for those on board, but we were in the heat of battle and not on the ground to help. The night continued with intense fighting as the Iraq Republican Guard was engaged. The republican Guard was a professional army with the best equipment, equal to our military army. They fought hard and never stopped. I was unaware of all the engagements in progress, but years later I read the Army Official History of the biggest tank battle since the battle of Kursk during WWII; The Battle of Medina Ridge. 73 Easting was nothing compared to this engagement.
    American Losses:
    2 Killed 30 Wounded
    4 Tanks Destroyed
    2 IFV’s
    2 Apache Helicopters
    1 A-10 Aircraft
    Iraq Losses:
    Heavy Manpower losses
    839 soldiers captured
    186 Tanks Destroyed
    127 IFV Destoyed
    38 Artillery pieces destroyed
    118 trucks destroyed
    5 Air Defense systems destroyed
    “The Battle of Medina Ridge was a decisive tank battle fought on February 27, 1991, during the Gulf War, between the U.S. 1st Armored Division and the 2nd Brigade of the Iraqi Republican Guard Medina Luminous Division outside Basra, Iraq.[7] Medina Ridge is the name American troops gave to a low rise, approximately seven miles (11 km) long. The battle, which was waged over approximately two hours, was the largest tank battle of the war and the largest tank battle in American history. It took place west of Phase Line Kiwi, east of Phase Line Smash, and north of Phase Line Grape. Phase lines are map references occurring every few kilometers used to measure progress of an offensive operation.
    The 1st Armored Division, commanded by Major General Ron Griffith, consisted of some 3,000 vehicles including 348 M1A1 Abrams tanks. The 1st Armored Division’s Cavalry Squadron—1-1 Cavalry—made contact with the Medina Division and informed the Division Commander of the location of the enemy forces. 1st Armored Division’s 2nd Brigade (Comprising three battalions TF 4-70th Armour, TF 2-70th Armour and TF 1-35th Armour) saw major action in this battle and was commanded by Colonel Montgomery Meigs (a descendant of General Montgomery C. Meigs of Civil War fame). 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, commanded by Colonel James Riley replaced 1st Armored Division’s 1st Brigade for the duration of the war and was also heavily involved in the battle.[8]
    Medina Ridge was one of the few battles during Desert Storm in which American forces encountered significant Iraqi resistance and found it extremely difficult to advance. The Iraqi forces were well-deployed such that they could not be seen by American forces advancing until after they had cleared the top of the ridgeline. This defilade (aka reverse slope) position was intended to give the Iraqis protection from the powerful long-range direct fire of the M1 Abrams tanks and the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.
    During the battle the American forces destroyed 186 Iraqi tanks (mostly export model T-72Ms, Asad Babils and obsolete Type 69s) and 127 armored vehicles.[9] Only four Abrams tanks were hit by direct fire. All four were lost.[10] Thirty-eight of the Iraqi tanks were destroyed by U.S. Army AH-64 Apaches and U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt IIs. The 75th Field Artillery Brigade and Battery B, 25th Field Artillery, the division’s target acquisition battery, conducted counterartillery fire missions and destroyed two Medina Field Artillery battalions in the process.[11] The 2nd Battalion, 1st Field Artillery Regiment also eventually participated in these counterbattery missions.[12]
    Although the Iraqis used a correct defensive tactic by deploying their armor behind the ridge, this was not properly repeated through the rest of the war. In one incident, an Iraqi commander attempted to repeat what had been done at Medina but mistakenly deployed his armor too far from the ridgeline.[13] This gave the American units the upper hand, as the Abrams tanks specialize in long-distance kills; their Chobham armor is extremely resistant to long-range fire. The American height advantage also reduced the effective range of the Iraqi tanks and presented the Iraqi gunners with a targeting situation for which they were under-trained.[14]
    Nevertheless, the Iraqis had fought hard, shooting down an A-10 Thunderbolt II,[15]and two AH-64 Apache helicopters and causing much confusion among the attackers that forced the US commander to order all his armored battalions to withdraw to a safe distance towards the end of the fighting.
    In early April 1991, Colonel Montgomery Meigs, the commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Armoured Division, paid his respects to his former enemy’s Medina Division reporting that, “These guys stayed and fought.”[16] The same newspaper articles notes that, “The Americans had more than 100 battle tanks on hand, about the same as the total number of tanks in the Iraqi force. But the Americans had some noteworthy advantages over the Iraqis like attack helicopters and A-10 anti-tanks planes. The Iraqis had no support aircraft.”[17] ”
    As for the JSTARS, it was not a star player. The two JSTARS were grounded most of the time because of mechanical issues. Can’t fly without good jet engines.
    General Schwarzkopf, only needed 12 hour more to destroy the republican Guard Army, he stopped because he was a professional Soldier.
    I had the honor of being commanded by him along with thousands of others who came home to their loved ones, because General Schwarzkopf knew how to lead, fight and win a war.
    James M. Pusateri TSgt. USAF, Retired

  450. RE: your NPR interview You sound like a drone yourself. Are you a drone? And what’s with your close-to-the-vest-held “sources”. Are you in the CIA? Are you a spy? And to call the north vietnamese army “insurgents” is just the type of Big Brother gobbledeegook that the Demo/Repub/Corporate criminals love to foster. WE were the insurgents annie.

  451. Greetings Ms Jacobsen,
    Today I saw an inter view where you talked about some doctors associated with some governmental body where they are placing computer chips in some of our returning veterans from the middle east like Iraq and Iran and those places.
    This is the first that I have heard about such a thing and after I finish this comment to you I hope to be able to get some more information where else that I can look.from you about this matter. I know our government is involved in experimental research in different forms. I was in such a project back in late 84 until mid 1986. More about that if and when I actually get a email from you and not one of your researchers or secretaries. I know that if a sentence is said from one person to another 3 or 4 times the meaning can change.
    So hope to hear form you.
    The Southern Gentleman

  452. I just finished ‘Area 51’ and enjoyed it thoroughly – it’s hard to find a factual overview of this subject – just ‘Googling’ is evidence enough of that.
    That said, I found the closing a bit ‘conspiracy-ish’ re: Roswell, Mengele, etc. given the story presented by just one person. To me this diminished the whole purpose of the book and moved it from a factual account and review of what had transpired there to conspiracy like speculation on Roswell.
    I can only assume you ended the book this way as that will be the subject of your next one.
    As Carl Sagan said, ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’ – I look forward to that evidence.
    All the best.

  453. Hello Annie, i’m Diego from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve a question.
    there will be some edition of your book “operation paperclip” in spanish?
    Best Regards,

  454. I’m trying to learn more about past relatives serving on both sides of the WW1 & WW2. Perhaps he is already mentioned in your Operation Paperclip book, but did you ever come across much on Dr. Helmut Schlitt? He was an electrical engineer working inertial guidance systems for the V2 rocket program. I know he later served on Bell’s missle guidance in Texas from an old newspaper clipping, but I don’t know much else as little is passed down to the “offspring”.

  455. There are a few things that need further explanation re: your reportage in Area 51 that Stalin had Mengele “create” little green men to freak out the Americans when they crash landed:
    1. There is no detail in your reporting as to how Stalin was able to remotely operate this flying disc – unless he had confederates in the Southwest sitting amidst the cactus plants and scorpions with remote control boxes. Had that kind of technology been developed in 1947?
    2. You claim that eyewitnesses speak of the abnormally large eyes of the flying disc’s inhabitants: Mengele may have conducted many abhorrent experiments, but I do hot believe he would have been able to create much larger eyes using present human parts. That is, unless these alleged ETs were in fact blind, making the use of their eyes unnecessary, but appearing to operate, something you do not touch on. We are supposed to believe Stalin had the ability to remote control a space craft and crash it in the American Southwest? And Mengele creates extra-large eyeballs and large craniums for Stalin’s saucer occupants? I’d advise you to review what you wrote about CIA and military disinformation, because this seems to me like two perfect examples of it.
    3. There is simply too much info floating in cyberspace and the History Channel about “Majestic 12” for you to have not addressed it in the book. According to some researchers, this secret group, members of which were selected by Eisenhower, and chaired by James Forrestal, was supposedly assembled to confront the specter of coming to grips with actual aliens who threatened to help the Russians after the war if we didn’t take them up on their deal of accepting their revelations of advanced technologies for our own use and to keep ahead of our adversaries in exchange for allowing them to use humans for their own scientific experiments. The story goes that we acceded to their demands on the condition that humans would not be harmed or taken against their will, something that the “grays” almost immediately reneged on. After all, what could we do to stop them? This, too, could fall under the category of dis-information, but it is out there, and I think you should have included something about it.
    Parenthetically, what most researchers refuse to accept is that this growing UFO phenomenon is not the result of intergalactic space travelers as much as it is demonic in nature with serious spiritual remifications. May I suggest you check out the research of L.A. Marzulli and others who hold to this spiritual/demonic position to explain the presence of ETs and UFOs.

  456. Annie…
    I am a retired USAF pilot and former Managing Editor of a now-defunct military flight safety magazine called “The MAC Flyer.” In reading about Operation Paperclip, I was struck by the absence of one name who, at least in my opinion, might have had a more pivotal role in orchestrating the Paperclip program from the Army’s side than a lot of others you mentioned. I would like to discuss your opinion of this man and if, in your role as a successful published author, there might be any merit in pursuing additional research on this person? I very much look forward to your reply.
    Byron L. Howard
    Major, USAF (Ret.)

  457. Ms Jacobsen: My father in law and my wifes god father are in Operation Paperclip. Eric Abels, Alber Patin I have many pictures that should of been in your book. John Dolibois for instance.May father was the head linguist for PO Box 1142. Pleas call me at 928-777-9524 it is very important that I talk to you. You will understand when we speak. Thanks. Tim Tuthill

  458. Ms Jacobsen,
    Your book Area 51 has opened my mind to more things that are going on there that I never imagined. I love the book…. I work for Boeing and I have meet a lot of interesting people that worked in area 51 and the things they tell me i have to keep to myself… However, your book is very spot on…. Almost…

  459. Hi Annie, heard you on coast to coast, i was friends with Werner Von Brauns brother Max…He owned a liquor store in sedona Az….but he died a few years back…..rene…

  460. Ms Jacobsen, I found “Operation Paperclip” by chance wandering through my local bookstore and had to pick it up. I have a very personal interest in this topic as my father was one of the soldiers at Edgwood Arsenal who was used as a lab rat for their experiments. Unfortunatly he came from a generation who still labored under the assumption that our government was an honest and honorable entity who deserved the respect and support of its soldiers and citizens without question and promising not to divulge any of what went on during his assignment ther e was something that he took very seriosly so he never talked about what went on other than just a few small snippets of things he remembered. Sadly he passed away in M ay of last year while on a 100% disability pension from the army due to a severe case of COPD determined to be as a result of this. One of the very few things he did tell me about was of the gas room that you describe in th book and how he remembered soldiers coming out of this room after tests looking and acting as he described , “like zombies.” I would like to thank you for this book as it has taught me more about this program than any other collection of information that I have found to this point. There is one question though that I have never found any information on . Do you or any of your souces or contacts know if there have ever been any followups or studies conducted on or around the children of these men. After all the years of talk from medical eperts telling of the chances of chromesome damage and other forms of physical and mental damage to not only the person taking or being exposed to dangerous drugs and chemicals but to their children later. It would be interesting to know if there have been any patterns of physical or mental health issues showing up in these people. As far back as high scool I have experienced problems with breathing during strenuous activities and was later also diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Once again I would like to thank you for all your efforts and hard work in bringing a lot of these shady backroom dealings into the light.

  461. The truth about the Aryan race please

  462. Enjoyed Operation Paperclip. I’m very familiar with the topic, and have read many books on it over the decades. Good detailed overview, some new materials, and you make the right points on the (im)morality of it. Only major flaw was on Olsen’s death – likely you didn’t read the great book on his CIA murder or you wanted to gloss this matter over. Book on Olsen’s CIA murder is: ‘A Terrible Mistake’ by Albarelli. One question I really hope you’ll take the opportunity to contact me privately about to answer. I’m a researcher on Kammler and working on a book about his life, mysterious disappearance, and probable post-War exploitation. On page 97 of Operation Paperclip you write “…’intelligence officers have talked to von Ploetz, Gens. Dornberger, Rossman and Kammler’ […] only partly true.” Which part was or was not [partly] true?! I have information on the survival and exploitation of Kammler after WW2, which I’d share if contacted with where you got this potentially important quote, and its original context. Thanks much for a reply and for your book. Also, if any of the above siblings of Paperclip personnel heard anything about Kammler, kindly find a way to contact via Jacobson. He was certainly not ‘Paperclip’ per se, but may have been handled by similar persons/mechanisms/channels, through other even more secret means.

  463. I just checked out Area 51 in printed version. Given my experience with the terrible narration of Operation Paperclip, I will not take a chance on listening to another Germlish narration.
    But I must say that I am a little disappointed that I never got a response to my comments on Operation Paperclip. I suppose you folks want to hear nothing but lavish praise, no matter how screwy the narration is.

  464. I am finally done listening to the awful Germlish narration of Operation Paperclip. I have also sung some Russian choral music. While I don’t read speak Russian and don’t read Cyrillic, I also noticed that at least one of the Russian names was mispronounced.
    Next I want to read the book on Area 51. I have been there, and I knew the person in the Las Vegas DOE office who was responsible for it at the time. But I will stick to the printed copy for that one.

  465. Since I am still patiently awaiting moderation of my earlier comments, let me add to them. Among the most glaring mis-pronounciations are the following: the name of the river Main – to get the correct German sound, it should be pronounced as the English word mine. Next are all the words with a ch in it. The most glaring is Wehrmacht, which would have to be spelled Wehrmakt to produce the word that is pronounce. The name Galen is pronounced as though it were Gelen. Frankfurt is pronounced Frankfert or Fankfuert. It is not a sausage, and the American name for a hot-dog has nothing to do with the city. In Germany a Frankfurter is known as a Wiener Wurst Ad I have been to Oberursel, which is pronounced as Oberersel and Oberrusel. Again, a fascinating tale, it only it had been narrated by someone who could tell it correctly.

  466. A correction to my earlier comment. Charlottenburg is actually named for Queen Charlotte Sophie , Queen of the Kingdom of Brandenburg.
    Matthias Kotowski

  467. Ms Jacobsen, this is a fascinating story, and I have may personal connections to it. My family is from Berlin, and my father and his brother worked at an electronic lab in the Russian Sector of Berlin after the war. In October 1946, the Russians decided that this work was too important to be done in Germany. One night at 2am, a couple of Russian soldiers came to the door with submachine guns, and gave my parents 2 hours to pack 2 suitcases and my older brother. Two hours after that, they and my uncle and his family and all the other scientists and technicians from the lab were on the train to Leningrad, together with the equipment and furnishings from the lab. They did not have a kitchen sink, but they even brought the Laboratory sink. The next stop was Leningrad, where everyone was housed in an old mansion that the Soviets had appropriated. I and a younger brother were born in Leningrad, but as German citizens. In 1050, the Russians let the women and children return to Germany, but the men did not come back until 1954. When my dad his brother returned in 1954, we all fled to the West and were transported to Frankfurt. In 1964 we came to America, and eventually I studied Physics at Stony Brook, and then wound up with a career in industrial safety, working first at Princeton University, and then at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory until it became the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
    Because I have so many connections to Berlin and to the story you are telling, I found it fascinating. My only nit is that I wish you had selected someone to narrate the story who can pronounce the German names and words correctly. It is really annoying to hear all the mis-pronounciations. von Braun is pronounced as van Brawn. Charlottenburg is pronounced as Charlatanberg in one place. This part of Berlin was named after Princessin Charlotte, and it has nothing to do with the devil. Albert Speer is pronounced as Spear, and there are countless other instances of incorrect pronounciations.
    Again, it is a very interesting tale, and I will check out your book on Area 51 soon. I have been to the Nevada Test Site, and I know all about Area 51.
    Matthias Kotowski

  468. Hello Mrs Jacobsen,
    I am a student in a Maine district and I am doing my senior project on operation paperclip and on the Nazis immigrating to the United States. My topic question is “How did Nazi research, and scientists effect post-war United States?.” I must conduct an interview, and I would like to ask you for an interview via email, skype, or whatever would work best. Thank you for your time.

  469. Hi Annie,
    Half way through Operation Paperclip and what a fascinating read, cannot put it down…
    Watched your presentation of the book at one of your bookstore releases on Youtube. Very well done you are a very good speaker. Would like to ask a couple of questions about the decisions that came out of WW2?
    1. Did both sides (Allies and USSR) know what they were looking for or was it just a mad-dash to recover what ever they could find/grab?
    2. Op. Paperclip was on the European war front with the Reich/Nazis what happened to the bio programs that the Japanese (Unit 731) were conducting. What scientists/information did the US bring back to the US for their programs?
    Would be a great book if info was available.
    Thanks again for a great read.
    Great book I am looking forward to completing and moving over to Area 51.

  470. Annie,
    Operation Paperclip is excellent work! Although it may be after the fact, I have an additional source which you might be interested in reviewing: “SPOG/500/12 Volume 1, Report on Operation” BACKFIRE” : Scope & Organization of the Operation, Prepared for printing by the Ministry of Supply, THE WAR OFFICE, LONDON, S.W.l. January 1946”. This is the report published in by Headquarters Special Projectile Operations Group (SPOG) for operation Backfire. There are five Volumes: Volume 1, Overview, Volume 2 Technical Report covering Production and Assemble, Volume 3 Field Procedure, Volume 4 Description of Equipment and Special Vehicles, Volume 5 Recording and Analysis of the Trajectory. What would interest you most is Volume 1 Section 3 “German Personnel Employed”. I had the opportunity to review the report in 1987 at the Royal Air force Museum Cosford , which has an aviation engine and missile collections that totals over 60 and are arguably one of the finest collections in the world, to include a A4 (V2) missile and support equipment. Please note one name stands out on the list of German personnel employed, Arthur Rudolph: Production Dept.. Other names: Weber, Prof. Wierer and Lindenberg, The total number of Germans employed, 591, NQ AVKO = 367 and Camp Admin = 224.
    God Bless

  471. I am one third of the way through “Operation Paperclip”. It is one of the most illuminating publications about the journey of criminal Nazi scientists from Germany to America. In a climate of an emerging Cold War America’s dilemma is set forth in this book. On balance I believe America had no option but to put these butchers to work on advanced military projects to offset the emerging Russian aggression. Ms Jacobsen’s book has made me understand that America’s end justified the means to protect the world’s democracies. It’s a “must read”.
    Greg Williams
    Brisbane, Australia

  472. Annie, Area51 was the best book I have read about Area 51. I love how you use the testimonies of those who worked there. You can’t argue with that kind of information
    I was wondering if you have considered writing a piece on the Archuletta Mesa near Dulce N.M. If there is something secret and nefarious taking place there the American People deserve to know, and there would be no one better to research it than you.
    P.S. Do you think there is anything extraterrestrial on this earth involved with the U.S. Government ?????

  473. Hello, Miss Jacobsen. Some time ago I read ‘Area 51’ and was riveted. What was suggested in the final chapter of the book makes more sense to me than any other explanation I’ve heard. I am troubled, though because I keep hearing a lot of negative talk about it. Like you, I am very interested in finding the truth. ‘Man’s inhumanity to man’ is a far more plausible explanation than ‘little green men’. A show today tested the theory that the downed craft was an array of balloons and equipment which was part of a government program, but in the final analysis most of the questions your book answered were not answered by this theory. I live in Cleveland and last year I read a set of books by a Mr. Badal which effectively unmasked the mysterious ‘Torso Killer’ of the 30s. His conclusion was similar to yours in that the truth was completely believable and far more reasonable than many of the theories that had long existed as to the identity of the killer. The point of all of this is that I believe in your intentions to unmask the truth behind Area 51 and until some other explanation makes as much sense as yours does, I will remain a believer in your book. Thanks so much for all the time and work that went into researching it!
    Many thanks.

  474. Hi Ms. Jacobsen – Finished your excellent work “Operation Paperclip” yesterday (08/10) and thought I would watch the X-Files episode “Paperclip” again. There is a scene in that show (first aired in September, 1995) where the agents pass a sign on the ground which reads “STRUGHOLD MINE” – which caused me to fall off the couch – I never would have known that name without first having read your amazing book! Thank you so much for giving us the truth – I can hardly wait for your next book.
    Louis Gemba

  475. I am sending to your publisher, to be forwarded to you, and copy of my book, “How We Got to the Moon: The Story of the German Space Pioneers.” If you would like to send me your address, I can mail it directly to you. It is based on interviews with the German space pioneers, some of whom I have known personally over a period of 30 years, and research at the Peenemuende archives and other institutions in Germany, and at the Air & Space Museum and other research institutions in the U.S. I think it is a distortion of history to equate “German” with Nazi, as you do generally in your book, and it is ahistorical to begin this story under Hitler, when space exploration was a project these pioneers worked toward, from the 1920s. I think my book will give you a deeper insight in to the subject.
    Marsha Freeman
    Managing Editor,
    21st Century Science & Technology

  476. Thank you for this marvelous body of work. Clearly one of the most highly researched books I have ever read. My Dad (USAF-Retired) and I sometimes wondered what in the world happened to all these war criminals. It is driving me crazy trying to figure out what I would have done in the same circumstance.
    This book goes to the top of my “Have you read?” list.

  477. Just finished “Operation Paperclip”, Wow. Thank you for the hard work you did in researching this book. While the atrocities mentioned in the book are well known, it is what we did with these scientists that was most illuminating. I can’t help but wonder how much the Germans work influenced us in how we interact with the rest of the world. Would we be raining hell down with drones onto civilians if we didn’t hire German scientists that had so little regard for life? Would we have CIA detention centers all over the world where we do untold atrocities with “terrorists”?
    Thank you, this should be required reading in High School history.

  478. Ms. Jacobsen: What a fantastic book, Operation Paperclip! I am blown away by how much work you did and what you came up with. And it makes your blood boil. I was lucky enough to escape German occupation of Poland before the worst started. To think one could have been in the clutches of these criminal doctors, and then to discover the US military embraced them, and lied and covered for them, is really horrible. We always knew about this in vague terms, and of course about von Braun and his clique, but the detail is devastating. The argument is of course that the military needed their knowledge and skills. Would the military have made these arguments if the medical experiments and murders had been perpetrated on US prisoners? Or if the persons worked to death or hanged by the V2 crowd were Americans? I think not, which suggests a residual racism. Thank you, Ms. Jacobsen.
    I listened to the book in the audio version. If I may offer a suggestion, I think you have to work harder on foreign pronunciations. But that is a detail and I enjoyed very much that you yourself read it, and your tone of voice.

  479. Ms. Jacobsen: No doubt there were many other scientists and engineers who perhaps didn’t come to your attention or perhaps not enough space was available for you to discuss them. When I worked for the US Navy many years ago, I heard of three German scientists: Dr. Hans Snay, and Drs. Keil and Schauer who had a big influence on our Naval R& D programs. I believe either Dr. Keil or Schauer ended up at MIT – at Navy they started out at the David Taylor Model Basin in Carderock, Maryland. Dr. Snay (now deceased) had headed up the German version of the Model Basin – sort of like the underwater weapons counterpart to Penemunde – and was employed at the old Naval Ordnance Laboratory (now closed) in Silver Spring, Maryland. Dr. Snay made many important contributions to our understanding of underwater weapons effects. I wonder if you ever heard of these men?

  480. I believe there is an error in the caption to the photo of the 2 guys dueling, allegedly in front of 3 chimneys of Auschwitz’s crematoria. There is a light hanging on one of the so-called chimneys and wires can clearly be seen going to it. It would seem to me that the “chimneys” are instead electrical poles.
    I’m only halfway through the book, but anxious to know if Ms. Jacobsen is going to debunk Col. Philip Corso’s “Day After Roswell” story as being about the distribution of Nazi technology, rather than ET technology. In the part that I have read so far, Ms. Jacobsen tells an almost identical story to Corso, about the desire and effort to distribute advanced technology to military-industrial complex companies. I’ll be interested to go back and pick up her Area 51 book again after reading this… Didn’t she tell a story of horrible human experiments being done at Area 51, at the end of the book?

  481. I don’t normally read investigative journalism, but I heard your interview on NPR about “Operation Paperclip”, and checked it out of the library and read it.
    After that, I also checked out and read “Area 51″and shared it with my wife.
    I completely enjoyed the thoroughness of coverage of all the topics in both books.
    That answered many questions and filled in some holes for me.
    I remember Sputnik when I was in the first grade.
    When I was in the Air Force in the 1970’s, I never hears anyone make mention of a place called Area 51.
    Thank you.
    James Fulton

  482. OMG
    Picked up this work at my local library. Title and cover looked interesting. Likely I would not have bought the book at my local bookseller.
    I can’t believe this! Colleges and u niversities must now teach a course in ethics as part of their business school curriculum. Would like to see someone examine operation paperclip and its moral implications (as a personal exercise)
    Thank you for this book.

  483. just borrowed this book from my local library and was slacked jawed in amazement and horrified in equal parts at how quickly the allied powers jumped into bed with the germans in the thirst for knowledge . I would be interested in learning more about the british side of this repellent behaviour as I doubt whether there is to much written about our side of things
    brilliant and disturbing book .

  484. Hi Annie,
    I was talking to a friend who is reading your book, Operation Paperclip, and saw that there is a section on Fort Detrick and the Whitecoats. He is one of the original three that first went into the Eight-Ball. They’re all in their 70’s and 80’s and many have passed away, but he is curious if you could check out his web page. He is open to being interviewed if you would like to write an article, or maybe even a book. I apologize for the informality, as I have never done such a request. Ken Jones is the first president of the Whitecoat Foundation and his website is I look forward to hearing from you.
    Eli Ayala

  485. Annie, I just finished reading Area 51. Great work. I am a pilot living in Las Vegas, and have many connections to items in your book. I know Bob Lazar, and worked with the flight instructor that was having an affair with his wife that you wrote about. I also know John Lear. A now deceased, very good friend of mine was on the NEST team, and would have to travel, but would never tell me were he was going. Some times when he got back he would say where he had gone. Also I was stationed on the island of Okinawa in 1970, and witnessed a launch of the A12 from a jungle hillside above the runways. The aircraft was towed out to the runway under a big tent on wheels, and came shooting out and pulled nearly strait up and out of site. We had inadvertently ridden our dirt bikes into a restricted area. We didn’t tell anybody about what we saw until years later. A bit of trivia for you. The EG&G airline that operates out of KLAS , with flight call signs of “Janet”, has a meaning. Wait for it…”just another extra-terrestrial”.

  486. I met Hubertus Strughold.
    He was this nice old man who came into the bookstore where I worked in downtown San Antonio. He had a book on our shelves, “Your Body Clock, Its Significance for the Jet Traveler”. He would stop by to see how it was selling. We would take some copies off the shelf, and he would stop by to see the copies missing. then we would add copies back on the shelf for the next time he stopped by to make it look as though we had to restock. That would please him.
    We were all in awe of him because he was working in the space program, at Brooks Airforce Base, conducting experiments in aerospace medicine.
    I kept a copy of his book, which in reality was a terribly non-selling item. I am looking at the book as I write this.
    I watched a documentary about Operation Paperclip on PBS about 20 years ago, and it mentioned Strughold, and mentioned all his “research” using concentration camp inmates. There is a photo of him on the back binder of the book. In light of what I learned, very chilling it is.

  487. Ms. Jacobsen:
    I just finished “Paperclip”! In 1960, my Dad took me to see “I aim at the Stars” about von Braun. Around that time, I wrote to NASA, asked for and received the autographs of the astronauts, and subsequently did the same thing with the Russian cosmonauts. After that, I told my Dad I was writing to von Braun for his autograph, causing my Dad, who was in the Eight Air Force during the war, and my mom, who was an antiaircraft gunner in the RAF to chuckle – I didn’t know why. My Dad said to me, “I don’t think you will get that one.” He was right – I got a polite note back saying Dr. von Braun was not available for the autograph. (I wish I had saved that note). Thanks for the book – it expanded my knowledge of the subject considerably.

  488. Operation Paperclip is a very good book. Would you share your FOIA files with me?

  489. Dear .Ms. Jacobsen,
    I was a Major in the 16th Infantry in 1946 stationed in Landshut, Germany. I was ordered to escort about 20 German scientists to the United States. We left from Frankfurt by train to Bremerhaven then by US Navy ship to New York City. Upon arrival, US officials met the ship and I was relieved of my duty. There were no wives or children included in this group. Was there a plan to reunite these scientists with their families? JMB

  490. Thank you for your books. I read both of the most recent ones this past week. I did see you on the C-span and also wondered about the title of your next book or when it may be published? I also read the book about the water contamination and denials at Camp LeJeune. There is so much more. I just hope people pay attention!

  491. Hello Ms Jacobsen:
    There’s another operation that is on the biological warfare we (U S) have taken over from the Japanese when WWII was ending. The Japanese biologists who worked on the project was never trailed for war crimes. My old friend John Powell was working on a book but could not finish owing to the fact materials are still classified. He left his papers to the University of Arizona. Hope you can look into it and do another great book. Thank you for your book Operation Paperclip. Sincerely, newman lee

  492. Ms. Jacobsen:
    Congratulations – informative and important book.
    Have you heard about/researched another group of German scientists who were experts on jet propulsion? The Germans had developed jet aircraft by the end of WW II.
    A friend of mine was an interpreter who accompanied a group of Nazi jet propulsion experts to meetings with U.S. military contractors.
    He was appalled when he realized that the contractors were conducting job interviews!

  493. Dear Annie, I am during a report on Area 51 and I found your book. It really helped me out, but I also need to have a interview. I was wondering if I could interview you for my report. It would really help me out and it would only take a couple of minutes.

  494. Thank you Maureen, I will email you.
    –Annie Jacobsen

  495. Dear Stephan Biberkoph,
    Thank you for your interest in my book, OPERATION PAPERCLIP. In response to your comment, which has posted on my author website, I would encourage you to read my book to learn just how much new information there is in the narrative. The information comes from newly declassified documents, FOIA requests having been granted, and original interviews with descendants of the Third Reich’s ranking members (who became part of Operation Paperclip), many of whom had never spoken to a journalist before.
    All journalists write on the shoulders of countless historians, researchers, memoirists and fellow journalists who come before. Their work becomes part of the larger narrative, with the goal being to inform the people. My thanks to certain individuals whose work greatly influenced my work is expressed in my Acknowledgements; their original research and reporting is specified in Notes.
    Annie Jacobsen

  496. It seems that if you wait long enough you can just write the same book all over again? What is here that has not already been written about before? I’m could list the books but I don’t want to be accused of trying to sell them.
    However it’s a worthy subject and I’m glad of the new book to keep the discussion alive I just want more new stuff. Many father was an aerospace engineer who worked in Canada as he was revolted by having even job interviews by Nazi’s so close after the war. He though Werner von Braun was just a rocket man who would have worked for anybody to get his moon shot accomplished and not specifically a Nazi.
    As a side note it’s interesting to note the US astronauts were so impressed with the German scientists general education. That compared to the American scientists they not only know their main subject are but had this deep classical education and knew about art and philosophy in some depth.

  497. Ms. Jacobsen.
    A scientist brought over with von Braun was Dr. Charlotte Kitzinger, daughter of German General and concentration camp commandant, General Kitzinger. Charlotte was a close friend of our family, married to my father’s surgical partner. The couple met in D.C. where Charlotte was able to obtain favors to get some privileges to her father in prison in England (after the Nuremberg trial). Charlotte worked in my father’s practice as a research scientist and in nuclear medicine before working again for the American military at the fort near Atlanta.
    Did you find any information about her? While I grew up loving her, quite literally at her death bed she was more transparent than ever in a certain racial hatred that shocked me.
    If you have any information to share would you contact me? I would like to know the truth about her being a true Nazi. I know she rode in a horse carriage with Hitler when she was a child.
    Thank you. And thank you for taking on this task.

  498. Until two days ago, I was a huge space buff. Grew up intently watching the Mercury/Gemini/Saturn programs. Stood with pride when USAF swept-wing jets flew overhead. Read every technical document published by NASA about those programs. Already quite familiar with Von Braun, Debus, Rudolph and lesser lights. Built models of Redstone, Jupiter C, and Explorer–the one Von Braun triumphantly holds over his head in the famous PR photo.
    Given your meticulously researched book (which I read in one go), why is there still a Von Braun museum in Huntsville? Why are NASA “historians” still claiming that “scholars are still reassessing his role in these controversial activities”? Seems pretty well established at this juncture. Kurt Debus’ official NASA bio skips 1939-1945 altogether and Arthur Rudolph’s is missing entirely (but there are still a few pictures and quotes)—obviously no one has bothered to scrub the NASA archives–yet.
    In Von Braun’s bio, the only thing NASA says officially about that period is that “The V-2s were manufactured at a forced labor factory called Mittelwerk.” NASA leaves out the part about the hangings, the crane episode, the shootings, starvation and SS executions. I guess NASA historians are still “reassessing” all that…
    I would hope that Senators at the next NASA Administrator’s confirmation hearing read your book and get answers to some of these disturbing questions.

  499. Dear Annie,
    I have had trouble with the password, but will try again.
    My father, Howard Burchell, whom you mention on pages 131-2 along with Detlev Bronk, was in fact the first director (acting) of the USAFF Aero-Medical Center in Heidelberg, from its inception to early Nov.1945 when Robert Benford arrived. His frustrations with US policy and his assignment are evident in letters to Bronk (in Bronk paper in the Rockefeller archives) and to his wife (now in the University of Minnesota archives). There are several hundred of these personal letters from the time of his service with the AAF medical corps in England, with CIOS in Germany, and as director of the Center in Heidelberg.
    His and Bronk’s response to the German aviation scientists they interrogated was more complex than you suggest. I think that the Bronk papers are an underutilized resource. Paul Weindling is one of the few to make use of them, but there are a number of things, such as notes for and minutes of the July 25 Paris meeting in General Grow’s office, that Weindling did not see.
    I realize that in a book of this sort it is not possible to follow out every issue and character, but nonetheless I was bothered by the simplification.
    I notice that you quote (without quotation marks) something I was quoted as saying in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune obituary of my father. This was a partial quotation – I mentioned the experience in Germany as well.
    Cynthia Patterson

  500. Hi Cynthia,
    Thank you for your interest in my book. The story is indeed complex; mine is one presentation. If you read OPERATION PAPERCLIP, you will note I do reference Detlev Bronk and I did consult the papers to which you refer. There are copies of them in other collections (Hoover, Giesel, etc.)
    Annie Jacobsen

  501. The Detlev Bronk papers in the Rockefeller Archives (apparently not consulted) provide important evidence on the background and establishment of the AAF Aero-Medical Center in Heidelberg. The story is more complex – as are the people involved. The book’s ambitious scope and journalistic character inevitably result in simplification of some complex issues.

  502. Greetings.
    My name is John Parks, I am a concerned citizen living in the Dallas area working with others to reverse the policy of the City of Dallas adding fluoride to the water supply of Dallas. My reasons for doing so can be seen in the research that is contained in the website In summary, fluoride variants have neurotoxic effects and harm multiple tissues and systems of those who drink it.
    I watched a few weeks ago Annie Jacobsen’s excellent and interesting lecture on her new book Operation Paperclip which discusses the relocation of the scientists who worked with the Nazi regime to the United States and the nature of their work with elements of the US government. Near the end, someone in the audience asked the question regarding the role of these scientists in the popularization of the policy of fluoridating water. Below are the links to this conversation:
    It is rather important for me to follow up on this question with Mrs. Jacobsen. The accurate history of this is literally a matter of health and sickness for many people whose lives and health are affected by the drinking of fluoridated water.
    How may I contact her so that I may find out the accurate history of this particular set of events. The retelling of this may be a decisive factor in the decision making of those in control of the policies of fluoridation.
    Thank you so much.

  503. Annie, you were not well served by whomever it was providing geo-historical background to your latest book (OP). Not to make too much of this, but most of Silesia was in Germany until some time in 1945 when the Soviet Army arrived (the Feb. 1945 Yalta Conference provided an incentive for the Soviet Army to no longer consider 1937 German Silesia as part of Germany). Silesia had been part of Germany since the 1871 formation of the German state (a relatively small part of that Silesia became part of Poland in ca 1919 – a 1937 map of Europe would reflect that area). In general, I suggest that in your book a map of 1937 Germany plus the central and western part of 1937 Poland would have helped a bit. I also suggest that the 1937 Border of (all of) Germany be used as a baseline in any history dealing with Nazi Germany. Another 1945 Conference was the Potsdam Conference. Potsdam authorized the largest ethnic cleansing in “European history” (it also encompassed the 3 million Austrian Germans who lived in the generalized “Sudeten” area of the 1919 created Czechoslovakia – Wikipedia will reveal how long Germans lived in the Sudetenland). North of Czechoslovakia, 90% of the 9 million or so ethnically cleansed Germans did “escape” alive from the historic (as in ca. 700 years) German settlement areas east of the Oder-(Western) Neisse Line. The Oder-(Western) Neisse border line was part of the Jul-Aug 1945 Potsdam Conference’s outcome; however, it took almost 45 years (Summer 1945 to September, 1990) before that border line was recognized in International Law.
    Note: a 1937 border map of Germany reflects the design of the appropriate German borders by the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference at the end of the First World War. 1938 began Hitler’s expansion of Nazi Germany land areas (into Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, & Yugoslavia, with the South Tyrol area in 1944-45 Northern Italy moot. All of Hitler’s land grabs were rescinded by the 1945 Potsdam Conference Meeting of the Big Three Victors: U.S., U.K. & U.S.S.R..

  504. My father was a civilian technician who worked for Dr. T. Benzinger at the National Naval Medical Research Institute from the early 1950’s through 1981. Please contact me if you are interested in anecdotes related to the Building 28 Lab and NASA projects.

  505. Gгeetings! I’ve beеn follοwing your site for a while now and finally got the ϲourage
    to gο ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx!
    Juѕt wantеd to say keеp up the gooɗ job!

  506. Annie, I listened to you on BookNotes, very nice job on the research and your enthusiasm for the subjects you cover. You may find this interview with Project Camelot and Joseph Farrell interesting. His book titled Nazi international. Your opinion will be valuable.

  507. Thank you for writing this book. You mentioned near the end that some of your requests for information are still pending. Could that mean that a follow up book could be in the works?
    I took Operation Paperclip out from the library, but will be purchasing it for sure. It is a must book for anyone that wants to know everything about the end of WW2 leading into the Cold War. This book will shed light on how so many things that we take for granted today, that first found life in German science labs during WW2. So many questions on the entire subject are still waiting to be answered. I have been telling everybody about it. The reaction is always the same. …..”I will check it out!!!.”

  508. My now deceased father in law Fritz Haber was one of the imported aeronautical engineers he worked for the Air Force at Randolph AFB,Texas on the impacts of space travel/ weightlessness and rapid deceleration on the human body.. Did you come across his file in your research ? He went on to design gas turbine engines at Lycoming. His brother Heinz was also part of Operation PaperClip. He was also was at Randolph , published the Bild der wissenschaft the. German equivalent of scientific American, had a German science TV show and helped Disney design tomorrow land. Can you tell me how to obtain their files? We have always been curious about what they did during the war and whether these experiments on American subjects had precedent in Germany. Thanks

  509. Annie,
    I am very interested in Plum Island. You lightly reference it in your book “Paper Clip”. This is what I have been told and need to know if there is any truth to it. I hope you can help. Is Paper Clip/Plum Island, a top-secret government program to recruit Nazi scientists who were working on animal diseases during WWII. It has been suspected that more than 2000 scientists were brought there and offered employment contracts and US citizenship. One of the areas of expertise they had was experiments with disease-infected ticks. People who place blame on Plum Island for Lyme disease clearly demonstrate the infected ticks from Plum Island could have easily been transported to the mainland via hundreds of different birds that would nest there.
    Is Lyme disease considered a bio warfare agent?
    Ann….watch the documentary “Under our Skin” (internet)… it bio-warfare being used today?
    Looking forward to hearing if you have any info. on this.

  510. Last evening I watched on C-Span, with fascination, Ms. Jacobsen’s lecture of Feb. 17th at Book Passage of Corte madera, CA and caught the question fraom the daughter of a scientist wyho went to Syria after the War and worked on scientific methods to destroy Israel, obviously.
    Ms Jacobsen asked this woman to speak with her after the lecture finished and I wonder whether they did speak and what this woman told Ms. Jacobsen about her journey to Syria under a false passport and her stay in Syria, i.e. who she knew as a young girl, who she met and what her father actually worked on.
    There was a concerted effort by the Arabs to destroy Israel using German scientists the most infamous of whuich was led by a rocket scientist named, as I remember after more than 50 years, von Leers. It was based out of Egypt and was the basis of Fredrick Forthyse’s novel, “The Odessa File” which became the basis of the John Voight movie of the same name. There were also Nazis of all kinds protected in various Arab countries, but particularly in Syria. Perhaps Annie Jacobsen can tell us more about this.

  511. Ambros was a friend of thomas Dewey. Dewey was in charge of chemical warfare for us. That is why chemical weapons they were never use. Ambros convinced hitler that the us would retaliate.
    You mised the grace and Vatican connections. Peter grace got them out on Vatican passports

  512. Hello:
    I run the blog/online mag We’re a small (but growing) site that focuses on interesting and lesser-known stories from history. I started the site in 2012. Since then, it’s grown to nearly 5,000 subscribers/followers — not bad for a part-time gig. During the day, I teach journalism at a Toronto-area college. Admittedly, the numbers aren’t huge (yet), but it’s certainly an audience that would be interested in your book on Operation Paperclip. Plus, thanks to some good SEO, my articles often work their way to the top of Google searches.
    And now onto the point of my message….
    I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing a brief article (500 to 1,000 words) to promote your book. The site frequently runs stories provided by academics and historians from both the U.S. and the U.K. Perhaps the piece could highlight three of the most significant/interesting Nazi scientists that were brought to the United States after the war. Or maybe the piece could be about five American post war inventions/breakthroughs that came as a result of Nazi brain power.
    I’m thinking such a piece might build some interest in your book. With these stories I like to provide a blurb about the contributor’s book along with a cover shot and a link to where readers can buy it on Amazon. I also spread the word via twitter (and am frequently RT’ed by many of my followers further expanding my reach).

  513. Just finished reading Area 51…best piece of investigative journalism I have ever read. Well researched, thought provoking presentation that avoids the pitfall of sensationalism. Awesome job Annie, thanks!

  514. I was 4 and the son of a Captain in the Army living in El Paso Texas in 1954. In 1993 I was told by Rex Applegate (who was in the OSS and the a General in the Mexican Army and a retired intelligence officer), that “He knew my brother”. Applegate also led me to believe that HE BELIEVED my brother and I were “trained” at a very young age (me 4, brother 6) in some kind of a misguided quasi-government experiment, and subsequently we (mostly my brother) were ‘used’ as well as ‘assisted in life’ (mostly me) over the past 60 years. I was told by another government official (who himself was ‘told’ to tell me) that ‘I am supposed to tell you that we owe you a LIFE’. My brother, you see, commited suicide in 1969. I wrote a 50 page synopsis on a lot of what has happened to me. Email me at
    Thank you

  515. My father was part of “Operation Paperclip” and the previous “Operation Overcast.” I have his memoirs, papers and photos, including his orders and contract. He and several with whom he came to the US ended up at Wright Field. Contact me if you have any questions.

  516. Hello, I listened to your radio guest appearance on tru-news. Do you have any information on a group of people called the heckler family that could have been brought to the US by our govt?

  517. I don’t refer to many books as, “a disturbing must-read,” but this is one of them.

  518. Just finished “Operation Paperclip”. Good read, very informative, and thought provoking. Some random ideas:, I remember reading something by Arnold Toynbee (“A Study of History”) where he suggested that when the Roman Civilization conquered the Hellenic Civilization, that the former absorbed a lot of the cultural aspects of the latter. I have often wondered if the USA, after World War II, had absorbed the ‘virtues’ of Nazi Germany…” the quintessential desire to annihilate time & space” (re: Oswald Spengler; “The Decline of the
    West” Compare rockets to the architectural spires of Gothic Cathedrals for the analogy). Your book describes two tragedies: 1) the ready acceptance by the USA military mindset to pursue what only be described as immoral strategies and 2) the application of what can only be described as brilliant minds towards the weaponization of science instead of towards the health of the common man or woman.

  519. Hello Ms Jacobsen, I was jsut reading about your new book about Nazi scientist brought to this country. My Mother was a French National who after the war was a French Army liquist. She served in the occopied zone of Germany in the French and American sector. She was also stationed in French Indochina with 12 other ladies from the same group of translators. Well my mother died in 1979 from cancer which at first was thought to be breast cancer but never confirmed, at the funeral the Dr told my father that he thought it was a rare form of blood cancer. All of the ladies with exception of one all died very young, my mom was 51, many of the ladies died at earlier ages. When she first got diagnosed my father asked her if the French were using chemical weapons in Indochina and she angrilly said no! On the night she died he asked her again as she was on a heavy dose of morphine and she said yes the French and been sing chemical agents in Indochina and aluded that it was Ex German scientist doing the research. Just some information is you ever run across this type of stories from French Indochina. Thanks Patrick

  520. RE: the nazi scientist brought here; what is their legacy going forward”? Have they contributed significantlyu to the U.S.’s racial and religious problems via their offspring etc.

  521. My father was in this operation.
    If you have any questions, let me know.
    He is still alive.

  522. My wife and I were vacationing in Florida just a few months ago. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my reading “stuff” along on the trip. So, I needed something to read. Having always an interest in stories surrounding the Rosewell incident and UFOs, I bought your book “AREA 51.” What can I say? A fascinating read. Almost as if reading a good suspense thriller. As a retired academic, I give you an “A ” on your writing skills and research. Yes, I read every citation. Thanks for enlightening me on this part of American history.

  523. I thoroughly recommend to anyone who has an interest in Area 51 to read Annie’s book. It covers the real history behind the facility and some outstanding research. I got detained for trespassing on Area 51 on May 14th 2012 with a film crew. That day the security on the border was non existent until we went too far onto the restricted area. I can tell you now that they have some stuff in there that will blow your mind, and yes it is the most sensitive military base in the world!

  524. Those documents corroborate a story that a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer told about in 1983; in 1967 he found a empty Coca Cola bottle in the middle of the Sudan Desert, along with some interesting wreckage that he said did not come from this earth. His was to collect the wreckage and forward it to personnel with the DIA. He would not discuss in detail.

  525. Hello Annie,

    I hate to see anyone receive a bad rap regardless of one’s opinions and/or beliefs. I recently viewed a video in which aviation historian, J Miller, refuted your claim that the Soviets were involved in the Roswell incident. Miller stated that it would have been a physical impossibility for any craft to have been flown the 4000, 5000, or 6000 miles necessary to have accomplished such a feat at that time in history.

    J Miller demonstrated his ignorance of the Soviets’ capabilities in aviation with such a verbal presentation. He obviously only wrote books but did not read them. For, in 1937, the Soviets set a distance record by flying an ANT-25 some 7100 miles from Moscow over the North Pole to San Jacinto, CA. Interestingly, it is estimated that the aircraft still had enough fuel on board to fly an additional 930 miles if the pilots had elected to do so.

    I am sure you are already aware of this Russian record but, for the benefit of your readers, I present it here. Besides, I do not believe anyone should be called a historian if he/she does not know history.

  526. Annie,
    My husband just read Area 51 and suggested I might want to contact you as my father was intimately involved
    with this base in the mid 1950’s. I would love to find out if you came across his name in your research. Please contact me directly at email above so I can provide you his name and possibly new or supporting information.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  527. In the 5-year long process of writing a book (fictional) about penetrating Area 51, I have done extensive research about this screwball locale (I am a diehard skeptic of all things paranormal and most definitely NOT a “UFOlogist), and I have to say that Ms. Jacobsen’s suggestion that the Roswell “aliens” were deformed children sent by Josef Stalin to arouse a national hysteria within American society is one of the most believable things I’ve ever read about the place. Certainly nothing can top the unbelievability of the U.S. Government itself, which continues to assert that Area 51 doesn’t exist, despite “GoogleEarth” images of the place which anybody and his brother can see at the mere push of a button. Every American needs to understand that their government holds them and their intellect in such base contempt, and nothing could be more patriotic than to blow the lid off this covert insane asylum once and for all.

  528. You are absolutely right.

  529. Annie:
    Having been a student of the history of UFO’s for quite a few years now, I had to laugh to myself when you claim that the bodies recovered @ Roswell were disfigured young children! Really, who fed you this information and for what end purpose? On page 62 of your book you write the following ” In Central Intelligence Agency parlance there are two kinds of deception: cover and disinformation. Cover induces the belief that something true is in fact false; disinformation aims to produce the belief that something false is in fact true. It appears to me that you have put yourself in the unwitting position of serving the purpose of a cover! How much research and I mean, “deep research” had you performed about UFO’s before you went to print with this book?? May I recommend as a starter the Book “Wonders in the Sky” Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times. Authored by Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck. Other than the (SNAFU) of “Cover” regarding Roswell, your book is a well written history of the actions of the “Powers that be”

  530. The book was definitely censored. To read a truly uncensored account of an incident at Area 51, google “David Adair Area 51”. He was a minor (age 17) at the time of his visit, and so could not be forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That one video is far, far more interesting than this entire book.

  531. This is a very good book and I enjoyed reading it.

    Why was it not mentioned that the Russian spy traded for Francis Gary Powers was Rudolf Abel?

    Also there is a conflict with the book The Day After Roswell by Philip Corso. I do not know which is correct, about the crash at Roswell, but I do believe that there is irrefutable evidence that aliens have visited Earth.

  532. This book is rediculous and made to prey upon the week minded. She suggests that the soviets willingly gave up technology more sophisticated then anything known of today, to simply scare Americans. Annie Jacobsen is a mentally I’ll. This book is a work of fiction.

  533. Great read…I love thoughtful, well researched works that debunk wacko conspiracy theories.

    Though this probably has been pointed out earlier, the F-117 was NOT the stealth bomber, it is the stealth fighter. The B-2 is the stealth bomber.

  534. Excellant book Annie While reading I noted that there were several references to the “21st century” in places being discussed and events that took place during the 1940-1999 time frame. Also, my being 75 years old now, a retired Mechanical Engineer with many years in the aerospace industry in California and Indiana, a community college teacher for 31 yrs, a private pilot since the 1960’s, an avid aviation buff, I do not think Japan had any operational JET fighters at the end of WW2. Only the Germans had their twin engined Messershmit.

  535. Just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it, but I too am doubtful about the idea of a Russian saucer landing in Roswell. If Stalin’s motivation was to create panic within the gullible populace, why show their hand by having Russian writing in the craft. And, despite the demonizing of anything labeled “Nazi”, is it reasonable to think that children could have their skulls altered, and their eyes reshaped and still be alive? And to do this in the 1940’s? Could that even be done now? I don’t doubt any of the accounts of the U2, the nuclear detonations or the Oxcart/SR71. However, the Roswell incident smells fishy.

  536. Just finished your “Area 51.” Excellent.
    A couple of points regarding attention to detail. In the Large Print copy, pg. 266, top paragraph, you wrote,” the men did not catch any deer anyway.” Being the men were hunting, better to write, “the men did not shoot a deer.”
    Pg. 279, opening paragraph, “back when the tarmac he was standing on was being poured as cement.” Tarmac nowadays is generally made of an asphalt material. Cement is a part of concrete, the other two being sand and stones. The word cement as a construction material is widely used incorrectly in the English language.
    No typos did I find. Usually 2 or 3 in a book.
    Again, a great read.
    David Jacobi

  537. 1995年11月12日(日曜日)午前11時50分頃、日本の千葉県・我孫子市・手賀沼(下沼)上空を通過中の、米軍の新型高度軍事秘密機「CIA・Nevada test site発、青空に消える大型のステルス機(垂直離着陸型タイプ」を、双眼鏡の視野に捉えた、世界で、唯一人の目撃者である「バード・ウオッチャー」に対して、時のCIA長官、John・M・Deutchは、翌年の1996年3月25日、目撃者が住む、我孫子市の自宅にて、「電磁放射線」を使用した「感覚遮断」による「マインド・コントロール」を行った。目撃者は2012年、12月3日現在も、政府の「口封じ」の為の24時間の「暗殺体制下」に置かれている。

  538. Japan 1995/nov(11)/12(sun) AM 11,50,/chibaken/abiko/teganuma/Top Secret/CIA DCI/John.M.Deutch/

  539. The first account i’ve ever heard that makes sense. I’m glad somebody was willing to take a stand and reveal all those responceable for this secret. The truth isn’t always pretty but necessary.

  540. Just finished reading Area 51 An uncensored history of America’s top secret military base. One of a very few books I could not put down. However, I found what I think may be an error. On page 184 it’s stated that during World War II then Captain Jack Ledford was making a bombing run over Kyushu Island, Japan when he was attacked by Japanese fighter jets.

    Did Japan really have jet powered military aircraft during World War II ?

    Robert Alden

  541. Dear Ms, Jacobsen,
    My father, Lt. Charles R. Parkerson was KIA during the Korean War. I was six weeks old when he died, and naturally I have been searching ever since. Several weeks ago, I searched the Internet and got a hit on a Colonel Ken Collins. I was amazed when, in an excerpt from your book, Colonel Collins described the mission he flew with my father on the day my father died. I then bought your book, which is excellent. My mother remembers Colonel Collins, and she has spoken with him recently. Colonel Collins has emailed me and we will also speak, although I’m a bit in shock now, never having occasion to speak with a national treasure. I want you to know that, aside from the hard work and obviously excellent research you put forth; your book has changed my life. I would love to have a signed copy. Please advise as to your schedule. I see your 1st Copyright is 2011.

  542. Annie, I was glad you gave more clarification on the little people, as I felt at the beginning of the book there needed to be more information, and I liked how you finished with What the Alians were….. It makes me sick that we the US could do What the Nazi’s did, and then try to hide it. I don’t read a lot of books, but enjoyed this one. I was also impressed with your research, and wondered if you interviewed Chuck Yeager?
    thank you.


  543. By far one of the best research books i have ever read and i could not have been happier that it is about one of my favorite subject…AREA 51. Your research was intense and very thorough, taking me far beyond what everyone always talks about with the UFO’s. I found the research on the Oxcart very intriguing, your work is remarkable Mrs. Jacobsen.

  544. Read your book and agree with the overall theme that excessive secrecy opens the door to abuses. Liked the aerospace bits but found the statements attributed to Vannevar Bush in your final chapter to fail out on a more detailed analysis.

    In the first place, Mengele’s movements post-WWII are by now well documented and are inconsistent with what we might diplomatically refer to as “the cover story” your unnamed source relates. Secondly, the “EMF” hypothesis strains credulity. Given that were a device of this nature to exist, it’s almost certainly classified the veracity of the claim cannot be verified and so, must be discounted.

    But we have some documented evidence of non-consenting people being used as human research subjects by the AEC. (Or at least references to this documentation.) There also seemed to be a trend of this sort of thing happening in the early to mid twentieth century (the Tuskegee syphilis experiment is probably the most famous example of this).

    The KGB did (and perhaps the FSB still does) have a very well developed program of “active measures” which has been documented by several authoritative sources published after the end of the Cold War. We can speculate that the US intelligence community has similar programs (the OSS, the WWII predecessor to the CIA operations component, was famous for certain rumors it spread about Nazi leadership). A Soviet plant of a “downed ET” – or at least reports of one – would be much less expensive than building a craft, along with two lobotomized Gulag inmates, and sending it remotely into New Mexico.

    For the record, I don’t believe what occurred at Roswell was of extra-terrestrial origin. But nor can I believe that Soviet Union would have the resources at the time to build a flying craft of the type described in your final chapter, nor are there any documents or references to suggest that they did so. (A conventional “flying wing” perhaps, but not an “energy ring” type craft.) And to send it to New Mexico of all places – still one of the most remote and underpopulated states in the US?

    Roswell as a confluence of two events perhaps? A Soviet penetration into US airspace with a conventional aircraft (a nuclear armed Soviet bomber fallen out of the sky)? Combined with another ground based “incident” – a “leak” of a US human research experiment gone awry? And the creation of another incident near to but sure to arouse more curiosity than either of the other two? Far less sensational but perhaps no less scary. Or perhaps the entire incident was a US fabrication – a replay of the “War of Worlds” scenario executed by a group within the intelligence community as a social experiment to see how the public would respond in that case…To see if, in fact, US air commands would be inundated with reports. Because I can create as much documentation as you have – an anonymous source who got the information second hand – my speculative scenarios are just as valid.

    Anyway, your larger case (secrecy leading to a lack of accountability leading to abuse) is well made and your narrative interesting. But you could have made your case without resorting to unsubstantiated, unverifiable claims. (And I actually believe you did, because there are numerous, documented, examples of the negative effects of secrecy even without your final chapters.)

    You might also consider that after your flight 327 incident – and the implicit demands for accountability for the intelligence community in your book – you are probably persona non grata in at least some intelligence circles. Sending someone, whom you would regard as credible, your way with a story calculated to destroy your credibility would not be particularly expensive or difficult.

  545. Dear Annie: I have just finished your book, (First Edition, published May 2011)and I observed some minor inaccuracies which you may wish to revise:
    (P.19): “Grover’s Mill, twenty-two miles north of Trenton” Grover’s Mill is about 5 miles from the Trenton city boundary, and about 8 miles to the center of town. The original Orson Wells broadcast of 1938 mis-stated the distance, so perhaps it should be so indicated in a footnote.
    (P.222) Regarding Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.’s fatal flight mission against a fortified missile site, the site was located in northern France, not in Germany.
    (P.346) The Soviet “hydrofoil” was actually a Surface-Effect type aircraft. The text refers to it as “Ekranopian”. The correct term in English is usually rendered as “Ekranoplan”.
    Eugene Grace

  546. Annie,
    Some of the critisizims regarding the Russian involement in the Roswell incident are well founded, however putting that aside. Have you had the opportunity to due further research regarding Nazi/Russsian anti-gravity technology? Mercury based centifuge engines have been theorised to have powered nazi projects such as the nazi “bell” and other nazi flying saucer research.

  547. Quite a fascinating account of the history of Area 51. But I was disappointed that there was no mention of Col. Philip Corso and his book The Day After Roswell. Since his account of what happened conflicts with the accounts in this book, it would be interesting to find out which account is the more correct.

    Also, Bob Lazar has made other statements about what he worked on at Area 51 in addition to his description of the alien beings. I can see how he might be fooled by a disinformation attempt by the CIA disguising someone to look like an alien being, like the gorilla mask incident. But he also talked about things he called gravity amplifiers that propelled the flying saucers he was reverse engineering. If he really did see such disguised beings, I can see how he was fooled. But were the gravity amplifiers also part of a CIA disinformation campaign? That would seem rather overly elaborate for a disinformation campaign.

    Which leaves me wondering if your account is the more correct one, or col. Philip Corso’s and Bob Lazar’s. Theirs seem to dovetail with each other, yours does not dovetail with theirs. Maybe your sources fibbed to you to continue a cover up of the real truth? I for one would really like to know, which is it? As a journalist of some standing, I would think that you would too, and you’d like to report it to us, the public.

  548. Hello dear Annie. I am reading your book and it´s amazing. I´m a mexican, and enjoy reading such great research. There is evidence that UFO´s are man-made vehicles and that the technology was recovered from ancient high civilizations. Your book is very interesting and gives many data on the issue. Congratulations for the hard work. Bye.

  549. The thought that indeed the Soviets sent a secret aircraft w/unknown drive system to the U.S.A. not once but twice stretches the fabric of imagination. Why? To cause fear? To make us look helpless?
    Mengele working for Stalin, then getting away to South America. Please!! Stalin would never let him go!
    If the Soviets had this technology, do you believe that they would send it to us & not try to use it by finding out how it works? Then making more until they could indeed take us over!
    To give this away & not make more is stupid! Stalin was not stupid!! A mass killer, YES!
    Whoever told you this story was pulling your gullible leg! You bit, hook, line & sinker. Looks like you even swallowed the fishing rod!
    Remote control? It was available. But where did they come from? How about the memory material that has been described by many who saw it?
    If it was the Soviets, why not admit it now, not in your book but in a live news conference w/the ship on the stage???
    If you want to cause fear & helplessness why not fly them into Washington or New York? Land them in the middle of New York in front of Macy’s & then you will have fear! How about in the pond by the White House?
    Talk about fear & helplessness!!
    Another War of the Worlds! But this one would be real & in front of the American Public! Live & with photos for everyone to digest!
    Not send them into the American desert country where they crash to be found & then hidden. Give us all a break!
    Welcome to the cover up, you are now part of it!

  550. My botherinlaw has been reading your book and is very interested in is. I found your site from the book.
    I am a survivor of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967. I live in southern California. As an investigative reporter, have you ever looked into the attack on our ship?

  551. Dear Ms. Jacobsen This is the greatest book ever written about AREA-51…Back in June of 1999 after having written many letters myself to the C.I.A. and N.S.A.about AREA-51 I had a roadside encounter with a member of the U.S.Department Of Defence (Special Operations)Project MoonDust-A Retrivel Program .He claimed to have worked at AREA-51…He mentioned AREA-22 !!!He talked about the underground tunnels/train…Anti-Gravity systems…and an object from Germany that was small like a coffee table in a plasma state…your book confirmed many things He spoke about back in 1999. GREAT BOOK. The Roswell Craft Is ALIEN NOT RUSSIAN that was a cover story. Thank You.

  552. Dear Annie,

    Thank you for a very interestin, revealing and informative book. And also entertaining; that applying to the Roswell story. Really a Stalin sent saucer, powered by unknown technology, with on board disabled children physically altered by nazi doctor Mengele, meant to create panick in the American population, yet with a Russian bumper sticker on it, does not sound plausible.
    Otherwise, an excellent book that I enjoyed reading. As a Canadian, I am glad to be under the American umbrella, but to tell you the truth, scientists at Area 51 are pretty scary at times. Goodness! It is also quite surprising to learn that the President is not entitled to global need-to-know. And in the case of a global nuclear war, Pennsylvania would not be large enough to contain all the contaminated soil. No war please!

  553. Dear Annie,

    Thank you for a very interesting, revealing and informative book. And also entertaining! That applying to the Roswell story. Really !? A saucer powered by basically unknown technology, sent by Stalin with disabled children on board, physically altered by Nazi doctor Mengele, to create panick in the American population; yet with a Russian bumper sticker on it ? Can`t stop laughing !!!
    Otherwise an excellent book that I enjoyed reading. As a Canadian, I am glad to be under the American umbrella as opposed to any other; but to tell you the truth, American apprentice sorcerers are pretty scary at times. God ! Even more puzzling the fact that the President does not need-to-know everything. Funny world!

  554. I was overwhelmed with your research, interviews, facility with which you wrote this as a page turning story, and your exposure of the maniacal egos that have such an impact on our existence. Did you ever dispute the claims against your Russian explanation of the Roswell crash?????

  555. Have you ever heard of the Urantia Book? If you read it I think it will shed some light on things like Roswell. Email me if you choose to discuss.

  556. your theory on Roswell was so laughable I can’t stop laughing. are you sure you have credentials better than bob lazar who you say didn’t have degrees but was there at area 51. Shakespeare didn’t have a degree either. no plane in 1947 could fly from europe or asia without refueling but don’t let obviously facts get in the way of another CIA cover story – a very laughable one. it discredits every thing you wrote about area 51. i won’t read another word written by you. too funny.

  557. This is a good book with lots of great history but here’s some Roswell facts. First and foremost Phillip Corso’s book The Day after Roswell which came out in 1997, blew the lid off once and for all. The CIA didn’t even exist at the time of the crash. The Army got to the Saucer and It and the beings were divided up between the 3 services, the craft itself going to Wright Patterson. The CIA tried for years to get details out of the Army. All the specifics are in the book but the important thing is Corso was the Ultimate! insider, his credentials were impeccable and never challenged. By writing a book with so many pages devoted to UFO’s and Roswell but never either mentioning Corso or read Corso pretty much shreds Mrs Jacobsen’s credibility, at least on this topic.

  558. Ms. Annie Jacobsen your book AREA 51 is most interesting , I have studied this subject for many years , and met an individual of High Rank who also talked about an AREA 22 that you mentioned on page 204. I met him back in 1999.! Everything you have said is true. Know one should make criticism unless they understand the truth. Bob Lazar I have been told did not work at AREA 51 since civilians were never allowed in.Underground tunnels and a train system does exist.Use of “deadly force” has NEVER been used. Thank You for a Great Book.!

  559. I loved this book and as a native New Mexican, have followed the Roswell crash over the years reading myriad books on the subject. I wish your contact would have elaborated more on your Russian saucer angle. My dad worked at White Sands Missile Range from 1960-84 and he was witness to fascinating aerial weaponry and other military technology including drones, stealth planes and cruise missile research and testing. You may want to explore WSMR further as a mini area 51. Good job and a great read.
    Hope to see a follow up soon.

  560. I thoroughly enjoyed your book. As a native New Mexican, growing up with Roswell folklore, I was intrigued by the USSR saucer crash in the desert.
    I was disappointed, as a former journalist, why some questions were not asked. #1, where did the soviets launch the saucer from? Mexico, Gulf of Mexico? Pacific ocean? all the way from Russia? I wish you would have expanded on the subject. But overall a terrific read and a great piece of history.
    Thank You.

  561. Annie
    What were you thinking? Its a good book but the part about the Russian craft landing at Rosewell is just plan nuts. Let me get this straight. You believe the story that a saucer shaped craft from Russia piloted by children made up to look like aliens flow over the north pole with the intend of landing in america to scare people? Come on. What were you smoking or did you just add the story in hopes of selling more books. Come on, tell us why you really added that BS story.

  562. I’m in the process of developing a sequel to this book!

    ‘Milione, Ron P Dr CTR OSD USARC USA’

  563. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Thank you for bringing what could be told about this mystrerious place and sticking to the facts. I fly airplanes for a commercial airline and go through Las Vegas frequently. We joke that “JANET has more flights to Area 51 than any other airline” As you know, JANET stands for Just Another Extra Terrestial. Kidding aside, I have flown with former EG&G pilots and even one flight attendant and what little they shared, which wasn’t much, corresponds with your facts. Today I was flying with a co-pilot who knew General Bond’s daughter. Once on takeoff in Las Vegas, we apparently had a new ATC controller who cleared me direct to Boise shortly after takeoff. “This is going to get interesting” “I said to the co-pilot who was also new. As he gave me a funny look, another voice came back on the radio and said “Southwest XXX, Nellis just called and said they are unable direct Boise, turn left and resume the charted departure!” “Awe shucks,” I said, “I wanted to see Dreamland.” In a mock tone of seriousness, the controller responded, “Las Vegas departure has no knowledge of any facility or instalation called Dreamland!” “Right”
    Anyway good work on the book. Well done. I still have a little trouble believing that Joseph Stalin was able to smuggle a Horten Flying Wing type aircraft into New Mexico but the truth is often stranger than anything we could logically concieve. By the way, I seem to remember a you tube video of somebody that made a scale model of the Horten wing glider. I’m afraid it didn’t fly very well but it looked identical to the photos in your book. If you like, I can try to chase that down for you.

  564. Thank you, Annie, for a well written book that thoroughly entertained me (though some of the bizarre parts makes me wonder about this world) but also made me go back to some of the history I either forgot about (Pueblo incident) or only knew the very basics (Bay Of Pigs). I wish the engineer from E,G & G would’ve opened up some more on the ‘hover’ aspects of the downed craft of 1947 and also I wish you would have asked him that since that function (through reverse engineering) has been ‘solved’ – would this account for (if not all) MOST of the U.F.O. sightings that have been reported ? Quibbling aside, thank you for writing this book – it must have been a lot of work, especially considering that you provided a lot of rich detail and information. I will recommend this book to others. Well done !

  565. Annie, forgive me, but the family that held a mining claim near Groom was Sheahan, not Sheehan. My late wife was a cousin of Dan and Martha Sheahan, and I continue my contact with their daughter, Sr. Barbara Sheahan, SHF, of Stockton CA; Barbara has personally been at the mine site and can tell some stories, in case you plan on a srequel and want another interviewee.

  566. Hmm, Not sure if Annie is in the CIA (they plant folks in the mass media all the time) or has been snookered by the CIA but that rabbits hole on Roswell is a classic pc of specious disinformation. Cmon 2 Horten bros who could never be found? Yada yada I’m not even going to bother typing how much more of her Roswell rendition is hoey! I’ll take Phillip Corso’s word on Roswell by a looong shot over this tripe. I take Astronaut Gordon Coopers testimony much more seriously. Anybody really interested in UFO’s need to watch the Disclosure Project at the National press club and see and hear public testimony by ex NASA and Military Officers and not be led astray by classic CIA disinformation tricks. It’s 2012 the truth’s been out for 20 years now!

  567. Amazing and scary. Thank you Mrs. Jacobson. Everyone needs-to-know about this book. Couldn’t and didn’t put it down until now.

  568. A thoroughly researched and well written book…although I did find 5 small errors…mostly grammatical or missing words that do not take away from the tremendous effort that went into making this book as interesting and well written on a very difficult subject.

  569. Thank you for your excellent research and writing. This book is essential reading for all thinking people, and for politicians as well!
    In writing this history you have achieved something of extremely high value to society, if we can all learn from it.

  570. I have a a few extra years on my eyes, so I had to wait til the large print edition came out to read your work. Really enjoyed it. A lot of friends from the old days…Ken Collins, Dennis Sullivan, Tony Bevaqua, Buz Carpenter…

    I came in late, in 1970, at Beale. Spent years in Kadena and later Mildenhall with the sled. Still don’t talk much about it. Not sure what the blazes is classified or not. Interesting, though, to read about things in open literature that were so hush hush. Thanks for a good memory jog!

    Rod Mitchell
    USAF Ret

  571. Just finished Area 51. This was very hard to put down! Thank you for your effort. You’ve done us all a great service.

  572. Annie your book is great and has a ton of research. I ran an operation at Area51 for 14 years and provided over 100 very classified systems that were used to test all stealth vehicles after 1975. I would love to provide you a bunch of data for your next book which I assume will be called “Area51 Post 1975”. I also have a correction for you on page 8.

    Thanks, Walt Ordway

  573. Ms. Jacobsen,

    What an inspiring achievement you have created in this book. You have made perfect sense out of decades old mysteries and have brought light to the details of Black World Operations and the depths of it’s origins.

    I hope some day you write another to shed more details and clear up speculation.

    Job well done!!!

  574. Enjoyed the book very much. Aside from small errors such as the reference to Japanese jet fighters intercepting B 29s, the book filled in gaps and questions left by such books as Dark sun by Richard Rhodes. As far as insane projects in that area, look into Pluto, the nuclear turbine cruise missile. If you are considering following up on the Russian Roswell connection, I suggest starting at the other end. The Russians had many high energy field research programs that looked into Tesla research all the way to Philadelphia project type ideas. The Moscow technical institute may be a place to start. Thanks again for a great book all the best.

  575. Annie, I am so privileged to have your book. Once I started it, I could not put it down.

  576. Very well written. The research is incredible (time and energy)! I read only nonfiction, four or five per month. I had my objections at first to get your book, glad I did. It’s a good read when an author can put it on paper! Cheers

  577. Amazing book Annie. Job well done!

  578. Stellar contribution to knowledge concerning Area 51 and its many other nicknames.

  579. Amazing book! Had to force myself to put it down so I don’t miss the Superbowl. Incredible.research , extremely well written. Thank-your Annie!

  580. Annie, Bought the book shortly after its release but it took a while for me to get to it. All the critcisim aside, I believe the book to provide more previously unknowns than untruths. A lot of what was in print filled in a lot of spaces for me. An informed person, reads and contemplates all and draws hi or her own conclusions. Great job. Larry

  581. A. Jacobsen
    I was given your book at Christmas. I turned each page with excitement and a flood of memories. One was listening to the scope watchers at the radar site at Gander Newfoundland discussing the angels they saw on their scopes. “Angels” as any known aircraft could not fly that high. U2s were flying in the airspace just to the east in the Atlantic.
    I remember giving a weather briefing to a SR-71 pilot at USAF Goose Bay, Labrador. He had landed due to refrigeration problems. I believe it was the only time one landed in Canada.
    Excellent book. Thanks Don

  582. Thanks for a great read. As a young man during the 60’s and 70’s you have supplied some of the missing puzzle pieces. I was in the USAF stationed at Edwards AFB in 1973….first time the SR71 “buzzed” the area I knew it wasn’t my grandfathers Air Force!

    Interesting phrase….”Need to know”…..having spent 20 years in the military I heard it often.

  583. I’m not a military buff, aviation buff or a buff of any kind. I don’t even know why I picked up the book, read the jacket and bought it. But I could not be happier that I did. While I can’t speak to some of the technical errors posted earlier, I frankly don’t care. The work, the research and story-telling is brilliant. I cannot imagine the organization required to pull all this together and you should be congratulated for a true achievement. Congratulations on an outstanding piece of writing and for sharing what you learned in such a cogent, enetertaining fashion. If you find yourself speaking in Boston I certainly hope to know about it.

  584. Area 51 is a terrific accomplishment in publishing information about the hidden history that needed to be told for several decades now. Thank you.
    I was a member of a SAC bomber crew in the Korea and Cold War years and flew some of those missions carrying nuclear weapons around in case of a sudden Russian attack on the United States. We did regularly scheduled briefings for various targets in Russia. After I ended my active duty I finished college and went to work as a journalist on several midwest newspapers and wound up working for technical companies as a writer for the next 40 years. I was fortunate to have worked on projects for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, and I can guarantee that our astronauts did in fact land on the moon,

    In my later years, I also helped several business writers edit some of their books, so I can appreciate the time and effort you put into this remarkable book, that I hope will have a sequel.

    Every author I have ever worked with has asked me and other friends to let them know if they ever find any discrepancies in any of their works, so that they could correct them in a later edition. I found just three minor word usages that seem a bit off in Area 51, and thought you might like to know about them. No offense or criticism intended. These things creep through the most carefully edited works, and I have created my share of them in my puny efforts.

    For what it’s worth, here they are:

    1. Near the top od p. 159 in talking about the suicide of Frank Wisner, you say he “took a shotgun….and put a bullet in his own head.” Shotguns do not fire bullets.

    2. Near the bottom of p.167 you say “the men did not catch any deer anyway.” I have done a lot of hunting and no hunter would ever “catch” a deer. He would “take” a deer or “kill” a deer, but he would “catch” a fish.

    3. Near the top of p. 184 you say Brig. Gen. Jack Ledford was “attacked by Japannese fighter jets” during WW2. “Fighters” yes. “Jets” no, not in WW2 except for a handful of German aircraft in the final months of the war.

    These are all little things that in no way detract from the value of your book, but they are like fingernails on a chalkboard to us military guys.

    Submitted with great respect and admiration.

  585. annie i just finished reading area 51 the other it in record time.i worked at the nevada test site while in the air force,feb 1976 thru august 1978.i was assigned to the tonopah electronic warfare range as a memeber of tfwc/range group.the section on sandia corporation and their tests with plutonium caught my attention,as we shared that section of the range complex with them….had no idea they did any nuke testing on that section of the range but,it doesn’t surprize me..i did have a great time working up there however.we provided a good portion of the testing for dod,the us military and our allies on that range.basically,we simulated the soviet air defense network,so every new weapon system was run against us to see how they would fare in the event of war with russia or her client states as well as us devising our tactics and training our aircrews on how best to penetrate thier defenses,personally i was assigned to the mps t1 radar system which simulated the sa2 and sa3 surface to air missle system.our mission was to lower the learning time of our aircrew in identifing the threats aligned against them,know what tactics work best and lower the losses of our aircrew in the 1st weeks of a conflict.the air force data accrued from all of the airwars every faught show a pilot/aircrew is most apt to be shotdown in its 1st 10 missions,if we could lower that to 9,we would have saved many a crew to fight another day.the name of the operation we ran was red flag and its been run out of nellis air force base and the ranges since 1975.that is one of the reasons why our air airforces and those of our allies have been so successful in both gulf wars and bosnia.wanted to let ya know that as we,the 300 folks i served with are never mentioned anywhere,but i do watch with pride whenever i see what our airpower accomplishes and with so little loss.makes me know that the long hours/days and weeks we spent away from our loved ones allowed so many to come home safely to theirs…

    joe delgrande
    smsgt/usaf/ctang retired

  586. I need to know more about Area 51 test facility & about the ufo & Aliens.

  587. Annie im half way thru your book which to putting it mildly is GREAT!. It verifies some things ive read or suspected for years.Some things in your book i have read in other non fiction books on current events, spy stuff etc and in eye spy magazine.All i read is non fiction stuff,Are there other newer books by you or others that have info like this,please advise.

  588. If all the information that you have learned about Area 51 is the size of a crouton and the real tru