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  1. Eilen. You are absolutely right that would be incorrect (!!). The text is correct; I will re-listen to the audio to see if I misspoke (and production didn’t catch it). Warm wishes, Annie Jacobsen

  2. David, this is a terrific question and I will as my publisher. Warm wishes, and keep reading. — Annie Jacobsen

  3. Yes, error corrected in next edition. Thanks for reading so closely! Warm wishes, Annie Jacobsen

  4. Hi David, thanks for reading, and for joining the Back to the Brink webinar. In that discussion, the *people involved* refers to people involved whom I interviewed specifically— and all of them retired. As far as getting additional voices of former military people on the record, I suggest speaking to Paul Bracken, at Yale, as he was present at Proud Prophet war games and writes about this in his book. Warm wishes, Annie Jacobsen

  5. Yes, the error has been corrected for the next printing. And thanks for reading so closely. Warm wishes, Annie Jacobsen.

  6. Yes, publication in South Korea forthcoming. Stay tuned, and thank you.

  7. While the book was an interesting read, it is 100% secular. I am going to keep my faith in Jesus and scripture, and not man. FYI, the wrath of God is going to be even worse than 1,000 ICBM’s. Seals, Trumpets and Bowls are coming. Not if, but when.

  8. Annie, I read the Area 51 book when it came out. I saw you on the Lex podcast and was fascinated by the revelation of the source for the Horton flying disk. There is definitely a very good story there. Have you considered following that up. The revelation that the US pursued this technology and more horribly the experimenting on humans is something that we all need to know about. Can that be followed in any way? I’d love to know how that could be explored. I’m willing to do grunt work if you are interested in doing more.

  9. Greetings Mrs Jacobsen,

    Is it that the current administration has intentionally opened the jugular of America to the hyena’s of the world, or has Babylon’s Cabal, as allowed by God, manipulated this phase on the global stage? When we get nuked, where will the 17 intelligence agencies be?

    Best regards,

  10. I just went to your site. i have a question is this a good way to contact you?

  11. Hi Annie, I’ve just finished Nuclear War: A Scenario and found it to be a gripping, terrifying work. I have a query I’m hoping you’d be willing to answer… Your book effectively communicated the bleakest possible version of the fog of war, a catastrophe accelerated and worsened by the inability of national leaders/enemies to communicate clearly under the duress and institutional pressure of a “use them or lose them” mindset. It really is a chilling picture of madness and I certainly have no faith that humans will find a way out if Deterrence indeed collapses… so maybe I’m just looking for any sliver of hope here with my questions. Which are: you made it clear that the Russian satellite early warning system is far inferior to ours but one detail I wanted to know, which was not included (unless it is in there and I’m misremembering), is whether the Russians would have tracked the initial ICBM launched from North Korea? You detail how the US system would pick this launch up almost immediately so I’m naturally wondering where the Russian system would engage here and if that might come earlier than depicted? Early initial launch info could read the Russians into the situation quicker and be valuable in their decision making, maybe determining how urgent and willing their communications with US counterparts are, and whether they believe the info coming from them. Are the Russians not also able to track the specific targeting of enemy ICBMs, in the case of the US counterstrikes at North Korea, to distinguish between those that are overflying Russian territory and those that are destined for it? None of these questions are criticisms, they are, again, just me hoping for hope! Congrats on a great piece of work and a valuable one. Everyone should read it and be shaken by it.

  12. Hi Annie–
    I’m a journalist working on a story about my grandfather, Robert Lusser, a Paperclip engineer who headed the V-1 flying bomb and Bf-109 projects, among others. I’d very much like to interview with you for the Season 2 of my podcast, The Man Who Calculated Death, which is scheduled to comr out this fall on Wondery. I also have a book out on submission right now. Hoping you’ll say yes and we can set a date to talk. Your book was amazingly helpful to me and I uncovered some interesting detail about my own families journey to America via OP.

    Thanks and hope you’re well. Suzanne Rico

  13. Hello Annie,

    I am listening to your interview with Joe Rogan about Operation Paperclip.

    You express an inability to understand why the Germans became “evil Nazis”…

    PLEASE read the following two articles. It’s NOT meant as an “excuse” for what the Nazis did… however, it may help you to understand a little more about their collective … and individual… psychology.

    A piece of gruesome, little known, historical context…

    The Childhood Origins of World War II and the Holocaust

    “The total neglect or trivialization of the childhood factor operative in the context of violence and the way it evolves in early infancy sometimes leads to explanations that are not only unconvincing and abortive but actively deflect attention away from the genuine roots of violence.”
    ~ Alice Miller

    Full article:


    I would love to hear what you think…

    I also just purchased 2 of your books. Thank you so much for your work! 🙏🏼

    ~ Nicoletta

  14. I’m listening to operation paperclip on audible. Very fascinating. There’s an error in chapter 13, At 40 minutes and 19 seconds. You read that General Walter Dornberger was brought to the United States in 1942. I don’t think that can be correct.

    Thank you for the excellent work. I’m learning so much.

  15. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen.
    I have been listening to multiple interviews on your new book and was so shocked as to certain things I learned that I ordered the book within the very same few hours of completing the streams.
    I never knew you had such detail insight and to be honest I never read any of your books before which will definitely change now !
    Mam, I have tried to reach you through the Penguine Randomhouse page that was provided online but received a mail-daemon in return, saying this address does not exist.
    Is there any other way to contact you?
    Thank you very much

  16. Dear Annie, Thank you for writing ‘Nuclear War: A Scenario’, it’s an astonishing work and a clarion call to all humanity; to come to our senses and step back. I don’t think a more effectively expressed narrative is possible; it’s compelling beyond anything I’ve ever read before ( and I include Orwell’s ‘1984’, read in one sitting at the age of 14). Thank you also for your efforts to promote the book and its message.

  17. re Nuclear War A best seller?
    My library says it’s in ‘limited distribution”. My and other libraries don’t have it. Why is that? What’s your sales force for?

    Why does Penguin/Random not want it widely distributed?

  18. I’m watching your interview with Steven, on The Diary of a CEO YouTube channel, about your book on Nuclear War for the second time. I find it astounding that nobody thinks of Directed Energy Weapons as an alternative to the horrific bomb scenario.
    When nano-technology is being injected into humans, it can has the same catastrophic effect of wiping out billions, destroying the infrastructure our lives depend on. This method is more evil, covert, undetectable and 100% deniable as to who pushed the button.
    I hope you write about this in the present future.

  19. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I just finished your book “Nuclear War”. It is excellent, both fascinating and scary as hell! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts.
    I’ve one small oversight to point out to you from page 262, where you write- “Not since John F Kennedy has a U.S president seen combat”. May I remind you of George H.W. Bush’s commendable service in the fall of 1944 during WWII and his active duty status while JFK had been taken off active duty by the end of that same year?
    Thank you again. I’ll be reading more of your works in the near future.
    Kind regards,
    John M Randall

  20. Please consider a book signing in NY for 2024 or 2025. Thank you

  21. Dear Annie Jacobsen – I haven’t read all the comments above, but in your book, Nuclear War, you state that no US President was a combat veteran since President Kennedy. President Bush was a pilot in WWII. Coming from a family with a tradition of public service, George Herbert Walker Bush felt the responsibility to make his contribution both in time of war and in peace. Born in Milton, Massachusetts, on June 12, 1924, he became a student leader at Phillips Academy in Andover. On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the armed forces. The youngest pilot in the Navy when he received his wings, he flew 58 combat missions during World War II. On one mission over the Pacific as a torpedo bomber pilot he was shot down by Japanese antiaircraft fire and was rescued from the water by a U. S. submarine. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action. (From his official bio)

  22. Hi Annie,

    Are you interested in a collaboration?

    I am a former soldier with cryptology experience.

    I believe I have developed a cipher that is using hieroglyphic coding to secretly/subliminally convey messages on the internet in public spaces like I do not know if I share this experience with others, but have made recordings of my computer usage over the last months and can show with a case study communication with at least one youtube persona using this cipher.

    I do not know of all of the capabilities of our current intelligence, but am a US citizen and not within the range of a FISA warrant in my understanding of the law. I am aware of Total Information Awareness, The Freedom Act and DARPA projects. I am also involved with the Veteran’s Administration and have signed many waivers during a time of homelessness years ago, as I was attempting to seek treatment for an MST, which may have subjected me to intelligence style systems.

    I am a fan of your work and watched some of your lectures and thought perhaps you would have the background and interest in such a collaboration.

    Thank you for your time.


  23. Can you tell me why you did not include Cobra Dane as one of the sensors in the early sections of the book?

  24. I saw your interview with Steven Bartlett. Riveting. So I decided to explore some of your other books. I purchased your The Pentagon’s Brain. I can’t put it down. I appreciate your writing style and clear use of facts and story telling. I’ll be reading more.!

  25. Hi Ms Jacobsen:
    I have read and enjoyed both Suprise, Kill, Vanish and Nuclear War. Both are fascinating and thought provoking works. Thank you.
    While listening to your interview with Lex Fridman on the 6 minute window, I wondered how I would react. One piece of information I think I would want to know is “if I don’t respond to the full launch by (evil country), would it avoid a nuclear winter?” Did you come across a “threshold number” or similar where once crossed, it doesn’t matter to refuse to launch in attempt to save humanity?

  26. After 1041 comments you may not see this. But my query is, if an anti-missile missile hits a nuclear delivery vehicle, what happens?
    – a nuclear explosion in mid air, irradiating who knows what?
    – a fall to earth or ocean of components, some irradiating, but not catastrophic?
    – a fall to earth with a nuclear explosion on landing, wherever that happened to be?
    – a continued voyage to a new destination detonating… or not?

    (I am a British Quaker peacenik)

  27. Good Day Annie. I saw you on an interview recently, which is where I learned about you and your book “Nuclear War” A Scenario.
    I can’t remember when I last read a book from cover to cover. I was born in 1952. Cold War Days. Your book promoted much thought on my part. Much of which I hadn’t even imagined. I am shocked that little North Korea could shut down the U.S. with just one EMP Air Burst. And what they could do to South Korea is far more than I had ever considered. Russia, China or any country could do the same, and may already be posed to do that if they choose. The U.S. has been falling behind with our offensive & defensive capabilities for decades now. Our politicians have been too wishfully gullible in dealing with our potential enemies. We could have used a few Hyman Rickover’s running all branches of our military up to now. Your book is a superb possible scenario of what could happen in realistic detail. It’s far worse than I have previously imagined. Great Eye-opening and frightening food for deep thought. I am a former USAF TAC Vietnam Veteran. Most Americans have no clue about nuclear weapons, their history, nuclear war possibilities and their ultimate results. It’s good to be knowledgeable, however, “blissful ignorance” and being vaporized in a nuclear attack works for me. Great Book and Great Work on Your Part. Thank You & Best Regards. I am a fan…

  28. Dear Ms. Jacobsen, I just read your extraordinary book. It was riveting, moving and scary as all hell. Having lived a good and relatively long life (73), my thoughts and fears – as I pored through the pages of your work – were fixed solidly on my children and grandchildren and the tenuous nature of living in a nuclear world where crazed actors can unleash Armageddon in a few mere ticks of the clock. Thank you for the obviously enormous effort you put into this. “Nuclear War” should be required reading by every member of Congress.
    PS: I shudder to think – if what could occur this November – indeed takes place. Prefer nuclear Armageddon remain just a “scenario”, not something brought to potential reality by egomania.
    Ed Cheney

    Sent from my iPhone

    Hi! Please investigate Direct Democracy as a tool to rein in nuclear weapons, militarism, and the Pentagon.
    DD is a political reform tool that is promoted by the Foreign Policy Alliance, a Houston antiwar group.

    For details I suggest you acquire a copy of “Let the People Rule”, by prof. John Matsusaka. He heads the Initiative and Referendum Institute at USC.


    Peacemakers can use local ballot measures, both binding and non-binding, to change the national conversation about American foreign policy. I have seen DD used successfully many times on local matters.

    More importantly, the Nuclear Freeze movement used it to great effect in the 1980s.
    Progressive historian Lawrence Wittner is an expert on that episode. See:
    Interview – Lawrence Wittner – Confronting the Bomb
    “What Activists Can Learn from the Nuclear Freeze Movement
    ” (2003?)

    “The Nuclear Freeze and It’s impact” (2010)

    A younger historian of the movement is Henry Maar who released “Freeze! The Grassroots movement to halt the Arms race” in 2021:

    I have more information if you are interested.

    Barry Klein
    Houston, TX
    Check out our Take Action page.

  30. Annie
    Given the heat turning up on the story of UFO’s. You’re the logical author to tackle this subject. I would love to know your thoughts on David Grusch and Lue Elizondo and the momentum and veracity (in your opinion) of this topic.

  31. Hi Ms Jacobsen
    I have read several of your books but was terrified by Nuclear War.A senario.
    It’s a book I wish I never read but so glad I did. For several days it haunted my thoughts, and as you, wondered how as a people could we be so incredibly stupid. As a retired teacher of history I would, if still teaching, make this a compulsory read for every senior student.
    If every sane person read this book and realised the ramifications of nuclear war then I could imagine people storming every capital city of every nuclear capable nation to demand the disarming of every nuclear warhead.

  32. Dear Annie….I was unaware of your work prior to discovering “Nuclear War” (as I scrolled through Audible looking for something of interest.) All I can say is that it is one of the most important and extraordinary books that I’ve read in years. Every world leader should be required to read it. Every elected official should be required to read it. It should be required reading in schools and Universities across the globe. Your heart wrenching descriptions of the impact of nuclear war is bone chilling. A global lesson in the razors edge in which we live. Thank you for your scholarship on this topic.

  33. Annie … the book was riveting. There was a small graphic showing likely targets in the U.S. but is there a printed list of them

  34. As an extremely important compliment to your work, I think you should take a look at “Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy” by Prof. Dmitry Adamsky, published by Stanford University Press. Available at Amazon. Several long excerpt-based articles published in Foreign Policy.

    It describes the 20-years program of President V. Putin (former Director of FSB) to replace the institution of KGB political officers (political commissar, pompolit) instantiated at every level of the Russian military (top-down Kremlin, every submarine, every bomber squadron, every missile squadron) with Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) priest officers, under the final authority of Patriarch Kirill, reporting to Putin. Additionally, the priest officers are positioned throughout the nuclear weapons development complex, as is a decisive accompanying official doctrine.

    Thus, while it has been the concern of the West that nuclear weapons and Islamic theocratic government are the stuff of nightmares (Pakistan is still nominally secular in its government), it is already the case that the entire Russian nuclear command authority has been reordered on Christian fundamentalist structure.

    From the blurb at Amazon:

    “A nuclear priesthood has arisen in Russia. From portable churches to the consecration of weapons systems, the Russian Orthodox Church has been integrated into every facet of the armed forces to become a vital part of Russian national security, politics, and identity. This extraordinary intertwining of church and military is nowhere more visible than in the nuclear weapons community, where the priesthood has penetrated all levels of command and the Church has positioned itself as a guardian of the state’s nuclear potential. Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy considers how, since the Soviet collapse in 1991, the Church has worked its way into the nuclear forces, the most significant wing of one of the world’s most powerful military organizations.

    Dmitry Adamsky describes how the Orthodox faith has merged with Russian national identity as the Church continues to expand its influence on foreign and domestic politics. The Church both legitimizes and influences Moscow’s assertive national security strategy in the twenty-first century. This book sheds light on the role of faith in modern militaries and highlights the implications of this phenomenon for international security. Ultimately, Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy interrogates the implications of the confluence of religion and security for other members of the nuclear club, beyond Russia.”

    Prof. Dmitry Adamsky at Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy, Reichman University, Israel:

    “Dmitry (Dima) Adamsky is a full professor at the School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy and the Head of the BA Honors Track in Strategic Studies, at the Reichman University, Israel.

    He has previously been affiliated with Harvard and Columbia Universities, the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies, and with the Center for Eastern European Studies at the University of Zurich. He is a visiting professor and researcher at the Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania.”

    Best regards,

    Avi Metcalfe
    Jerusalem, Israel

  35. could you do a book on DARPA’s human genetics research?

  36. I just finished nuclear war. I’ve never needed a hug more.

  37. Saw an interview you did with Joe Rogan and was impressed. Thought I had heard it all but sounds like you dig to a whole other level.
    Was nice to be surprised by some new material. Saw where you did some research on DARPA for a book and was wondering how much you may have uncovered about Regina Dugan who used to head up DARPA before she left to go work for GOOGLE. I will always remember her from a book I read by Andrew Basiago years ago about his amazing story of his childhood spent deeply involved in his military father’s top secret Time Travel experiments. Andrew, who is a lawyer today, remembers other young people who were involved and being trained in
    Government programs such as George W Bush, Barack Obama, and Regina Dugan. Think Manchurian Candidate!
    If you don’t already know this story please take a peek and see what you can dig up. It’s more chilling than the back story on the Nazis.
    Thank you for your work.

  38. to: Annie Jacobsen
    cc: Ira Helfand
    fr: David Ransohoff
    re: Follow-up to May 29 re: Might any experts speak out against deterrence?

    Hi Ms. Jacobsen,

    The overwhelmingly important message of your book is: “Deterrence works until it doesn’t, and then everyone dies. It’s insane.”
    And you’ve said, “Everyone I talked to thinks the situation is insane.”

    And in your May 29 seminar with Ira and others, you corrected my question-from-the-audience when I asked if deterrence experts at, say RAND or the Kennedy School, might speak out against deterrence.

    You replied, “No. People involved in maintaining deterrence think it will work.”

    So I write now to ask, “What about other experts, like those involved in war games at the Naval War College, and other war-games settings?” From what I have read, and from your reporting, it sounds like all war games always end up with escalation and disaster.

    The point of asking you this is that I think public disavowal by experts could be so powerful. Back from the Brink, as important as it may be, is ‘just civilians’ who have no inside information or expertise. In contrast, we need top people who are educated or experienced, like Reagan was converted to and like John Kennedy was during the Cuban missile crisis (in part because he’d recently read ‘August 1914’) to speak out and to lead.
    So do you have any direct information from people at, say, the Naval War College? Or others more directly involved in war games? Is there any hope at all of getting any to speak? Has anyone asked them, “How in the world do you live with the results and implications of your research? And how should this be handled?”

    Bottom line: Is there any potential value and any specific work to do in this approach?

    In the meantime thank you again for your wonderful work. I’m hopeful about the possible impact of a movie based on your book, hopefully with follow-up news and commentary like The Day After had.

    I look forward to any thoughts you may have. Thank you again, and carry on.

    David F. Ransohoff MD
    Professor of Medicine
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Harvard ’68; longtime member of PSR ‘from the old days’; friend of Jack Geiger (and I almost left medicine in 1982 to do work like him)

  39. Thanks for the something totally new you have exposed in your writing. One thing I’d prefer to comment on is that FSBO human relationships are built with time. By releasing yourself to owners the first saturday and sunday their FSBO can be announced, ahead of the masses begin calling on Mon, you develop a good link. By sending them tools, educational elements, free reports, and forms, you become a great ally. If you take a personal interest in them plus their scenario, you build a solid link that, many times, pays off in the event the owners opt with an agent they know as well as trust — preferably you actually.

  40. Hi Annie!
    I just finished your Area 51 book and enjoyed reading it very much. You dug for details no one else has revealed and my hat’s off to you. What a great investigative reporter you are!

    I wanted to share an experience I had as a young Radio announcer in January 1971 at WCBK AM/FM in Martinsville, IN. One Saturday morning I ripped the UPI wire and was expecting the usual EBS test message which consisted on 10 bells, a line of X’s followed by “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System” etc.

    Only this particular morning that’s not the message they sent, it was a real emergency message, complete with instructions to open the authenticator envelope and match the passwords. I did this; the passwords matched, and I was expecting the bombs to start falling 🙂
    WCBK was a Tier 4 station, which meant we signed off during national emergencies, but I thought it best to call the station owner for further instructions. We had a text we were supposed to read before signing off the transmitters, but the boss said “just do a legal ID and shut her down”. Which I did. I thought it strange that our EBS monitor Radio didn’t go off, and I double-checked to make sure it was working. The Tier one Radio station in Indy (WIBC) was still broadcasting normal programming, which I felt was odd.

    Then, I again checked the UPI wire and they transmitted the “all clear” message with authenticator words, however they did NOT match those in the envelope. So my suspicions were raised that this might be what an enemy would do. But I again called the owner and he said to sign the station back on, that it was probably all a mistake, which it was.
    Over the years I’ve looked for press coverage of this and found little; most Radio stations were ignorant of the message, and it was later written off as someone at Cheyenne mountain playing the wrong message down the wire. Two Radio stations, WCCO in St Paul, MN (which was a Tier 1) stayed on-air and I’ve included a link to how they handled it. And here’s how WOWO (Tier 1 in Ft. Wayne, IN) handled it:

  41. Hi Annie,
    I am the grandson of a media mogul, and a CIA/OSS kingpin. I have a story to tell. Only in person in a secured bugless room…..

  42. I just finished your book Nuclear War. It was very informative, lots of great information and it certainly points out the insanity of a nuclear world and the wire we balance humanity on. However, the premise that Russia would launch based on seeing 100 nukes flying at their eastern border (and having had 3 calls from high ranking US officials) seems off or the Russians are just not that smart. An attack on Russia would certainly include a heavy barrage focused on eastern Russia. While it would not matter to this country, wouldn’t the oil and chemicals you said would be toxic into the future just disintegrate in 100+ million temperatures?

  43. Dear Annie, As a mother and professional woman I want to thank you for your hard work and for giving humans the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and find a way to cut the Gordian nuclear knot. I am going to send your book as a holiday gift or for any other reason. Hoping that we can wake up in time. Our son is 20 and he gives me hope. May we live up to our potential. Sending you blessings for all good things.

  44. Dear mrs Jacobsen,
    Having read ‘nuclear war, a scenario’ twice, I am very impressed, shocked and worried in the same time. Thanks for this excellent book! One question I have: is the timeschedule in which you describe how the world comes to an end for humanity (72 hrs) a reality?
    Kind regards,
    Frank Degenaar
    The Netherlands

  45. Saw you on C-Span. You spoke of The Day After as being a horrifying depiction of nuclear war. It was and is the Disney version compared to British counterpart Threads. This BBC movie was shown in Britain twice. And once here on PBS. People find it so disturbing that they just don’t show it. I do not agree with that tack. Of course it can be purchased … if you dare.

  46. In 2019 a White House employee was walking her dog in Arlington, and they were both hit with a Russian microwave weapon. The dog had a seizure and the staffer experienced something akin to shell shock. It was widely reported that China was developing ‘race specific’ bioweapons, and was also actively training to deploy bioweapons against US Aircraft Carriers. The name for the suite of weapons I described are called ‘New Physical Principles Weapons’, and include an entirely new class of WMD, that leverages geoengineering to create natural disasters.

    I have oftentimes heard people say ‘imagine what other weapons x country has, that we don’t even know about.” New Physical Principles Weapons represent a current and emerging danger to humanity, and I don’t think there’s a single book in the world that mentions them.

  47. I just finished reading your latest book, Nuclear War A Scenario.
    I couldn’t put it down. Due to all you put in the book I’m going to start it all over again.
    So much to think about. So much information.
    An outstanding job!
    Thank you,
    First time I’ve read your work. I wil buy more.

  48. Boy, you get a ton of comments.

    Just saw a re-broadcast of “Nuclear War” on C-SPAN.

    One question: Does the recent Chinese demonstration of a hyper-sonic missile put the final nail in the coffin of American missile defense?


  49. Annie I just finished Surprise, Kill, Vanish and I wanted to let you know I love your writing style. So many books with a lot of information like this read worse than most textbooks. Your style made the book flow and always kept my interest.

    I also appreciate the fact that I could get the book in Hard Copy with Large Print. My eyesight is fairly good but if I ‘m reading small print at the end of the day it is hard to stay awake :).

    I am getting ready to buy some more of your books. Do you have one or 2 which are your favorites?

    Thanks again.

  50. Nuclear War: A Scenario was a powerful tour-de-force that should be required reading in every school, university, or any place of higher learning. Annie, I loved this book! It was as engaging as it was horrifying. The lessons learned during each turn of the page was difficult but necessary. This was my first read of something you authored; it won’t he the last.

  51. Hi–I’d just like to note that George H.W. Bush was a combat veteran and was shot down in the Pacific, saved only by luck of a US submarine. Other boys flying on his mission who were shot down and swept to shore were incarcerated as POW in Japan and tortured. “Not since JFK has a president seen combat” (page 262).

  52. Hi Mrs. Jacobsen – My dad is a fan of your books. Will you be doing a book tour on the East coast anytime soon?

  53. Just finished reading Nuclear War…to say it was a disturbing experience would grossly minimize its impact. Somehow you were able to synthesize the technical aspects of nuclear warfare, replete with all the mind-numbing jargon, with the descriptive existential horrors awaiting us were a nuclear war to occur. God help us all…

  54. Annie, your books are amazing. They’re so interesting and knowledge filled. Please keep up the hard work of bringing us the truth!

  55. Dear Annie Jacobson,

    I took the liberty of mentioning your book and an interview in my recent post which can be viewed by going to and clicking on the post “Bee Radioactive.” As always, I try to provide the proper links and credits but am open to corrections, criticisms, and suggestions. On a personal note, your extensive research with those at the forefront made your book a bit more scary, especially as tensions escalate around the world. Hats off for bringing this bit of reality to a larger audience. Fingers crossed that your book stimulates a few of my readers into action as well…

    All the best…Michael Martin for Note From A Bears Journey

  56. Thought S K V was super. Part 1 D, part 2 A+, part 3 A, part 4 A- (mainly because it ended). Thxs, ag

  57. I just read Nuclear War. It’s more terrifying than a Stephen King novel

  58. Annie,
    I first heard you on the JRE a couple years ago talking about Operation Paperclip and it didn’t take long before I knew I had to go read the book. Simply astounding. My great uncle served in ww2 and was apart of a reconnaissance squadron. I recently acquired some of his stuff and was hoping you could help me with some guidance. There’s an important story to be told and could use some help. I promise it’s at least worth an email!

  59. In order to change human behavior on a societal scale we need to create new culture. And in order to create new culture we need to create new language. Anyone and everyone can make new words.
    I would like to share a discovery regarding spoken language and human culture. You can find my writings, done about 35 years ago, by Googling for – Joseph Gilbert on sound symbolism – . If you’re interested I will send more recent writings on the same subject.

    Joseph Gilbert, 805-290-3223

  60. Annie,

    Just finished “Nuclear War: A Scenario”. I’ve read each of your previous books and “Nuclear War: A Scenario” did not disappoint. Great job. Keep up the great work!

  61. Ms Jacobsen,
    I heard your interview on “The Diary of a CEO” and was riveted.
    The bit about Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev deciding together to limit nuclear weapons was particularly gripping. An interesting historical perspective, which I am sure you’ll find interesting is the attention the Lubavitcher Rebbe gave to the famed meeting in New York between Pres HW Bush and Boris Yeltsin at the UN General Assembly in 1992. At that meeting it was decided between the two most powerful leaders of the world to limit these weapons and use technology to the benefit of humanity. The Rebbe saw in it the beginning of the fulfilment of the prophesy of the End of Days (the Redemption) in Isaiah 2:4 (a verse emblazoned on one of the walls of the UN Building itself!):
    “And he will judge between the nations, and will decide concerning many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”.
    Here’s a link:

  62. 🌟🌟🌟You should have a podcast or a YouTube channel because you are the type of person I enjoy listening to. 🌟🌟🌟

  63. Hi Annie, I just happened upon your information and plan on getting your book! My ears always perk up when I hear talk of this subject. I’m near 70 now, and have been quietly writing song lyrics for the past 18 years. One of the first songs I wrote was ‘Killing Robins’, reflecting on a day in my youth, that transforms into a something unexpected. My wife of 46 years was recently diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. Shortly after that devastating news, I stumbled upon the amazing musical abilities of Ai. Instinctively, I seized the opportunity that had presented itself. My wife can now hear what she’s seen me write over the years. She probably has them memorized by now! I have produced around 70 songs over the last couple of months, all with my lyrics, and put out two albums! ‘Killing Robins’ is the title song of the first album. The song starts our docile enough, then has a pleasing change in intensity, with strong messaging at the end. All of my songs are on You Tube. Enjoy! It’s been my intention all along.

  64. Hi Annie, I watched both of your videos on nuclear war on YouTube. I have a question for you. I remember that it was said by our government that we have some sort of lasers in space that can shoot down nukes. Is this true and could that be used in an all out nuclear war? I grew up in generation X and I’m extremely concerned with the growing escalations between China, Russia, N. Korea, Iran and Israel.

  65. Hello Distinguished Author Ms. Annie Jacobsen: Just finished my third Reading of Nuclear War! Before some very foolish Leader decides to destroy the World, we must work to eliminate the chance of this ever happening. Just think of the money wasted worldwide to build such weapons. I hope to meet you someday. When you wish to laugh, read my book “Rock Hill” and to make you think (perhaps), please read my book “America’s Opportunities”. I plan to buy and read ALL of your other books which I suspect provided the foundation for your ability to get Important People to trust you with their knowledge. God Bless, Jim James A. Nelson, 5506 152nd Pl SE, Bellevue, WA 98006 425-747-2888

  66. I bought and read the book. 1/3 of it just paper waste!
    notes, names, useless stuff! I want a refund!

  67. Hi Annie,
    We conversed before about why Dr. Lovick did not install a cesium injection system on the Blackbirds. The reason they were allowed to be built. It is obvious they could not because the most secret technology of that day could not have been kept secret if done so. My duty had the fiduciary responsibility to report hazardous materials used in defense systems. Especially in the use of materials on our assigned aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbirds and U-2’s. So, with my concerns sent to the IG for the Air Combat Command resulted in zero evidence through stated “exhaustive investigations” by multiple defense agencies. I still have the letter they sent me to that regards.

    While I was maintaining our airborne “HEAVY” nuclear defense forces, disarming and repairing damage weapons, etc, You were still in high school. From listening to your many interviews, I just don’t think you have the reality of the situation in regards to the purpose and scope of deterrence.
    You are very informed and educated, yet I’m not seeing your point of view. I think that many of the people that you interview, give you a little BS.

    When North Korea was launching missile near Japan, President Trump actually challenge Kim Jon to stop it. Trump was the first to offer an olive branch and actually the first to meet with him, shake hands at the DMZ. Trump was a talented peace maker where everyone else only instigated and escalated. What we are seeing now, in real time, wars exploding on every continent, I see as a result of Biden’s weakness. The human animal, like in all of nature, sees weakness as a reason start conflict. We called it Peace Through Strength, We had a large sign over the entrance of our base that read “PEACE IS OUR PROFESSION” That was our motivation to make sure our skill sets were above everything else because we knew the enemy watched our every move.

    We where very trained and educated in the scope and purpose of our deterrent force before being assigned No Lone Zone Access, PRP, and The Nuclear Surety Program. You can look up the requirements for anyone getting near to much less work on nuclear weapons. It is an exhaustive process. When I had to use aggressive tools in troubleshooting on the spot how to access an armed nuclear missile in order to disarm it, it was at gun point as well as being surrounded by a dozen bombers filled with nuclear weapons. Security personnel can’t understand why a person is using a big hammer on a live nuclear missile.

    As far as deterrence goes, I think President Trump had what it takes to make the deterrence work as it was designed. The enemy must know that America would not hesitate. That is the deterrence. That’s what prevents it. As bad it is, we wish there had never been a reason for nuclear weapons but since the beginning of human history someone always had a bigger club, rock, spear, etc. I do not think they will just disappear from the face of the earth. in fact much more powerful weapons will be develop.

    I have a few of your books, I see that you write in your modern perspective of today. To be more accurate people should know the perspective in the time period when history actually happened. It’s only and all about deterrence, that’s all we got.

    P.S. You write about Roswell “aliens” you are not reporting the history in it’s perspective in history. There are only theories, of course there is also fact and if you understood what was happening at that time in history you would see the obvious truth and the reasons the secret could never be disclosed.

  68. Hi Annie,
    I’m a member of the Hopi Tribe (located in Northeastern Arizona) and live in Boston area. I’m listening to your interview with “Diary of a CEO” and I haven’t read your books yet, but am in the process of ordering your Area 51 book. I’m wondering if you have knowledge or written anything about impacts of atomic bomb testing on indigenous communities nearby? I ask because my Aunt (who I never knew) died at age 13 from either Leukemia or radiation poisoning out on the Hopi Indian Reservation in the 1960s I think. It would be so important to understand more about what happened.

    Thank you for your important work.

  69. Thanks for your write-up. One other thing is the fact that individual states have their own laws which affect house owners, which makes it quite difficult for the Congress to come up with a different set of rules concerning home foreclosure on people. The problem is that a state has got own regulations which may interact in an unfavorable manner with regards to foreclosure insurance policies.

  70. I just finished watching your interview on Diary of a CEO. It was truly powerful, and I wanted to thank you for the work you do!

    In that interview, you talked about not being able to be in the military because you had a heart. I winced when you said that. I’m sure you’ve spoken with enough military people over time to fill a battalion. Even though I was only enlisted, it was my time in the Army, the leaders I served with, and the deployments I went on that helped me find mine.

    I look forward to reading “Nuclear War: A Scenario.”

  71. It is my understanding that a nuclear treaty was signed between the USA and the Soviet Union in the 1980’s after scientists on both sides concurred that a nuclear winter would result from such a conflict. My question is hypothetical but possible. What if Russia did decide to attack the USA with its nuclear arsenal but the USA did not respond. Or the opposite. What if the USA decided to attack Russia with its nuclear arsenal but the Russians did not respond, did not retaliate. Would the nuclear blasts coming from just one side be enough to cause a nuclear winter? Do we know the minimum number of bombs it would take to create such a catastrophe?

  72. Hello
    I from South Korean reader. I would like to read your new book [Nuclear War: A Scenario] in Korean. Are there any plans for translation?

  73. Dear Annie,
    I just finished Area 51. Well done! I have a question/comment regarding Pg. 376-377 of the Epilogue. WWII ended in Europe during 1945 and this is when the Americans and Russians divvied up the German scientists. Then, Roswell happened just 2 years later in 1947. It seems improbable that the German scientists working under the Russians could have developed a stealthy disk that could hover and fly, where Stalin crashed it at Roswell to send a “warning shot” to the Americans. Even if the Germans under Russia could have conceptualize and construct a working flying disk, would Stalin “gift it” to the U.S. by letting it crash on U.S. soil? I would think that if Russia had developed such a game changing technology, they would not let it fall into the hands of the U.S. military. Then, such a highly sophisticated craft being piloted by children? It just doesn’t seem plausible. As for the theory that the craft was controlled remotely, I thought that remote control of aerial vehicles hadn’t become practical until the development of the Predator (1995) and the Reaper (2007). It just seems to me a stretch to believe that the Russians built this type of craft so soon after WWII, could be flown by children or remotely and that Stalin would allow an example of such technology fall into the hands of the Americans knowing well that American engineers could likely reverse engineer it. Wish to have any comments about this. Thanks! And now I’m reading Phenomena! Kind regards, Steve S.

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  75. You raise the issue that the American Satellite that can detect missile launches is FAR better than the Russian one, and if the Russians had our technology they would have realized the missiles launched by the US were not directed at Russia. My question is why doesn’t the US make the data from the Satellite available to ALL nuclear armed nations so that there wouldn’t be the possibility of mistaking who is launching missiles towards whom?

  76. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for reading NUCLEAR WAR: A SCENARIO, and for contacting me. I will certainly correct the paperback to indicate that Seoul is one of the largest megacities in the developed world, not the largest. As an author I, like all people, make mistakes. : ) Thanks again for pointing this one out.

  77. The book “Nuclear War” was riveting! I have read many books on our nuclear policy, forces, and enemies in the world. It is unreal to believe in this scenario, that the world could inialated in 71 minutes! I am just shaking my head in unbelief! No one would have a clue what or why it happened! It is almost enevatable that this will occur knowing how mankind behaves,
    amazing it hasnt happened already! Pray to the Lord it never does and man rises about such things.

  78. Hey Annie Jacobsen,
    I became aware of you via your conversation with Lex Fridman.
    I enthusiasticly watched it all.
    Loved the depth of research which permeates your work, your ability for spontaneous recall, and
    your pronounced skill in making your point, and moving on to the next thing.
    Also, your selection of Subject Matter.

    Finding myself hungry for more, I took on “The Pentagon’s Brain”, which held my attention throughout.
    Now, I am getting geared up for your “Nuclear War” book, and believe that it is excellent that you shed light on this Sleeping Giant.
    I fear that your timing is excellent.
    Thanks, Annie Jacobsen… seriously add to the value of my time, and engage me on some high level, which I deeply appreciate.

  79. There is nothing quite like cynically exploiting the heightened geopolitical tensions around the world to enrich oneself by selling fear. The timing is highly suspect and the particular scenario you paint is replete with basic conceptual errors. A decent work of fiction nonetheless.

  80. Hi Ms. Jacobsen,

    As I have listened to some of your interview, do you support the CIA?

    That is not at all an attack on you but it appears the CIA has been involved in a great deal of nefarious issues in the USA.

    I have researched the Federal Reserve for over 30 years and the banking cartel that has destroyed over 90% of the value of the dollar since 1913 and has had such a negative impact on the USA.

    The banking cartel control every central bank in every major country and as Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 -1812) of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe stated:

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

    So is the banking cartel creating agencies like the CIA to manipulate us in the USA?

  81. Annie,
    Remarkable and well-sourced work.
    Area 51, and now Nuclear Armageddon,
    Simply: thank you work your hard work


  83. Annie, I just finished reading your book Nuclear War a scenario and was riveting and frightening at the same time. I worked in the past on Johnston Atoll ridding GB/VX chemical weapons. The build up in WWII with Russia and US was incredible, there was enough nerve agent on Tooele to kill so many. Incredible how we build these “stockpiles” up and expecting to use them? A frightening thought. We need more World Leaders to rid this book and change the narrative of Launch on Warning. The other new worry on the horizon is talk on modernizing the old silos and newer technology which brings it own set of potential chaos – and/or an introduction into AI.

  84. Dear Annie,
    I’ve just read Kathy Gilsinan’s interview with you, 72 Minutes Until the End of the World? at Politico.

    Please take a look at my short story Earth, Fire, Air, Water, which has a similar scenario. Here’s the link.

    Incidentally, I was present at the launch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament at the Central Hall, Westminster, London in the late 1950s. On the platform: AJP Taylor, Bertrand Russell, JB Priestley, Cdr. Sir Steven King-Hall, Kingsley Martin, Michael Foot, Canon Collins. (All dead. CND failed.) Afterwards we had a sit-in in Downing Street. (‘We want Mac!’ Macmillan wasn’t in.) The police arrived on horses to break up the demo.

    Manu Herbstein
    Accra, Ghana

  85. I just finished reading Nuclear War. I spent all of my childhood (except the first few years) in the 1980’s. I was constantly terrified of there being a nuclear war. I had anxiety issues from a young age and much of that was focused on WW3. I remember the next town over us had a fire whistle that sounded like an air raid siren. On nights when the wind was blowing the right way and it went off I’d lie in my bed waiting for the end to come convinced there was a nuclear exchange going on. As I grew up I got better at dealing with my fears and I eventually forgot this crippling fear. Suddenly with the political climate we are in, I’m finding myself somewhat fearful once again. I must say this book kept my stomach in knots the entire time. Everyone should be made to read this. We as a species need to get serious about stopping this horror from ever happening. We have to get angry and speak out, contact our political representatives, do anything we can.

  86. Sometimes accepting the truth about things can be like swallowing a golf ball. Annie Jacobsen doesn’t sugar coat it for you. She just hands you the golf ball.

  87. On Nuclear War: A Scenario –
    In a case of strategic American retaliation against North Korea, there would be little point in using the Minuteman weapons when even half of the SLBM capabilities of a single Ohio class boat would devastate N. Korea to a horrific extent in every way imaginable. Hence, there would be little to no reason to employ the Minuteman and violate Russian airspace at all.
    Obviously, multiple possibilities of other things ‘going wrong’ following the kind of nuclear terrorist scale attack perpetrated (by N. Korea), are not out of the question and some of those possibly even be likely, but the scenario as presented the American response is not entirely realistic.
    Even so, a book worth reading.

    p.s. Radar is not limited to line of sight. Atmospheric refraction alone can and does exert effects of radar performance.

  88. Your assertion that Seoul is the largest megacity in the developed world is just flat wrong.

    Tokyo and Shanghai are both larger

    It makes me wonder how many more facts you’ve got wrong or simply half right.

  89. Dear Miss Jacobsen, some points on your N war scenario. The doomsday plane; how can you fly a plane when the air is overheated, ashes and debris is ascending clogging the jet’s engines, communication networks inexistent and there is air turbulence caused by nuclear detonations. In the triad, the ICBM silos, what percentage will be fired? The hardware is old, the personnel is prone to second thoughts (that factor happened in the 80’s), the B-52’s are at least more than 50 years old, and would fly in a very hectic scenario with a lot of war fog. Finally, if there are no defenses against these Cold War missiles (and we are not talking of the last-generation of missiles), then the war option is a loose/loose situation.
    What is left, in the event that there might be something left, would be a derelict planetoid with all its eco-systems collapsing; earth faults activated under tremendous strains due to the explosions, the atmosphere depleted with all our external and internal ecosystems destroyed and for what?

  90. Since everyone else is addressing you as “Annie”, I’ll assume this is acceptable. I read “Operation paperclip” shortly after release, was amazed by the depth and breadth of your research, and am no less so by your latest work, “Nuclear war”. More even than the technical details, by how you deftly wove the interview and quotes into your story, I was taken by how the human frailties of those charged with decisions were so frozen by fear and disbelief during those awful six minutes. This read as experience rather than story, like you were there watching the President’s indecision, his inability to act emphasized by the security team lifting him by the armpits, carrying him to the next scene.
    The role of those around him, military and civilians, also felt like lived experience.
    I thank you for your work, even as it scared me enough to read through the night; it is a book for night, after all.
    My only hope is that your remains nothing more than a story.

  91. Just read “Operation Paperclip” because I am looking for info on ticks being used for biological warfare. I have a young family relation bit by a tick near a US bas in Poland with catastrophic effects. Did you find Nazi experimentation on that? You just mentioned it briefly in a generalized form or do you have another book recommendation? This was my first one of yours I have read. Thanks! KHS

  92. Dearest Annie: What an Outstanding book: “Nuclear War.” Leave it to a BRILLIANT WOMAN to write such a MASTERPIECE!!! You and Yours are always welcome in our Home. REMEMBER: Everyone in our world should read this book, especially those who have Nuclear Weapons. I hope to meet you someday. God Bless, Jim James A. Nelson, 5506 152nd Pl SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

  93. I have just finished the book and found it fascinating to see the amount of hardware the USA has in place just to tell them a nuclear strike is on its way to them and the hoops they jump through to retaliate. According to your book there is nothing the receiver of these missiles can do about it once they are on their way so really all this hardware is not necessary, just a basic understanding of where they were launched from so you can hit back. In your book china would be virtually wiped out from the fallout and be finished due to collateral damage.

    One scenario I have thought the enemy would use is a cruise missile strike from just outside the 12 mile territorial limit to strike all the major locations in the DC area, certain times of the year all politicians are present in the capitol building, unless there is a secret plan in place it seems there is no way this type of attack with a <5 minute flight time could be stopped.

    It seems the only response anyone has to a nuclear strike is to reply in kind as a revenge strike.

    The genie came out of the bag many years ago, when North Korea and Iran sought the weapons they should have been stopped, the west is now subject to blackmail by these countries, one really has the imagination to just fire if he is having a bad day.

    I appreciate its a book based on what could happen but authors continually write about the destruction of America either wholly or in part destruction, why would anyone continually write about their own self destruction.

    My views on American foreign policy is they should keep out of other peoples arguments, nobody bothers countries who keep themselves to themselves, all you do is make the world despise you, you try to help but look at all the hatred in this world directed to the USA.

  94. I do like the way you have framed this particular difficulty plus it really does supply me a lot of fodder for consideration. Nevertheless, coming from what precisely I have experienced, I simply wish as other comments pile on that folks continue to be on issue and in no way embark on a soap box involving the news of the day. All the same, thank you for this excellent point and even though I can not concur with it in totality, I respect the perspective.

  95. Annie thanks for NW. I couldn’t put it down.

    I ponder about a different scenario. One where a handmaiden Sub pops up and fires off a single low yield distraction nuke (target obviously significant and undefined here) and then disappears. No claimed responsibility and everyone denies responsibility. No retaliation possible as no identifiable culprit.

    What does a victim nation do now?

    So although your scenario is horrifically plausible a rogue nuke detonation is also possible for sub operators.

  96. Re ‘Nuclear War.’ Thank you for what must have been a harrowing period of writing. Much needed. A particular thank you for listing all of the nuclear powers. I earned a security violation for mentioning one of them in a Nat’l Lab closed conference room with fellow researchers and (my violation) grad students in nuclear policy. Hard to be hopeful when we can’t say the most basic things.

  97. Hi
    You have written another great book. It really scared me.

    When I was in College in the early 90’s, I attended a presentation about the the Nuclear Waste Storage in Nevada and how to warn future generations about the dangers. The question was how does one tell future generations that this storage site is dangerous. The languages will be different. Slides with visual iconography were shown with different method. I was reminded about this because of the last chapter and the hidden cultural site.
    Also, there is the vault in Scandinavia which has the seeds of different flora and fauna.
    Thank you for another Great book.

  98. Nuclear War deserves a Pulitzer AND a Nobel. Should be required reading for every politican and military officer, with an exam.
    After much research I cannot find ANY corroboration aanywhere about the 4 nukes during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  99. Hi Annie,
    Thank you for your work. I’m a former Evangelical Christian. I remember the president of the Bible college I graduated from recommending I read “The Canticle of Leibowitz” after telling him I was a fan of sci-fi books. He had graduated from Cal Tech and had been offered a job making nuclear triggers after graduating. Instead he went to Seminary.

    While Nuclear weapons are the most obvious and undeniable threat to human civilization, the second most obvious threat to humanity is fundamentalism.

    I appreciated the thought you put into your most recent book. One of my heroes is the marine general who said that the Nuclear response to a Soviet strike was un-American and was tantamount to genocide.

    Your scenario was highly believable. And though it was terrifying, I came away from it optimistic. It’s amazing to me that we’re all still alive. Every day that Nuclear War isn’t our reality is encouraging.
    Please keep doing what you’re doing.

  100. Hello Annie….in your Nuclear War book you surmise that the US would not be able to shoot down one incoming ICBM. How come Israel (or Allies) shot down multiple ICBM’s shot from Iran? Just trying to understand the capabilities. Great book.


    Andrew Larkin

  101. I am a X caster and would like to interview you.

  102. I am a professor of science communication and journalism of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Three days ago I found the information about the book Nuclear War: A Scenario and I wrote a review about it and got it published on the PopScience Times of the China Department of Science and Technology which caused a wide discussion about ethic issue in science decision here. Several publishers started to connect the agent of Dutton that published the book trying to get the Chinese copyright. I will talk about it at the class Science Culture.

  103. I heard your interview with Dan Carlin on April 9th and just finished Nuclear War: A scenario today. It was thoroughly troubling and enthralling.


    I wanted to ask, in this scenario why wouldn’t an EMP be detonated first before any other nuclear strikes?


    I loved the book and look forward to checking out more of your work. I listened to it on audible and you did a great job narrating it.

  104. Is there a way to buy a signed copy of Nuclear War? I just finished the audio book and is was horrrifying but fascinating at the same time.

  105. Hi Annie,
    I’ve just finished “Nuclear war”, having found it through the Hardcore History podcast. I was profoundly moved by the book. In fact I’ve been thinking about nuclear war for a long time. In 1991, when it looked like the threat was maybe even over, I wasn’t so sure and the first verse of the song I was to write about nuclear war came to me. The rest of the song was completed at the end of 2021, just before Ukraine happened, and all of a sudden it was in the public consciousness again.
    Thanks for laying it out so starkly. It’s way worse than I thought, but we need a visceral experience of the horror to even begin to appreciate what the world is facing.

  106. As a retired ballistic missile submariner and current educator, I am intrigued by your book and just ordered a copy. I discuss nuclear war often in my class. In any nuclear conflict, those in the impact area have the easy death.

  107. Currently reading your “Surprise, Kill, Vanish.” Well done history of our covert action services.
    Just came across this item you might find of value,

    “Sherman, famed throughout the North and reviled in the South for his famous 1864-65 March to the Sea, saluted his former troops in the rain on Aug. 11, 1880, at Franklin Park.

    The Dispatch reported: “As he rose from his seat, 10,000 voices shouted, ‘Three cheers for Uncle Billy.’ The roar of applause was tremendous and deafening. When it subsided, the General began to talk in a familiar vein, which greatly pleased the boys.

    “He said, in substance, ‘It delights my soul to look on you and see so many of the good old boys left yet. They are not afraid of the rain; we have stood it many a time.

    ” ‘The war now is away back in the past, and you can tell what books cannot. When you talk, you come down to the practical realities just as they happened. You all know this is not soldiering here. There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell. You can bear this warning voice to generations yet to come. I look upon war with horror, but if it has to come, I am there.’ ”

    Through the years, Sherman’s Columbus speech was shortened to a pithy “War is hell.” But that exact phrase apparently never crossed his lips. It does not appear in the surviving texts of any of his speeches.

    Ever come across a former Covert Operator for the Mossad named “Bob” – Anni malach heim hevet. He later worked for Mitch Werbel’s Counter Terrorism School outside Atlanta in the 1960s/70s? We were close friends until his death in 2002.

  108. Ms. Jacobsen,

    Oh how I would love to have one of those all/late night conversations with you at a coffeehouse or dessert cafe. After listening to you talk with Lex F. I’m sure you’d love to pick my brain and I’d like to hear some of the stuff you’ve uncovered.

  109. Just finished the audiobook of Surprise, Kill, Vanish. Amazing. Thx for writing it.

  110. Annie I am horrified by this book. It needed to be said. In your research did anyone ever explain why we spent so much money building up arms instead of developing a system that would protect us from incoming missels? You mention the interceptor missels are not effective so why didn’t they develop an iron dome or something similar? It seems common sense that if you have enough bombs to blow the world up once or twice why make more? Make something that protects us from them.

  111. What about countries that have a substantially LOWER threshold fr launching than “launch on warning”?

  112. I picked up Nuclear War on Sunday & just finished it today, 48 hours later! It may be both the beat AND scariest book i’ve ever read! I never realized how easily a nuclear war could start and how quickly this all could end! I pray this never happens!

  113. Seems like you only publish flattering comments, avoiding those that question the standard of your research; in particular for your recent book ‘Nuclear War’ which contains several glaring junior school-level inaccuracies.

  114. Annie
    Outstanding job on your new book!
    Nuclear war

    I was born 1964
    I’ve lived my entire life with knowledge that our USA world could end anytime.
    So to us school kids of my era it was just a way of life. We never really understood the implications of what nuclear war would actually mean.
    In your book for the first time ever someone (you Annie) has explained just how totally unpredictable and unimaginable the devastation and destruction would be!
    Our generation has had its head in the sand. It’s time people realized how unconscious it is for the club of war in the current age to be thermonuclear weapon!
    Thank you Annie!
    You have exposed our country and our way of life for being unattainable!
    Your book is a masterpiece!
    Much love to you and your family!
    God bless America and may we figure out how to put an end to this nightmare!
    Pete Gray
    American citizen

  115. I read your book on nuclear war with great interest. Thanks for bringing this important issue back on our radar screens. The debate on the possibility of nuclear war on short notice is long overdue, lest this really spells the end of humankind.

    We discussed your book and there was agreement that you (very cleverly) chose an option that would quickly escalate with a nearly 100% chance into a global nuclear exchange within a very short period. Ingredients were that a rogue state (North Korea) launched first and that the (massive) U.S. ICBM response would have to breach Russian airspace, triggering a massive pre-emptive Russian response.

    Whilst credible, this is definitely a worst possible case doomsday scenario. There are realistic chances that a first limited nuclear exchange would give the two sides pause. Examples were the hope that if the cold war ever turned hot, the Soviet Union and the U.S. would pobably negotiate after tactical nukes had turned central Europe into a nuclear wasteland around the Fulda Gap but before both sides attacke each other directly (it would be, of course too late for the Europeans). Likewise, it is at least conceivable that the use of a nuclear weapon in Ukraine by Russia in October 2022, followed by NATO conventional action against Russian troops in Ukraine and the Black Sea Fleet (G. Petraeus interview) would not necessarily result in total escalation.

    One criticism is that the book is very vague about the two massive attacks described in the book, i.e. the first strike by Russia and the U.S. retaliatory reponse. During the cold war, we had a saying: “First strike after holes (ICBM silos) and moles (underground C&C structures) – second one: megaton (i.e. take out major population centers because there is no point in attacking empty silos in missile fields with nuclear weapons).

  116. Loved each and every one of your books! Outstanding conversation with Lex Fridman, thank you. For non-CIA sources on targeted assassinations, I recommend some of the (now) public (declassified) sources identified in Ronen Bergman’s excellent book “Rise and Kill First.” Also highly recommend Daniel Levin’s book “Proof of Life.”

  117. CONGRATULATIONS on the film adaptation Annie! Your book was the first book I have read in a number of years. It was astonishing. I remember exactly where I was when I read the line that the plume of the mushroom cloud was “people”. I sat on the train platform in shock. The idea seemed ridiculous, but obviously true. I felt cold my train passed me by as stared in thought. I don’t think I will ever be the same after this book.

    Nuclear war can scarcely be contemplated and yet we have “plans” for it. What have we done.

  118. Dear Annie Jacobsen,

    In the prologue to your new book ‘Nuclear War’ you say:

    “The light superheats the surrounding air to millions of degrees, creating a massive
    fireball that expands at millions of miles per hour. Within a few seconds, this fireball increases to a diameter of a little more than a mile (5,700 feet across) …”

    You might like to know that if your imaginary fireball expanded at a rate of just one million miles per hour, then after one second the radius of the fireball would be 1,466,667 ft or 278 miles, and correspondingly greater within the “few seconds” you speak of.

    At an expansion rate of one million miles per hour, your fireball would take just two milliseconds to achieve your notional diameter of 5,700 feet, and even less time at the “millions of miles per hour” you postulate.

    Your “within a few seconds”, being well off the mark, gives the impression of sloppy research and, unfortunately, does not bode well for the rest of the book, the technical subject of which, I imagine, would require a high level of accuracy and informed research.

    Andrew Morris

  119. Hi Annie –
    I saw you on the Lex Fridman podcast, and afterwards read your book “Nuclear War: A Scenario.” It’s such a necessary book, thank you for having produced it. The genie is out of the bottle, and nuclear weaponry is probably here to stay for quite a while. Hopefully your book will inspire more work toward risk mitigation, improvements toward robust communication and other means/channels that can prevent or avert nuclear disaster. Everyone on planet earth sure hopes so. Again, all I can say is great work and thanks for writing this meaningful book!!
    My career had been in financial risk management, although I still do some consulting work and occasional speaking. I’ve taken up writing as a pastime and wrote a novel on the US government’s first contact with an alien intelligence, which I set during the Nixon administration. The plot revolves around current day developments around transition to a new presidential administration which has different ideas on how to handle this to date highly classified relationship. It was great fun to spin from whole cloth. Here is the Amazon link below. Keep up your great work!

  120. There are so many comments that I don’t believe this will ever come to your attention.

    I was a Nuclear weapons officer for the U.S.Navy stationed at Albuquerque NM In the early 70’s.
    I was also a disaster preparedness officer, and a shelter commander, so I was exposed to the things of which you write.
    I have figured a way to explain what would happen in the event of a nuclear launch. I liken the setup as like a
    double basketball court with the floor covered with mouse traps. each with two ping pong balls on it. To accomplish
    a single nuclear strike you only need to throw in one ping ong ball with out setting off any of the traps.
    Launch detection is near instantaneous the target is determined in about seven minutes into the boost phase.
    This leaves just twenty minutes to inform, decide, order and launch a retaliatory strike..
    Because of this , nuclear powers will not wait to see if they are included in the game. They will launch.
    For this simple truth, your books are of critical importance in todays world. I applaud you effort

  121. Nuclear War….very good book…ton of experts interviewed. One minor issue is Russia would have seen the initial icbm launched by North Korea against the US. That would have changed their outlook most likely

  122. You have to get the book translated and recorded in minimum the languages of the nuclear countries!
    And make it available all over the world!

  123. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    In November 1979 I was working a shift as a Data System Specialist (Teletype) on the E-4B. We were pulling alert duty on the ramp at Andrews Air Force Base. Of course, then there were no computer display systems on the aircraft. Our missile warning system consisted of a keyboard-less teletype machine printer. Otherwise idle, the machine would perform a line check every minute or two to show the circuit remained active. On this shift we had a young communications equipment maintenance technician pulling his first alert duty. I was giving a tour of the data compartment and explaining my role and what were the functions the various equipment. As we were standing in front the missile warning printer performed a line check. I commented this was a normal indication and with that the printer came alive. First the print head rapidly moved as if only spaces were be received, then paper jumped out, the equivalent of perhaps 10 or 20 blank lines. The print head settled. The the printing began, there it was – I first realized the letters S-L-B-M! I dispatched the young maintenance man to return to the aft seats and remain there – don’t move! Knowing there would be a klaxon alert signal, within 30 seconds I swtched our circuits from stand by to active and took my place at the SASS (the switchboard) ensuring members of the battle staff positions would be receiving phone conferences now being convened. Command centers around the globe were acknowledging they had joined the conferences. The NMCC/DDO was speaking asking Cheyenne Mountain for a confidence check on the warning data being received. (By now in response to the klaxon alert other members of the crew were taking their positions in the compartment.) I can no longer remember the exact exchange of comments, questions and answers be said in the conference. But now I sense the engines are starting. I indicated to my crew mates this was not a drill or exercise. Now we are taxiing, all ground lines have been disconnected. Another conference call is coming in – the CINCPAC airborne command post had launched (for survival) – this reinforced the gravity of the situation to me. The conferences continued, so did the taxiing, we were headed eventually it seemed to the runway. Were we going to wait for people to board? The President? SecDef? We are now to the “hold line” prior to the runway. Just that quickly, confidence in a missile attack is lowered, then as abruptly as it began the conference is terminated. We start to taxi back to our alert position. The switchboard is quiet. The off crew is cleared to return to quarters. It is over. Elapsed time: 25 minutes. It was a hard 25 minutes. You mentioned this event in your most recent book. After reading your book, now I know what would have happened had it been the real Bolt out of the Blue.
    Kind regards and thank you for your book.
    John Flood
    1dt ACCS

  124. Ms. Jacobsen (Annie): I believe you will receive awards and accolades for this book. You certainly deserve it. I hope every leader and politician in the world reads this book. I learned something while reading that was particularly sobering to me personally. As a US Navy ex fast attack submariner I had always believed we could eliminate an enemy boomer handily, heroically protecting the world. Now I understand reality. There are many more things I’d like to commend you for but what would eclipse them all would be the opportunity to shake your hand ma’am. I’m putting that on my bucket list.

  125. Would much appreciate you investigating the CIA/FBI involvement in the assassination of Dorthy Killgallen and also the very suspicious “drowning” death of Obama’s chef, who was a healthy competent swimmer, and was rumored to be writing a tell-all book regarding the Obamas. He was quickly cremated after an autopsy by a physician supposedly hand-picked by Barack Obama.

  126. Mrs. Jacobsen,

    I read both Nuclear War and Area 51. I must say they are two of my most favorite books I have ever read. You are truly a gifted writer and your research is impeccable. I learned so many frightening facts about the U.S. government. I still believe this is the greatest country the world has ever known. However, it makes one think if the U.S. is capable of these things, what are Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, etc… doing????? I plan on reading your other books as well. you have become my favorite writer! Keep doing what you’re doing! I can’t wait for your next book!

  127. Annie are you ready for nuclear war

  128. Dear Annie. I don’t know if you will see this, although I hope you do. I just finished the book and it is powerful. I hope that through the book, and your publicity campaign, you can have a similar effect that The Day After did in the US, and Threads (an even more bleak dramatisation by the BBC) had in the UK at around the same time, and galvanize our leaders’ resolve to never allow nuclear war to happen.

  129. I just finished reading your book on nuclear war. It was educational and disturbing. One question I have is regarding the countries in the southern hemisphere: Will they receive fallout from the bombs (as was depicted in various movies)? Or does anyone really know? Thank you.

  130. Ms. Jacobsen,

    I’ve read several of your books and see how your latest on nuclear war draws from years of research, beginning with the Paperclip scientists. I listened to it as an audiobook while walking the Mt. Vernon trail, the Potomac River to my left, the Pentagon to my right. It’s the most terrifying book I’ve encountered, serving as a crucial warning lest our society forget the threat under which we live.

    I pray your scenario never comes true!

  131. You need to.
    Make a documentary thanks.

  132. Hi Annie,

    Are you coming to the UK for talks on your Nuclear War book & signing events? If not, how can I get a signed copy of your book?

    Best wishes

  133. Nuclear War: A Scenario
    Ref: Page 262; “Not since John F. Kennedy has a U.S. president seen combat.” Kennedy was the 35th U.S. President.
    Herbert W. Bush, 41st U.S. President, flew a military aircraft that was shot down at sea.

  134. Annie, back in 1980 when I lived in DC I did a painting titled “The Last Washington Painting”, an image of a nuclear explosion over our nation’s capitol. It was shown in a number of museums at the time and appeared in the Washington Post on the front page of the arts section several times. If you’d be interested in using it in any way you would be welcome to without any restrictions. It’s on my X profile and the website included below. Listen to your interview today, it’s a story I heard back then when the Center for Defense Information used it for their Salt 2 report.

  135. Having today read the NYT review of NUCLEAR WAR: A Scenario, let me posit that the deterrence argument is nonsense.
    The real value of possessing nuclear weapons is Psychological Terrorism.

  136. hi! Annie, ive watched your pocasts with lex friedman and joe rogan, great information, thank you for bringing it to the public. have you seen the interviews with dr. Steven Greer? very interesting , its a must watch. 2 things id like to comment on, covid pandemic,1 more people died from the lockdown than covid itself, 2 i think it is psychological warfare to see how the human race would react to this situation. just something to think about , again thank you for your contributions to evryone with your info and books!

  137. Amazing listening to you on Lex Fridman , your a wonderful conversationalist , good on you .

  138. Hi Annie,
    I just listened to your great conversation with Lex Fridman. Thank you.
    During it you talked briefly about Osama Bin Laden, and I have a question:
    Way back I heard that he had died of liver disease in hospital in Dubai in 1999 or 2000?
    And IF Navy Seals did in fact kill him years later WHY did they dump his corpse in the Arabian Sea instead of bringing the evidence home?
    And how convenient for the Obama administration that shortly thereafter those seals all died.
    Your thoughts on this would be most welcome

    Sincerely, John.

  139. More “Russia bad, Russia bad, Putin bad, putin bad.”

    How dare you say Russia killed Navalny ?!

    They killed Prigozhin but they did not kill Navalny.

    Navalny was a nobody. Nobody in Russia cared about him; most Russians barely know who he was .

    Navalny was just like Guido – America’s tool.

    Russia has hypersonic capability; America does not.

    The US and the west are the escalators!

    You exposed yourself as just one more American government propaganda pusher.

    I guess that’s how a girl keeps her contacts…🤡

  140. I am a child of the Space Age. I don’t know how many little plastic models I made as a child of everything from the old Honest John missile to the Saturn V. We all sat absolutely entranced, glued to the television screen for hours through all the Mercury, Gemini and Saturn flights. Wernher von Braun was of course very well-known to all of us, appearing in newspapers and magazines very often. We knew he was German, obviously, but didn’t know much about that or care. I suppose a castle (or rather, rocket) in the air dies hard. But Paperclip was so magnificently, superbly researched it’s hard to imagine how a person could compile such an opus. Kudos on a brilliant work. Ms. Jacobsen.

  141. Hi Annie! I would love to hear you speak/get a book signed. Is there a calendar for speaking engagements or books signings I could follow to see when you might be in my area?


  142. ANNIE, Your the Operation paperclip expert. I’m down a rabbit hole right now that that you might have the answers to. Can you let me know if there is any person with the last name Mannheimer connected to paperclip. This information can be huge! Like the cure for cancer huge;)
    If you could at least give me some kind of response that would be appreciated. This is important!
    Thanks in advance!

  143. Annie, Thanks for all of your books! January 2024, I bought all of your books and as of last evening Feb. 26, 2024 I have read all of them. I have ordered your new book “Nuclear War” and it should be here March 26, 2024!
    I have watched many of your interviews on line and have listed to the pros and cons of your work. The subjects that you write about are so deep and amazing….”If someone dares to look behind the vail with open eyes.” Many times we see things that our gut say, “This ain’t right!” “We need to get off this plane!”
    If we stay, we may just find the “Truth which is the Adventure of our Lifetime!”

  144. Please make Terror in the Skies: Why 9/11 Could Happen Again available on Kindle. I have a hard time reading print and use the adaptive options on my iPad to read.

  145. My whole family is victims of Havana syndrome and was needing help or a way to get our story out…

  146. Re: the Joe Rogan video with you about Area 51. I am surprised that Rogan did not react to the comment about making someone “look like an alien”.
    This phrase implies that “we” know how someone from another planet would look. The discussion you had with Rogan was very interesting but I lost interest when that comment went by without a hiccup. I am surprised that he let it go.

    I have the same reaction when I read an article about space and the writer has to include terms that have nothing to do with the specifics of the article: black holes, dark energy, dark matter, Big Bang. It is a pitiful attempt to impress the reader. Pitiful because those concepts are attempts to prop up the concept of a gravity-only universe. The liberal media clings to such ideas in the face of the fact that it is now generally recognized that the universe is dominated by plasma/electrical forces and gravity is a “local” phenomenon. Plasma cosmology is seldom mentioned in such articles.

  147. Did Theo Elmer Hall play a role in Operation Paperclip? He was Foreign Service Inspector, Director General of the Foreign Service, Deputy Under Secretary for Administration, Department of State, until December 20, 1964; Executive Director, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, until April 1968; thereafter detailed to the Agency for International Development?

  148. Did Theo Elmer Hall play a role in Operation Paperclip? He was Foreign Service Inspector, Director General of the Foreign Service, Deputy Under Secretary for Administration, Department of State, until December 20, 1964; Executive Director, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, until April 1968; thereafter detailed to the Agency for International Development?

  149. Hi Annie – I have been working on a WW2 script which reflects the end of the war. Operation Paperclip would be an important addition. Please contact me. I’m in India this week, so apologies for any delay. Thank you.

  150. Hi,

    My grandfather was William P Sommers. He was the CEO of SRI International from 1993 to 1998. I never new anything about his work. He passed away in 2007. I was trying to learn about his work, which no one seems to know much about. From reading all your books I know you looked into SRI International in your research and I was wondering if you ever came across any of his work in your research. I know it is a long shot to get a hold of you through here but I thought I would try.

    Thank you

  151. Curious pls if your research has included issues like an extra chromosome, in my case + 8, according to NIH – Naval Hospital complex.
    Dreams re eyes – more of interest to the art therapist for NIH Clinical Center.

    Atomic Veterans became, paradoxically, my core peer support group when leaving the N.I.H.–Naval Hospital, Bldg 10, Bethesda, bone marrow ward. Where NHLBI Division Chief gave me a terminal dx for mid-July 2003, a bit over 20 years ago. Although Vets could not believe that I could be alive with the Aplastic Anemia NIH–Naval diagnosis – which they associated with the core (classified) cause of death in Hiroshima & Nagasaki bombings.  A few rare movies, like Doom and the second Day the Earth Stood Still vaguely mention trisomy. But merely talking about deinococcus radiodurans at length and its missing triploid-relevant karyotype in TIGR dBase brought a dark helicopter overhead of the DC – Takoma Park MD ranking Atomic Vets’ officers home for about 3 hours – when talking with them by phone.

    I found writers like Ruth Hover McKinley and Leo Sprinkle to be helpful, as founders of ACCET .  Aphrodite Klamar seemed to be the actual “how – to” teacher of people like Hopkins & Jacobs. 

    Nonviolence 101 Manual underway –; Reddit: u/NV101Manual.

  152. Hello,

    Anyone research Bernays role in the coup? Paperclip docs, as far as I can determine, did not mention the mind-control folks. Goebbels admired Bernays psychological power over the masses. Bernays latter helped the sugar industry make sugar part of a “healthy breakfast”. We now know that sugar keeps the mind in a constant state of fear and unable to focus on clear thinking..

  153. Hello,
    As a fan of your books, especially Area 51. I was wondering your opinion on the Jeremy Corbell ufo documentary?
    Thank you

  154. Annie, I need to contact you regarding “phenomenon” the project is being played out here in Tampa Bay Florida via a contract by SEC through Raymond James financial in a nanotech study and involves real life political conspiracy and law enforcement utilizing the Aryan Nation, sex trafficking, drug trafficking and actual in brain nano sensors delivered via fake pandemic through usf virology lab traceable to Wuhan province, meeting with president Trump, Kim Hong un and Chinese leaders.

    My neighbor was the Uber driver that picked up the scientist, she was also the official first COVID death before COVID was in America and her roommate is playing out this scenario with law enforcement now but not in a voluntary way a part of the mind control using nano sensors and subliminal control via NFC Bluetooth and other near field transfer.

    I have the entire thing email through many different officials and completely traceable thousands of emails starting from the very beginning of this.

    Including photographs as all the nanotubing was installed to use as the grid for the basis of it all and is still being used to deliver Molly in order to facilitate that mental control and suggestive states mine states in order to aid in the collection of the sex trafficking victims and other reasons this is serious serious dark politics here that literally lead back to China I can show you daily how they’re watching me and I am an actual first test subject of the nanoccessors I am in can contact with the White House and others daily.

    I really want to help you expand on phenomenon into a second book that will largely outsell it by far

  155. Who can I contact about writing a book?

  156. Dear Annie,

    I have greatly enjoyed all your audiobooks and look forward to ‘Nuclear War, A Scenario’.

    Thank you and best wishes from Northumberland, England

  157. There’s a underlying subject that needs to be taken On ! The link between theses organisations culture, indoctrination, ethics and morals. Outwardly expressed and internally practice! That results in brutal sexist , domestic and child abuse behaviour.
    That often extending to human slavery, Sex trafficking . That continues even after the member leaves the organisation. This Prime
    evil, Disgusting! Possibly biologically driven behaviour continues even to this day and is
    actually increasing in its prevalence in societies around the world .

  158. “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” and “Area 51” are excellent AND very well written. In “Area 51”, flying Collins in a Lockheed Constellation (p. 187) it’s mentioned (p. 189) as a ‘twin-prop’. Unless Collins changed planes, the ‘Connie’ is a four-prop. No big deal as your research is superb and your writing style is intense.. Many Thanks.

  159. Dear Annie,

    I am looking for your literary agent. I represent a Czech publisher Leda.


  160. I would like to invite you to be a guest on The Pifi Show where I have conversations with “People I Find Interesting” You can check out the show archives at the web address below. Thanks! ~ArtisanTony

  161. JOHN JAYAwaiting Moderation
    November 2, 2023 at 6:25 am
    I have both your AREA 51 book (autographed by you) and OPERATION PAPERCLIP. I want to make a couple of comments and a suggestion.

    1. The REVELATION chapter of your Area 51 book is truly SHOCKING. I have read your book 3 times, and the “Revelation” chapter 5 times. Each time I read that chapter,
    it still shocks me. What a revelation!! Based on what you said, and another book I have about Atomic Energy Commission’s insane experiments in Area 25, I strongly believe that ALL members of the old AEC should have been tried for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. What they did to people is beyond horrible and beyond grusome!!! Exposing hundreds of humans to deadly Plutonium, and other things, at Area 25 and causing many deaths from such exposure certainly fits the definition of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY as defined at the Nuremburg trials after WWII.

    2. Regarding Operation Paperclip: POINT MUGU, the Navy base where I used to work prior to retirement, grabbed about 25 German rocket scientists in 1946, and used them to start building missiles for the old Pacific Missile Center (which has had many name changes since then). The museum outside the base, open on Wednesday, has
    a bunch of photos on one wall, one of which shows the German rocket scientists. Many old test missiles are in the museum also.

    3. Suggestion: IF you want to do some research for another blockbuster book, I would suggest that you write about the WEATHER MODIFICATION system in Alaska called the High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP). Has it changed the weather in many parts of the country??? It IS possible, based on my own readings about HAARP, and the fact I used to work for the Navy (civil service) which was in control of HAARP when it first began. Some of the bad weather we have had in the past few decades MAY have been caused by changes HAARP made to the Ionosphere. It generated LOW FREQUENCY, GIGAWATT signals into the Ionosphere in Alaska, and the signals bounced all over the nation. Damaging the Ionosphere is a damned good way to modify the weather in dangerous ways.
    Enough for now. I could talk a LOT more about the foregoing comments later on but not in this forum.

    Annie Jacobsen fan
    Former federal employee
    Vietnam veteran

  162. You’re such an impressive journalist! Love your work. Haven’t seen it all yet! I wonder if you’d be interested in a surviving (so far) MK Ultra subject?

    He’s quite willing to be interviewed extensively. Much more info by email. You are astounding!

    Unwilling to divulge info to anyone other than you. Please keep my name private.

    Best wishes to you and yours!

  163. Hi, Annie!
    Completely enthralled by Surprise, Kill, Vanish.
    One question: On page 325, you mention that Lew Merletti moved into his new Presidential Protective Division office as special agent in charge, and brought with him “gravestone rubbings of his friends who died fighting in Vietnam”. I am familiar with gravestone rubbings, but I am wondering if Mr. Merletti may have rubbings from the Vietnam Wall, rather than rubbings from individual tombstones. Folks at “The Wall” provide strips of paper and pencils so people can rub over the name of friends and relatives. That is what I have done and I have the rubbings of five good friends, four KIA and one MIA initially on a single plaque.

  164. Hello. I would like you to know that you are speaking a language I started within my own house about values, ethics, character, morals, and all definitions from various perspectives. The subject matter, however, is quite intense. My heart calls for a mentor, and I would be honored to follow any advice or guidance as a writer. Without further interruption, I respectfully offer my services, paid or otherwise. Thank you for a like- minded view of our humanness.

  165. Ms. Jacobsen: I am wrapped up tight reading Surprise Kill Vanish. Incredibly well written and you must have spent hundreds of thousands of reading and writing to come up with that jewel. I grew up in Silver Spring, MD, which was chockablock filled with CIA/NSA/DOD fathers (including mine), trying to win the Cold War. While in college as a sophomore at UMBC, to the north, at Havre De Grace, (HDG) Maryland, an active duty (I believe) CIA uppity up at the CIA was sailing his sailboat out of HDG. It made little news in DC or Baltimore, but it was reported that the “sailor” committed suicide….with his hands handcuffed behind his back. Really? REALLY??? I’ve asked old timers from Harford county what happened and what they remember of the incidence. A few remember hearing of this, but no one will acknowledge or admit to what happened. Are you familiar with the circumstance? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  166. Do you think HANS KLEEMER came to USA and worked with military

  167. Annie, I confess I have one of your books and after seeing your recent interview on Joe Rohan I’m ordering all of them . I find you one of the most interesting people I have ever read or listened to. I ha, I just spent the last 4 hours on YouTube watching your interviews. What an amazing person you are. I’m dumbfounded at all aspects of you, your topics, ability to paint your pictures with words and to remain so interesting. How can I get an autographed copy of your recent book? I would love to be present at one of you book discussions, any chance you’ll be in Texas within the next few months/ year? Thank you in advance, please keep writing, you are simply amazing.

  168. Hi Annie

    I love your books. Have you ever taught of writing a book about H.A.A.R.P? If not can you recommend?

    Henry Kisiel

  169. Why doesn’t Annie do a book about JFK Jr and how a very able and learned pilot
    accidently crashed his plane into the Ocean. He flies out of a very Gambino Stronghold
    in Northern NJ and then flies a poor-man’s plane to Boston but ditches a few hundred
    miles away. No matter how many times you are told that John John lost his bearings
    ( My Pscyhopath KKK CIA UFO Goon Father used to say “Wayne have you lost
    your bearings or marbles”) because he was not used to or trained to fly at night.
    This was before the NWO Clowns attacked America on 9/11 and JJ would have
    power with his magazine to stop it. What was the 9/11 Attack really about?
    NAZI Gold! Retrieval of NAZI Gold from the Federal Reserve Vaults in Lower Manhattan.

  170. Annie fails to address the real reason the NAZIs were allowed into the United States.
    The German Nazis won WWII__a global war to substantially reduce the population
    of Human Gentiles. If the Nazis wanted to destroy London and the British Empire the
    War Head would have been increased on the V2 turning London into a parking lot.
    And, since the Nazis had “Cannon Technology” and “Radar Technology” there would
    be very little American Bombers left. You don’t go after a Super-Fort with a 50 Caliber
    pea shooter__you use Cannons. So, the Nazis were in the War to exterminate the
    people that were not needed or wanted by the KKK CIA UFO Nazi Race__Human Beings.
    When enough Human people were taken off the Earth__the war was over. The Nazis allowed
    the 1st Army to roll into Berlin providing the facade that Germany was beaten__that the
    Germans had lost the war? Annie fails to show that the German Nazis agenda was to
    take over America and turn it into the Father-Land__they had to get rid of the American
    Human Gentiles and once they were sent to the front lines and slaughtered__the German
    Nazis took over America transforming America into Nazi Germany__a Super Power of Telepathic,
    Mind Controlling, Collective, Savages.

  171. Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan was based on an actual person. His inspiration was a contract USNI Editor where Tom got his start who was an Instructor at the USNA and a Naval Intelligence Counterterrorism Intelligence Analyst reserve officer assigned to the CIA CTC as his reserve assignment. The real inspiration had also lead a very secretive Naval Intelligence unit of reserve PhD technical specialists who deployed clandestinely around the world. Regretfully the actual “Jack Ryan” retired to the Pacific Northwest and does not grant interviews.

  172. Hi Jester. Thank you for listening to my PAPERCLIP book. It is interesting how we all speak differently. Surely no one has a monopoly on how to properly pronounce things. There is also no such thing as a pronunciation authority. We all speak differently, I think largely because of how we each first learned certain words. Tomato vs. toe-maah-toe is but one example. I hope you consider listening to, or reading, my other books. But beware! If you listen to AREA 51, this is a heads-up: I pronounce the word Nevada as NEH-VAHH-DUH, not NEH-VAAAA-DAH. I’m from Connecticut, which is how many people say it there, and how it’s been engrained in my speech. Warm wishes, Annie

  173. Your Audible Performances annoyed me to no end. It is NORAD. Pronounced as NOR-AD. You say Know Rad.

    As the author and the narrator you should have the correct pronunciation of proper nouns understood also. It is Wernher Von Braun.. Not Wernher Von Brown.

  174. Hi Annie, Im an ex-cia agent and have a story that you would like to hear. Please contact me so we can discuss.

  175. Ms. Jacobsen,

    I’ve read all of your books. Hoping you will publish another one!

    Jeff Levitt

  176. I love your book on Area 51! What you reveal about what really happened out at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and the real reason there’s so much secrecy around Area 51 is fascinating and also disturbing.

  177. Ms. Jacobsen,

    A possible pecadillo:

    On page 194 of “The First Platoon” you write:
    “Inside the gun truck closest to the village were Specialist Reynoso, Private Shilo and Specialist Frace from weapons squad.”

    On page 307 of the Lorance trial transcript we find this statement:
    “Okay, and who was in the support by fire vehicle that day? Specialist Reynoso, sir, PV2 Shilo, and PFC Frace.”

    And on page 326 of the transcript: “Who’s Specialist Frace. Specialist Frace was the RTO for One-Chainsaw-Six.” Could it be the case that there were two people with the name Frace and that PFC Frace was in the gun truck, not Specialist Frace? Confusing.

  178. Ms. Jacobsen,

    I read “First Platoon” with great interest. Thank you for your efforts to clarify this issue. I am collecting documents relating to the Lorance trial; would you be willing to share the FOIA documents you obtained and the letter to President Trump advocating for Lorance’s pardon?

    Thank you for your time.

  179. Ms. Jacobsen,
    A separate thread in my research concerns 2 senior German doctors captured in Ingolstadt when the city was over-run in late Apr, 1945. I am interested in IDing them through the Freiburg Archives. I have received encouraging email from Freiburg about my search, however I am not deemed a ‘serious’ researcher. I assume they are presently fully open after covid. They have extensive on-line records but I cannot navigate them. In your comment section I read an entry by Julien 1 Mar, 2023 who offered her services with the archives. Have you worked with her? Is it possible to forward this note to Julien? She may be interested in this narrow search subject.
    Douglas Griffith g, 925-997-3162

  180. Dear Ms. Jacobsen, I have an interest in the LFA/H.Goering research Institute west of Braunscheig, Ger. This is not for scholarly publication. I am illuminating my father’s memoirs. He was a B-24 navigator who visited Brunswick aviation production targets in 1944. I was surprised that the research facility a few miles to the west was never targeted by strategic bombing. I have the basic physical and research parameters of the facility from other authors, but no 1st person description of life in seclusion so close to the bombing just to the east in Brunswick. I am looking for a description of life/work there while under the constant threat. This facility does not get the press that the rocket or jet engine labs get but it was a significant research center. Do you have any eye witness references to life at the center? Are you familiar with any published material, English or German, that describes life at the center? Is there any reason the center was spared, (did the Allies not know of its existence)? The proximity of Volkenrode to the city these days is closer than during 1944, but still, it is hard to believe that it was not attacked unless 1. it was not known or 2. The Allies wished to exploit its research after the war. Any info (1st person accounts and ‘was it a known quantity’ ) or other authors. Many thanks.

  181. Trying to find information on Women spies of the Cold War trying to do some research.
    Any ideas thanks

  182. Hi Annie. I have not read your books yet, but plan to. I’m investigating my own experiences as a survivor of experiments replicating Dachau, which were conducted by former Nazis brought to the US during Paperclip. I am also a survivor of North Fox Island, Michigan where children were sexually exploited, blackmailed and used for espionage and paramilitary purposes elsewhere. I would like to speak with you regarding research, and followed you on Linkedin. I go by two names which are on my profile, David Zimmerman and Raven Hall. Thank you.

  183. Greetings.

    I’ve only recently discovered your work, much to my disgrace. But I would like to discuss a topic, if there’s any chance that you might wish to engage.

    My wife was born in 1977, is autistic, and fully believes that she was tested as part of some government project regarding her very high IQ and attempts to discover if she has any kind of psychic abilities. I want to be clear, she hates discussing these topics, and would like this entire thing to be nothing but a bad period in her past; she is as far from a conspiracy theory person as you can get (and trust me, we both know all kinds of those fun folks). At the end of the day, all she is looking for is some kind of evidence that in her past, she was tested regularly in semi-invasive ways and has some mild PTSD regarding that period. Personally, I am unsure if any of her memories of this are accurate, but I love her, so I was hoping to find out if anything she remembers about her pre-teen years in the 80s in the Detroit area might be accurate.

  184. No new comments have been posted in the past 2 months.

    Is this site still the best place to leave a message for Annie?

  185. Just another AREA 51 Conspiracy Theory >>> It was a PSYOP incident by the US gov’t to identify leakers giving away “ALIEN” technology to the enemy. Those spreading the lies feel like it is to protect national security and believe those that believe them are a risk to national security. Was the program reignited after the Edwin Snowden leak?

  186. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the most recent UAP claims made by David Grusch. Love your work! we need Area-51 vol.2.

  187. I wish there was a repository where people could submit their impressions of things when they “think” they are remote viewing. Myself, such things are often unpredictable and normally unreliable, but, occasionally they are painfully spot on. I consider the submersible and wish more dependable people were submitting their impressions with the hope it might contribute something useful without wasting precious time.

  188. Hi Annie. I have a lead you may find helpful.

  189. Thank you for all of the work, time and effort you put into writing your book, Surprise, Kill, Vanish. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from the introduction all the way to the Acknowledgments. I found it quite fascinating and very eye opening.

    In keeping in the spirit of paying your mom $5 for every error found, which sounds like it could be a fun game for your mom, I came across something that could be corrected if there is a next printing of the book. I only mention this as it appears that you value factual accuracy.

    On page 308 you said that Waugh was photographing with a “35mm Canon F-80”. The F80 (no hyphen) is a Nikon camera not a Canon. It was introduced in February 2000 and would not have been available in 1994 when he was photographing Carlos the Jackal (P. 306)
    Along those lines on page 310 you said that, “Under the glow of the red lightbulb, Waugh worked patiently to get the water bath to the precise temperature…” The reality is that once the film is loaded into a light tight developing tank the rest of the process is done in room lighting.
    This caught my eye as I am a professional photographer and have been photographing with Canon cameras as a high schooler since 1975. I have also spent countless hours in a darkroom.

    I share the above with you to be constructive and not critical. Again, I loved your book and appreciated the amount of work that you put into it for the readers enjoyment. Thank you for your dedication.

  190. Addition to the Paper Clip; I have first encounter, material witness if you will. I have experienced the finished product but yet ongoing patching of their systems Mesh Drone System, I also experienced almost everything that you were mentioning in your YouTube interviews. I wish I could tell you everything in spite of what was said and video captured of me. Most of it is public slander! There are many times that I wanted to kill myself; not out of guilt or shame or n e thing like that. The tactics that the government used on my in interrogation, slander, humiliation, shit feces, cruelty physical and mental, mental torment and brain mapping, I felt how the Havana syndrome may feel like but on a different scale. Gas lighting you name it they done it. Please do not write me off because of what you may heard. Sincerely

    Teofilo Domingo Jr.
    Oahu Hawaii Honolulu

    If I am dead it’s because of something that may had happened which is a cia special on joe bodens spinoff of old Hollywood cia crime drama.

  191. You had said something like, one thing that DARPA did that gives the American people a reason to trust them was I think in 2012 they announced that they had come up with a way to make vaccines for new viruses faster with new technology. I am just wondering if after the last 3 years if you think that still gives the American people a reason to trust them.

  192. My dear friend served in World War II as a highly decorated soldier in Italy, including as Audie Murphy’s Platoon Sergeant. Son of a Jewish Mother and a Scot Father and big for his age he lied about his age and joined the US Army at age 13. After that war he helped Israel win its independence and later became the top assassin for the Mossad killing 52 former Nazi butchers – men and women – around the world. He would us a T-bar type knife and shove it into his target’s aorta just below the rib cage, bringing death in less than a minute. Close enough to smell them he would tell them in Hebrew, “Anni malach heim hevet” I am the Angel of Death.

    In 2002 I held him suffering from a fatal heart attack with intense pain in his stomach just below his rib cage.

    Were the various assassins the Israelis, the U.S. and others committed and continue to commit, “Necessary”? Depends on which side you’re own. As a former Seal told me, “We do everything the others do. I just think our side is a little better.”

    John Medlin
    USARV 1969-70

  193. I happened across the Joe Rogan interview and started with Phenomena, I have now read them all equally astonished, intrigued,angry, and saddened by books end. You are a national treasure and I applaud your bravery and diligence. Please continue to write and educate.

  194. I just want to talk. I’m nobody special. Maybe it’ll happen maybe it won’t. John Schmidlapp

  195. Hi im a 15 year old boy who is very interested in world history ww2 the most and in the joe rogan pod cast you mentioned you have the notebooks of dr.blum i was wondering if you could show me or tell me about some of the stuff inside of them it would be real cool to learn directly from the source

  196. Hi im a 15 year old boy who is very interested in world history ww2 the most and in the joe rogan pod cast you mentioned you have the notebooks of dr.blum i was wondering if you could show me or tell me about some of the stuff inside of them it would be real cool to learn directly from the source

  197. Question for you to purpose (so I guess it would be rhetorical because I am guessing that the campaign by the ONI futures CIA statement of we needed these scientists and these top Nazis so the Russians didn’t have them) … if that was the truth then why didn’t they listen to General Patton when he declared the war not finished and that we need to march on to Moscow! Please start your research on the how Patton was assassinated before it’s too late if it’s not already too late.

  198. My stepfather was in “Operation Overcast” the prelude to Paperclip. He was a Captain of the Military Police and Intelligence with direct contact with Von Braun and others. Without reading your book, how did you come to a conclusion when all of his and others connected to Operation Paperclip were burned in a files fire after the war. Mostly with the Later M-O as was given to me by the CIA. Do you know the reflection of why they were classified as “TRUCK DRIVER’s”? Its a play on words, aka word play, on what do truck drivers have to have? Its a type of drivers license classification, a chafferur’s license and also a name of a stoker, as in a person who feeds a oven or boiler on a train. When Jews signify an event, they blow the “WHAT”. Its a ram’s horn with the exacting phonic name.

  199. I’m reading your book surprise kill vanish. Well written and informative. Have you read SOG history by John Plaster. This was the predecessor to CIA SAD. Very informative.

  200. Your next book should be about Havana Syndrome. Start at Lockheed Martin Elgin afb.

    Timothy Lichen Wang
    3324 bright star way
    Plano TX

  201. Hi Annie.

    24 Year Old CT Native from Sandy Hook checking in.

    I’m doing my own personal research on my 4 relatives who were in the Wehrmacht. (My Surname dates back to 1490 in Baden-Wurrtemberg.)

    However the Bundesarchiv is very hard to get in touch with, I simply have a question for you and that is how long did it take you to complete your research with Bundesarchiv? And were you made to wait longer than 9 months?


    Dylan K

  202. Hi there, I listened to you on Bankless a few days ago and heard, that you were looking for a translator for the “Bundesarchiv” files in Freiburg.
    Freiburg is my hometown, german my mother tongue and I am working fulltime in the crypto industry since 2017. If I can be of any help, please reach out. Best regards

  203. Good day Annie,

    My first cousin Murray Rosenthal was the Jewish Officer In Charge of Operation Paperclip. His activities extended far beyond OP and involved several of my relatives including my father. I sued NYS in NYS Supreme Court to open my parents divorce records which were sealed for 100 years. I won that case and made new case law in the process. (Google-NY POST man kidnaps son). I am attempting to write a non fiction story and would love to chat with you, we have spoken before. The story also covers :
    Gerald Shur USDOJ WITSEC
    Murray Rosenthal ORNL (different Murray Rosenthal)
    Julien J Studley Irgun and another U.S Agency 🙂

    And several other notable “characters”.


  204. I just completed reading Annie Jacobsen’s book, OPERATION PAPERCLIP. I am 83, retired from Ford Motor Company and Miami University; both of these organizations are directly related to her research and writing, including the Knemeyer and Speer families, and John Dolibois. Accordingly, I should like to communicate directly with her; contact information requested.
    Thank you.

    Robert L. Hart

  205. I have just finished reading Annie Jacobsen’s “Surprise, Kill, Vanish.” Its an excellent book that I highly recommend. However, in two instances in this excellent book (pages 150 and 332 of the paperback edition), author Jacobsen reports that President Kennedy ordered secret service agents off of the presidential limousine. No source for this information is provided. It is my contention that this is false information about this hugely important historical event.

    I provide, as a source for my contention that this is false information, Vince Palmara’s outstanding book “Survivors guilt.” Vince has interviewed many Secret Service men regarding this matter and has proven that this assertion that Kennedy ordered agents off of his limousine is a false narrative offered by only a very few former agents.

    It is well established protocol, and it is uncontested protocol that the secret service has the right to override the President of the United States on security matters. In other words, if the President proposes something which is hazardous to his own safety, the Secret Service has the duty and right to trump the President of the United States, even against his will. And this is a long established custom.

    Additionally, on November 22, 1963 during the presidential motorcade, no law enforcement officers were posted guarding the buildings along the motorcade route, open windows on the adjacent buildings were permitted, no doctor was with the president and in the presidential limousine as was typical, the speeds of the motorcade were lower than allowed by the procedure manual, and there was no photographers vehicle leading the motorcade as was the custom. It is highly unlikely that J.F.K. authorized all of these bizarre safety violations.

    At best the Secret Service was grossly negligent in the J.F.K. assassination. At worst they were complicit. But the assertion that J.F.K. ordered agents off of his limousine is a false attempt to blame an American hero for his own assassination. I hope Ms. Jacobsen does not continue with this false narrative.

  206. I see you didn’t like my post regarding your exposure of our “government”, in your book “Area 51”, considering us, the citizens of this Country, as enemies of the state and a security threat to the deep state.

  207. Annie, thank you. As an individual with disabilities, your work on Area 51 is groundbreaking. It explains why Bush signed the ADA into law.
    I seek to communicate why the ADA is such a different set of laws, and how they would have been enforced upon someone in the government doing such work in the Area 51 mythos. I hope to spark a conversation you will find book worthy and use any of the information as needed. I am in Idyllwild, CA which is a famous get away from LA. The information about the ADA, in relationship to all your work, could change the lives of millions in a positive way.

  208. Your the most amazing woman I have witnessed! I have so much respect for your work and love listening to your stories. I just can’t get enough!I could watch your podcast interviews all day! Keep up the great work!!

  209. Annie,
    I am reading your book, Surprise, Kill, Vanish. One of the points you made was that the Czech man who betrayed were the assassins of Reinhardt Heydrich during Operation Anthropoid was Alois Kral. I have always understood the man’s’ name was Karel Čurda.

  210. To the Defense Intelligence Agency:
    Check on the health of Bill Varnes of Tennessee and Georgia

  211. Show them photos of Area 53, not 51

  212. Yes I figured you are a DISINFORMATION CIA IDIOT. Soon, There will be a shooting war against the NEW NAZI, NSA CIA AND FBI

  213. Perhaps Ms. Jacobsen could tell me why the agency has harassed me and MURDERED several of my friends, not to mention preventing me from making a living, and making malicious prosecutions. My father was born out of wedlock to William S. Paley, founder of CBS, and an OSS CIA KINGPIN.

  214. Hi Annie – I want to ask about alternatives. What should all the German Scientists have done when approached by the Nazi party? During the war in Germany, people did not have much choice. They could be sent to concentration camps or imprisoned if they chose not to join. Scientists crucial to the Hitler mission would likely have their families killed for refusing. It’s been well documented that Von Braun always dreamed of building rockets that take people to the moon. He was committed to space exploration. What should he and other scientists do when approached to join the Nazi party?

    At the war’s end, how would history change if we let the Russians get the scientists? What would the world order be today if the US fell behind in missile & rocket technology and, furthermore, the space race was lost? We would have fallen far behind, given the US’s defensive systems and lack of technology at the end of WW2. Would Russia dominate the world’s rocket, missile, and defensive systems? Would that have changed Russia’s view on who superpowers are, and would they have been confident enough to attack other parts of the world, maybe even the United States?

    Given the circumstances surrounding Von Braun and other scientists during the war, the consequences of not abiding by Hitler’s wishes, they are not being directly involved in the persecution of Jews and their contribution to America, they should be recognized for their contributions that helped the US become the world superpower and the victory in the space race. The American flag is flying on the Moon, not the Russian flag. It is because visionaries like General Toftoy, who led Operation Paperclip, saw the value in what their contributions could be for the US.

    The leaders of Operation Paperclip should be held in the highest regard as Heroes of the United States. The German scientists should be recognized for their contributions to the US and not in any other way. In my opinion, attempting to diminish their contritribuitons and change the narrative of history is a slippery slope.

    What the Jews suffered is inexcusable on every level of humanity. My comments are in no way to be construed as if I do condone any part of those atrocities. I only ask for alternatives and theorize about what-ifs. I welcome dialog from anyone.

    Thanks – DW

  215. Just finished the Area 51 book. I thought it was great. I am starting the Phenomena and look forward to the other books. Just wondering if there are any books in the works? Would love to see another one on the more recent UAP disclosures.

  216. A comment on Surprise, Kill, Vanish. On page 144 of the hardcover book you write, “Facing certain death, they were rescued by a young lieutenant colonel named John F. Kennedy.” The rank of lieutenant colonel is not a rank in the United States Navy (USN) it is exclusive to the Army, Air Force and Marines. President Kennedy served in the USN, and at the time of noted incident President Kennedy was likely a lieutenant junior grade. Respectfully submitted.

  217. Another comment on Surprise, Kill, Vanish. On page 152 of the hardcover book you write, “The three other Americans on the team were Captain Paris D. Davis, the highest-ranking noncommissioned officer in the group;” The rank of Captain is a commissioned officer, regardless of branch of service. Respectfully submitted.

  218. Hello Annie Jacobson,

    Minor note on your book surprise, kill, vanish. In the hardback version I am reading on page 144 you wrote “Facing certain death, they were rescued by a torpedo boat crew commanded by a young lieutenant colonel named John. F. Kennedy”. JFK served in the Navy and was not a lieutenant colonel. That rank exists only in the Army, Air Force and Marines. JFK was at that time likely a lieutenant junior grade. Respectfully submitted.

  219. Hello Annie,

    After watching the clownworld kabuki theatre for the past 3 years and all the claims of psyops and such, I remembered something from “Area 51”. Fortunately I had purchased a copy, so going back was quick. If anybody with 2 braincells to rub together, a above room temperature IQ plus eyes to see wants to understand exactly what has gone on since the 2020 “election”, thru the scam/plandemic, to the steaming piles of horse and bullsh*t being dumped on Americans today, all they have to do is to read Chapter 2 and especially Chapter 4 of “Area 51”. I rest my case.

    Thanks for some GREAT information.


  220. According to a brief report I found on the website, the CIA was actually founded by Nazi war criminals including Hitler’s top spy General Garland and his top aids. The document is from 1982 and it was released for public access in 2007. This explains a lot since the CIA was founded in 1948 when Operation Paperclip smuggled 1,400 Nazi war criminals to the USA. The official excuse is that the Nazis brought to America where rocket scientists. That’s a huge amount of rocket scientists, there must have been Nazis with other talents in that 1,400. The timing of the CIA formation, Operation Paperclip and the beginning of deplorable US foreign policy caused me to wonder if some of the 1,400 Nazi criminals had formed the CIA. I finally found evidence.

    Here’s the link:

  221. Hi! I’m one of the many who’ve seen your interview with Joe Rogan and Paperclip. You speak about all these archives with photo documentation. It got me to wondering about the photographers who took all those images. Were they willing? Were they sick individuals who got off on it? Were they imprisoned Jews before forced to take photos? Were they soldiers given an order? I just can’t imagine having to document events like the photographs you’ve seen.

    Thank you!

  222. Very much enjoy your books and interviews. I have tons of “stuff” i inherited during the life of and after the passing of my dear father and his USNA 52 classmates. One item I would like to share is that the “craft” that crashed in Rosewell was a captured Nazi flying disc that was being test flighted out of White Sands.

    Obviously you know and I will confirm that while ET beings very likely exist and have visited and are here, there are no crashed/captured ET vehicles and the only reverse engineering began with captured Nazi and Imperial Japanese technology followed by CCCP and CCP technoligies. But it sure makes for great books, advertising revenue and symposiums. I love how proof of rosewell is that Bell Labs patented the transistor in 47 yet it takes about five trillion transistors to make one modern day chip and it would take millions of chips of technology to build intergalatic technology.

    BTW, the UFOs that stalked my dad’s and other SAC Bomber Crews which he wrote up in ’59 and until told by the base comm tht they got the point and to tell the crews he was still wrtiting them up but not to, was the 12 and 71 Airframe and Powerplant testflights, some of which were driven by one of his recenlty deceased classmates.

    Best regards,


  223. I just think she is hot.

  224. I wrote a comment and it said my email was invalid and erased it. It was involved with UFO/FAP. I won’t write it again good luck
    Here’s the same email.

  225. I wish to learn the latest status of Annie’s writings, Having read all her books, I am hoping she is in the process of creating another that will be published in the near future.

  226. Well,done on the investigating of more than one truth,about paperclip,
    Could you believe that a similar,project still runs in San Antonio,Tx.
    You can not,make this stuff up,
    Well,maybe a person could try to make up a story,but why do that when you have this digital age Startin us in the face,
    It is about,patterns and algorithms, I welcome you to Old San Antonio,Tx.
    My theory is someone, here is running
    a hybrid of artichoke project/ paper clip.
    The city has the lowest academic ratings and is the 3 rd largest drug hub,
    That is enough information for an Investigation, a perfect petri dish.

  227. After hearing your interview with Rogen on Paper Clip, I wondered if it was just scientists that were patriated to the US. We have all heard how the trains ran on time. I am wondering if the Nazi perfectionism and attention to detail all for the glory of the movement would make the high-level bureaucratic experts targets for Operation Paperclip. Why I am asking is in Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man by Susan Faludi the speed at which the Sandiego shipyards closed so abruptly may have been influenced by Nazi efficiency? I saw your photos of Prussian advisers to Kennedy and Johnson and wonder who else they were advising. Were they advising top leaders in the insurance industry or the banking system, corporate systems or even social systems to rob them of their humanity?

  228. Your source was Norris Bradburry… Right?

  229. I am a retired soldier that lived in Germany for five years and I talk to many old Germans that were involved in the War. Most of them were under the impression that WW II was really about the power and control of Europe, it’s Monarchs, and its people. The real fight was between the Bankers who kept loaning money to the different monarchs by stirring rumors of war. The monarchs kept getting loans from the banks to support their on going wars which in turn made them so indebted to the banks that they had to give the banks owners Lands and Royal titles. (It’s History) Banks that belong to the Rothschild and Warburg families had unbelievable control over the Monarchs of Europe. The Pope and the Vatican had always had control and power over the monarchs through religion and money. The Catholic Church was losing the power it once had over Europe because of the Banks.
    In 1932 German Chancellor Franz Von Papen had appointments to see the Pope to discuss the financial and political support of the Nazi Party.
    It is believed that the German’s gained the support of the Vatican by agreeing to get rid of the Pope’s non-Christian Bankers.
    According to some Germans the Rothschilds and Warburg Banks took over the German Government that caused WW I.
    I have also written a story about a Jewish psychic that becomes famous in the US then travels to Argentina to promote his book and runs into Nazi’s that turns into Nazi magic and Gold.

  230. SOVIET DISCS glide into Roswell based on Horten Brothers low RCS designs carrying Cramium-Boosted Mengele Mutants.
    I like it.
    I think think is exactly what happened.
    Although, there were the hybrid “Human/Chimp” DNA experiments for STALIN’S supersoldier program.

    The “Horten HO229” was exactly what Ken Arnold claimed to see as he flew into the landing strip at Yakima Research Station.

    I love your entire accumulated works. Keep going!

  231. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen,
    Hello! I am an eighth-grade student at Canyon Park Middle School in Washington, USA. I am writing in hopes of securing an interview on the topic of Operation Paperclip.

    My AAP US History class is involved with a project called National History Day. Each year a different theme is provided by the National History Day offices, and this year the theme is Frontiers in History. I chose the topic of “Frontiers of Aviation Medicine and Space Travel Forged through German Scientists with help from the US Government and Operation Paperclip.” Which isn’t the official name of the topic, but is a sort of lengthened summary.

    As an expert on this topic, I was hoping that I could ask you a few questions to gain a better and deeper understanding of my topic. We could conduct the interview via Zoom, by phone, by email, or by Skype, whatever is most convenient for you.

    Also, if you aren’t available for an interview with a minor, which is understandable, any information or recommendations for further research would be extremely helpful. I appreciate your time and assistance.

    Thank you for your help.

  232. Hello Annie,
    I found your book on the the natzi and Hitler interesting. I been reading a watching a lot of seminars with David irving the historian, just wondering have you ever considered sitting down with him at all?

  233. Hi Annie,
    My apologies for the note. If there is an area numbered don’t you think there is a sequence of areas before and after? I am thinking out loud. Everything is not what we think and everything is in plain sight.

  234. As a veteran, the book Operation Paperclip “still reading” helps me see that US leaders, corporations, federal agencies have been and are using what I would call “evolved or updated” Nazi strategy today, while starting in late 1940s. How is this not seen by the Jewish community or Israel? How would one go about further comparing Nazi strategy to todays? Examples: Ghetto creation/ culturally targeting laws/ policies, police strategy.

  235. I don’t have all of the answers, but I have most of them. Email me.

  236. Hey Annie,

    I’d love to have you on my podcast, “The Tyler Wagner Show.” Here’s a link to the show so
    you can check it out:

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  237. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    I now have read two of your books; “Operation Paperclip” and “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” – SKV. Both were excellent reads. Captain Paris Davis, mentioned in SKV (page 152) was my commander in the 10th Special Forces Group in 1981. Sergeant First Class Sammy Hernandez (page 207) was my Command Sergeant Major in Vicenza, Italy in the 325th Airborne Infantry. One of the key players in Operation Paperclip is Wernher von Braun. I was born on Redstone Arsenal, AL in 1959 when he was the man. My father was a rocket guy in the Army so no matter where we moved we would always come back to Redstone Arsenal. That was the place we were stationed the longest during the time my father was in the Army. My father’s last job was teaching TOW weapons repair on Redstone Arsenal. Wernher von Braun was a big deal in Huntsville, AL. Indeed, there is a civic center named after him right downtown. It was amazing to read two books by you that significant characters were also in my life. You are a great author. I think I’ll order “Area 51” next.

  238. Great work Mrs. Jacobsen,
    I have just finished ‘Phenomenon’ and thought that you may be more interested in ESP phenomenon personally and would like to bring to your attention a book by the Edgar Casey (ARE) library written by Dr. Henry Reed, Ph.D.. entitled ‘Awakening your Psychic Powers’ which deals with many of your subject matter. Written in 1988 it is quite informative as opposed to a ‘woo-woo’ nonsense approach which many of these types of works fall into.
    knowing your inquisitive nature by what you project in your works I’m sure you would enjoy it if you have not already read it.
    Sincerely, a fan,
    Michel Archambault.

  239. Have you read Ed Spielman’s “The Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein”? He performed amazing feats of strength with his mind.

  240. Annie. Thank you for your hard work. My father worked with the defense industry in the sixties at the higher levels of technology of those years. As a kid I would catch bits and pieces of the goings on from time to time and father had a pile of little gadgets in our barn that he kept for exhibition or demonstrations. He told me the Pent. had many floors below ground and his descriptions of some of the specialty labs he visited were chilling. One day in our workshop I asked him what that crowd was like ( maybe by then I was 16 ). He rarely expressed himself in this manner but he got right in my face and said ” they are all crazy ”


  241. Area 51 & Operation Paperclip are great reads!! I wonder though what happened in Roswell, having aldo read Col Phillip Corsos book… I also wonder, why didn’t Mossad get after the nazis the US brought to America? Was there a secret deal between Israel and the US?

  242. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Thank you for such important and fascinating books. I have a problem with 1 cd in the audiobook The Pentagons Brain. The 13th and 14th cds are exactly the same. So, I am missing the chapters on what should be the 14th cd. So, I will skip that and go to the 15th cd. This is very disappointing. Is there a way I can get a correct 14th cd?
    Thank you for a fascinating book.

  243. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen,

    My name is Michael Ortiz. I am currently in the military and a student at American Military University. I came across your book “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” for a final project of one of my classes and would love to ask you just a couple of questions about your book and maybe your opinions on paramilitary operations. My wife actually tweeted about your book a couple of weeks ago and you liked her tweet (she was excited to see that you did, lol). Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.


  244. Good afternoon. I just finished The Pentagon’s Brain and loved it. As a resident of Huntsville AL I am most familiar with the Military Industrial Complex including knowing someone who is only one of twenty in his field. The only question you did not raise is how much better off would the human condition be if these brilliant people turned their attention to the non-military problems of the world? Unfortunately we will never know due to the evil in the world- those who use religion as an excuse for war, the power hungry in Russia, China, Iran, N Korea etc. I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren.
    Thank you for your work.

  245. Dear Annie,

    Please see Middle District of Florida Case No. 8:22-cv-01110-MSS-CPT for details on how TSA has, in violation of 49 U.S.C. 44901(l), eliminated the visual image during passenger screening and is using narrow artificial intelligence to make the final threat and anomaly decision on passengers’ screening data, which includes their body cavities, with no human beings in the decision-making loop. Being dehumanized and brutalized based on a narrow AI’s decision is something that cannot be allowed to happen to anybody else.

  246. Did you know that Otto Ambros lived in Huntington Beach? I met him at a nightclub in 1995. I was born in LA in 1946, I met these Nazis from Paperclip. Many lived in Los Angeles. I went to school woth their kids. And my ex husband was the senior Russian translator for NSA who worked with the CIA, I divorced him when he took the job. The CIA hires criminals and people who have criminal minds, they et immunity from prosecution. The laws and Title 50 and the National Security Act of 1947 is just to prevent anyone from bringing lawsuits.

  247. Hi Annie

    I just finished your book on Area 51. Mind Blown. You have completely changed my perspective on that whole thing. What a fantastic read and Kudos to your skillful investigative reporting. I worked on Oliver Stone’s film about 911, and I personally saw a lot of ground zero photos and footage of things that made me question the “official story”. I would absolutely love for you to do dive into that whole thing, because I personally believe there is a lot more there that we are not privy to. I look forward to reading everything else you’ve written. I am hooked! Keep up the great work.

  248. Annie
    It’s been some years sense I read Paperclip but in the book and neither in your youtube presentation did you ever mention Rudolf Hess. That’s always
    been a mystery to me. He takes off for some unknown reason in a plane that crashed in Scotland. The plane ID numbers from take-off to crash didn’t match pointing to some type of conspiracy. He spent the rest of his life in Spandau prison west Berlin, being the only person in the whole prison with no visitors allowed. Do you know anything about this?

  249. Hello, Ms. Jacobsen! First of all, I love your amazing work! I’m about to read your book, Surprise Kill Vanish.

    Some time ago (3 or 4 years I guess) I think you were a guest on the podcast Whistleblower Newsroom. It was the first time I ever heard of the elite science group known as The Jasons. What stands out in my mind about that segment was that it was mentioned that The Jasons were studying the brain chemistry of “trust.” This was before the covid pandemic of 2020. In light of all that’s happened since then, that little fragment of information haunts me. Years ago I considered writing a science-fiction novel in which scientists study the brain chemistry of Christians during revival meetings and then chemically alter large segments of the population. Your comment on The Jasons studying the state of trust sticks with me. I find it chilling.

  250. Hi Annie… I just watched your Joe Rogan interview and I really enjoyed it. Congrats on standing up to Joe. He can be a little intimidating at times. With that said, your comments peaked my interest to read your Area 51 book. As a avid reader, I like to read an author starting from their first book up to their present writings. It gives me an opportunity to see how the author grows over the years. I just downloaded your book from Barnes& Noble and look forward to reading it this evening. Just curious.. have you ever been interviewed by George Noory (Coast to Coast) or Clyde Lewis (GroundZero). Your topics would be a perfect match for their radio show format. I will be back to report to you how much I enjoy the book. Fred Russo

  251. Dear Annie,

    Well, I’ve finally finished reading ALL of the books you have published so far. What an amazing collection of information that completely indicts what passes for our government. It appears, from reading ALL of your books, that the greatest threat to the CITIZENS of the United States is NOT Russia OR CHINA, but the overeducated retards that have credentials from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Cal Berkeley, with dishonorable mention to CalTech and MIT. Nice work Lady!

  252. I’ve finished most of your books and am deeply grateful for your research and writing and reading (I listen to your voice on the Audible recordings). You’ve investigated much of the intelligence agencies, but not the National Securiy Agency. I realize the challenges are immense, but I want to encourage you to dig into the “no such agency”. Based on its size alone, it merits an investigation. Do you agree Americans need to know what’s going on?

    Thank you for your consideration.

  253. Hi Ms Jacobson i realy need to get information to the the pentagon about some neighbors working unethical in bio science i hope you can help me

  254. I have been watching several of your interviews and lectures on youtube lately. I really enjoy them.

    I was wondering if you ever read the book “Sub Rosa” by Stewart Alsop; Thomas Braden (1946)? It appears to be the first book ever published about OSS exploits. It isn’t a conspiracy type book but I thought maybe you’d find it interesting. I suggest finding an original copy.


  255. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,

    My name is Ciara Leonard, and I am a sophomore in high school in Boston, Massachusetts. I am currently planning for a research paper, and was wondering if you had any recommendations or suggestions for a research question on Operation Paperclip.

    Thank you so much!

  256. Annie,
    I have recently heard that the US government made an arrangement with Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun to let him live his life out in Argentina in exchange for letting approximately 1500 German solders live in the United States. Is this what Operation Paperclip was about? I watched the History Channel’s program several years ago called Hunting Hitler. At that time, the story was actually very believable. Now I realize that it was probably true.

  257. I heard you on one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts. You were discussing one of your books. I went to my library and got all of your books they have. Your writing is incredible. Now I’m reading First Platoon. You have a perfect media presence. I’m surprised you’re not on television all the time.
    Wish you continued success. You have written about topics all Americans need to know of. Great work and so glad you’re out there.

  258. Mrs/Ms Jacobsen…
    During your research for the Paperclip Book, you didn’t by any chance run into the name Kammler,Echel and/or Freussen ?
    Thank You

  259. Hello,
    My name is Luke Braun and I’m apart of the Eva Braun family tree (specifically from the “branch” of Frank Onno Braun-who was a cousin of Eva) and I’d like to share a few photos of Eva’s grandparents (from both her father and mother’s sides) for an article.

  260. Trying to obtain the paperback edition of AREA 51 with the colored front cover of area 51 but unable to obtain anywhere. Do you have any connections . I am frustrated as heck. Love Annie books ….

  261. In 2017 DARPA phased me into their brain initiative and ElectRx programs as a human subject. At that time, I was dealing with an addiction to alcohol and methamphetamine, drinking on a daily basis. I was also diagnosed with bi-polar depression, ADHD and GAD. In 2019, after eight and a half years of abstinence from meth, I relapsed.

    In May of 2019, approximately two months after I relapsed I was contacted by a DARPA representative and was “linked” through a noninvasive, remote procedure with a remote BCI. Through the remote BCI, DARPA can access various parts of the brain as well as communicate. This remote access is needed for research and other applications in their ElectRx program. With ElectRx, DARPA can create scenarios through internal and external application through my BCI as well as various changes in my electromagnetic field by use of satellite generated infrasound. This allows DARPA scientists to study brain activity and thought processing through expedited science with “created” scenarios and various electrical field changes.

    DARPA has also allowed me to be a part of research that studies dream state and imprinting. (Both on and off mind enhancing medications.) In one project, in a semi conscious, pre-sleep state DARPA was able to imprint the live satellite imagery outside my location. I am able to communicate and discuss these images as well as dreams with DARPA scientists in detail via my BCI. The downside of having the BCI iit greatly impacts my short term and long term memory functions. I have very little short term memory. Although I am able to have very vivid and detailed long term memory around any traumatic or emphasized events of the past. These long term memories assist DARPA with research studies for PTSD.

    Since 2019 I have been able to be a part of much DARPA science. Through their brain initiative, in 2019 while in mind enhancing medications I was “walked” by a Federal Agent in Kansas City with the FBI. The Agent used a directly connected body device technology to partially control my body movements in order to physically walk me into a room and move different objects while he and I were in different locations. This project was done remotely.

    Through the BCI, DARPA has also read to me my pulse, blood pressure and body temperature. DARPA also has also apprised me of the science involved in their BRACE and Cornucopia programs. Their BRACE program works with concrete structure repair by using satellite technology. For this experiment, I stood on a thin sheet of ice over concrete and they were able to melt the ice surrounding my feet in approximately a 1 meter circumference without me feeling any effects.

    With their Cornucopia program, DARPA ripened green bananas over night. To show the preciseness of their satellite functions, they had me place a quarter sized piece of reflective metal on grass while communicating to DARPA. DARPA scientists communicated they would place a pinpoint location directly next to the metal to save the metal from superheating and causing fire. They then ‘smoked’ the green grass as if it were under a microscope.

    In my involvement with DARPA, in connection with the FBI and Homeland Security I have been a part of research and data procurement processes for various projects including loss prevention and training of the public. This includes communicating liabilities in jails, institutions and public buildings. Also, acting suspicious and carrying items on Homeland Security’s “suspicious items” list, such as backpacks and other items that should alert the public and other personal as a possible terroristic threat or suspicious persons.

    My wish would be to authorize release of all this information. However, under existing Federal laws, my FOIA is “locked” to protect DARPA’s Advanced Research and related sciences. Despite my wishes, this information is protected by DARPA and only released, as necessary to trusted governmental agencies. Being medical in nature they fully honor and abide by all Federal HIPPA laws and governmental regulations.,brain%20to%20detect%20neural%20activity.

    Additional info:

    Infrasound in conjunction with electric stimulation of my brain, ESB via satellite is used in ElectRx advanced research.

    Using ESB and the remote BCI as an electrode, DARPA can accomplish remote ablation. At times I can feel deep lesioning on various parts of my brain.

    The remote also can function as a micro electrode.

    Through satellite EEG and communication through my BCI I can discuss dreams and other mental states verbally and non verbally with DARPA Neuroscientist, psychiatrist and psychologist.

  262. Annie:

    I am currently reading Operation Paperclip, haven’t gotten too far yet, and am enjoying it. On page 31, you state the following about von Braun:
    “Von Braun lived just a few miles from the Norhausen complex, in a villa that had been confiscated from a Jewish factory owner years before. Each day he drove to his office in Bleicherode, eleven miles from the tunnel complex….”
    My great grandparents were owners of a linen mill, just outside Bleicherode in a small town called Niedergebra. They lived in Bleicherode, and I visited the town and their home in 1995. I find it surprising that von Braun had an office in Bleicherode, and am wondering if he actually lived there or worked there? Do you have the address of the location where he was in Bleicherode? It is doubtful that it was my great grandparents home, but it is a small world! Thank you.

  263. I am a former NASA Saturn V engineer (intern) at KSC during Apollo. I am hosting a corporate event for my company, Skybolt on April 5, 2022 at the Sun N Fun airshow. I am collecting former NASA colleges to do short presentations in groups for invitation only guests. Myself and my former lead engineer in the S1C office in the VAB are speakers. Would you be interested in a paid visit to be one of our speakers with other Saturn V speakers? We have 5 speakers from various offices and I am targeting 10. The event is formal airshow, catered, 1st Class.

  264. Is there any evidence the Soviet Union used Nazi German scientists like the Americans did?

  265. Annie… I am in the midst of reading your final book out of six the first platoon I still am absolutely amazed what you have written before this I have read every conceivable word in all five previous books and thank you for being the journalist you are today. The reason for me inquiring is that I am trying to locate an episode that you wrote in one of your previous five books before the one that I am currently Reading and it has to do with people being in the Antarctic during one of the most severe blizzards ever mentioned I believe you noted it took 12 hours for these men to go from their outpost to their base and that the weather was so severe that if they had gone out of their vehicle they would have frozen immediately I cannot remember if 187 what is the wind gust or the temperature including the wind gust. Hence I would like to read that episode again I cannot locate it in any of your books can you give me a hint where it is located in one of the five previous books ? Thanks again for being the journalist you truly are deserving of being. The best of the best

  266. I keep thinking about the excellent book PHENOMENA. It seems to me that some of these “Phenomena” were possibly cover stories for other covert activity. For example, could a remote viewing experience actually be a test of high altitude or satellite visual surveillence? Could bending of spoons be a simple parlor trick as part of a psych ops experiment on social manipulation? The real cool trick would be if could study well funded phenomena studies of the past and coorelate them to military research activity of that time, to help reverse engineer current social phenomena to determine exactly what is really going on today.

  267. Hi Annie, my daughter recently introduced me to Joe Rogan’s podcasts and I found your riveting interview with him about Operation Paperclip and more. I was so fascinated by it that I had to watch it again, twice in 2 days lol.

    I was wondering if you are going to investigate the similar Operation the US undertook, also at the end of the WW2 but concerned the Japanese atrocities at Nang King. Japanese doctors and scientists were squirreled away to the US along the same lines as the Nazis.

    I’m sure you would so a similarly fantastic job bringing to peoples’ attention those despicable acts as you did with Operation Paperclip.


  268. I have an article written January 1947 by a NY newspaper stating 1,721 Nazi’s were kept in the US out of necessity.
    I’m happy to share it if you want it.

  269. Dear Annie, I love your work. One detail, which would be an enormous detail if my fears are true, do you think they are the ones behind what is happening now all over the world. The injected poison, the dictatures, the numeric identity which will make us slaves. The complete intolerance of the governments and Elite. Klaus Schwab with his German superiority (with his space costume, LOL) Have they finally succeeded in destroying us from the inside.To me, it looks very much like Nazi tactics. I worked for one of the children of the SS. He was judged at Nuremberg but was one of those that was released with time served. He went to Argentina to make his fortune. And fortune he made. His children each inherited if I remember well 500 millions each after he died. He returned to Holland and built his little empire that his sons run very successfully now. I only found out years later the past of my employer. I didn’t work for him long as I dislike his controlling attitude and his superior manners. I called him the Nazi. It was a surprise when I later found on the internet all about him and his family’s past.

  270. Your work, Operation Paperclip, what a tour de force! I am using it as background for a piece of fiction featuring a minor player in this enterprise. Your research, your way of putting it all together, is amazing. Thank you.

  271. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    I just finished slogging my way through “Operation Paperclip”, your well detailed and documented rehash of the Paperclip operation. My question is about the intent of your book. It seems that, based on what you have written about the backgrounds of the German/Nazi “scientists” brought to this Country via Operation Paperclip, and your comments about them, that the United States would have been far better off to have just turned over all equipment, drawings, documentation, and the “scientists” to the murdering, Christian-hating monsters that were merrily ethnically cleansing Ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, and that had already murdered far more Ethnic Russians and Ukrainians by the end of the war than the Nazis had anybody else. Is that what your book is trying to get across? Should the US just have turned everything over to the monsters and gone back into isolationism and awaited our demise at the hands of the monsters?

    The statement in the book “the Germans were 20 years ahead of us in rocketry, aerodynamics, and, weaponry” was basically a understatement of reality. It was more like 25 to 30 years ahead of the US, and, since the murdering, Christian-hating monsters merrily murdering Ethnic Russians and Ukrainians had already thoroughly infiltrated every aspect of the German military (see “Special Tasks”) by the start of WWII, these monsters were also well ahead of the US in these fields. This realization of just how far behind everybody else the US actually was caused massive breaches fouling by realists in the US Military. But, as you allude to, the Roosevelt Administration and its State Department were actually the greatest enemy of our military in developing these technologies (this is also WELL documented, but since you are such a good researcher, I will leave it to you to dig this up), and, had installed toadies and “gatekeepers” to prevent our military from advancing.

    So, pulling our pants down and bending over for the communists was a better idea than bringing in these “scientists???

  272. Hello Annie,

    My Grandfather was the Commander of operation Tagboard/Senior bowl (Col Arden Curfman) regarding the development and use of the D21. I have your book and listened to your podcast with Joe Rogan and I would love to take five minutes of your time to hear some of the things you have been able to learn from your sources. I picked up your most recent book as well. Hope to hear back!


  273. Good evening Annie,
    Quick note. In the early 80s’ William (Bill) Moore and Stanton Friedman sat in my office at Harper & Row San Francisco. They told me some incredible stories and I remember thinking that if they would really write the right kind of book it would be an instant hit with media. At the time that didn’t happen although through the years Moore did write books with others. Bill Moore wrote books for Berlitz because the money was certainly bigger and more stable. Stanton came back to see me once more without Bill and we talked about publishing options. It just never happened but it was always one of my regrets during those years. It would have been quite fun. And my bosses at the time were up for anything.

  274. I am an inventor of antigravity propulsion includes advanced physic, but in Areaa51 was not copying ET UFO, but Nazi UFO Haunebu (from Antarctic base New Swabia, after an accident in Roswell), which has not a fully stable nuclear engine. So, bodies were not ET but humans with degeneration of DNA. Because any of fluctuation of antigravity waves few meters near to propulsion, cutting of DNA.

    So, who wants to make their own UFO, from me, can get antigravity propulsion with thrust 1000kN, accelerating in the atmosphere to Mach9, in space to lightspeed.

  275. Hey Annie! Heard you on Rogan a while back and have been a huge fan of your work ever since. I would love to have you as a guest on my podcast sometime and pick your brain on your work. Keep up the great content, your audiobooks are fantastic!

  276. I have some information about Edgewood Arsenal and Operation Paperclip.

  277. Operation Paperclip makes every conspiracy theory about our government come to life. It’s terrifying that Nazis came here and given new names and new lives. What did they get up to? Were you able to document the new identities given to the scientists’ families? How about criminal activity, and was it given a pass or taken seriously?

  278. Hello Annie –
    I really enjoy your work. It is so important for journalists like you to continue to shed light on these “dark corners”! Please keep up the good fight.
    So now a question – wth happened to DARPA?? As of this date, there are 2 (possibly 3) nations that have hypersonic glide missles in their arsenals. We apparently have squat in response. How did this happen? Also, if it is true, China now has a quantum – based communications network that is supposedly impenetrable.
    How did our guys drop the ball so badly in regards to these most recent achievements of adversarial nations? When did we lose our edge? What do your contacts in the government have to say regarding this? I have to believe that a lot of people in the intelligence community are sweating profusely over these recent developments.
    Again, please continue your important work. You are doing a great job and provide a critical public service, and for that I am grateful.
    Best Regards –
    Richard Powell

  279. Annie, I was wondering if you took the recent tour of the new Skunk Works facility in Palmdale. The entire plant has been manned, if you will, by robots. The production of secret aircraft projects has been completely automated. Lockheed claims that the plant will employ 400 people, a small fraction of the thousands of production workers who once worked at the Burbank facility. Along the same lines, the US Army trade show recently unveiled a killer robot dog, capable of firing a 6.5 mm sniper rifle at a target 3/4 of mile away. The Air Force colonel who I spoke with said that the Air Force plans on using the dogs for guard duty. So the next time you’re stopped at the gate to Area 51 it may be by a lethally armed K-9 robot.

  280. I may sound crazy but I have had slot of visions and I want to tell someone about what they are about but I don’t know how to contact the right people I have the answer to stop world hunger and I hate keeping it to myself because what good does that do maybe you can help me get it to the right people

  281. Ma’am,
    Can you give a more specific location for the original (1951) S4 location that the original EG&G Engineer told you about. I’ve tried to use the directions in the book, but if you could perhaps give a Lat and Long of where you are referring that would be super helpful.

    Second, since your book about NTS and Groom, have you found any information regarding the Papoose Lake Facility? Have you spoke to anyone that worked at that 80’s/90’s Papoose S4 site?

    Any updates on the DOE/AEC “S” code programs “S2” and “S3”?

    Very respectfully
    -SA B
    USA CI

  282. Thanks Roscoe, that error/type was fixed on day one and appears corrected in all editions that follow. Of course none of us are perfect. The goal is to try hard and always work even harder to correct ones mistakes. : )

  283. Hello, s

  284. I was recently given a copy of PHENOMENA Thought you’d be interested to know that on the back of the book jacket someone had pasted a sticker over the original barcode that said “FICTION ASTD”.
    I have no way of knowing if the seller did it or someone else but it seemed very weird to me because the book is very obviously not fiction.

  285. I have just finished SKV, and have also read Phenomena, Area 51 and am half way through Pentagon’s Brain. Phenomenal books, insights I never had, and I am a lifetime newsman. One comment, one question. In SKV, p. 207, you mention the island Ie Shima, where HALO was tested. Did you know this was the island WWII Correspondent Ernie Pyle was shot and killed by a Japanese woman with a machine gun in a cave. She was immediately dynamited to death. Question: Is Soininen Finnish. My grandparents were from Kauhava, later became “Copper Country Irishmen.” Ray Laakaniemi, retired J-prof. I know you get hundreds of letters, but …

  286. Annie who? When she stops writing books that have already been written__then, and only then, will I buy a book.

    The Area 51 lecture at a secret military base library was so funny. At the end a little boy stood up and said “what about the aliens”. Jacobsen started sweating bullets and quickly responded with “There are no Aliens at the base”.

  287. Has the U.S.A. ever declassified the list of nzi scientists, engineers and technicians
    smuggled into the country after WW2??

  288. 31, Saturday, July 2021

    Area 51 is the first of several ultra-secret bases on planet earth, the greatest secret is what is going on not spoken about much on Antarctica, the Stargate to other dimensions….. Travelling through outer space, that’s for astronauts that’s already been achieved… Travelling through portals to the multiverse, that’s for Multversenuats….

  289. Great book! I speak with both of my grandparents regularly. They met and worked for decades at ESL Inc. in the Bay Area. Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory. I was surprised it was not mentioned in your book given the subject matter. Are you familiar with the company? Or do you have any information pertaining to particular projects ie. Operation Ivy Bells, U2/ Oxcart or “Spy Rock”? THANK YOU

  290. Many Americans, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Joe Kennedy, Prescott Bush (accused of in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act) and others supported hitler openly before WWII. More than 20,000 attend a New York’s Madison Square Garden mass rally denouncing Jewish conspiracies, President Roosevelt, and others. raised Nazi salutes toward a 30-foot-tall portrait of George Washington flanked by swastikas. “In Mein Kampf, Hitler called America the “one state” making progress toward the creation of the kind of order he wanted for Germany. In 1935, the National Socialist Handbook on Law and Legislation, a basic guide for Nazis as they built their new society, would declare that the United States had achieved the “fundamental recognition” of the need for a race state.” See (

    Also, “beyond its American inspired race laws, the Nazis also admired America’s conquest of the West. In 1928, Hitler praised the Americans for having “gunned down the millions of Redskins to a few hundred thousand” in the course of founding their continental empire. And they knew that the United States had emerged as the dominant great power in the world after World War I. To them, racism had made America great. Plenty of Americans seemed to agree.” See same source: (

    Given this history which evolved out of the ideology of the Confederate States of America/ KKK – the Confederacy army underground) and U.S. racial apartheid /Jim Crow is it no wonder that nazi scientist ended up being more welcomed by the U.S. intelligence (or maybe not so intelligent) community then they were in Russia as you pointed out in your lecture on Operation Paperclip at the Politics & Prose Bookstore which is on YouTube?

    Do you think that the persistent manifestation of nazism, racial apartheid (white hate groups) in the U.S. might have been helped by some of these nazi’s and their off spring that have grown-up in America infiltrating various spheres of influence in our nation i.e. news media, the republican party, law enforcement, the military, intelligence, various White hate groups, and elsewhere?

  291. I got a note I was flagged as spam…so sending again. I just found out about your book and ordered “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” as I’m hoping it will help put together some of the pieces of my uncle’s story. He said he worked as a mercenary in the 1970s/1980s. He has passports with various names, a KGB ID and a resume/company ID cards for companies including Vinnell, Santa Fe Overseas, Aramco, Pullman Kellogg, Morrison Knudsen, Holmes and Narver, etc. Hoping to find out if more than Vinnell was known to have paramilitary contracts. He said that he often got his assignments from foreign correspondents or contacts at specific embassies — i.e. Canadian and Polish — in foreign countries. Looking forward to getting your book and hoping it does help shed some light on these bits of information.

  292. Good morning,
    After learning that the Catholic church helped many Nazis escape Germany to Argentina after the fall of Berlin, (either knowingly or unknowingly), I’m convinced that there is much more to that story than our government tells us. Will you be doing a book on that aspect of post WWII Nazi infiltration of South America? It only makes sense as to why there are still the elements of Nazism today because they weren’t truly eradicated. And do you think if by some chance Hitler made it out of Germany, why wouldn’t Juan Peron be his host in Argentina for a time? The secret hideouts are there. The Mossad got a few Nazis in South America. Who’s to say many more didn’t start new lives there including the head honcho?

  293. Hi There,

    Just a heads-up that I believe the word “nobel” is spelled wrong on your website. I had a couple of errors on my site before I started using a service to monitor for them. There are a few sites that do this but we like and


  294. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    Thank you for a detailed accounting of Operation Paperclip. While I was aware of this and many other illicit post WW II government programs, I did not know how effectively the NAZI’s had penetrated our government. It makes the post war arc of American tragic history so understandable. I’ve read about ties between the Kennedy assassination and NASA that are so much more understandable now. Presidents Bush I and II are descendents of Prescott Bush who was reported to be involved with trading with the NAZI’s. We have evolved into a Fascist nation independent of who occupies the White House. It was such a dreadful mistake to participate in WW I and sow the seeds of NAZI madness in its aftermath. What is our path back from a remorseless militaristic state the a peace one that has no interest in world domination Thanks for listening.

  295. Annie!
    Jesus Christ is the truth.
    John 14:6

  296. Dear Annie,
    You wrote what I must call a Second Morning of Magicians !!!!!!!!!!!! Amazingly insightful ! You did a great job indeed.

    What would you say if someone can offer to your brilliant mind something that will be as a philosophical, metaphysical, but most of all: absolutely factual , comprehensible and traceable UNDER THE CURTAIN explanation : what forces why and how participated , well, more like DIRECTED “the process”

    What I mean is : in theoretical physics there are things done, formulated and put to use, not without been noticed and integrated by certain gov institutions. Though the complexity of conceptual base still did not allow for a wide practical apps , but!!! it was SUCCESSFULLY utilized in some High energy beam tech theory, patented in classified manner in the former Sov Union

    To summaries here i should say: imagine how

    1)the ESP, 2)strategic planning with the 3)specific participation of historical level leading figures from the old world, theoreticians like Landau who created theory for the stars that was a basis for the thermonuclear soviet project

    could be integrated with ideas from Morning of Magicians and yours Phenomena

    In this way we will see the real picture for most of the events, trends of human civilization in its totality, at least for the last 150 years.

    Again: we do posses something that non tech ppl may call `a formula`, we consider this to be a newly formulated universal laws of physics, still not much comprehended, though institutions like Air Force, i believe, took a serious notice and MUCH MORE to this regard

    Thank you deeply for the greatest read since Morning of Magicians came out.

  297. Have you had any requests on doing research on GEORGE H. SCHERFF aka George HW Bush Sr. ??

  298. Annie, you got it wrong, so wrong. The reason Che talked of nuking the usa was because the usa was trying get its greedy hands on Argentina and the resources there.

  299. RE: “Phenomena”
    You missed a small part of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) issue story. (Chapter 12) Adam Entous wrote an article published in the 31 May 2021 issue of “The New Yorker” about the “Havana Syndrome” and what was happening to the Embassy employees there. It may have happened after your book went to the publisher…it was at about that time.
    I thought you might like to have a look at what he wrote.
    Tod Young, Granite Utah

  300. Can’t hear me Annie. Don’t you have esp annie. Go get laid to hurt more kids Annie. It’s what you do. Admit it. Using darpa and your pathetic shit to troll people online. Now aren’t you weak. Hunting for kids to use huh Annie. I hope you get one who educates you on what happens to gross people who go around hunting for people who have what they lack. Can’t hear me cia. I hope they hang you for war crimes and you get the hell away.

  301. Seeking more test subjects Annie. Looking for more humans to use Annie. Go above your shit in a warcrimes noose and call yourself a predator. That’s what you are and you know it. Psychic test that CIA and may hell devour you for seeking out humans to use for your sick evil behavior. You are fakes.

  302. I’ve done my homework and you are a literary genius. I’ve read all your books “multiple “ times. I can’t say enough about how much investigative work you’ve done. I always thought that it was my fault I put the hole in the ozone layer with my can of Aqua Net! Thank you

  303. Hi Annie- I just watched a YouTube of you discussing Operation Paperclip. Kudos! My question is about Plum Island, NY and Nazi scientists who specialized in biologic warfare. Did German scientists infect ticks with B. Burdorferi and coinfections there and cause the Lyme Disease pandemic?

  304. Hi Annie! I am a professor in Florida, and I am going back to school to obtain another degree in cognitive sciences, focusing on morality and AI. I know this is a long-shot, but I figured why not… Do you have any contact emails or other ways to connect? For my research, I was wondering if I could ask you just a few questions regarding some things after reading your books about some insights. Just figured I’d throw it out there. Anyway, you’re amazing and such an inspiration to those in the field. Thank you for all you do.

  305. Loved “First Platoon” but my comment is about another matter regarding the book. In the early part of the book you have a long segment about the FBI developing the Fingerprint system and throughout the soldiers are described as using printers ink and rolling the fingers on paper.In May of 1995 thru November 1995 a team worked at FBI Hq building in DC creating a digital system of finger print that did not require ink. the program was IAFIS (Integrated automated Fingerprinted Identification System) I know at the end of “First Platoon” you allude to coming digital fingerprints but I wonder why the soldiers were not using it on their laptops in 1999? the program in FBI Hq,in DC was continued in development afterNov. “95 at Quantico and finished up in West Virginia after Quantico. My son worked on that team in DC and I worked near the FBI at the time and we would meet for lunch frequently; that is how I am familiar with IAFIS He received a letter of praise from Louis Freeh, Director of FBI at the time. MY son was working freelance at the time. though in the letter from Director Freeh he mentions a company in Alexandria My son was affiliated with at the time. I really was very impressed with your work on “First Platoon”. How different from my experience in earlier times. I was an Army Officer In 1950’s.

  306. Annie,
    I have been a fan of your work until you wrote Surprise, Kill, Vanish because it provided me with an avenue to explain to my family my career from 2005 to today. On a broader level I want to thank you for explaining title 10 and 50 (The third option) on JRE, we have long wished that it was public knowledge that we stop not start wars AND there is a robust legal process behind our role.

    Keep digging and stay safe

  307. Hi I haven’t read this yet, I will when I get finished with current law suits!

    But I would like to know if Ms Jacobsen knows about the timeshifting/wormhole technology that is being used, for last 30 years I believe, to create fake or contrived coincidences in day to day life of targets?

    From the S4 facility of Area 51, It is being used today for Virtual Gulags on selected victims, who are manipulated daily in a Zersetzung style program designed to remove them from society and negate their lives, in what looks to me like a value assessment of the victims percieved economic merit to the Cabal (NWO)/Kleptosystem, ie if they are of no value they are essentially murdered while still alive in the Totalitarian global tyranny which has developed Schwab/Gates/Fauci etc, and is also connected to the recent vaccines and the older Lifelog classification system (100 years)

    Is explored in my forthcoming book “In Reality You Have No Reality”, which documents a horrific 23 year descent in to an impoverished spy riddled scifi nightmare between 1997 – 2021, and in final stages of completion with extraordinary revelations about the reality of a silent murderous Totalitarian system and probably makes Orwell look like a Big Buck Bunny cartoon, is a 100% true, very dark, story with real names of some involved, registered as war criminals.

    The perpetrators have an ideological (eugenics/supremacist) belief system as mentioned by Ms Jacobsen in the Operation paperclip work, are fanatical in the extreme, extremely evil, seriously criminal, heavily in to symbolism, and clearly in urgent need of psychiatric help.

    Just a thought anyway.

  308. I cried when I read about the boy from my hometown who was killed in First Platoon.
    The story of massive technology and political rhetoric being used against the enemy
    in Afghanistan absolutely parallels the methods and rhetoric utilized in Vietnam.

    Am currently reading Phenomenon. My word of the day is the memory metal Nitinol.

  309. Did Annie have an email I can contact her personally with? I have a very very important personal question for her . It’s important to me personally and just a simple question please.

  310. Hot as fck journalist/author. Annie, you should seriously consider (if you haven’t already) narrating your books because I personally could listen to you speak all day.
    You have a voice that could hypnotize anyone lol. I don’t have much time to read these days but I can definitely listen:).

  311. January 30 1933 Vatican puts Hitler into power. July 20 1933 VonPapen and Pacelli sign the Reich Concordat. Article 10 clear infers a Priest’s Habit is a military uniform. Hitler’s plan was to seize the large corporations and trusts (Mercedes Benz, Telefunken, I G Farben, Siemens etc.) placing them into state control. With those assets Vatican then allowed Hitler to print DeutchMarx using the corporations and trusts as collateral. Once the Nazi’s lost the war the Vatican took over the collateral. The Reich Concordat is 23 pages long. It is commercial fascism and parasitism. But with mutual consent the contract lasts forever plus one day. Code of Cana’an (“canon”) law, ba’al priests, sodomy and pedophilia is Vatican. Their tag team partner is Esau-Edom’s descendants. This is born out under Genesis 36:2. The Hittites is Vatican. The Hittites were and still are the military and financial might. Esau-Edom is out for the birthright Jacob-Israel took. Vatican is out to destroy the world. Further to the Nazi experiments, they must have tripped on to DNA. By the 1960s it became necessary for the Hittites to send the Edomites to take Hebron. WHY? Look up “Cave of the Patriarchs” … DNA is in the cave! Now, the mRNA scheme MAY be targeting the DNA of Abraham. Funny … we know the DNA of very old life yet after 50 years we are still in the dark about what the Vatican knows about us!

  312. Ms. Jacobsen – I just read Operation Paperclip. I have a question that I have not seen asked or answered in any of your You tube book signings. What are the prolific NAZI effects on todays policy and practice in our Government- after years of having NAZIs in leadership roles? Personally – I believe that their philosophy is alive and well in our Government, intelligence agencies and and global governance. But I would value your intellectual input.

  313. Regarding the request for the FOIA. I’m also a researcher and I have found at least one reason the request never gets a good return. There was a release of certain email that Tom Fitton was able to obtain. The reason why people don’t succeed is because the name was mis-spelled. Not just one time either. James Comey was spelled “Corney”.
    You might have better luck trying a variation of what key words you are digging into.

  314. Dear Annie,
    I enjoyed operation paperclip. I am curious about one anecdote on the book. After dropping off the high ranking Nazis at Nuremberg, the army interrogator flies back to the house where they had been kept and interrogated for several months. The interrogator relays the story that a local Luxembourg man was outside the house shouting / taunting Hermann Goering by saying ” Mr Hess, how is Berlin?”. The book indicates that the house was the second most top secret high value detainee location. That makes me wonder how a local man would know that Goering was housed there? I know this is a trivial detail… But curious if that question had crossed your mind?
    Looking forward to reading area 51 next. Thanks, Dave

  315. Dear Mrs. Jacobson,

    After years of not watching your famous ‘YouTube’ video of you speaking at that very interesting Washington D.C. bookstore in 2014…
    I finally viewed your lecture regarding the book you wrote about ‘Operation Paperclip’. I am not exaggerating when I tell you the following- this particular video has showed up in my suggested video feed, every day for the last 5 years, and I finally just had to watch. I will accredit your intelligence and public speaking abilities, in saying I pleasantly enjoyed it. I intuitively knew all this time [over the course of my journey], that I would start a ‘rabbit hole’ of research about ‘Annie Jacobson’ as soon as I finished watching your talk.
    “Failure”, perhaps a hypocritical & conspiratorial term not originally created by Humanity… I believe such illusions in which you have brilliantly illustrated through literature: have climaxed into the very media or propaganda that never fails! No pun intended. If you were ever contacted for employment by The Agency; would that be a failure for the rest of us, yet a great success for you as an individual?
    Well, I know and understand the correct answer to that question. You did say something that I think is so important for every individual to take a couple minutes to mull over in their gut… ‘…failure has to be a part of success…’

  316. To whom it may concern:
    I am a U.S. citizen I live in Dublin California Alameda county my government has put a foreign object in my deep cerebral cortex I have no proof but just to let you know it’s in there without my permission my name is Christina

  317. Hello. I didn’t know if you knew that the Operation Paperclip audiobook is on YouTube right now in 4 parts. Just making sure you knew. Thank you.

  318. Dear Annie:
    After watching your ineresting program on Commonwealth, I was left with some questions. I read Dr. J.B. Rhine’s book, many years ago, back in my 20’s, my age now being 86. He named his subjects “sheep”, the ESP believers (and doers) and “goats” the strange people who killed their ESP ability by their disbelief. I wonder why these terms were credited as the invention of someone else. Also, I wonder why you talked all the way around the point that belief in ESP enables it, and disbelief kills it, at a weird, below chance-average rate. It actually was his final conclusion, that people who believe in it, can do it, and people who disbelieve in it cannot. This seems to prove that he proved faith in the laboratory. I did not see this point come out very much in your talk. In all the talk about the controversy between the doers and the skeptics, it seems that Dr. Rhine already defined that whole matter way back in the 1930’s. Why would anybody, the government or anybody else, be scratching their head over it? Also ESP runs in families. A psychlogist agreed with me on that. ESP runs in my mother’s family. It is just something my relatives do. Because we regard it as normal, Dr. Rhine already explained it. But it if runs in families, why would anybody be questioning the genetics of it. If you will return me an e mail address. I will simply relate the lifetime ESP stories in my mother’s family, including my own. I even wrote a small book about the last day of my mother’s life. I can attach it to you and let you read it. Thank you for your super interesting ork. Mr. Bob. Union, MS Age 86.

  319. I would like to share a discovery regarding how spoken word language creates culture and informs behavior. It has to do with the transition from vocalizing to verbalizing. Our worldview is established as we acquire our mother tongue. My phone number is 805-290-3223

  320. Just finished reading First Platoon, such a sad story. Those poor boys went through so much. I find it very concerning the lawyers lied about the identity of those killed to garner support for Lorance and that they used case to raise millions for UAP. Isn’t that fraud? Are they being investigated?

  321. Hi Annie

    i was wondering if you had any ideas on doing any research regarding the European community after the war and the Nazi roots in the European union, as you know the paper clip project and the Richard Bissell jr connection. also the Nuremburg trials and the eleven that were hanged and the bizarre way they were treated, its common knowledge that devout Catholics do not agree with cremation but all were cremated at the request of tier family’s, and given American names.

    I only ask as the possibility’s of deception by the allys and the national socialists of Germany and the Balkan states is a capable scenario not within the realms of conspiracy. The Nazi master plan was to infiltrate the world and its economy’s implementing world government. I only have bring to your attention the social narratives that are being portrayed by the media and so called social justice and the slow withdrawn rights of the western world and its laws, as you know the laws of great Britain and the united states and many others are laid down from runny mead and magna carter.

    we are living in strange times with the covid even and was, as are many, wondering if this could be a psy op i am not trying to be a theorist but i am sure you have intelligence enough to be realistic even in your investigative career to know that anything is possible and the links that could be associated.

    kind regards

    stewart mcgreig

  322. Dear Annie,

    I’m a big fan of your books and your episode on the JRE podcast. I’m excited for your next visit on the podcast. I’m currently in the US Army stationed in San Antonio, TX.

    I’m just contacting you about your recent post on your Twitter, talking about the kids in nazi uniforms. Im from the area where it happened. Those kids are well known for being racist. They weren’t in the mall to recruit people but to get a rise out of people. The older gentleman in the picture was telling the kids to leave the mall immediately and they have since been banned from the property. Just wanted to give you some more information on the incident.

  323. Each day I taken notes on your “Phenomena” (up to p.360 with 139 notes). They will be put in a notebook for research. It has revealed to me we are more than just bodies if the DIA had a program for years and I used that growing conviction to speak to my kid sister, Joan, who was dying of cancer. Thank you for a thorough look at the players. I am looking forward to “Area 51”.

  324. My name is Affraz Mohammed. I’m a United States Marine who served this country for about 7 years. My twelve siblings and I were born in Trinidad and Tobago, and I was raised in Newark, NJ from the age of five by my parents who have been married for 60 years. 

    I joined the military right out of high school. Over the course of my Marine Corps career, I was instilled with strong core values like honor, courage and commitment. In 2000, I was selected by senior enlisted Marines to represent the Marine Corps by training with the Royal Marines of England at AP Hill in Virginia.  I was given the esteemed position of participating in the Bush Inauguration as a driver. The detail was three months long—myself and 14 other Marines were responsible for driving and protecting high ranking military members, congressmen, senators and dignitaries. Another special detail I participated in was at HMX to guard the presidential helicopters in Quantico. I had the privilege to participate in a special assignment as a driver for the General and the Sergeant Major at the Marine Corps University; Although I was not an American citizen, I was hand selected by my superiors because of my positive history, great work ethic, motivation and dedication. I even hand delivered classified documents at the Marine Corps University during the critical time of anthrax attacks.

    There has always been anti-muslim sentiment in this country, but after the attacks of 9/11, Muslims were viewed very differently—even those of us who were serving our country with exemplary service records. August 28, 2002 was a day that my Marine Corps achievement were pushed away, and I became just another Muslim in America.  NCIS and ATF agents arrested me and accused me of having a fully automatic weapon—which despite my military training would have been illegal. I was interrogated, physically assaulted, and hazed for months.  Based on the way I was treated by my fellow marines, I was guilty until proven innocent.

    Eventually I was court martialed and unanimously found not guilty.  I was honorably discharged, though I continue to live with PTSD from my experiences. Since leaving the Marine Corps I have continued to experience harassment and discrimination, and on some occasions I was even arrested.

    I fought for Americans to have their basic rights— rights that were stripped away from me despite my innocence. Still, despite the isolation I felt for years, I’m one of the lucky ones.  I will not be a victim, I will continue to speak and advocate so this injustice doesn’t happen to someone else. 

    Below are some links of my experiences and I wanted to ask if you can not help me get some closure or justice for being sexually abuse and Tortured on active duty. Please read the links below and share.

    I hope to continue advocating for not only Muslims, but anyone who has experienced profiling, discrimination, or abuse. Veterans just like me have died disgracefully without the chance to prove themselves innocent, and hopefully my story—if told accurstely, completely, and truthfully—can let others know they’re not alone. 

    Thanks for reading this. Please let me know if you’re interested in helping me tell this story. I believe it will save the lives of people who are suffering. 

    If you cannot help me please share my story Via social media.


    Sergeant Affraz Mohammed

  325. 🙏 hello Annie, would love to share a lil sometime, if interested of course. We might have something in common;)

    Kindest regards,


  326. It looks like you’ve misspelled the word “nobel” on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. I’ve used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


  327. In the context of “Phenomena”…I knew Joe Mc Moneagle (though we never met) but dialogued over conducting a joint psycho-kinetic/ movement in to the past op. Never done as we felt it was too unreliable. I did, however, try to inspire Joe to go to September 20, 1918 into the choir loft of San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy) at 11am—I had to paint the scene as well as a dozen others being privy to Padre Pio’s “Epistolario” via the Capuchin monks. I worked for Pio’s official Cause in 1973 to 1975.
    I then went on to dialogue via the physicist David Bohn (Birbeck College) with Jiddu Krishnamurti. Mary Zimbalistt never forgot it and spoke of it in the introduction of her book. All of this means your “Phenomena” was very meaningful for me and I kept copious notes in my old-fashion marble notebook. Enlightenment is never a goal because as a goal it blocks it; it is always an effect…the effect of thought not arising which differs radically from repressing thoughts via concentration.

  328. Hello, you are awesome! keep going!

  329. Hello, you are awesome! keep going!

  330. After reviewing all of your materials I can across this video can you look and see if this is plausible considering your expertise.
    You may contact me at the email given on the comment.

  331. Annie,
    My father has always been interested in WW2. Our ancestors are from Germany/Austria. Last year I came across pictures and reports of Operation Paperclip and I sent copies to my father. When he visited in October 2020, he took me aside and told me he didn’t know where I was getting this information from, but that the United States Military WOULD NOT let this happen. I thought, OK and dropped it. Then, I ran across your book, Operation Paperclip last week. I ordered him a copy and got one myself. Boy! Your book is informative but more than that. You explain everything without confusing the reader. I can’t wait until my father finishes his copy! We will definitely have something to discuss in May when he comes to visit. Thank you.

  332. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    My son is in 5th grade, and is doing a presentation on Area 51 for an independent study project. He has read your book, and it has been an outstanding resource for him (and for me in following along with his research!). He had a couple of questions, and I suggested that I could try to reach out to you to see if you would be willing to answer.

    What made you interested in Area 51, and made you want to write your book?

    Why do you think that people continue to be interested in Area 51, even after we have learned as much as we have about what is done there?

    If you would have time to respond, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  333. I’m enjoying listening to Surprise, Kill, Vanish but some unnecessary errors ( identifying Lt jg Kennedy as a general amd a captain as the highest noncommissioned officer ) loses credibility for an otherwise entertaining book.

  334. I’m enjoying listening to Surprise, Kill, Vanish but some unnecessary errors ( identifying Lt jg Kennedy as a general amd a captain as the highest noncommissioned officer ) loses credibility for an otherwise entertaining book.

  335. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I have just finished Area 51. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to reading more of your books. I would like to ask a question. On page 343, it states that Lt. Gen. Robert M. Bond had flown 267 combat missions, 44 in Korea and 213 in Vietnam. 44 and 213 add up to 257. Is this a typographical error? I am just curious. Please let me know. Thank you.

  336. Dear Annie,
    I have just finished Area 51. I thought it was a very interesting and well written book. I am looking forward to reading more of your writings.
    I would like to ask a question. On page 343, it states that Lt. General Richard M. Bond had flown 267 combat missions, 44 in Korea and 213 in Vietnam. 44 and 213 add up to 257. Was 267 a typographical error? I am just curious. I would appreciate it if you could clarify this. Thank you.

  337. I would love for you to investigate/write about our Maritime Intelligence history ala Blind Man’s Bluff.
    There is a rich history of Submarine covert operations .i.e “Spy Boats” from their inception through the Cold War to our present day.
    Love your books and interviews!

  338. Just finished Area 51. Decade old now. What else has been released and discovered since your original writings? This worked out a good portion of the puzzle. Now if we could get the other 80% of the remaining puzzles pieces and complete the picture. Course it will never happen. Great mixture of fiction & non-fiction. Well handled.

  339. Hello!

    Thank you for keeping me company with your awesome work. I could not stop reading your books after reading Area 51.

    Question: The Russians interfering with the US elections to create hysteria was announced again today. Do you feel this is the same type of plan that you mention in Area 51 about Roswell and creating a UFO hysteria?

    Thank you for all you do.

  340. I hope you have started work on this covid mess already… so much corruption!

  341. Annie Jacobsen—-Once again I must thank you for all your research and hard work. Everything you write aligns with my own research. Thank you for reading your own books on audible…..I listen to them multiple times…..excellent work. I think I have all of your books but one….have to figure out which one I’m missing 🙂 Take care Annie and do take time for yourself as well.

  342. Annie,
    I’m a huge fan – your intense scrutiny of topics, many can’t fathom the importance and relevance of, is wonderful, eye-opening, and a bit unnerving. I stumbled upon Operation Paperclip while researching for a feature screenplay regarding 2 FBI agents hunting a Nazi war criminal. It allowed me insight and a flavor inspiring me as I created my story. I’m now reading Surprise, Kill, Vanish for my personal education, but also as inspiration and background for a feature screenplay now in work. I completely enjoy your interviews & talks. Thank you for what you do!

    (I’m a retired USAF veteran. In late 1999, while stationed at Nellis AFB with the USAF Thunderbirds, I made contact, was interviewed, and hired by the folks “up-range” (Area-51) but turned it down as time away, already distressing my family touring with the team, was more than it could endure.)

  343. Hi Annie. Thank you so much for your work. I find your philosophical bent to be a wonderful aspect to your research, as the toothpick principle applies to all of what you’re researching: that tools are amoral, but can have both good or evil effects. The ones who wield them have good or bad ethics. Certainly your research is relevant considering we profit off of research by scientists in China who may get knowledge via means we steer clear of.

    This is close to my heart because my late father was in the rookie class of the NSA under General Canine. He went on to do work on joint project with Control Data and University of Vermont developing one of the first capacitive touch screens. The only mention of him online was in an article about PROMIS which was later hijacked to spy on US citizens. So Operation Paperclip is of special interest to me because I think about all those good scientists who may have unknowingly worked next to monsters. Interestingly, my dad original came to the GSA to work in DC as a translator. I had always wondered why they were in need of German, and now I know. But his testing put him in to work with computers. I have a picture of his group with General Canine if you ever want to use it. I don’t know if you’ve done research into the NSA. Seems like it’s history may be a bit less dastardly but got used a lot by more unscrupulous actors in the government? I want to know if you have any plans to research the NSA. I actually have all my dad’s papers in relation to later work on FORTRAN and other things, but don’t think my dad had any journals of his NSA work. He was honest to a fault so that’s probably why he never talked about his time there and never bothered to keep track of what was declassified. I so wish he was still alive to ask him. I do wonder if his frustrating with Obama was because he knew that Dad helped to develop spying tools that were now being turned against US citizens. Have you considered looking into that? Also the 5-Eye Alliance that has come to light especially with the Steele Dossier that we get around laws against spying on our own citizens by getting others to do it for us?

  344. Hello
    I am a survivor of mkultra/project paperclip i have evidence of it. And am wondering if you can get in touch with me and help me expose the fact this is still going on. I have phone numbers coming in from russia yet they are coming from medical facilities in buffalo ny and port saint lucie fl. They are not really russians calling me. I have strange rashes on my chest severe within minutes of going outside i thought it was a sun allergy when i moved to fl this did not happen they ran me back to wny. My dental records were tampered with my lips swelled to the point i could hardly talk they denied it was anything they did. I got a german number come in that was from a vodophone that when i typed it into google it took me to a covid sequencing page. Ive been followed and harassed 24/7 i was illegally surgically implanted on 9/11/15 i have a lot to say and im wondering if you can help me expose all of this.

  345. Why does the NASA community act as if they have no connection to Nazi Germany via Paperclip? I mean you can’t even engage them in a conversation about it without them calling you a liar. Isn’t it time our government came clean?

  346. WOW! Surprise Kill Vanish will now be sandwiched by Bright Shining Lie and Dispatches. Truly a Pulitzer worthy work. Glad that people will now know some of the contributions made by Billy Waugh; unbelievable. “Who do the difficult things? Those who can.”

    Congratulations on a truly important book.

  347. Re: The Pentagon’s Brain
    Excellent! My first of your books. Will read more.
    Throughout this book I couldn’t help but think how our govt has managed to perpetuate conflict. For good or for evil is almost irrelevant but that the war machine – and the business of it – lives on. We’ve creative an incentive to continue I’m afraid. I hope not.
    Still, congratulations on great work Annie.
    Mark Klein

  348. Saw your Harvard Club presentation. Well done. The work journalists like you perform is ESSENTIAL to our republic…

  349. Annie,

    I just finished reading Operation Paperclip. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The book made me think about my German heritage and how we all need to do better to not divide ourselves into tribes. When we see people as “other” for whatever the reason bad things happen. I hope you continue researching and writing. All the best.

  350. I just finished reading Area 51 and it brought back alot of memories. Back in 1951 I was sent to Camp Desert Rock and was present for 2 nuclear explosions, the first which was dropped from a B29. If you are interested I can provide you with details of the time I spent there.

  351. I just finished reading Area 51 a great read and it brought back alot of memories. Back in 1951 when I was 21, I was sent to Camp Desert Rock and was present for 2 nuclear explosions, the first which was dropped from a B29. If you are interested I can provide you with details of the time I spent there.

  352. Hello, Annie,
    I started with AREA 51, because I live in Nevada. I found it really interesting, but, in looking at the names involved, realized that I should have read OPERATION PAPERCLIP first. I thought I might recognize some names, and I have. I’m not yet halfway through the book. In any event, I started laughing when I began to read about this obscure little black site in Oberursel. It became even funnier when I saw the picture you chose. It was the Camp King Officer’s Club, where I had many a drink, even as a dependent child. We also played the slot machines when no one was watching.

    Camp King is now closed and turned back over to the Germans. The O’Club is now a set of apartments. I lived on Camp King as a dependent from about April of 1960 to July of 1964. My father was CIC and then MI. Camp King contained all sorts of people, including MI, ONI, CIA, and so on. I met many older German men, complete with the saber scars and so on. I was there for at least two defections of military intelligence people, the assassination of Kennedy, and the Berlin Wall being constructed. I was never allowed to go to Berlin, until my father retired from the army. We all knew when an operation had gone sour because the entire membership of the post would be miserable about it. We pretty much knew who’d be doing the retaliation. It was a strange life for a teenager, but I’d never trade it for anything. Keep up the work you’re doing. It makes for fascinating reason. I’m not sure which book will be next.

  353. Ms. Jacobsen, my I suggest for you to take a look into the Political Activities Group which is also a part of Special Activities Division of CIA. SAD and PAG is Title 50 ops and it would be a great addition to Surprise, Kill, Vanish. I brought the book and thank you.

  354. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen, Surprise, Kill, Vanish is a great way to open the public discuss of why this nation is where it is at after 1947 after the NSA signed by Truman and how everything is operated. It seems the public really does not know that much about the National Security Act of 1947 and how everything is executed since 1947 would really make clear “why” things are they are now. Public needs to have this, Title 50, and the National Security Act as more in the mainstream of public discussion. Second, could you write about the second part of the Special Activities Division(Group)? SAD has two parts. One is para-military and the other is called “political activities division” or group. There is SAD and PAD part of one under title 50. Look forward to your response and in hopes you could take a look into this other part of Special Activities at the CIA called Political Activities Division which operates with SAD or inked to it at CIA. Thank you.

  355. I enjoyed your talk on the Commonwealth Club on Biometrics. As I was listening I thought that you might be interested in my novella “The Implant” that portrays a journalist/activist trying to combat the mandatory implant of a device ostensibly to gather medical and behavioral information for the purpose of developing personalized medications. This device also has the ability to track you and subliminally implant messages to sell you products or vote for a specific candidate. The fiction in my book is fast becoming reality with the public’s unquestionable acceptance of similar devices either worn, carried or implanted.

  356. Dear Annie, My name is Richard Maglionico. I had to tell you that I just started reading Area 51and already I am riveted. I am an Air Force Vet who was stationed at Langley AFB, Va, returning from SE Asia in 1969. At that time, as you probably know, Project Blue Book was winding down. (1952-1969) Back then, you really didn’t talk much about that topic. Now, I can’t get enough. Seems strange, the History Channel canceled PBB after the 2nd season. Why? Were they getting in too deep? I’m sure, you know the Government. Anyway, recently I wrote a small book called “The Connection…the Extra-terrestrial link between Mars and Ancient Egypt. I’m presently waiting for my copyright confirmation. I was wondering two things. First, when I eventually go into print, can I mail you a copy? I’m curious what a published author, like yourself, has to say about it. Second, can I quote some facts and lines, from Area 51 for my next project? If not, I understand. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I await your reply

  357. Loved your book operation paper clip.I am going to read all your books!

  358. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Re: Operation Paperclip

    A couple of years back I came to own a bundle of some 60-70 pages of original marked “secret” marked Operation Dustbin. They include a) rosters of detainees held at Castle Kransberg and “available for exploitation” and arrivals and departures from the roster. The “head counts” run around 69-70 people during the summer, 1945.

    Plus detailed interview notes discussing the possible exploitation of Ter Meer, Schacht, and other Nazis. Also included is some info on Speer, and on the status of the German uBoat fleet at the end of the war, provided by Otto Merker.

    If, as I suspect, you’ve explored the holdings at Stanford, there may be nothing new to you here.

    It may be that Operation Paperclip is solely in your rear view mirror, in which case this won’t interest you, but I’d be interested in chatting with you if you were interested, and particularly so if you haven’t seen these types of documents.

  359. I was a student at LACC. They had a blood drive, on the back of the consent form was authorization to DNA map you, considerations for organ donations. But these kids, who only want to help never knew…………………?

  360. Hey folks, is Ms. Jacobsen willing to sign books purchased through this sight for an additional fee, please? Thanks!

  361. “Biometric data led President Trump to pardon an American soldier convicted of killing Afghan civilians. What if the data was wrong?”

    Jacobsen’s statement from the NY Times (Jan. 9, 2021) may be factually true, but it is still a LIE. Trump regularly pardons U.S. soldier-murderers for political reasons; no evidence is really EVER used to make such disgraceful, heinous decisions.

  362. Hi. Just finished Paperclip and moving on to darpa. Just writing to see if you could provide me with the list of scientists and investigators at the end of paperclip, as I listened to the audiobook version.

    Also, if they don’t pay you properly over at audible I’ll be buying a physical copy eventually.

    Take care and happy New Year.

  363. In your book Area 51, Chapter 21 “Revelation” is Colonel Leghorn’s information his own conspiracy theory or is he saying that these are facts, mainly that it actually was Stalin’s flying saucer being the vehicle that crashed at Roswell and the Russian spellings on a piece of metal, the deformed ‘bodies’ being that of experiments on humans, etc.???

  364. Dear Annie Jacobsen:
    What drives me crazy is for every page I read in your Book ‘Operation Paperclip’ I can not stop screaming in my head why American Jews have not made Oscar worthy movies that “annually” play in major theaters or bring this topic up during Holocaust Memorials Programming Nationwide or in Schools.
    I can only come to the conclusion as unsettling as this may read, those high ranking Nazi’s brought to America assimilated amongst the Jewish German immigrants because of social cohabitation in pre-wwII German townships. And this arrangement benefited both sides on the down-low in “plain sight” to include marrying, having children & and from inception even into the 21st century, passing as “Jews” in every position throughout this Country from U.S. Presidents, County & City Vendors and even architects of American Jewish Federations. There was no other community they could have settled in and keep the same social energy without major social setbacks.
    I came to this reality because I once fed a snipper who was suppose to kill me but couldn’t because he was starving. He was so grateful to have food (my mre) he let me go.
    I learned from being in combat that war does not always make you enemies.
    Thank you for ALL of your Books.

  365. Dear Ms. Jacobson,

    I’m a Japanese news reporter for Sunday Mainichi, a weekly news magazine.
    I would like to have a brief interview about your book “Area 51.”
    If you have time to talk, please let me know. I am located in Los Angeles.


  366. Research you put into you books is just unbelievable! Really looking forward to your new book. Wondering if you would consider two new topics for two future books. Nazi’s had a very top secret faculty inside a mountain, one entrance from a box canyon in Poland. Have you heard of that operation? U.S. Army has a spec op group above Delta Force, initially called “Activity,” Formed by a veteran spec op Army officer Jerry King. Just a suggestion, research you would put into these two subjects would hands down make them best sellers! Happy Holidays, Allen B.

  367. Hello Annie Jacobsen,

    Your book ” Area 51 ” just found its way into my hands. I am a retired Federal Canadian Policeman living in Toronto, CANADA. I boast a modest library of just over 2000 non-fiction books in about 30 different categories. My largest being espionage ( part of what I did as a Federal Peace Officer).

    Simply wanted to tell you I thought your book was incredible and written so well. I You now have a new fan and I am now in search of some of your others.

    Happy Holiday Season and thank you for reading my email.



  368. Hey Ms. Jacobsen! Are you planning on doing any book signings or tours in 2021? I would love to bring my husband to get a book signed, he loves your stuff! I know the virus has ruined all possible prospects of a book signing this year, but do you have anything planned for next year when this (hopefully!) dies down?
    Thank you!

  369. Just recv’d your card today…11/16/2020. Thank You so much!! Stay Safe You and Your family. Take Care!
    Best, Victor.

  370. Annie,
    My name is Mike Post and I was stationed at a US Air Base just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada during the time of the Area 51 incident. As a matter of Fact, I was sent to AREA 51 because of my security level. I actually photographed the ship you refer to in your book (in the form of a CD collection) which I just purchased in a thrift store in Arkansas.

    Now I am going to start licensing the CD`s!!

  371. Write a book about CIA and In-Q-Tel connections to Media, Google and Big Tech

  372. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen,

    just finished your exceptional book “paperclip”, that I think, is very well written, asks the right questions and is based on a thorough research of the subject.
    My uncle used to work for Bell Aircraft in New York (state) in the 1950’s (later for McDonnel-Douglas and Litton Industries out of California), as far as I remember exclusively on defense contracts. He knew Dr. Dornberger well, who was also at Bell at the time. He told me an anecdote Dornberger told him, or was fond of telling:
    Dornberger was being interrogated by a younger american officer, who was pressing him for specific information. Dornberger didn’t want to answer the questions and was obviously evasive. The officer got mad at him and said something to the effect of: “Oh well, it doesn’t matter, their going to hang you as a war criminal anyway!”.
    Dornberger replied: “They can’t hang me, I know too much!”
    The officer jumped up, ran off and reported this to his superior, then came back to Dornberger and said: “Your right!”
    I have a 1955 printing of “V2”, that was autographed by Dornberger on Dec. 6, 1957 in Buffalo, when my parents were visiting my uncle in Buffalo.

    Ironically, I live only a few kilometers from V2 launch sites in the Hunsrueck Hills of Germany, where over 120 V2s were launched against Antwerp, Belgium.
    You can still find V2 parts in the forests around the launch sites, from malfunctioned V2s.


  373. Hi !
    I do a lot of studying about cryptid creatures, through my studies I keep stumbling onto nazi’s creaturing or bioengineering a werewolf type creature or what we call Dogman, and the scientists and their knowledge and technology for this was brought over to the United States under Operation Paperclip. I was curious if there is any declassified files proving this or any declassified files on any or all cryptid creatures?
    Thank you !
    John Sumner

  374. I appreciate the extensive research you put into Operation Paperclip. Very thought provoking especially when you have two super powers of the day struggling to get the upper hand. Great Job.

  375. I contacted you years ago about my ten years i wrote theories too Mit Harvard Princeton and Yale physics departments. The more i study common understanding of physics and quantum physics the more im convinced that i might of hit on something. There’s absolute silence from the science community no one ever reached out too me. Im pretty sure the police tap my phone my modem shuts down and restarts three times usually during the day. At this point i don’t know if im crazy or if i actually figured something out. Cant tell if its a cover up or just my imagination running wild. I did formulate and complete a theory tying together classical physics and quantum theory. I wish i had more information too share but i dont. Im not even sure any of my emails were read by the professors or government So i decided to stop writing the professors and nobel Committee. It got to the point that everyone ignored me. I know i wasn’t totally wrong i made several breakthroughs. So just wanted too update you, its obvious no one cares so this will be my last correspondence. Conspiracy or cover up did i create a grand unified theory or am i delusional. Maybe we will never know. Peace B

  376. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your book “Area 51”, but let me just make a few comments:

    — I really don’t buy the idea that Stalin was behind the Roswell crash. At a time when the US had a monopoly on nuclear weapons, I just don’t see Stalin of all people delivering radically advanced aeronautical technology to the United States on a silver platter that could be repurposed as a delivery system aimed at Moscow. It also implies that the Soviets had plenty more of these craft if they could spare one to “send a shot over Truman’s bow”. They would have been doing regular reconnaissance overflights of the US mainland if they had such craft, yet they were in reality well behind the US in terms of spy planes throughout the Cold War.

    — Bob Lazar is a total fraud and charlatan. His story is clearly plagiarized from bits and pieces of UFO lore cobbled together into a fan-fiction narrative, which is itself full of holes and contradictions. He wants us to believe that he acquired a top secret security clearance after only a week of an “EG&G interview” – yet that he was “highly compartmentalized” in his work. That he was handed the “test flight schedule” for the alien craft – yet he wasn’t even told how the craft was actually flown. That security was paranoid at the base, but that instead of simply covering a window with a $2 tarp where the possible alien was being examined at S4, they had to rely on a silly “eyes forward” order (which failed anyway since he is drawing succor from alien lore by talking about what he “possibly saw”. What sort of “paranoid security” is that?). To believe that Lazar was chosen to work on such a project, in preference over Skunk Works engineers and many other brilliant engineers and scientists already integrated within the US national security establishment’s scientific and technological pool, is to believe that the government hands out security clearances as though they were bags of Skittles, which is certainly not the picture painted by the many accounts in your book.
    — There was a TV series called “In Search Of” that ran back in the 70s and 80s; in one of the episodes, first aired in 1980, there is a man appearing under the pseudonym “Fritz” who relays a story that is pretty much almost exactly what Lazar conveyed. Here is the time-stamped video where a former Air Force guy who was a UFO investigator at the time of the interview introduces “Fritz” (his “source”); you can then listen to “Fritz” tell his story:
    — Lazar’s “sport model” flying saucer is a virtual carbon-copy of a Billy Meier trash can lid saucer. He even says in an early interview that the “sport model” looks “strikingly similar” to the Meier saucer. Lazar was friends with John Lear, a UFO fanatic who is a big supporter of Billy Meier’s “authenticity”
    — element 115 was being talked and theorized about since the early 1970s (punch in “eka-bismuth” in Google Scholar. Here is one of the returns: Nothing that Lazar has said about it has been proved by science. Lazar said in an early interview that it is a “stable element”; yet all isotopes that have so far been synthesized for this element are highly unstable, with half-lives in the hundreds of milliseconds. Furthermore, he’s said that the “stable” isotope must have been acquired from a star through stellar nucleosynthesis, yet many people seem to think that the synthesis of UNSTABLE isotopes on EARTH somehow “validates” Lazar
    — he provides hardly any quantitative results from his “research” on the craft. When asked in a 1993 press conference in Rachel, Nevada, about the frequency of “gravity waves” (which had already been theorized about), he responded “That’s something I’m reserving for myself.” In subsequent interviews, he’s said that he “can’t remember” (isn’t he supposed to be someone who was so brilliant and “out of the box” in his thinking that he was chosen to work on alien technology?). In the same Rachel press conference, he was asked whether he saw spectrographs for element 115, and he vacillated and said that he “can’t remember” but that he “might have seen them” – yet he also has said that he was called in to determine the element.
    — there is apparently an “S4” at Tonopah Test Range: There’s no evidence that there is such a facility at Papoose. It’s possible he refashioned a mention of an S4 for his story that he heard from a friend who worked at TTR.
    — he presented a fake “W2 tax form” and a “recreated from memory S4 security ID card” (so he could recreate THAT from memory but not the frequency of gravity waves or whether he’d seen spectrographs of element 115?). Both of them mention the “Department of Naval Intelligence” – except that there is no such “department”. It’s the Office of Naval Intelligence, which is part of the Department of the Navy. The “security ID card” also alludes to the discredited “Majestic 12” story. Lazar’s Corvette had “MJ-12” license plates. This is classic duping-delight behavior.
    — he can provide zero evidence that he earned “masters degrees” from MIT and CalTech. He has no certificates or other documentation in his own possession; no year books even mention him; and he can’t even recall a single result or discovery from his “MIT masters degree”. Not even George Knapp thinks he has these degrees.

    This is just a very, VERY small sample of the fraudulence that is Bob Lazar. None of his claims survive scrutiny, and he is precisely the sort of person who would invent a story like this, and is precisely the sort of person who would never be chosen to work on such a project if it was real. His own background is highly dubious and gives us insights into his state of mind (unpaid mounting debts and bankruptcy, brothel affiliations, lying about his educational record, the sale of illegal substances, the sale of flying saucer and Area 51 merchandise on his company’s website, and refusal to stand in front of a scientific committee to discuss his claims, even though he himself has said that he is a “physicist” and that “the technology should be in the proper hands of the scientific community”, yet he refuses to be cross-examined by them). Anything he says should be taken as a lie until it can be verified and triple-checked.

  377. Hello,
    I love your book Surprise, Kill, Vanish. I’ve even purchased the audio book. I was curious if it were possible to have my hardcopy signed. I’d also send an envelope with the appropriate return postage. Thank you.
    -Joe Gutierrez-

  378. Having served in combat operations in Afghanistan and comparing my experience with your book “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”, I must state, emphatically, that the bulk of your book is military-grade black propaganda.

    And all of that horseshit about President Kennedy authorizing “Executive Action” capabilities, that is just shiting on his honorable legacy. There is not a single document that states President Kennedy authorized assassinations, much less having a working relationship with the Deputy Director for Plans, Richard McGarrah Helms!

    If anything, Richard Helms oversaw the assassination of President Kennedy, along with William King Harvey, William Guy Banister, George Hunter White, Frank Gardiner Wisner, Carmel Offie, James Jesus Angleton, and a couple dozen other crypto-fascists working in the CIA!

    Shame on you Ms. Jacobsen for pushing the party line about covert action and it’s validity.

    You made not one mention in your book of “Operation Gladio” and “Operation Condor” and the mass-murder campaigns that were funded by narco-terrorists protected by CIA covert operators in Central Europe and South America.

  379. Ann-ala, these are great subjects and appear to be meticulously researched and you’re wonderfully articulate. But I think a tit shot of you on the dust jackets would humanize you and then your career would take off. I don’t mean some 50’s beaver mag full frontal water balloon shot, but maybe some tasteful cleavage. Think about it. Big Jay from Tootie

  380. Just recv’d your book, Area 51. I was wondering if you could autograph if for me. I realize a book signing here in SW Florida would be out of the question,like ‘no way,no how’ with the CoVid running around. Maybe on 3×5 index card,I can tape it inside the book. Stay Safe You and your family. Thanks!

  381. Hi Annie, I love all your books and have been devouring them. Just wanted to say as a German you say in the Joe Rogan Podcast that “Jedem das Seine” means “Everyone gets what they deserve”. I would argue its more insidious than that. It more literally means ” To Each his Own”. I am curious if that influences your way to think about it because it is quite different in meaning. To me it means, not you get what you deserve but “you will work here and live off the meager things we award you”. Is it better or worse? It is semantics but an interesting semantic conversation. In any case I have been a big fan and will continue to be.

  382. Annie,

    I stumbled across your name during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast (#1299).

    Thank you for all of your dutiful investigations and publications. You ARE making a difference!

  383. I’m reading “Phenomena”. First, let me say the subject is captivating, so “Thanks!” for writing it. I am curious, however, that on page 93, you refer to “Henry Blackmore, Jr.” making the illusion of the sawn in half woman, Famous. I THINK you’re referring to Harry Blackstone, Jr. the well-known illusionist. I couldn’t find any reference to an illusionist named Blackmore. Was that a missed edit or am I missing something? Anyways, superb book!

  384. Ms. Jacobsen, Big fan. I’m not a reader – more a researcher I would say. I’ve been totally captivated by your books, and interviews. Love your voice, love your perspective – and insight. I think I started off with Phenomena, and ventured off from there.

    I have had the honor of working with Alpha teams, and D-boys – as a Marine, it’s hard to admit that some of my proudest memories are with Army. As a female in the spec ops community, and later in contract work – it can be a very lonely and isolating existence.

  385. Could the Corona Virus have been caused by the Military stealing of Alien
    Technology from the Space Ship that landed in Roswell, NM in l947?

  386. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am a middle school English teacher in the Finger Lakes. I have been to Argentina, Chile (Easter Island), and Peru, but I did not have the knowledge of Ratlines, Bariloche, Candido Goidoi, or Ville Barevia. Would Operation Paperclip be the book you would recommend most for further information?
    Best always,

  387. Dear Mrs Jacobstein,
    I need someone with assets to help me check out a rumor, your reward if you decide to accept, might be another book. Perhaps a movie deal. In any case I hope the following information will be at least entertaining to some like yourself If nothing else.
    The rumor I picked up was based on a conversation in a booth behind me while I was dinning out back in January. The gentilmen spoke with a accent I think that is what attracted my attention. I rarely hear Russian in Caldwell. The snatch of conversation I assumed refereed to the Covid-19. As best I could make out one person was commenting to the other “They released a doomsday virus…just like that.” How dramatic I thought. But it got my attention and over the last few months I began considering that the out brake in WU-Han, may have originated in Russia. Climate change is one consideration. Trumps desire for power which has emerged over the last year, his attempt to work on covert communication with Federation Security. Lead me to believe that an attempt to bring about Marshal law and the postponing of elections during the “emergency” is in the offing.
    As I said there are elements in the government that believe a war with the “Red Dragon” is inevitable. The fact is we have never won an Asia war. Not Korea, not Vietnam.

  388. Have you seen CHAOS by Tom O’Neill? It is a wonderful book that finds its way to MKULTRA. Your Operation Paperclip is a top favorite of mine. Keep up the great work.

  389. Hi Annie!

    I just finished reading The Pentagon’s Brain. What a magnificent research and writing effort! So appreciate all your hard work on this incredible book. As a grad student, it’s inspiring to see that it is possible to undertake and finish a massive project like yours on DARPA. I’m ordering Operation Paperclip next!

    Wishing you and your loved ones health and best wishes!

  390. Just finished, Surprise, Kill, Vanish. What a great read, that helps fill in lots of gaps about the people who keep us safe. Great job!

  391. Just finished ‘Operation Paperclip’ and loved it! Then I realized you were the author of ‘Area 51’ which I also loved! Best theory yet on Roswell.

  392. Dear Annie Jacobsen,
    I’m a 61 year old postal worker from Pittsburgh, PA. This is the first time I’ve ever written fan mail.
    Here goes.
    I’ve read your 4 books and enjoyed each of them. I eagerly anticipate your next book!
    Perhaps ” the Pentagon’s Brain” and “Operation Paperclip” most of all. Your research and level of understanding is impressive and obvious.
    There are two subjects that I’d like to suggest, they could certainly benefit from your understanding and depth of research.
    1) The D-Day Invasion and 2) The JFK assassination. I hope my suggestions are not rude or too presumptive.
    Keep up the great and impressive work!
    Best Wishes!

  393. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen,

    my hobby is investigative journalism, I find your books extremely interesting. I have a question, does the name Harold Agnew ring a bell for any of your sources of information?

  394. Annie
    While in the army, I was doing free fall para-scuba and HALO night raids in the late 50s. Please send me an email with an email address that I can email photos to you.
    I was also an aeronautical engineer working on the YF-12/SR-71 at the Skunk Works and Area 51 in the 60s. I flight tested the F-4, F-14, and F-18 and wind tunnel tested YF-12, F-15, and F-16. I also won the “best paper” award from the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in 1990.
    Paul Herrick, B Aero E, M Mech E, Registered Professional Aeronautical Engineer (U.S. Patent Holder), Commercial Pilot, Master Parachutist (world record holder)

  395. On page 148 in ‘Surprise, kill’ you owe $5 bucks more…..the revolver in not a .375 its a .’357’which is an elongated .38 Special case. It’s funny what slips past the editors. Keep up the great work! Your Area 51 book is fascinating.

  396. Your book about Area 51 is great. Roswell was Soviets flying Nazi designed saucers. So much for the Alie-inn. Am reading ‘Surprise,kill…..’ and know you have been told of the error on page 144 regarding JFK’s Navy rank. A Lieutenant Colonel is an 0-5 in the Army, Marines and Air Force. An 0-5 in the Navy and Coast Guard is a ‘Commander’. A Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy and Coast Guard is an 0-2, which in the other services is a ‘First Lieutenant’.
    On page 148 you owe $5 bucks more…..the revolver in not a .375 its a .’357’which is an elongated .38 Special case. It’s funny what slips past the editors. Keep up the great work!

  397. I read Operation PaperClip and it was very, very interesting, fascinating, and instructive. I had corresponded with Dr. Von Braun in Junior High and High School (MN) and he invited me to sit with him on the Dias with him at a MEA (Minnesota Education Association) convention in the late ’50’s and I have a picture of us at the convention. I then purchased Area 51 (how I got large print version I’m not sure) and in reading noted General Osmond (Ozzie) Ritland was mentioned. He was my late mother’s uncle. She was a Johnson but her mother was a Ritland, all of us from Norway.

  398. Hi Annie! I just finished watching a documentary on the Skunk Works that featured you. I’m sorry I’d never heard of you before–I’m a nature photojournalist with widely varying interests, but wow. You were amazing–I’ll definitely be reading your books!
    What I found most mesmerizing was the sound of your voice. You should be doing more of these documentaries! 🙂

  399. 1968 Special Forces chase to recover 14 canisters of Anthrax stolen from chemical weapon depot, in Aberdeen by Weather Underground.

    Your SKV is an amazing historical. As a 70 year old now, and a “child of the “60’s”, I was privy to the break-in at Aberdeen by the Weather Underground, … the Weathermen’s testing of one of the Anthrax canisters in Utah that resulted in 6,000 sheep killed.
    Its called the Dugway Incident, named after the Dugway Proving Ground. But my understanding was the theft actually took place at the Aberdeen Proving Ground….. and the story goes on with the recruiting of young marine corp members to infiltrate the Weather Underground, locate the canisters, and kill WU Members who were connected with each canister. My understanding is they did just that with the exception of one canister.
    I was not a member of the team that went after the anthrax, but I spoke with someone who did. So if this is more legend than truth, I’d love to know that.
    I thought for sure I would see that story in your book, …. but I still thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audible, ….. and will probably turn around an listen to it again! (The advantage to being 70, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast!)

  400. Dear Annie,

    In the last year I’ve had a number of physical issues that have prevented me from reading in my usual manner. Meticulously underlining…bracketing…adding my own notes in black pen only…basically attacking every non fiction book as a text to be read and learned from. I have had to switch to Audible. Some background. I went to Washington College in Chestertown, Md. for English Literature and then Hopkins for grad school–Creative Writing. I almost wish I had majored in journalism because I’m very good at researching the most impossible pieces of backed up factual information. I have studied the Nazi’s for over twenty years in and out of academia. Your books are absolutely riveting. I have listened to each one repeatedly. I’m now listening to your 2019 book on the CIA’s Presidential “Hidden Hand” lawful ability to exact death upon other people. I find war disgusting, but I have also found that much of war involves experimentation…testing methods…testing drugs…You must be aware that the Nazi’s were taking pure meth in the form of a pill called Pervitin which then led to the Brits and Americans also drugging their military personal. One thing I wish you would investigate is the experimentation on Vietnamese citizens and both the American and Vietnam military factions with agent orange etc. I feel you would approach it in a different way from other authors. Anyway, I love the research you’ve done…it’s just impossible to question much of what you’ve written. Although, at some points, I do wish you had delved into false flag operations like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 not to mention covid and Agenda 21/30/50…there is a lot of information out there that is factual about those topics and more. I am so pleased that you read your own works on audible. You have a very soothing yet pointed way of annunciating and utilizing intonation to the benefit of the listener. I appreciate this. I have delved into the Holocaust and the psycology of the German people and the Nazi’s for many years, visiting Germany four years ago. The things I could tell you…in one Nazi museum…that is what it is…is not a memorial at all..I found three rats hidden in a drawer at the bottom of a cabinet. This then caused me to purchase one as proof and contact the Direktor of Museum Services or whatever they want to call themselves. I also contacted major magazines and newspapers with a well written formal letter of complaint. Keep in mind that in Germany, my internet was all in German..but I still got through to the right people…However, the answer was that Rats are considered “Farm Animals”. I ask you….when you are asked to list farm animals do rats enter your mind in any way? No. One month after my return to the states, I received an apologetic email that was on the whole…RIDICULOUS. Anyway, thanks for all the work you’ve done to uncover the history behind DARPA, OP PAPERCLIP, AREA 51, and the CIA’s use of ESP etc…using LSD which of course led to the development of the MK-Ultra programming and the spraying of “Free Love” citizens in San Francisco with LSD. Are you aware that Dr. Mengele was here for about ten years as Dr. Green or Dr. Greenbaum, training the CIA in mind control? We have always expiramented on our own people…take the Tuskegee Airmen. That was a FF operation to cover the deaths of 200 black Americans who were purposefully injected with yellow fever. This covid thing is another beast…bioweapon…being used across the world but in very specific places. I hope you are aware that people are being diagnosed with covid without tests and over the internet. Not to mention that any death with an underlying condition is listed as a covid death. Anyway, I’m sure you have your next idea and I look forward to hearing the next Jacobsen edition. 🙂 Please excuse my typos/spelling mistakes but my prescription has run out and I cannot get new glasses due to covid. I went for the exam but that was almost a month ago. Will I ever see again..I wonder. Take care and congrats!!!

    Marianne Culbertson

  401. Hello, I am trying to get into contact with Annie Jacobsen. I have been researching Operation Paperclip and have reason to suspect that Eva Braun (Eva Hitler) may have been brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip, and may have done so with the child of Adolf Hitler. This is mostly theory at the moment, but there is plenty of reason to suspect. I would love to have a conversation with Annie Jacobsen to see if she could corroborate or dispel any of this theory. 

  402. Hi Annie,

    I’m reading surprise, kill, vanish today and a story from an international newspaper came by my news feeds. I like your writing style and the topics you cover in the book. I’m wondering if any of the people you interviewed served in southeast asia. Particularly the Philippines. There’s an article that I read that the writer suggests that the CIA were using vampires to spook a communist group in the philippines back in the 1950s. In addition, the article suggests that the CIA learned that filipinos in general were superstitious, so they devised a plan the the mountains had a lot of ghosts. Such ghosts are killing people for their flesh and blood. I’m wondering if any of your sources were part of this operation?

    News Article

  403. Hey Annie, I have a relative that I was aways told was in the CIA. Other than that all I was ever told is was he was also a part of USAID and the US agency for international development. He passed before my curiosity about his career was peaked . I did find his Obituary in the foreign service journal and holy smokes was I surprised by what I found. Id be happy to send you a copy, but basically between 58 and 89 he was posted in some very interesting locations. Athens, Jakarta, Amman, Kabul, The Dominican Republic, Bogota, Managua, Cario, and finally in 87′ Panama. I would love to know more about him and his career, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction as far as where I can get more info on him. I would also love to, if possible, confirm or deny the rumors of him being in the CIA. Id also be curious if you ever came upon his name in any of your research. My family a has a very unique last name that is very rare, so if you had come across him, his name actually might have stuck out. Hope this finds you well.

  404. Did your research have you come across a German scientist named Victor Kehrer?
    He was a professor who worked on the Manhattan Project with V V Braun and worked on/designed the detonating system.
    Great presetation!

  405. Hi Annie,
    Alan David here. I heard one of your talks about the CIA etc. regarding your book “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”; I have been researching the
    history of the law and the Government of the USA for a long time, the law since 1991 some around 29 years, and the government longer than that. I am an expert on the history of how the Republican Form of Government of the USA was over thrown form within just as Thomas Jefferson predicted it would be, and as Ben Franklin warned, and Patrick Henry warned as well as some of the original Anti-Federalists predicted would happen if the Constitution of 1787 was ratified ! I would like to inform you about these matters & provide the documented research that proves it so you will be informed in the future, and aware of what you currently do not know; this is not any theory it is based upon documented factual history from official sources in the Government of the USA ! It has to do with the fundamental principals and maxims of Law which you do not know at present based on some of your erroneous statements at the talk I refer to at the beginning of this comment. For instance a statute title 50 of the US Code can not overthrow the Federal Constitution or its provisions, or give the President power to exceed the limits of the Executive branch expressly stated in the Constitution, any statute that purports to so is void ab initio under the law ! To change the Constitution you have to comply with the provisions therein that state how it is accomplished ! That is not by passing a statute of title 50 us code ! That is fundamental law which you apparently do not comprehend ! The National Security Act . a statute can not do it either, so you would do well to study and learn those distinctions and become knowledgeable ! email me at !

  406. Operation Paperclip

    Hello, this is Nicolo from Italy. I want let you know that is very hard to find the book here. All the websites are out of it.
    Could you please help me and tell me where I could find it?
    Hope all is good in the States with the Coronavirus and I say thanks in advance for your reply.
    Have a good day,


  407. Operation Paperclip

    Hello, this is Nicolo from Italy. I want let you know that is very hard to find the book here. All the websites are out of it.
    Could you please help me and tell me where I could find it?
    Hope all is good in the States with the Coronavirus and I say thanks in advance for your reply.
    Have a good day,


  408. In your interviews have you heard mention of numbers inside a Tattoo?

  409. Hi Annie just a heads up I will email you about Area 51 for an assignment.

  410. Hi Annie,

    Just recently finished SKV and loved it!

    Wondering what your insight is on the whole Silvercorp/Venezuela stuff is. Would definitely be interested in reading what you might have to say about it although I imagine it may take some time for the more interesting details to come out of the story.

    Peace and love.

  411. Dear Mrs Jacobsen, hello Annie
    I watched your ‘Operation Paperclip’ book presentation. I did that because I recently mentioned a historical fact on FB about the ‘liberation’ of the village of Oberammergau, Germany. This happened on Sunday, April 29, 1945. On this day US troops got to the barracks complex in Oberammergau where WvB and around five hundred of his technicians were working on the further development of rocket driven engines. These engines were tested in a small tunnel complex behind the barracks complex. I dug up a lot of historical facts during my fourteen years military posting at the NATO School, which is currently residing in that same barracks complex. I wonder if you do mention Oberammergau in your book. Kind regards from the Netherlands.

  412. Hi Annie,
    I would like to talk to you about Dr. Joshua Norman Haldeman, Elon Musk’ grand father. I knew him 1978-1983 and worked for him in Napa, CA, U.S.A. Our family is connected, I have since left The Aragon Family. Doc H. did not die in `1974 in Africa as reported. I would like to remind the world he was arrested for the crime of being a TECHNOCRAT and expelled from Canada. He was here in U.S.A doing evil secret crap in Napa and Silicon Valley, I remember very well. He caused me great suffering, he is Illuminati. The Technocrats creed of 1919 was to take over the world by force with robots. 2019 the NEURALACE brain chip was presented to the world, a 100th year goal. Have you considered investigating and exposing this family? I do not consent to their agenda and have told the truth to warn and save any who will listen. God bless you Annie!

  413. I would love to talk with you about “Gang Stalking” and the ties to MK Ultra and how to discover an individuals involvement as a target.

  414. Hi Annie,

    I hope you are doing well during this pandemic.

    I am a midshipman at the Naval Academy, and I am currently writing a research paper about Operation Paperclip for my ethics class. I’m addressing the nature of competition and using it to justify certain actions.

    I ordered your book, but due to the lag in shipping I won’t be receiving it in time before my paper is due… Are there any online resources you could recommend for learning more about Operation Paperclip? There’s plenty of stuff I’ve found online, but I wanted to get your expert opinion.

    Thank you so much!

  415. Hi Annie:
    I just finished “Surprise Kill Vanish”. Excellent!! You gave your daughter $5. for catching a mistake, well put $5. in your charity box for me. On page 144 you refer to John F. Kennedy as Lt. Colonel, John F. Kennedy. There is no such being as a Lt. Colonel in the Navy, he was a Lt. J.G., a Lieutenant, Junior Grade. No big deal, we got what you were saying.

    Billy Vaugh is most amazing and his type although HUGELY respected by me is a tremendous enigma. I am a third generation Army Veteran and served from 1967 to 1969. If it were possible to recreate, which fortunately is not, the following scenario====offer me one million dollars cash to spend 1 day in combat in Viet Nam I would turn it down. Offer that same opportunity to Billy Vaugh and in his 80’s he would probably pay that much to be there.

    Great book. Keep up the good work.

  416. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    Regarding J. Peter Grace and his role in Project Paperclip/Catholic Church, I strongly urge you to contact Keri Burnor. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge about this obtained at great personal cost. You can learn more about her:
    “I believe it was because I exposed St. Joseph’s Abbey as a CIA front. Not all the monks are bad or all the monks are CIA covers, but there is no question in my mind now that the monastery was erected for a specific purpose and it is related to national security.
    “The monastery was protecting those who were conducting mind control MK ultra experiments. They used children for this. [3]”
    You are likely familiar with Kinzer’s Book about Gottlieb, Poisoner in Chief.
    I encourage you to read this testimony with an open mind:

  417. I have read your books and greatly admire your work! I am curious if your possible future work may include anything on more secrets from our government or the related parts of the deep states divisions in particular whos very interesting black projects include top secret ancient artifacts(ones defying all known scientific laws of nature and physics like gravity & energy ) discovered in/from all over the world & have been accumulated over time by different entities & military departments.They are studied afterwards by the best of the best in related fields of science through compartmentalized companies including non-profits and universities and than covered up from the general public to a great degree and yet some have actually been simply changed into everyday terms that seem boring to all & so remain unknown & designated by some random number set of characters/symbols …..but the ones who question them , people like me …. get quite interested in these things. What projects you ask ?
    Federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) are public-private partnerships which conduct research for the United States Government. They are administered in accordance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 48, Part 35, Section 35.017 by universities and corporations. There are currently 42 recognized FFRDCs that are sponsored by the U.S. government.[1] FFRDCs are similar to the University Affiliated Research Centers run by the United States Department of Defense.

    There’s quite a few different ones I am currently researching myself and fact checking. Probably don’t have anyone checking these comments anyways, so this is probably a great waste of time. Just thought I would reach out and try. I never have before until now. I just felt a sense of idk something when I read your works. I can’t explain it really. Odd as it seems, you seem so familiar but also very foreign at the same time. Ok this is enough, so good work and hope all the best!!

  418. Annie,
    Popular book. I’m here because of 42 years of research not all of which has been my will alone. MKULTRA experience at 16, a year or so before Vietnam. We need to talk. The big wheel s are afraid their cottage industries will go “kaput”. Later

  419. Is anyone doing research on the global impact of all nuclear tests on our climate? I couldn’t find any data on it.

  420. Would you look into the NSA on the issues raised by Oliver Stone’s movie “One Good American”.

  421. What are you views on GANG-STALKING. Have you researched the current rise of American citizens who feel as if they are being targeted?

  422. I was just watching an interview of yours from a couple of years ago on ESP and the government programs. 1) There are many more gifts which far exceed those mentioned. 2) The Cosmology will not be understood as long as you believe the physical begets the energetic world. It’s actually the energetic(Consciousness) which creates the physical through manifestation. 3) Those who don’t have gifts, fear and envy those who do. It’s a “power thing.” Those who don’t, also have a problem with personal responsibility.

    One scientist was looking at inconsistencies of results in the lab, of psychics. Trying to find a pattern to explain the random, he finally found it to be Sidereal Time. (Sidereal Time is based upon when the Earth is facing the Galactic Sun and can be found on the Naval Observatory website. It’s different from Earth/Solar Time.) When the Earth subject is facing the Galactic Sun, a psychic can be up to 400% more so, than when not. Furthermore, the Earth’s Solar System when placed, oriented, towards our Galactic Plane, it doesn’t just reside in a static orientation. Our movement is like a sine wave going above and below the Galactic Plane. Historically, this produces for Humans the Yugas. A cycle of Light, and of Darkness, over thousands of years.

    Something else to think about? If Gold is the value setting foundational basis of world economies – what happens to its’ value if it can be created out of thin air? What would be the ramifications , or even the possibility, of such a fact?

  423. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I very much enjoyed your book, “Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America,” and I’m wondering: are you available for a brief conversation (email or phone) for a book I’m writing? I’m especially interested in discussing if you know of Nazi scientists who may have been involved in mind control studies at Wright Field/Wright Patterson AFB in the early 1950s. I’ll be happy to discuss my book project further with you, if you are interested. I’d be so grateful if you could find time in your schedule to discuss this issue with me. Many thanks.

  424. Re Operation Paperclip. I’ve read numerous books on WWII & watched numerous documentaries.
    It is easy to judge people & their actions. 75 years on & with no personal experience of living during those times & with hindsight it’s really unfair to judge the choices people made. One must also take into account the entire situation & the consequences of ones actions, not only to themselves but to their family who would also be affected by their actions/decisions

    On the question of a “good German” , IMO the person who chose to stand by their convictions is the “good German”. Doing that requires the willingness to not only sacrifice YOUR OWN LIFE, but that of YOUR FAMILY AS WELL.

    IMO, no one alive today, unless they lived through that experience has the right to judge anyone’s -Axis or Allied-choices. By the Grace of God and due to the sacrifices of millions, we have not had to make those choices. If one was German one had to be willing to give their life & their families’ lives-Operation Valkyrie is one example.

    People often do not realise that people can commit horrid unspeakable acts and at same time be capable of acts of kindness towards individualists and for society.

    In situations where prisoners were forced to think only of themselves to survive, they were forced to do so at the expense of others. Does that make them selfish or a bad person?

    There is no doubt that there were individuals who took great pleasure in the pain & suffering they inflicted on others. There are others who were unwilling to sacrifice their families & themselves, who chose to survive, a choice that put them in a position where there actions led to the torture & deaths of others.

    The sheer numbers of those involved. Should the Allies have executed the 3 million plus Germans who were Naxis & were affiliated with war crimes? The Japanese, Hungarians, Finns, Ukrainians & more. What about them?

    What of the Allies agreement to send the 2 million plus Russian POW’s back to certain torture & death at Stalin’s hands?

    The same fate that befell many of the Polish & Czech military personnel who had escaped, found their way to London where they then fought, many with distinction, for the Allies only to be encouraged to go home to countries that post war were Communist & they were viewed as spies. Many to be arrested, imprisioned, tortured, & executed by Stalin’s henchmen.

    Don’t forget the Allied POW’s swept up by the Russians, our allies, and who never returned home.

    These are questions with no clear cut answers. Maybe for the victims who suffered terribly. Maybe the only ones who received justice were the ones where the sentences were carried out immediately after the liberation.

    Many personal scores were settled immediately upon liberation, not always were the sentences just.

    As time passed & trials wore on it seems that people grew weary of the process.

    These are difficult situations with no one right answer. How is anyone ever made whole again after a war that costs them their property, their livelihood. their family, their country??

    Some things never change. If one has money, power, or knowledge & knows those in power, they are able to insure their welfare.

    Everyone MUST read & study history. People do not change.

  425. I’ve enjoyed your work. I’ve some questions about Lt Gen Robert N Smith…. as he was the head of LeMay’s intel shop as director of intelligence at SAC. (Name is on SIOP 61, etc.) I’m his grandson and working on his life’s story. I know you probably get many requests for contacts conversations, thus I won’t be disappointed if I never hear from you. But if you do have a moment or two… 😉 please do contact me.

    Thank you,

  426. I just watched your presentation about DARPA and found it very interesting. I have wondered who was actually behind the GeoEngineering we are seeing the trails almost daily around here. They have sprayed heavily a day before we got our unusually heavy rains. You should write about their connection to weather warfare. See info at Dane Wigington has an enormous amount of information and evidence.

  427. Dear Ms. Jacobsen: thank you for your books. Your writing is superb. I just got Surprise, Kill, Vanish–it’s terrific. I can’t put it down.
    You’ve done thorough research and presented your findings in a compelling way. I thank you for those efforts.
    Finally your bibliography pointed me to additional works of interest. I wish you continued success, and keep writing.
    Can your books be released in paperback editions? If they are, I’d buy them immediately.

  428. I’ve obtained the JOIA (Paperclip) File on Werner Noell who specialized in aviation medicine. Noell’s file appears sanitized, vouched for by colleagues and claiming he only experimented on “dogs” in hyperbaric chambers. I’m trying to confirm if he was a war criminal, or not for his surviving family.
    Since you obtained APO 124-A, has it been published anywhere? I could not find it in an initial Google search.

  429. MS. Jacobsen, I just started reading “Operation Paperclip” & only on page 25. I’m fascinated by the info. & Love ur writing style. I feel like I’m seeing it take place before my eyes! I’m making my own comparisons to Operation Paperclip & Dr. Lieber of Harvard University …arrested for selling Bacteria secrets to Wuhan China. I noticed what u said on P. 6 about people do not create a virus w/out a vaccine for their military & civilian operations. I firmly believe this (Corona Virus)has been initiated by China due to the Tariffs placed by President Trump. So “might” sound like conspiracy theory but I Think Not.

  430. Maybe the story of the whole of human history.
    Man by the name “Billy” Edward Albert Meier has been is being actively suppressed he has just turned 83.
    It is real, most people don’t know of it, perhaps a FOIA request can deliver what has and is being done.
    Look at The Statesman Delhi Wednesday September 30, 1964.
    He will eventually be herald as the greatest Spiritual teacher ever to have walked earth although by the time this occurs he will be deceased.
    Three topic to consider:
    Overpopulation, Correction of the Peace symbol, Spiritual teachings.

  431. Annie… Respect for your work

    You should also write about
    The injustice towards Julian Assange
    Rothchild and Israel and truth about Israel
    Banks, money and the grid to keep humans in slavery
    The True history of SA and the horrific murders
    Plan of the NWO
    Lies they teach in schools and universities to keep us in slavery
    Medical system and the toxins they feed us
    Chemtrails and geo-engineering
    Lies about cancer

    Take care and be safe

  432. I started reading your book on Darpa. I was only through a few chapters when I realized you are a liar and a fraud. You aren’t writing for posterity, just profit. I understand, I would like to have millions myself. But I wouldn’t perpetrate a national fraud to do it. That you haven’t been held to answer is baffling. Where is our vaunted “free press” and the watchdog role they allegedly play. I know there are people with the ability to get published and draw attention that have apparently not taken you on. I can only wonder why. You are an embarrassment to serious writers and belong more on Saturday morning children’s entertainment than to write about serious subjects that matter to your fellow citizens. You should be ashamed but then that would require a conscience. I suspect that is one thing you don’t have and can’t buy.

  433. Annie:
    I just watched your presentation in Washington DC 2/14 on youtube. I grew up in the 40-50s born 1944. My mom was an avid pro American, she never mentioned that the Germany scientists were Nazi’s. I suspect she did not know, but believed they were good German’s. Which is surprising to me. I ended up in Central CA after my AF time and in my 20-30s learned about the Japanese internment camps – I was so shocked – that was left out of my central Ohio education. So clueless. Thank you for your fascinating book on the Project Paperclip.
    Jerry Johnson
    Rogue River, OR


  434. Just finished reading “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”. The book was exceptionally written. The contents left me with a bundle of inner turmoil …I realized again that there is actually nowhere to hide, and the strand which is holding it all at bay is in the eye of the beholder.

    Please consider writing about the South African Border War and sometimes denoted in South Africa as the Angolan Bush War. The conflict that occurred in Namibia, Zambia, and Angola from 26 August 1966 to 21 March 1990. The rabbit hole is deep.

  435. Many years ago I watched a programme in the UK called “The World at War” at the time I was about 13 years old. Everything was fine until I watched the episode on the death of Adolf Hitler. It just did not add up.
    Scrolling forward to 2014 I read the Book Grey Wolf. I also watched Hunting Hitler.
    I have come to the conclusion that Hitler died in South America about 1962.
    When I began to search Google maps on the subject I noticed some areas in South America have a distinct shape to their field/towns/Cities. Where the top corner of the square point North. Thus the geometric design is like a hidden Swastika.
    Most maps you will get stuff built like the street system of blocks. Except areas in South America which has links to people running away from Europe in 1945.
    Kind Regards

  436. You should look into gun control that is being pushed by the UN and Genocide

  437. Too bad DARPA didn’t figure out the medical cost problems of burning garbage on bases in Iraq and Afghan. in open pits. It produced many cancers making it the Agent Orange of its day. Check out the book on Amazon called “The Burn Pits” by former Army Intelligence officer Joseph Hickman. He wrote it as part of a Seton Hall Univ. Law Dept. project. The book says that one of the soldiers who breathed in toxins and got cancer and later died in the U.S. was Army attorney Beau Biden, the former V.P. Joe B.’s son. Fortunes were spent on contractors but no money on enclosed incinerators. These open burn pits existed under the administrations of both Republican George W. Bush (43) and Democrat Barack Obama. Besides the inhumanity of using open burn pits, how much does it cost to retrain a new infantryman or officer and pay for their cancer treatments?

  438. The world is much removed from what we think it is?
    The research you provide is most interesting but without truly understanding the game-plan, you are perhaps missing the opportunity to truly reveal the fact, that the Nazi’s were not defeated, their victory was assured by the signing of OP-Clip and was simply a step in a much wider plan set in motion thousands of years before hand?

    Their plan is still active and they operate in plain sight with our full consent?

    It is time to truly appreciate why our consent is necessary and what is truly at stake!

  439. Would like to know the name of the lady that handled green beret assignments during the Vietnam war. I called her from Ft. Bragg in 1965 and asked her to put me on orders for Biet Nam. She did. That day. I believe, according to Ms. Jacobsons book on the CIA operations, her last name was Alexander.

  440. Just finished reading Surprise, Kill, Vanish! I am so impressed with the research that went into it. It is not easy to read, with all the people, places and events, but is well written and very interesting. Most of the events I remember some things about, so it is good to have more detail. I have an idea for a related book for you to write, which may or may not be about one of the characters this book, so most of the research is already done. I met this man in the past 8 months, and his stories are quite compelling. His are stories that should be told, and he is geographically close to you. If you email me I can provide info about how you may contact him.

    Again, thank you for your excellent work. And a huge Thank YOU to those who defend our country and our culture.

  441. I just finished Phenomena. Outstanding. I have studied the govt research into Psi for several decades, and yours is the best book on the subject I have found. I know you have limited time, but I’d like to relate one of my own experiences, if I may. This is prompted by your story about Anthony Hopkins.

    I was working as a govt contractor in Germany. A colleague and I were interested in some extremely ancient Celtic artifacts scattered in the woods of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In 2003 we were visiting one of these, while discussing the upcoming Iraq invasion. We were concerned about the possible repercussions of this event. My friend had brought along a copy of the I Ching, and we opened it at random to Hexagram 23, which we interpreted as the fall of a “great king.” We feared the invasion would be a fiasco. Upon our returning to his home, he pulled out a different version of the book that he also owned. Again at random, it opened to Hexagram 23. He next mentioned that he had a book of commentary on the I Ching, and it, too, opened immediately to that hexagram. We were astounded; this was beyond coincidence.

    Two days later, we were in the PX bookstore. My friend was a WWII historian, and he was perusing the section on that subject. He discovered there 2 copies of a just-published version of the I Ching, which we learned had just come in the night before and had been misshelved. These were the only copies in the store. If they had not been in that section by mistake, we would never have seen them. We decided that it was fate, so we bought both copies. I subsequently practiced the casting of sticks for a decade, with about 80% overall accuracy.

    I have had many paranormal experiences throughout my life, and I think there definitely is something to Geller and the other viewers. I have just finished writing my second novel on supraconsciousness.

    Thanks for your time. I’ll be reading more of your books. I’m now following you on Twitter. 🙂

  442. Hello Annie my name is Christopher. I wrote you a few letters to your publisher to tell you that I am a lineman and I work for AT&T. I need to get ahold of Mr. Alexander. I know where SOFI is in Northern California and I also know all these things are true. I know three ethical codes of PSYOP:
    1- Run to your problems.
    2- Use teamwork.
    3- Think outside of the box.
    I have been contacted and am looking for the office. Maybe the numbers 8413 and 3164 make sense. I need your help to help the world, my yes is yes and I know what no means. My number is my name

  443. Is it possible to get an autographed picture from you? Wonderful books. Great speaker. Knee-weakening beautiful.

  444. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:

    My students and I are reading and listening to your book, Phenomenon while researching Project Star Gate for class. We see that you are from Middletown and so are we! We’d love to talk to you for a few minutes!

    Middletown Adult Education.

  445. Is there a way to obtain a complete list of the names of the 1600 Paperclip scientists?
    Thank you.

  446. Ms. Jacobsen: As a now-retired reporter, history columnist and editor with Gannett, 40 years in harness, I am profoundly impressed with your research and work. After reading your book on Operation Paperclip, I purchased two m ore your books and just finished the one on Area 51. I was astounded, however, that you failed to include any information on the March 1951 loss of a C-124 carrying almost 50 top nuclear personnel from Walker AFB (Roswell) to the United Kingdom. Also on the flight was USAF Brig. Gen. Paul Thomas Cullen, who played a major photo/intelligence role in Operation Crossroads. Lost with him were his top staffers, headed to England to form a unit that would have been the spearhead in any assault against the Soviet Union. No trace of their airplane ever was found: It remains the Air Force’s greatest unsolved mystery of the Cold War. I wrote several articles on this for my paper, which I would be happy to email to you. I now work as the PIO for our parish (county) district attorney and coroner (two separate elected officials). My emails with them are and My personal email is listed below.

    Keep up the splendid work, and if you ever pass through Shreveport, let me buy you lunch and introduce you to our great Barksdale Air Force Base.

    J A Prime

  447. i just finished “Surprise, Kill, Vanish”. A stunning work. The amount of research is mind-boggling. Your abiliity to hear the individual stories and then set them to words is remaable. I will heavily recommend this book to anyone curious on the subject matter.
    Thank you for a most-enlightening work.

  448. Hello There!

    I am recently doing some work on Area 51 and I have seen that you’ve written a book about it. I would really love to see if we can perhaps have a little conversation about it.

    I know there are many secrets hiding about this military base and i would love to hear your opinions on what’s really going on in there. I would really appreciate if you could get back to me about this topic.

    I hope I didn’t take up or waste any of your time. Have a good day!

    With warm regards,

  449. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    regarding the reference to the Lodge-Philbin Act in your excellent book Surprise, Kill, Vanish (page 62)…may I point out, that the right to apply for US citizenship was granted immediately those who volunteered for the US Military service during the time of war (Vietnam). That is how I have obtained my US Citizenship, 18 months after legally immigrating in this great country…US Military (Airborne!) was great time…

  450. Just finished Area 51. Great book! Lots of stuff I didn’t know. As an MIT grad I was very surprised
    by your comments on James Killian.
    Question: Comments on Roswell & Mengele’s experiments on pseudo aliens had me wondering
    if there is a connection between Area 51 S-4 facility and Dulce Base Level 6 aka “Nightmare Hall”
    Or does Dulce Base exist? But then neither does Area 51!
    I plan to read more of your books – they are interesting and very well-written.

  451. Hello Annie,

    I read your book: “The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top Secret Military Research Agency,” Excellent book.
    I just finished Area 51 Also Excellent book.
    I bought and started reading “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” but got interrupted by “Permanent Record by Edward Snowden that came out last week”. But I’ll resume it as soon as I’m done.
    And I just a couple of minutes ago ordered “Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis.”

    Just a constructive critique. I think on Area 51, the Ending was a let down. I think you got played. That the spaceship was from Russia and the Alleged Aliens were modified children.

    I invite you to do some research and Interview this person David Adair and do a Area 51 part Deux aka part #2.

    The Best Documentary Ever UFOTV Presents David Adair at Area 51 Advanced Symbiotic Technol

    Lesson #21-Art Bell Interviews Scientist David Adair about Area 51

    This is the really good inteview.
    Former Area 51 Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public

  452. Saw you on Joe Rogan and then bought Surprise, vanish, kill. Fascinating, well written and impossible to put down. Thank you so much

  453. Annie,
    Really enjoyed Area 51. It is interesting that Bob Lazar never saw Russian writing inside the saucer. It seems you left the idea of that and the humanoids open by referring to the engineers as “that is what they were told.” As if the Russian explanation could be the false narrative. Either way thanks for your in depth research. Also loved Kill, Vanish, and Phenomena.

  454. Dear Annie,
    Enjoyed your book on Area 51, and was an innocent part of the cover-up when I was a boy. We vacationed from 1959 to 1962 at Greenbrier Resort, and in 1960 or 61 dad said, “C’mon, let’s take a walk.” And we walked, all the way to the end of the property, where there was a stairway and perhaps 30 steps. We went down these, into a large dark cavern, unlit and cold. We were there for only a minute or so before going back up. I later (1996) found out he was a deep-cover FBI agent, but only on reading your book did I find out what the true purpose of that tunnel was. My best, look forward to reading more of your excellent work.

  455. Annie, I just completed reading Area 51 An Uncensored History Of America’s Top Secret Military Base. This was a very interesting and enjoyable read. In regards to the flying disc discovered near Roswell, I always believed that if it was alien, their technology would be so advanced that they would most likely never crash, or if they did, they would quickly recover their craft. You offered that it was Russian, sent by Stalin to spook us Americans. Question: Why would he risk sharing this amazing, game changing technology, knowing our engineers would reverse engineer it?

    Your book re-enforced the fact that the Nazis were developing spectacular technology that was (and may still be) ahead of its time. I can only imagine what our scientists and engineers have created and continue to create in secret compounds similar to Area 5, if not Area 51.

  456. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,

    Just finished reading ‘Area 51’, and realized that as a child I innocently was part of the great cover-up. During the years 1959 – 1961, my family vacationed at Greenbrier Resort. This was an odd place, even at the time: hugely boring for a kid, there is only one incident of these trips that stands out. This occurred I believe during the 1960 trip, when my father said. ‘Come on, let’s take a walk.’ And we walked. And walked. To a remote corner of the property, where it turned out there were stairs. We went down these stairs, maybe 30 or so, into a dark, cold, deserted tunnel. It was very spooky, but we were there only for a minute or so. Thanks to your book, I now know, from page 326, that this was part of the bunker that was being constructed during that time period.
    I later found out (in 1996!) that my dad was a deep cover FBI Agent, and that at one point he had one of the highest security clearances in the country, behind only 5 or 6 people. He is deceased, or I would not be telling this – to anyone and, indeed, I kept it a secret for many years. I thank you for your very interesting book, and look forward to reading others you have written.

    Dr. W. David Goff

  457. Your book is a good read, i see many of my former Associates from the ‘ISA” days and Shin Bet, as a former member of “Operation Grand Eagle” with Col. M. Eiland, Maj. M. Smith and many others. I wrote about ISA my book “BOHICA” got plenty of riff from it, the the truth always comes out even decades later.

    SAD, also had many front companies all over the Globe, it was and is a necessary “Evil” sometimes you assassinate the wrong people and that is unfortunate but it does happen. The ISA also Operated domestically as well as Globally , the other Book that shadows yours is ” Kiss the Boys Goodbye” by the Monika Jensen Stevenson and her late Husband William Stevenson. I recall having to testify at both Senate and Congressional committees , then out of the blue into the ” Vault” where everything was “Secret” and the 22 minute Video was never released only to the WH back in the day.

    Great Book

  458. Annie, during your paperclip research, did you run across Walter Tilleman? I know he was a part of the X-15 program, an a German electronics scientist. Later retired to San Antonio and started a business…Soundcom Electronics. I met him, as he was a friend’s father. I also met Werner VonBraun when I was employed at Swearingen Aviation. He was called in by Fairchild Aviation to collaborate on the Sino Swearingen business jet. He was still wearing a ring, that had a swastika on it.

  459. Annie,
    I’m Greg in LA & I’ve been reading online about Sterling Haydens time in the OSS during WW2. His de-classified war diaries were published online. Hayden was a noted movie actor in the 50s-60s & 70s. There was a ltd,private publishing of of Haydens story that’s impossible to find.
    Can u help me make his war stories into a film?

  460. “Operation Paperclip“
    Factually incorrect, in parts. A knowledge of German culture and perhaps the German language is a prerequisite for understanding what really drove German scientists during this period of history. The definitive, standard reference work on Operation Paperclip still needs to be written, a task I might one day undertake myself.

  461. I’m listening to “surprise, kill, vanish”, right now and am really enjoying it. As a trucker I have lots of time to listen to books and I have heard all of yours! You write good stuff and I really appreciate listening to your works. THANKS!! Bill

  462. Ms. Jacobsen,

    Hello. I have some information I’d like to pass on to you that you may find fascinating possibly.

  463. Enjoying and learning a lot reading Surprise,Kill, Vanish. If it has not been brought to your attention, please refer to Krulak, JFK encounter in WWII (pg. 144). Believe Kennedy was a lieutenant commander, definitely not a “young lieutenant colonel”.

  464. Loved your book Operation Paperclip. My father was in the Army Ordanance department during the war. After Paris was liberated he was part of a team of ordanance personnel who was sent to Paris to coordinate the activity of, as it was explained to me, “finding what the Germans had that might be useful and getting it to the US”. He lived in the George V or Plaza Athinee Hotel, no one seems to know which for sure. I assume he must of been part of Paperclip. I would love to learn more about his activities. I don’t know what records exist or how they can be searched. Presumably u have been through a lot of this. Could I speak with you? Buy you lunch? I am a lawyer. I live in Pasadena and work in downtown LA. Thanks.

  465. Hi Annie, love your books and find that your research is normally spot on with one exception. I’m reading Phenomena at this time and you write that Edgar Mitchell landed The LM Antares on the lunar surface when it was actually Alan Shepard. Although Mitchell was the LM pilot the commander of the mission, in this case Alan Shepard, always piloted the LM descent and ascent stages for all the Apollo missions with the assistance of the LM pilot.

  466. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen,

    First of all my congratulations on your excellent “enlighting” works.

    Secondly i have a question in regard to your book Suprise, Kill, Vanisch, introduction at Politics and Prose. In the introduction you speak of three important factors:

    1. “The Eishenhower principle” you do your work as an journalist,
    2. The title 50 ground on which is is made possible for the CIA to work as they are now within and outside the US,
    3. The fact that the OSS / CIA always works with ” indigounes people / partners” i.e. “hearts and minds principle”.

    From the OSS until the CIA now at 2019: do the partners i.e. countries that work with the CIA ground branche under title 50? And how does that conflict in lawfull actions; work within and a cross America, and how is that “solved” now internally within the US?

    As title 50 is solely an internal American legislation, and not internationally it raises the question of internal / external conflict.. Even stronger so, it would be in direct conflict the European Convention on Human Rights.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,


  467. A fascinating, compelling look into how American politics has evolved in its effectiveness in fighting the war on terror.

    Author Annie Jacobsen’s novel, ‘Surprise, Kill, Vanish,’ covers how America fought clandestine, behind-the-lines, covert, and tackling the delicate issue of assassination, all under the order of ‘plausible deniability’ in order to prevent World War III.

    From the ‘Jedburgh’ teams dropped into Occupied France during WWII when the Office of Strategic Services was born, to today’s CIA Special Activities Division taking on America’s most lethal enemies, this book is an eye-opener.

    American involvement in WWII required a special breed of men and women to fight Hitler’s Europe, and volunteers signed up for training which took them to the heart of the enemy. Our men and women needed to fight Nazis in a way never fully understood…. Until now. Jacobsen tackles the delicate issue our leaders faced when fighting an enemy. Even discussing the assassination of a tyrant like Adolf Hitler meant opening a ‘Pandora’s Box’ that left our leaders second-guessing themselves. Killing the head’s of state meant our own leaders were subject to equal threats from a determined foe. Legalities of such action also comes to mind. When politics fail to bring peace, and a declaration of war is not an option….Plausible Deniability is the only course of action our American President has with which to keep our enemies at bay.

    In forefront of Jacobsen’s powerful books is Billy Waugh, a veteran soldier and CIA operative, this man has done and seen it all. From the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam, and to the Middle East, Africa, and God only knows where else, this man has done so much for his country it’s practically a crying shame he is not a household name.

    Jacobsen’s book educates the reader on how war has evolved from presidents declaring war, to plausible deniability (meaning, we can neither verify nor deny any and such action).

    I’m a veteran myself, having served in the 82nd Airborne Division ’84’-’87, and as a kid I admired some of the persons mentioned in Jacobsen’s novel. I dreamed of being and doing what they did. Alas, that was not to be. But I do not have regrets. I’ve lived a good life. And I, and many of us, owe thanks to people like Billy Waugh and many others mentioned in Jacobsen’s book for that. This book reads like an action novel, but it is in fact historically true. The author’s research educates us as to how and why we are in a state of war in unprecedented terms. As I write this review, I have family celebrating a niece’s 6th birthday, all the while there are men and women serving our nation abroad, fighting in a war our government neither acknowledges nor denies, so that I can be here safely with my family and friends.

    Parts most precious in this novel to me were her details of Vietnam, Laos, and the Ho Chi Minh Trail. My father served in the United States Air Force for 23 years and was assigned to Communications Intelligence. Part of his tour was in Laos, at a time when our president denied we had troops there. They wore civilian clothes and set up communications in the jungles for SOG. He never got any awards or recognition for this part of his service because we weren’t supposed to be there. Had he been caught he could have been shot as a spy! I think my father would like reading this book, and so will you. It is insightful, historical, and offers readers the ability to see for themselves how the war on terror has made us fight in a way we never imagined.

  468. Am interested in having author’s permission to use a blurb I found in ‘Surprise, Kill, Vanish’ for a book.

    “The assassin is determined, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, and physically active. He is knowledgeable in many weapons, can fight mano-a-mano, and kill with bare hands. They cannot be emotionally high-strung, and do not believe their actions is to commit murder, but rather justifiable for the greater good.” – From ‘Surprise, Kill, Vanish by Annie Jacobsen

    I’d like to have the author’s permission to use this blurb from her book as a chapter blurb. Please let me know if this is all right.


    David Lucero, author

  469. Hello Annie Jacobsen,

    Surprise, Kill, Vanish was similar to taking an online course. Historically, diplomatically, economically, militarily and covertly, it pulled together many
    disconnected bits of knowledge and assembled them into a coherent understanding of where the USA and the world of bad guys came from, are today and will likely be going to. As the son of a father who fought at Normandy and the nephew of a namesake uncle who went from a private to a lieutenant on the field of battle in Korea receiving his commission from the President, I understand the value of service. In my years as a Middle School Principal, those ten teachers who were veterans in active combat or not, were so completely, “can do”. With them all the bluffs had been called after their military experience. Thus, they did their jobs without hesitance, without doubt but with courage, kindness and simplicity. This book reminds of so many veterans that I have known who go quietly about their lives without us knowing they have had a hand in keeping us safe.

    Thanks much!

    Mike Connor

  470. Please, if you are going to write and speak about Nevada, pronounce it correctly!!!!! Otherwise, you can’t possibly be taken seriously as any type of real expert.

  471. I am currently reading your book on Area 51 and really enjoying it.

    I just got to the section on the U2 that shot down over Russia and the part about the silver coin.

    The poison could not have been curare because it takes too long to take effect and is a long and painful way to die as you suffocate when your diaphragm is paralyzed. Also with a LD50 of .7 mg/kg it would take roughly 60mg to kill a 180 lbs man. This would be a spoonful and wouldn’t fit on a pin.

    I believe it was Saxitoxin or Botulism toxin because that is what the CIA used to stockpile for craft work prior to the Nixon administration.

  472. Dear Mrs. Jacobsen,

    I am thoroughly engaged in “Surprise, Kill, Vanish.” I find your research to be quite complete. However, while reading through Chapter 1 (p.27) I read, the Winter of 1945, the assassination of Adolph Hitler was contemplated. As I am sure you are very aware, by the Winter of 1945 VE and VJ Day were being celebrated and our troops were in the process of returning from their overseas responsibilities.

    I welcome each page that I turn and look forward to reading your other works.


  473. Dear Annie,

    I watched your interview on the Joe Rogan YouTube channel I’m a BSc currently doing my MSc, I used to work with Nuclear Weapons on submarines in the Royal Navy. I’ve been trying to say what you said in you Joe Rogan interview but because of my research I have been left with PTSD, because of the trauma from the reaction to what I said. I personally believe that you’re onto the truth when you discuss Autistic children being surgically modified to appear as Aliens. I believe your source is telling the truth, I believe you are right in your analysis. I know of multiple people discussing similar experiences, I can currently provide two sources to you due to my research being lost when my van was stolen. One alleged from the victims side, a source which is a little rocky, allegedly due to her trauma, I’ll leave it down to you to decide. Another from a good source, by the name of Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter.

    1. Mauri (Austistic Children Aliens) –
    2. Psychologist Dr Ellen Lacter –

    My belief comes from my research into Operation Paperclip, Nazi UFO’s, MKUltra, Paedophilia and Ritual Abuse, Religious and Political Extremism. When a group of people believe they’re doing the work of God, whoever that God may be, the ends justify the means, sad but I believe true.

    Another documentary which you should watch is called “Abducted in plain sight”, it’s about a girl who was abducted and drugged and her abuser used Alien scenarios to make her believe it was Aliens abusing her. It is not evidence to the facts you discuss, but it does show that paedophiles use this method to hide the fact they are abusing children. To make the child appear they are having some sort of delusion.

    On closing, I was locked out of Facebook for discussing what you said said in your Joe Rogan video. They claim there’s suspicious activity coming from my account. I can assure you, there was no suspicious activity coming from my account.

    I have listened to other people discussing a similar thing, if I find them, I will send them to you.

    Kind Regards Lee.

  474. Caught you on the Joe Rogan show … immediately went to and downloaded and listened to each of your books in succession. Great work. What and when is your next and who owns the rights to Billy Waugh’s life story?

  475. Ms. Jacobson,

    I have not read any of your books. However I saw you on The Joe Rogan Show and was very impressed by your knowledge and story telling skills. So I picked up two of your books and anticipate hours of pleasure reading them.

    I can’t help thinking that you should look into doing a book on Unit 731. The Japanese biological weapons division located in China during the Second World War. You are probably familiar with it.

    If not, it is eerily similar to Operation Paperclip but in the Pacific theater. In addition it is a very gruesome story. In many ways more nefarious than the experiments conducted by Joseph Mengela. That is if you consider the numbers of victims, the variety of cruelty and complete disregard for human life, or logs, as the victims were referred to. No offense, but it sounds like it fits well with your area of expertise.

    And finally, it needs to be exposed.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  476. Annie Jacobsen

    Looking to interview you today

    I am a host at Canada’s Top Talk station.

    Please email me Jim.richards@CFRB.COM

  477. Annie,

    I’m a huge fan of your books now that I have discovered them. I’m reading them all (well listening, actually), and want to commend you on your work. I am living in the Baden-Württemberg area of Germany and want to extend the invitation – if you ever want anyone to do some lightweight snoop-work or move things from here to there, I’m more than willing to help you continue creating awesome works; or if you even want a friendly reception/recommendations on traveling, touring, and sightseeing!


    I’m contacting you, because I saw your interview on Joe Rogan’s show, which has been posted up on YouTube.

    I’m trying to reach you, because I am in need of Mr. John Rizzo’s help, expertise, with respect to an elevated threat to national security of the Republic.

    This situation is sensitive in nature, and requires expeditiousness, by experienced individuals.

    Is there some way I can leave a contact, and have you contact me by landline?

  479. Dear Ms Jacobsen,

    I just listened to your book, “Surprise, Kill, Vanish” and thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the stories you tell is through the eyes of Donald Summers. My Grandfather who was in the Army was also named Donald Summers but has since passed. When I have asked about his experiences in Vietnam the answers were always vague. I was hoping to get more information to be able to see if the Donald Summers in your book was actually my grandfather. Thank you!

  480. Saw you on Joe Rogan. Started reading some of your work. I’ve been attempting to piece together(with little success) some stuff from my past. I’m wondering if you are aware of a program that the US Government had going on that at least ran during the 1970’s and early 1980’s where they took children and trained them to, well, I’m not sure what we were being trained for exactly. I’m just looking for some answers. Wondering if you could help. Thanks.

  481. Annie,
    I have not ordered your book yet, but I will and I am interested in Erik Traub. This dirtbag gave me Lyme. I did see the presentation at book store with you in it. Very interested….Is Traub in the book?

  482. My grandfather was in the US 3rd Army, and drove von Braun out of Germany after the war, to the coast to get picked up by one of our subs. He told my grandfather Germany was within months of completing a new super-weapon that would’ve enabled them to win the war. After Hiroshima, he understood what von Braun was talking about. Am interested to know if you found anything to corroborate this story.

  483. My grandfather was in the US 3rd Army, and drove von Braun out of Germany after the war, to the coast to get picked up by one of our subs. He told my grandfather Germany was within months of completing a new super-weapon that would’ve enabled them to win the war. After Hiroshima, he understood what von Braun was talking about. Am interested to know if you found anything to corroborate this story.

  484. I love you Annie

  485. Greetings Annie Jacobsen,

    I’m a journalist working up a book on the science of consciousness. I would greatly appreciate hearing your perspectives on current research on this subject, particularly outside of the government. Thanks.

  486. Am reading your book “Phenomena”. You don’t know the half of it. I have met several individuals noted in this book and was aware of a number of incidents cited in the book while employed as a civilian by the US Army. This is not a joke and these people were completely serious. Only problem was, I was not a member of the military and therefore not subject to military orders but was coerced anyway (ie forced) into participating in research projects similar and beyond those mentioned in your book. I am convinced that, had I stayed employed by the US Army I would no longer be alive. Dead (wo)men tell no tales. Every single day of my life I have looked in the rearview mirror hoping it will not be my last.

  487. Hi This is Annie. I’ve made a note not to publish anything from your email address, but for me to read.

  488. Dear Annie:

    How can we send you our comments at your website without allowing everyone to read them?


    Texas – Russia Girl

  489. I have firsthand experience on private unconstitutional prisons in the united states where MKULTRA type torture and experiments are (to my knowledge) currently going on. I believe the old guard has spawned a new generation that have infested the status quo at influential organizations in mental health and are continuing to carry on their sick mind control experiments in the private sector in stead of the US government using children as lab rats. I have begun to connect the dots between the names of senior members i know to be involved at high levels in these organizations to what little i can gather from the remnants of MKULTRA, and believe these people are continuing the work of nazis brought over during operation paperclip. I have tried and failed for over a decade to prosecute these people, and even just when it seemed there was a judge who was willing to make a ruling on it, it seems he was intimidated into dropping the case altogether. I have even reached out to the UN and still failed to make a ripple.

    Please email me at I would very much like to see if your research on MKULTRA unveils more names that can help me connect the dots further. Even if my theory is incorrect, and they are not related to the CIA MKULTRA old guard… It will still prove a highly controversial expose, that private corporations are practicing some of the very same mind control and torture techniques that were used in MKULTRA, indefinite detention without trial or conviction, and many other disgusting practices. I can connect you to an entire network of people who have been victimized by these places with PTSD for life. As i believe the people involved in this industry are dangerous, I would like to keep my identity private.

  490. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:

    I have read many of your books and am thoroughly enjoying your “Surprise, Kill, Vanish!” I read 2-3 non-fiction books per week and send you my highest compliments for your meticulously researched, entertaining, and very readable efforts!
    As a student of JFK, I was an undergraduate at Georgetown during his presidency, and, after graduation in ’65, an Army attack helicopter pilot in Vietnam, I feel I need to bring your attention to an error on your narrative on page 144, 2nd paragraph, where you cite JFK’s rank in the USN in WWII as a Lieutenant Colonel. There are no lieutenant colonels in the USN, only in the Army and marine Corps. JFK was a USN Lieutenant which is the equivalent of an Army or USMC Captain.

    You might want to correct this if you publish another edition of your terrific book!

    With best regards,

    H.H. (Rick) Roll
    Wyoming, DE

  491. Annie: There is so much evidence out there that we never landed on the moon. And if so, why can’t we go to the moon today???? I think it’s a fair question. I have a good friend that is about to join the Rangers. I am reading your book about DARPA. A little concerned.

  492. I am so impressed and will now beginning to catch up with your books interviews and ideas..mwah dual lipa

  493. I first listened to your Joe Rogan podcast and became obsessed with anything you’ve written. I’m currently reading Surprise, Kill, Vanish, i’m not very far in but it’s so thrilling and interesting. Thank you very much for writing the book as your style of writing is so phenomenal, all of the information you know needs to be heard and I’m glad you’ve done it in such a fascinating way. You are extremely brilliant and I will continue to read all of your books and any future books you put out I will instantly purchase. Thank you, Annie.

  494. Annie,
    I really enjoyed the conversation you had with Joe Rogan. Didn’t know about operation paperclip or information involved with bringing nazi’s over after WWII. In Joe’s podcast with Jordan Petersen and Bret Weinstein (1006) they began to speak about Hitler and a certain “disgust mechanism” which could be a source of what happened in the Holocaust. Petersen also has spoken in detail about the effects of the USSR and Mao’s China. I encourage you to view the podcast and possibly do a podcast with Jordan Petersen on these issues to gain a better understanding or a new book. Thank You.

  495. Interesting that you pointed out the ‘War of the Worlds’ connection to Soviet propaganda in the context of Roswell. In all likelihood, WotW was some kind of antifascist black propaganda connected the Soviets. For one, HG Wells was the head of anti-German propaganda for the British in WW1; but by the time preceding WW2, he was in a relationship with Moura Budberg, who was a Soviet agent closely tied to the Cambridge Five spy ring. Facilitated by Budberg, HG Wells and Alexander Korda (a propaganda film maker closely tied to British intelligence who employed Budberg) apparently discussed a WotW adaptation, but instead came out with the film ‘Things to Come’ (1936). (The film rights to War of the Worlds were not available at the time, although a prior adaptation had been discussed and abandoned by the Soviet propaganda filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.) Orson Welles, who debuted the famous ‘War of the Worlds’ radio hoax in 1938, was by that time involved in numerous Communist Party and Popular Front organizations in the USA, although he was never proven to be a communist. The broadcast played on significant anti-Nazi feelings and many people who tuned in were apparently primed to believe it represented a Nazi invasion of the US. By the early 1940’s, Welles was campaigning for the Communist/Theosophical asset Henry Wallace in conjunction with the known Russian spy Louis Dolivet (who had married Michael Straight’s (of the Cambridge Five) sister, Beatrice Straight. When Orson Welles was blacklisted and left the US in 1947, one of his first projects was performing in the anti-American propaganda film ‘The Third Man’, which was produced by Korda and based on the real-life exploits of Russian spies Kim Philby and HP Smolka (Henry Peter Smollett). Later, Welles’ Mr. Arkadin film (a sequel of sorts to The Third Man) would be bankrolled by Louis Dolivet and inspired by another Russian intelligence agent named Michael Olian (as well as inspiration from Josef Stalin). For the rest of his life, Welles contributed to significant pro-Russian conspiracy theories, such as those related to CIA assassinations of the Kennedys, Nostradamus predictions, and the anti-war movement – many of these things are reflected in Active Measures revealed in the Mitrokhin archive. Altogether it seems very likely that Russia contributed to the War of the Worlds hysteria as well as Orson Welles being a major contributor to the modern pro-Russian conspiracy climate which we exist in today.

    Ultimately, a theory that Stalin contributed to Roswell does echo the ideas to some extent which were imbued in the War of the Worlds hoax. It would seem to align with the black propaganda tied to the Russians of the era.




  496. Ms. Jacobsen,

    I found your interview on Joe Rogan to be fascinating. Take no offense please, but I had never heard of you before that podcast.

    The biggest thing I took from it was being very impressed with your demeanor and professionalism. Both seemed first rate to me.

    So I write to give you a suggestion for a future journalistic endeavor, it’s not a subject, but a person: Martin Armstrong. If you haven’t heard of him I suggest you take a look at the information found on-line about him and if you find him to be worthy of your time, I am willing to bet he’d be interested in telling his story,which I have found to be fascinating. He’s another one of these people that are low on the radar but knows much about what happens “behind the curtain.” He’s independently wealthy, has built his own super computer which rivals the others, has a data base of historical information going back thousands of years and consults with central banks and world leaders behind the scenes.

    I found this synopsis on reddit to be one of the best I’ve seen.

    A search on YouTube will give you some interviews with him and a German filmmaker did a documentary about him several years ago.

    His blog with all his writing archived:

    I hope you give my suggestion some consideration.

    Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Mr. Armstrong in any way and do not personally know him. I read his blog and follow his analysis.

  497. Have you ever looked into the “Pervatin” usage by the NAZIS and the German population in general. Hitlers drug abuse. And America’s creation of a “Superman” drug of our own and the disastrous consequences we had by testing it in the North Africa campaign? I’ve seen several documentaries on the topics and was wondering if you had additional information on it or if you might be interested in looking into it and providing us with your rare level of investigative journalism. Your books and lectures are amazing and eye opening. Thank you.

  498. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I’ve just finished devouring your latest book, which for me the sections dealing with Vietnam were extremely interesting. I was in the US Army from 1966 to 1972, trained at Fort McClellan Alabama. The school trained soldiers in CBR warfare chemical, biological, radiological warfare. Particular emphasis was placed on the tunnels in Vietnam .
    Research will tell you that the tunnels in Vietnam, or initially started when the Vietnamese were fighting the Japanese, the French, and the Americans. After every encounter the tunnels were expanded throughout most of Vietnam. These tunnels served as escape routes hospitals, storage facilities , Just to name a few. In your book you emphasize use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but in my opinion the tunnels of Cu Chi, played as important a role in North Vietnam winning the war , as the use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

    If I’m not mistaken, to this date, the extent of these tunnels complexes is still unknown .

    One of the few detailed books written on the subject, was by Tom Mangold and John Penycate, called ‘The Tunnels of Cu Chi’.

    Maybe you would find this Often overlooked aspect of the Vietnam war interesting. I’d love to hear your comments thank you.

  499. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I’ve just finished devouring your latest book, which for me the sections dealing with Vietnam were extremely interesting. I was in the US Army from 1966 to 1972, trained at Fort McClellan Alabama. The school trained soldiers in CBR warfare chemical, biological, radiological warfare. Particular emphasis was placed on the tunnels in Vietnam .
    Research will tell you that the tunnels in Vietnam, or initially started when the Vietnamese were fighting the Japanese, the French, and the Americans. After every encounter the tunnels were expanded throughout most of Vietnam. These tunnels served as escape routes hospitals, storage facilities , Just to name a few. In your book you emphasize use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, but in my opinion the tunnels of Cu Chi, played as important a role in North Vietnam winning the war , as the use of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

    If I’m not mistaken, to this date, the extent of these tunnels complexes is still unknown .

    One of the few detailed books written on the subject, was by Tom Mangold and John Penycate, called ‘The Tunnels of Cu Chi’.

    Maybe you would find this Often overlooked aspect of the Vietnam war interesting. I’d love your comments thank you.

  500. would like to ask you questions about operation paper clip. humbly and respectfully

  501. Does anyone know anything about the Post war MK ULtra program at the University of Michigan?

  502. anti-semitism is a big topic these days. does it make it ok for jews to attack white males of german decent and through fraud make germany pay to build isreal? they say 6000 a day killed at auschwitz i assume…when you jews brag you need to make sure the numbers compute and the lie seem believable….Example….you can be persecuted by one european nation and the world should weep for you…but 100 countries? that can only mean there is something wrong with Jew….for comparision thats like a highschool student claiming to be persecuted by the students from all the schools within 50 miles….AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP FAST AND WHEN WE ALL REALIZE THE TRUTH YOU MIGHT GET YOUR HOLOCAUST FOR REAL THIS TIME..Ill pray for you that you dont…might get an advance ticket to isreal…being proactive would keep us from having to round you up…we

  503. Avery provided the paper and office supplies to the Nazis, for their records,

  504. Paperclip came from the Avery Paper company that had South American operations at the time. Avery has their corporate campus in Pasadena, near Cal Tech. Their campus is backed up to the property owned by Feynes Ranch property, same owners at Los Alamos. I was also curious and did a lot of research around Los Angeles. Avery’s logo is a Paperclip in the form of a pyramid. This is a reference to the alliance with Egypt.

  505. I met Otto Ambros around 1991, he told me who he was, how he invented Serin Gas. I met him at a social event in Huntington Beach California. I wondered what the heck was going on, but now that I see your book, I didn’t know they were that well protected by the military. I’m 72, I grew up in Los Angeles after the War. I met a lot of these Paperclip Nazis, they came to our church. My ex husbands brother was married to the daughter of one. I’d be happy to tell you about Otto and the others. I think they feel comfortable around me because I look Nordic German, but I’m actually Scandanvian and Irish. I am personable so they open up and talk. I an help you fill in the blanks a little about their personal lives in the United States.

  506. Hi Annie,

    Listening to your Joe Rogan chat about paperclip and I was thinking about what we did in Korea when we left all the Koreans who were complacent with the Japanese were left in place to run Korea going forward – when in fact they should have been jailed … I think it is why Korea had such dark times – we left bad people in power to run Korea for us…

    Anyway, I think it is a very interesting story and history about America leaving criminals in place to do our dirty work. I bet half the rich Korean families left in place today are ancestors of these war criminals

  507. Wow is everyone turning stupid annie is a full on delusional woman she hasn’t a clue she has no proof on anything all make believe an speaking slow does not make u smart makes u look daft .bob lazar is no liar u love are so so stupid I had to find out this page just to tell u that .please stop writing books the stuff u put in people’s minds is ridiculous. If I are 100% think it’s all real u need psychiatric help as u are showing signs of a bipolar

  508. I just think you are the most stunningly beautiful woman I have ever seen. Your voice sounds like an angel, and I just get hooked on every word you say. You are officially my #1 celebrity crush.

  509. Annie, I saw you your interview with Rogan, I am not familiar with your work but you are very pleasant to listen to and if I may say very easy on the eye with all thou respect.
    Since I have been researching and learning about what is hidden from us in respect to various secret programs I want to ask you how can you be sure that the space program since its inception is not a made up narrative. Based on all the evidence that I have seen and studied it does not look or seem feasible that we ever landed on the moon or that the way we envision space activities happen in reality.
    For some reason in my opinion, before trying to understand about space invaders, aliens, and more complex stories we should be entitled to know
    what exactly is going on out there, or maybe we shouldn’t?, perhaps then you know the secret of why they are keeping us in the dark , after all with so many books written you must know something to help me clarify my position and you maybe you want to share. Aprox half the population now believes there is something going on that does not add up, wouldn’t you like to tackle this problem to help them?
    I love the certainty you describe so many unknown phenomena and the way you construct the stories around them, it really makes this strange world we live in a lot easier to understand, if only it was. Why don’t we solve the obvious first, shouldn’t in a way be part of your responsibilities
    as a trustworthy investigator, scholar and publisher as well as an famous citizen of this world.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  510. here from JRE- what a waste of time- read my book, read my book – you clearly have no pulse on today’s economic standard.

  511. Surprise Kill Vanish. … Audible Version, Chapter 3, 2 min 15 sec into chapter 3 I think there is an error. You say that Pearl Harbor Attacks America, I did not want to post this publicly. I have all your books and gave them all a 5 star rating. Great Author !!!! Hopefully Hachette Audio will fix this.
    Thank You

  512. Hello, this is probably a weird question for conspiracy theorist but I wanted to get your take on the pills they prescribe, why people keep going back after all the proof about them, also what do you think about parallel universes and if you could reach them in dreams…

  513. Hi Annie

    Just heard you on JRE and was wondering what if any info you have come across about covert activities in WWII. My grandfather, who’s now deceased, fought in WWII and told me some things before he died that he seems to have told to no one else. I bring it up to my cousins who have talked to him more in depth about his time overseas and no one else has heard what he told me.
    He was in the infantry from what I recall and he told me his group used to carry out “black out ops”. He said his group would go in to an area secretly and “clear the way” for the troops that would actually get the credit for winning the battle or taking over the area. He said he couldn’t ever tell my grandmother where he was so he would secretly send he money with coordinates on it to let her know where he was and that he was ok.
    I’m no military man so all of these things could be completely normal for the time but it’s always stuck with me that I’m the only one he ever told this to. I’m sure you’re busy but if you have any info you could pass along it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  514. Annie,
    I am not defending the Nazi’s by any means but I think it’s important to distinguish the Germans fighting in the Wehrmacht (Heer, Kreigsmarine, & Luftwaffe) from the NSDAP & the SS. The NSDAP & the SS orchestrated the Holocaust, not the regular German troops simply fighting for their country. Many of those men were conscripts as well.

    As far as the NSDAP & it’s SS branch, there were plenty of truly evil men in that organization but I think it’s also important to point out that many of the Waffen-SS men were fighting battles against the Allies, not participating in war crimes. You must remember as well that it’s proven not every high ranking official in the NSDAP agreed w/ Hitler and Himmler due to documented assassination plots. You can be assured there were plenty of others who also didn’t agree with the direction the party was taking but was faced with a difficult choice most of us will never have to make. Do you disobey orders and risk having your family killed or do you play ball?

    That is no justification for any genocide. As a Native American who’s ancestors were victims of genocide, I could not and would not give the Nazis a pass but I think it’s important to note that this whole thing isn’t black and white especially when you are talking about conscripted members of the Wehrmacht or even many of the volunteers. Many of those men were not Nazis. The NSDAP, or ‘Nazi party’, is simply a political party. Just as Americans can enlist in the US military without affiliating with a political party, the Germans didn’t have to be NSDAP members to serve. They simply signed up to support their country just as citizens do for countries around the world. When I enlisted in the Army in 2008 I did NOT agree w/ the war in Iraq but I enlisted because my country needed soldiers.

    There’s that old saying, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”. Many Germans could not see things the way we see them. Many of the resistance fighters in Iraq & Afghanistan see our American troops the same way we see the Nazis. Most of the Germans in WWII were good people who were doing what any patriot would do. They too are victims of the handful of the truly evil bigwigs at the top of the chain of command. There is no punishment severe enough for the upper tier leaders & figures of the NSDAP.

    You did a great job on Joe’s podcast & I look forward to reading your works!

  515. Annie, I heard your May 13 (?) 2019 interview on Coast to Coast with George Noory. In it you asked if there was a book that provided documentation about the JFK murder. There is near universal agreement among scholars in the field that the best book ever done was by James Douglass: “JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why it Matter,” 2010, Simon and Schuster, paperback. Literally thousands of footnotes, mostly from government sources. Among the things revealed: there was an Oswald* double in Dallas that day, and he was later evacuated by an Army plane to, of all places, Roswell. Douglass interviewed a man who was on that plane. Further, Norman Cousins serves as the shuttle diplomacy liaison among JFK, Khrushchev, and the Pope during the Cuban missile crisis, and at the very time of the murder, his envoy was sitting with Fidel Castro trying to work out a live-and-let-live policy. And so much more. I can tell you more as well, having been a colleague of Douglass in Hawai’i long ago.

  516. To: Annie Jacobsen:
    I listened to you on Coast to Coast (95.1), with host George Noory last night (May 14, 2019). It was awesome! I didn’t get to sleep until 3:00 a.m.
    I have never heard of you before, but you can be sure I WILL be purchasing your latest book! God was speaking to me in so many different areas. Not about the CIA, etc., but about the tactics of lawyers/men of influence, etc.’ that I’ve had to deal with. What intrigued me was your ability to write in fiction, and yet tell the truth! It’s probably the best way forward , instead of first person and getting sued!!

  517. Wondering if Annie would like to talk about or investigate the more esoteric explorations of the CIA and associated private organizations and firms, particularly in speculative areas that might be called time science, related to technology acquired and efforts to reverse engineer.

  518. Annie, you do know there is no direct evidence that the Soviets had a vast Bio-weapons program? Why then is the media so quiet about it? It may have been Soviet lies.

  519. In the Operation Paperclip book, why was there no mention – or no U.S. effort – to acquire Nazi physicists, i.e. atomic bomb researchers? The only branches of science and engineering covered were Rocket Science, Chemical Weapons, Biological Weapons, and Aviation Medicine. Didn’t anyone go after Werner Heisenberg’s group, for example?


  520. Excellently done book! However, being of an engineering and science background, I was astonished when I reached page 390 (paperback) to find another 80 pages of wonderfully numbered citations and references. I then realized that while reading the book, there was not a single citation or reference number in the actual book text itself! Was this an oversight? Hardback had numbers? Too bad, as I will have to now reread the entire book with one finger in the citation section. Will be worth it, though.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of Ms. Jacobsen’s book.

  521. I understand why Roswell documentaries create a false narrative by omitting most of the facts. But it’s not helping the UFO field in the long run to support mythical narratives created by leaving out key details. The wreckage was paper, sticks, tin foil, rubber and scotch tape as stated by M Brazle.
    Creating false narratives hurts the UFO field and detracts from cases that merit further investigation. I expect this from people selling books on a UFO crash at Roswell but why can’t actual journalists report the facts (which debunk the case) and put focus on UFO cases that actually might be UFOs?
    “” Brazel told the Roswell Daily Record that he and his son saw a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.”[5] He paid little attention to it but returned on July 4 with his son,”
    ” “[We] spent a couple of hours Monday afternoon [July 7] looking for any more parts of the weather device”, said Marcel. “We found a few more patches of tinfoil and rubber.”[
    And the press release did say “flying disk” but there was a little bit more info that was left out of that description:
    “On July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) public information officer Walter Haut issued a press release stating that personnel from the field’s 509th Operations Group had recovered a “flying disc”, which had crashed on a ranch near Roswell. As described in the July 9, 1947 edition of the Roswell Daily Record,
    The balloon which held it up, if that was how it worked,
    must have been 12 feet [3.5 m] long, [Brazel] felt, measuring the
    distance by the size of the room in which he sat. The rubber was smoky
    gray in color and scattered over an area about 200 yards [180 m] in
    diameter. When the debris was gathered up, the tinfoil, paper, tape, and
    sticks made a bundle about three feet [1 m] long and 7 or 8 inches [18
    or 20 cm] thick, while the rubber made a bundle about 18 or 20 inches
    [45 or 50 cm] long and about 8 inches [20 cm] thick. In all, he
    estimated, the entire lot would have weighed maybe five pounds [2 kg].
    There was no sign of any metal in the area which might have been used
    for an engine, and no sign of any propellers of any kind, although at
    least one paper fin had been glued onto some of the tinfoil. There were
    no words to be found anywhere on the instrument, although there were
    letters on some of the parts. Considerable Scotch tape and some tape
    with flowers printed upon it had been used in the construction. No
    strings or wires were to be found but there were some eyelets in the
    paper to indicate that some sort of attachment may have been used.[9]”
    Yes the weather balloon was a cover-up. A cover-up for what was described above. In 1947 Brazle thought “maybe that pile of foil, sticks and tape was one of those flying disks I’ve been hearing about”.
    Dead aliens, autopsies, etc, were all added on in the 1970s.
    People in position to fund or aid the UFO field are scared away by seeing too many people embrace obvious myths. This drags the UFO issue to about the level of Big Foot.

  522. Well I can’t make much of a comment other then I am happy to see a investigative journalist about my home town. It makes me think of the things I heard about growing up in the 90’s, in Roswell, NM. I still go there when I can to leave flowers on my dad’s grave in South Park Cemetery. He was an executive nurse in the rehab facility, where my dad would say the soldiers took in the aliens and it was very eerie to hear those things and experience the hallways. blehh. Now I can’t find record of where he worked and I feel like the city is a ghost town of the past. I also went for journalism, but felt like…why would anyone listen? I came across this today and it still made me think…wow…this is awesome. I am 29 and still looking for the answers of my untold childhood. Much love. <3 -Grace Young

  523. First of all, I hope someone forwards this to Annie Jacobsen. “Phenomena” has given me a great sense of relief from the burden of doubt about my paranormal experiences.
    I am almost 70, and have had many. Yet, until this authoritative book, I had never heard that such experiences were taken seriously. That(paraphrasing here)(no pun intended)
    “we now know that such experiences are real, even if we can’t understand or replicate them”, has relieved any shred of doubt or feeling of silliness from these experiences.
    I have often thought the gods had been giving me a crash course in what, Life, Spirituality, Another(s) Reality??? I saw my first person killed when I was five years old; had Adolescent
    Epilepsy–drowned during my first grand-mal seizure at age seven. Lived across the street from a cemetery and saw the burials of people I knew. Was nearly electrocuted at nineteen.
    Not a little shock but full on thru both arms from a power drill while I was sweating while lying on concrete.
    Anyway, aside from my thanks, I am offering to share these experiences or consider testing. If there is any interest please let me know. Thank you
    (Jim Travers, 18 Dusty Lane, Newtown,Ct 06470) (Website: (email: (home phone: 203-304-1503)

  524. I purchased Mrs. Jacobsen’s book “Area 51” and I was wondering if I could possibly send her a blank bookplate, with a self-addressed envelope for return, for her signature, so I can affix it into my book? I’d greatly appreciate your consideration and help in this matter!
    Brian Eubanks

  525. Hi Annie, my name is Bruce Borgos and I’m writing a novel (my third) which takes place in large part at the Nevada Test Site in the 1950s. I greatly enjoyed reading “Area 51” and was wondering if you might be able to help my research on a couple fronts. First, do you know of any descriptions of the buildings in which warheads used to be stored prior to the day of a shot? I’m looking to get a visual sense of these buildings. I interviewed Ernie Williams who worked for the AEC in the mid-fifties out there, and he described them simply as reinforced concrete structures but not much beyond that. And I’m wondering what the security would have been around these buildings.
    Also, you mention in your book that after “Project 57”, a 1952 “model” pickup truck from the fenced off area, and that it was contanminated with plutonium and scheduled for burial. So was this a true model and much smaller than an actual vehicle? I know they placed vehicles and other everyday things in the area to measure the “stickiness” of plutonium. Also, do you know if they ever found this truck or what potential danger there would have been if it had gotten off the NTS?
    Any assistance you might be able to lend in these areas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
    Bruce Borgos

  526. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    I’ve been listening to your audiobook reading of Operation Paperclip and much appreciate your research and attention to detail.
    Part of what drew me to your book was curiosity about a former landowner on property that abutted mine. The patriarch of the family died almost 40 years ago and his wife and children sold the old farm nearly 2 decades ago. I had known for a long time they had emigrated to the US after WWII, and also had known why, but my unsatiated curiosity led me to dig further a couple of weeks ago. I located surviving family and wrote to a son to ask about his father. We exchanged several emails, but he ended up in clasic ACOA mode, denying his relationship and soon ceasing to respond. My research—difficult since the trail was obscured—revealed his emails were a string of lies.
    I found the father on the Paperclip list. Also found references showing his work had been exploited extensively by the US military after WWII and later he had ended up a high executive in a German company contuing the same work. I would rather not give more details in an open forum.
    I’m writing because I assume you have volumes of research you did not include in your book, and I’m hoping you might be able to steer me toward resources beyond what I’ve uncovered.
    I will send more details if/when you respond to my email address.
    Thank you….

  527. Just finished Pentagon and Phenomena. Great info in each. I would like to discuss other things with you but not on public comments.

  528. Dear Annie,
    Hi, how are you? I am a junior at North Andover High School in Massachusetts, and I am participating in National History Day. Our topic is on Operation Paperclip. My partner and I have purchased your book on the subject it has been an amazing resource for our project thus far. We are creating a short documentary on the subject at hand about the triumph over tragedy in the situation. We were wondering if you could possibly do a quick interview with us as an expert on the topic about the triumph and tragedy that would be perfect. If you could possibly do this, it would be a great help to us and our project. Thank you very much for your time, we hope to hear from you soon!
    Zachary Levin and Theodore Wolfenden

  529. Good afternoon,
    I have purchased all four of your books and am currently finishing Area 51. Last night I started another book to read concurrently with Area 51. This new book is titled Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Programs is by Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD and is the first of a three-book set by him. While I will read the entire book critically but with an open mind, there are extensive footnotes and references should I choose to follow up on some of the statements.
    While I was reading chapter one of the new book last night, I remembered a statement concerning your writing of the book titled Operation Paperclip. The statement was you could not access allot of the references you desired as they were still classified by the military. Chapter one of the new book I started last night contained references of the fact some of the ideas for some of the highly classified programs came from World War II Germany along with some of the scientists who were working on them prior to their capture. Chapters two and three of this book, which I have not yet read, deal exclusively with Nazi Germany and their advanced aerospace programs.
    I am writing this note in the event this information might help close some of those questions you could not answer while writing Operation Paperclip.

  530. I am enjoying your book, PHENOMENA, but am puzzled as to why you never mention the CIA/MK-ULTRA experiments with LSD on unsuspecting victims, and how many lives were ruined because of those experiments.

  531. Hi Annie,
    “Have I got a story for you!”
    A true story greater than fiction– how Duane the Great Writer and the Real Guides offset the purposeful destruction of the world.
    The elites use every means possible to enslave and destroy mankind through weather control, DEWs, Agenda 21, vaccines, and much more.
    Find out what the Real Guides are doing to wake people up!

  532. Hello Annie,
    “Have I got a story for you”
    We are moving into an unprecedented era of our evolution with the advent of transhumanism,, GMO foods 5 G kill towers, weather control, Agenda 21, Flat earth and much more.
    You would be doing humanity a service if you wrote about the cure.
    This being the work Duane the Great Writer and the Real Guides are doing to offset the purposeful destruction of the planet by the elites.
    The book could have it all- galactic, interdimensional, romantic adventure and it would all be true!

  533. What do you know about the Miaac report ? Or agenda 21? project looking glass. HAARP

  534. hi, I want to tell you a story . you will be interested please…

  535. Did the US government know in early 1990 Saddam was planning to invade Kuwait? According to you book Phenomena, they did. So why did the US and several other countries allow this to happen? It seems like the first gulf war was the catalyst for this mess we have today. I only mention this because I heard about this 15 years ago. Remote viewers and other specialties were sent to Iraq to ferret out Saddam’s generals to halt the invasion. Omega teams

  536. I love your work!!
    I hope you write a book about the pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines.
    Also, all the chemicals (fluoride, aluminum oxide, pesticide poisoning) and mind programming they are doing to the American now.
    Please write another nook

  537. Hi Annie,
    Do you ever wonder why your anonymous source gave you the Horten Brothers explanation for what crashed at Roswell? Perhaps it was to obfuscate the real Cold War origin of this myth. If you get a chance, please read my free book called The Roswell Deception where I document how the U.S. created the UFO myth in one of the opening shots of the Cold War. All source documentation is linked via end notes and also freely available. I think you will find it a fascinating read. You can download it from my blog at
    James Carrion

  538. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am writing you to inquire about who to approach for an interview with our podcast. On behalf of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli, I’d like to invite you for a quick 1 hour Skype interview to promote your work. We have a very large and growing audience with over 200,000 downloads on YouTube and I believe they would be fascinated by your work. Are you available for podcasts? If so, we’d love to have you as our guest. We appreciate your work so much. Please let me know what avenue to take in order to book you in the future. You can reach me at
    Booking Manager
    Allyson Hagstrom
    Tin Foil Hat Podcast

  539. The Osenberg List plunged from a toilet?
    Sounds like a story told with a underlying distaste for all things “kudos” and the “stealing someone else’s thunder.”
    Basically, German sarcasm implicating the length of the list.
    If it’s a pun, es ist noch frisch!
    My thoughts, postwar just get along and coexist. I don’t believe it would’ve rectified any prior injustices or improved the world for the better had we not enabled compitent Germans to continue going about their dilligent Deutsche things, unabridged processes, and methods of mechanically “wowing” observers.
    Also, America or ‘Murica whatever floats your boat is cool with me.
    They say the “Devil is in the Details.” Thinking aloud here in an industrialized world if you hang the people who invented the details due to association with Devil; well for lack of a better analogy, it’s like shooting yourself in your own damn dick!
    I haven’t read the book yet, just chiming in ahead of time. Maybe my thoughts will change.

  540. Ms Jacobsen, I was wondering how your research re: Magnus Von Braun is going ? Have you looked into Cosmologist Thomas Gold? They both seem to have been working with Helmut Holzer on the “mixing Computer” aka the “organ” a component of the V2 later called the inertial guidance system or the “plex/multiplex”. I have been working on tying up some loose ends re: my Grandfather, William Guy Redmond’s life after MIT, Servo-lab 1951, when I came across Gold’s memoir, “Taking the back off the watch”. He speaks of someone he calls “Helmholz”, and solving “Helmholz’s” memory problems
    … I think you might find it interesting. Thanks !

  541. Annie,
    I grew up on the Space coast of Florida in the 60’s, My father was an Apollo engineer for IBM then and names Like Debus and Von Braun were bandied around the house. I also had a friend growing up who’s father worked at NASA pretty high up who was jewish. After reading your book I find it hard to understand the interface between many Space Industry workers and management who were jews and the Paperclip Nazis…How did this work…Did any one know?

  542. Dear Annie,
    I enjoy your work and I am a fan of yours.
    I have listened to many YOUTUBE interviews, some more believable than others, some more creditable than others, and some more sincere than others.
    It seems that most investigators and hosts are so deep in the woods that they do not see trees.
    Claims of huge and deep underground facilities, well equipped with large and expensive equipment are almost a staple statement.
    I will use Holloman Air Force Base, at White Sands Missile Range, as an example.
    If things are as claimed by many, there is a huge underground base there.
    The questions to ask, and research to do, I believe, is determine how it was built – which contractors, what do their records show?.
    It seems like an easy enough statement to make, but I want to elaborate.
    Where did all the sand/dirt go that allowed such a deep underground instalation?
    Where does the water to the base come from? A public record seach should show how much water was used in 1955 and comparing it to more recent years should show when an increase came about. The same deal with drainage and waste management payments to utility companies and state governments. Electric power usage over the years should be also useful.
    Unless food is free, it is purchased and the State of New Mexico should be receiving the proceeds from a sales tax, that amount should show how many people work there.
    Public library and in particular newspaper accounts of the base should be on record, the Country Historical Society\Museum will probably have all sort of information.
    Advertisements for contractors should abound in the surrounding region and state. I am rather sure that heavy construction workers were not sworn to secrecy. The building of anything as big as claimed to exist did not go unnoticed. There may be dozens, or even hundreds of locals with stories, however small or minor, about aspects of this construction.
    If these facilities are there they must be maintained and sustained.
    All sorts of service trucks will be needed to bring in soap, soup, and sheets, near every day.
    A nice detailed sit down with real estate professionals also should be able to tell you when the facility was built. These public records should also be a big eye opener of how many homes were constructed. How many schools had to be built?
    Details on public documents may be the key to determining the validity of many claims.
    Sincerely yours,
    Charles Bugajsky
    Viet Nam 1966 & 1968 – Infantry
    Retired Chicago Police Detective

  543. I have recently purchased your books,”Area51″ and “Phenomena” through Audible. I have found them most interesting. I have studied Remote Viewing for years.

  544. Hi Ms. Jacobsen,
    I enjoyed Phenomena very much, and I’m looking forward to reading your other works.
    I was a subject in ganzfeld ESP experiments run by Charles Honorton in Brooklyn in the 1970s. It was quite the unusual experience, in the basement of the hospital, half ping pong balls on the eyes, white noise played through headphones, free associating.
    Honorton died, quite young, from a heart attack. I recognize it was far more common then, but in light of Pat Price, if you do more work on the subject, I’d be curious if there are suspicions.

  545. When this book was published 4 years ago, I thought why do I need another book on Operation Paperclip. So recently when I discovered that it included mention of one of my favorite Ritchie Boys, Henry Kolm, I immediately bought a copy. I am very impressed with the author’s scholarship and writing ability. Is it possible that I know some minor facts not mentioned in the Book?

  546. Hello, based on a few interviews I’ve listened to, you strike me as someone I’d like to put this to. I believe there’s an important link between *music* and ufo/fortean/paranormal (and possibly AI) fields and phenomena.
    Key points; sine waves, origins of the synthesizer & transistor, the alchemical philosopher’s stone (namely the square/circle/triangle symbol) and synchronicity (or put another way, timing). The relationship b/t music & consciousness.
    You do interesting work, from what I’ve seen (and heard).
    Kind Regards,

  547. All I want to know is do you Anne believe the story, “The Day After Roswell”?
    Yes or no?

  548. Is there a simple email way to send a message to Annie Jacobsen? I do not do twitter, etc.
    I have some knowledge about Operation Paperclip I would like to discuss with the author

  549. Reading yesterday’s NYT article by William J. Broad on microwave weapons and their possible use in Cuba and China, I noticed he referenced two patents on the microwave hearing effect. Following his link to those patents I started to read the details of the more recent patent. The inventors’ discussion of amplitude modulation and waveform processing sounded very familiar to me. Dr. Andrija Puharich (and G. Patrick Flanagan) did extensive work on RF hearing through the skin using amplitude modulation and waveform processing. Sure enough, in the References Cited section (of both patents) there are two references to patents by our friend Andrija Puharich, M.D.! While growing up in San Antonio I was familiar with our two parapsychology labs–the Mind Science Foundation and Science Unlimited–and the Brooks School of Aerospace Medicine (SAM), where I knew people there who did classified research on RF bioeffects. So, I was fortunate enough to meet people like Andrija Puharich, Hal Puthoff, W. Ross Adey and lots of other creative scientists and thinkers. However, I think that there’s still plenty of room for skepticism of William Broad’s suggestion of microwaves being the source of the attacks. But this will be a most interesting case to follow!

  550. Mrs. Jacobsen- I was stimulated to read your book, “Operation Paperclip” after reading “The Woman in Gold” and that book followed a recent visit to NYC and viewing the wonderful Glimpt pictures at the Neue Museum. Your book adds a tremendous light for me to a long time period following the war of where many people were dealing with the unspeakable crimes committed by many in Germany and elsewhere during WWII. I think the most revealing comment to me was the one which basically said that many perpetrators were just not capable of looking at their own lives and their personal roles in the murder and subjugation of many different minority groups which were scapegoated at this time. Of course, the Jewish people bore the brunt of the most vicious of these perpetrators.
    Let me share with you a recollection that I had as a young child born in Cleveland Ohio in 1947 and pose a question to you. I remember my parents having a meeting with 2 or 3 men which I believe introduced themselves as members of the FBI . This must have been somewhere during 1951 or 1952 as I was old enough to remember to this day. At the meeting, at our home, I remember the men asking if my parents would be willing to rent a home that they owned in Lakewood Ohio to a scientist from Germany and his wife and family. And then I recall my parents discussing this subject amongst themselves and concluding that they would move forward with the rental. The scientist, I believe, named Gerhard Grossinger, was to work at the NACA facility called Lewis Research Center, which is still operational at this time and adjacent to the Cleveland Airport. I was aware of the facility as my older sister worked there as well. Further, several months later, the “men” returned for a second meeting, and this time to ask if my parents would open our home to the mother of the scientist who was also coming to the USA. Remarkably, my parents agreed and the mom, “Millie”, moved into our home with us and displaced me to another bedroom in the house. I recall spending time with Millie on our front porch and she would quiz me on mathematics and, one day even pronounced to me that I was quite good at math and should grow up to be a smart doctor as her son was! Also, have dim recollections of Millie having visits from her son and speaking in the German language.
    My curiosity has gotten the best of me and I attempted to find Gerhard’s name on the “NARA ? list” and also attempted to find him on lists of employees at NACA and the Lewis Research Center all to no avail….do you have any other suggested sources where I could locate more information about this man and his history during the war?
    Kind regards
    Dan Love
    Los Angeles

  551. I am really looking forward to Anne’s next book. Found all of her work to date to be my favorites.

  552. Hi Annie-
    Just finishing your book “Phenomena” and loving it! It was purchased for me based on an off-hand remark I made about being tested by the government for ESP in the 1970s. Of course they laughed at this idea and wrote it off as my typically off-the-wall sense of humor. The thing is, it was true. I am curious if you have ever come across documentation of the government testing civilians for ESP in the 1970s, specifically school aged children?
    As I remember, I was probably somewhere between 7th and 9th grade. Maybe around 1973-1976? Through my school (a public school in Erie, Pennsylvania), I was asked if I would like to participate in some additional academic testing. I agreed and was given an appointment, I believe on a weekend or after school at a location downtown. I think I went by myself by bus, arrived at a nondescript office building close to downtown Eire. Went into a small office and sat down with a facilitator. The office did not look used much and in hindsight, seemed like a short term rental of the place. There just wasn’t much office equipment, furniture, or wall decoration. The facilitator was pleasant and explained that they wanted to test me by having me see if I could guess the correct card from a series of 5 cards that were shown to me. Having read your book I now know at least one set of these cards was the classic Zener cards. The facilitator would select a card from the set, and behind a makeshift partition, ask me to concentrate and see if I could tell him which shape he was holding up on his side of the partition. I definitely recall the Zener cards but for some reason I think there were also cards with colors and possible cards with numbers or words. Although I recall the Zener cards distinctly.
    That was it. Maybe lasted about 15 minutes and I left. I never had a follow up, was told why I was being tested, or received any future information, results, or contact. I guess I didn’t have the “gift”! Later in life as I recalled this episode, I wondered if the government was looking for an association between high IQ and ESP? I was pretty bright and possibly some standardized tests at that age had triggered some interest? I typically scored very high on those types of tests. Later in my 20s I took the Mensa text at the urging, or chiding, of a friend and scored at a 144 IQ level.
    Anyway, after reading your book it brought back those memories and I was just curious if you’d ever come across any information on these types oft tests or met anyone else who had a similar experience. Would love to hear from you if you have a moment.
    Thanks so much and Again, really have enjoyed your book.
    Dan Foster

  553. I really enjoy the complete history and the level of information in the books. I am a avid listener to the audio books and the fact the author reads the content makes it hard to switch off. I have always had an interest in the higher level of thinking that people can produce and really enjoy the exposure of the inner workings of these projects.
    I hope Annie keeps writing for many more years.

  554. Anne.
    In the middle of Operation Paperclip…This is a great book. And you are an exceptional voice talent.

  555. Annie, I enjoyed The Pentagon’s Brain very much. As others have no doubt pointed out, it was horrifying to see that the U.S. armed forces had not learned and applied the COIN lessons from Vietnam in time for the Iraq War and instead adopted the same pseudo-scientific approach. I did have a question about the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the minimax strategy. In each case, the prisoner is better off talking than not talking. If you knew the other prisoner was going to NOT talk, you are still better off talking. You could minimize the collective consequence – 1 year each – but you would be better off eliminating any jail time for yourself, barring, as you said, a strong familial or other bond of trust. Is the prisoner therefore able to meet the minimax conditions for him/herself? In any case, it was a delighful read – ironically, I live across the river from your alma mater, Princeton University, which is also horrifying in its own way since I am a Harvard alum.

  556. Dear Ms Annie Jacobsen,
    I really enjoyed reading your amazing book on DARPA. It is very absorbing with tremendous research work. I wish you many more fruitful years of life with more books and laurels on your way.
    Best Regards,
    Yours Sincerely,
    Brigadier Abdul Rahman Bilal, SJ (Retired from Pakistan Army)

  557. Just started reading Area 51. There is a significant error in the prologue. The Manhattan Project cost was largely exceeded by the long range heavy bomber project. This entailed the B29 and lesser known B32. 50% more development cost.

  558. Can we expect a book about Operation Highjump?

  559. Dear Ms. Jacobsen:
    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the excellent writing and painstaking investigation that went into Phenomena. I don’t need convincing of ESP; I grew up with it and have seen it at work. Because my father didn’t believe her after the fact, my mother got into the habit of immediately reporting her dreams, no matter how outlandish, correctly foretelling specific incidents that directly affected her or those close to her. Within that framework, she many times foresaw flash floods and freak weather. I wrote about those incidents in the now defunct magazine Fate, which required corroboration from another witness before publishing the article. She also found things we children had misplaced, such as a hair ribbon, schoolwork, a shoe. In a tizzy, we would tell her what we couldn’t find; she would stop what she was doing, close her eyes, then tell us where to look, many times in the most unlikely places.
    For her, foreseeing was a natural ability, very down-to-earth with no otherworldly or religious connotations, no mumbo-jumbo. She had manifested the faculty as a young child, with a range beyond her own family. However, when her innocent remarks caused trouble, her mother punished her and made her keep quiet for fear she would be considered a witch by immigrant neighbors (late 1800s, Chicago). Even after she became an adult, she restrained herself, being very careful to whom she revealed that particular talent.

  560. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Please keep the good books coming. I have read “Area 51”, “Operation Paperclip” and now i’m working on phenomena. You are an outstanding researcher and author!
    Brent Mettert

  561. Ms. Jacobson, I am wondering how you were permitted to expose such truth without being murdered.
    I myself am the granddaughter of a survivor of Aushwitz, Majdanek, and Treblinka, prisoner # 127 818.
    My grandfather Janusz Lengiewicz was murdered off before the 3rd Majdanek trials in the 1970’s such
    that the Nazis only received 3 yrs for mass murder. I have been targeted and suppressed since 33 yrs
    of age and the more attention I tried to bring, the more I tried to get Janusz recognized as being among
    the Righteous Among the Nations, the more I am completely shut down by folk. My Duke degree is worthless
    as I am permitted to achieve very little, have neuro-interface torment, and am wondering if I will ever be permitted
    to make a living or have a place to live. I survive sheerly by the rememberance of what both of my grandfathers
    went through such that I might have life. I also do investigative work and sleep research, but the targeting resulted
    in life destruction and suppression. I am not organized enough to write nor to put the abuses on file at the Library
    of Congress and others who deal with covert harassment are to do. The military industrialized complex and their
    black psyops have squelched any hope I had to live a normal life and achieve goals that prior were attainable.
    I will never know who placed me into the program nor why but have a wonderful understanding of how it
    works being an 8 year survivor. How is it that you remain uncensored?

  562. I heard you speaking on Area 51 and heard you mention one of the last major projects there was the Stealth “bomber”. It was the Stealth fighter. It only carried one bomb and had no protective armaments, like guns, for self protection, it was called a fighter.
    Maj Ken Dyson flees the predecessor, the Hav Blue into Area 51, and is shown doing so on YouTube, in the different tail configuration. One of two of these crashed and seriously injured the other pilot. Ken also flew the B1 bomber and the X37B that looked like the wings were on backwards. Not so long ago the Russians came out with a copy the was twin engined model. I meat to ask Ken what he thought of that.
    Anyway, I don’t mean, in pointing out the Stealth fighter info, like someone circling Misspelled word and sending it to you.
    Thank you for your help and kindness.
    Dr Mark Maher

  563. Just finished Area 51. Already read paperclip and Phenomena. I was curious about Roswell. Did the nazi’s and Stalin REALLY have the ability to remote control an aircraft to New Mexico? Then how come it took us 20+ years to come up with the Predator drone?

  564. For Annie Jacobsen-
    I just finished reading Phenomenon and was fascinated by what you wrote! I have worked in the Intelligence field, and some ‘black programs’ for both the Army and for the MITRE Corp and had never heard about those programs. In any case, if possible, I’d like to ask a few questions related to Angela Dellafiora and Edwin May. I have also asked for permission to use references to Kit Green’s research into the ‘Genomics of Supernormality’ in my soon-to-be-completed Military Techno-Novel.
    Thanks, Nelson

  565. started reading area 51 i have 1 question you stated something did crash in roswell any idea as to what is was?

  566. It is actually a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  567. Dear Ms Jacobsen,
    My compliments with your great work!
    I am now reading a third book of you, “Operation Paperclip”. I there discovered something the world should know.
    People can donate organs after they have been declared “brain death”. That criterion is invented by the Harvard Comitee in 1968. Worldwide this criterion is critised, see the book “Finis vitae, is brain death true death?” The medical world has nevertheless accepted this criterion as a basis for taking out organs. But many doctors speak of “the Invented death”.
    The president of the Harvard Comitee was Dr. Henry Knowles Beecher.
    I always thought that Dr. Beecher was a neurologist.
    I was flabbergasted when I read page 367 of “Operation Paperclip”.
    Not only Dr. Beecher appears te be a anesthetist, not a neurologist. Worse is that he committed crimes against humanity by helping the CIA illegally trying to make forget prison Russian spies what they had undergone after they were, as you describe, drugged and interrogated. He acted without their “informed consent” and therefore he was a criminal.
    The fact that the president of the Harvard Comitee violated an important medical ethical rule is the more reason to be critical towards the notion “brain death”.
    If any reader should want to know more, he/she can contact me through the website of our (Dutch) comitee:;
    Kind regards,

  568. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    My father worked at Ft. Monmouth for the Army Electronics Command starting in the 1950s. Several Paper Clips were parked there and it was generally known. In fact, my father’s first Unit Chief was Horst Kedesdy whose deNazification file was apparently sold at auction. If you google Kedesdy’s name you might still see the auction house photo of the file. I wonder if there is a more complete accounting of the Fort Monmouth Paper Clips.

  569. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am a retired McGill University professor who published a peer-reviewed ESP paper in 1979 and a book titled “UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence” in 2013. Those are my bona fides: you can find that and more about me online. I am reading Phenomena. I am impressed by your investigative thoroughness and your narrative skill. I haven’t read Area 51 but was intrigued by a review that indicated there was a lot more to know that you reported. I knew that too — but via rumor within the UFO community.
    Someone — it could be you — should do for the UFO/Abduction evidence what you did for PSI in Phenomenon. My book is a narrative history but it’s only 321 pages long. You or someone you know in the trade could write the definitive book involving all of the FOIA documentation and current interviews that you can complete, and end up with 500 – 600 pages on the subject. There’s a lot to work with already: many of my UFO colleagues have written scholarly compendia but almost no one outside of the UFO/Abduction community reads them.
    Why you? Because you are a superb storyteller, your book will be widely read, and spreading the word on the reality of ET UFOs and ET interference is a public good. It will of course be good for Jacobsen: I expexct your publisher would go for it. And if not you, you might know one or more professionals who would consider the challenge. It needs to be done: the time is right (i.e. Elizondo and Mellon), and on the basis of Phenomena I don’t know anyone who could do it better.
    Don Donderi

  570. Mr. T. Mitchell’s disbelief of the US Apollo program only suggest his, and other of his fellow travelers’, lack of knowledge, research, or presence at the time the Apollo program happened. I followed it daily when new to the military. All our briefing rooms and command centers had the TV on watching this historic event. Many colleagues were involved in the military’s contribution to this program and the main event itself. I don’t understand the mind set to disbelieve something so well documented.
    And the book Operation Paper Clip is an interesting part of history. But, the German scientists, all complicit in Hitler’s murderous war against, well, everyone, gave their approval to his extermination of the 6 mil Jews and 6 mil non Jews. They were only received into the US due to the new Cold War need to compete against the Soviets in missiles. Otherwise, they could have been tried at Nuremberg or other post WWII war trial courts. It was Von Broun’s German rockets that killed 2700 civilians in London. Many British considered him a war criminal.

  571. Annie, just settling down to read this book until I see pictures of an astronaut after he came back from the moon. Do you not know YET that the US has never been to the moon???
    “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the ther is to refuse to believe what is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    You, Annie, have been fooled, along with the majority of the world regarding the fake moon flights.
    Oh and now I see the washington post plugging your book. Really the fake news WP!!!
    Damn it, now I will only laugh my way through you book, if I can get past the first chapter. NOT.

  572. Dear Ms Jacobsen: “Operation Paper Clip” really knocked my socks off and put you on my must-read list. ” Phenomena” brought me up to date on a fascinating subject I had read about 20 years earlier, and one that still remains troubling to me — why did no one pursue a genuine scientific method approach to what obviously is something worth studying?
    Surely the pure research should be almost finished before attempting the applied-science effort of weaponizing remote viewing talent.
    Be that as it may may, I have a very high regard for your ability to combine story-telling with interesting facts and long-developing events.
    i have written a book’ “It Don’t Hurt to Fight,” which analyzes the 2016 election as the culmination of plans and decisions made in the 1990’s, which I think explains why Hillary lost and how the lessons learned by my old boss, Lyndon Johnson, could have reversed her election result if she had taken them to heart.
    I think the same lessons, again if taken to heart, could be extremely useful to Democrats in 2020; I use how to win Texas as a demonstration model.
    My subject and theme may be very different from yours, but my efforts to tell a story and organize a whole lot of relevant facts are exactly what you do so well. If and when I do find a publisher for my book, I’d like to send you a review copy. Would that be OK with you?
    With high regard, Tom Mitchell
    14 Shenandoah Place, Morristown, NJ, 07960 518 524 5242

  573. Dear Annie,
    I am currently writing my dissertation on Paperclip recruit Hubertus Strughold. I was wondering if by any chance you had access to any documents or general information on Strughold that you may be able to share with me. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Operation Paperclip is an absolutely fascinating topic.
    Kind regards,

  574. Having just read “Phenomena” with great interest, I wondered why no one ever asked Uri Geller to bend anything but a spoon? Save for the tongs he did bend.
    Fred Frodyma
    Retired Electrical Engineer

  575. Dear Misses Jacobsen,
    I pray you are well and congratulations on your investigative-historical research. Two years after seeing you on a book television show on the Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network at the time of “Operation Paperclip : The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists To America”. your name came to my attention in a recent article in January by a Mister S. T. Patrick in the Maryland fortnightly newspaper,”American Free Press” formerly “The Spotlight”.
    I intend to acquire your books but I have a question to ask about “Phenomena : The Secret History Of The United States Government’s Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis”. The best book site for a book buyer to purchase it is by way of Amazon Books. Now I never look at REVIEWS since I’ve a mind of my won but I caught the name of Doctor Russell Targ. Now in his REVIEW he points out quite a number of historical errors in your work given that he worked at the Stanford Research Institute. I should like to know,since you’re a schlolaress and a serious researcher, if you have responded to what Doctor Targ has historically clarified and corrected for us? I ask this question sincerely and without any antagonism toward you ; I’m all for you.
    God Bless,
    Eric Galati

  576. I have read both Area 51 and The Pentagon’s Brain enjoyed both. Only negative comment is Area 51 photographs are to small, can’t really see the detail I was hoping for. Both books are digital wouldn’t think that should affect the photos. Thank for your time and effort.

  577. Annie, Just finished your Area 51 book…marvelous! Last year I located two of the entrances to Area 51? and was greeted at one “No Trespassing” sign by a uniformed security guard in fatigues in a white truck with visible weaponry. He was not friendly and told me to leave “in no uncertain terms”! He also indicated there was no Area 51 there. Whatever they are not doing, they are still not doing! Your book was wonderful, and corroborated what I saw in the desert!
    A side note…I noticed on page 39 an individual names Denys Overholser…same first name (and spelling) as myself!
    Thanks so much!…Denys

  578. Dear Ms. Jacobsen, Enjoy your book Phenomena. I read it because I have information about a person who possesses unusual extra-sensory abilities and hoped to find a person who was interested in learning about this individual and his extraordinary abilities. I was surprised to find out how little is known about esp and primitive examples of esp given in your book. I am not really talking about psychic and/or magical ability. What I have seen and experienced is concrete brain functions in an individual, telepathy, telekineses, etc. that are far beyond anything I read about in your book.

  579. transcendental meditation mum is also alias telekenisis, telepathy, out of body flyers experimenting on people i have been used for three years 24/7 i have info i should not know about human physiology. iam a living map i understand everything about every symptom victoms of tm mum have but docs do not because they are not sensitive intuitive they do not know telekinisis and pentagon out of body flyers and telepathy there are falsified findings due to lack of knowledge everywhere germany and swiss and usa this was so easy for me as i know thses fields easy.

  580. Good morning, Ms. Jacobsen.
    My debut novel, The Astronaut’s Son, a literary thriller, was inspired by the true story of Operation Paperclip. It comes out in September 2018. I would love to send you an ARC. Please email if interested. (You’re in the Acknowledgments!)

  581. Hello Ms. Jacobsen,
    My name is Hannah Schultz and I am a psychology major at Eureka College. In my advanced writing class we are researching various conspiracy theories and over the course of the semester writing a sequence of papers over our topic. My area of focus just so happens to be Area 51. As I was reviewing articles, I came across one of your works for the Los Angeles Times. In “The Road to Area 51” I found particularly interesting that during the interviews, the details recalled by Kenneth Collins, about the CIA, were incredibly detailed. This said, I have a few questions for you.
    In the article, you state that the problem with solving the mystery is that we need someone to speak out. What is the most compelling description of Area
    51 that you have received in all your interviewing?
    How does that answer tie into your opinion of the happenings at Area 51?
    According to the accounts of Colonel Hugh (Slip) Slater and Thornton “TD” Barnes, the rumors of reverse engineering and underground tunnels is in fact
    truth. How do you think this debunking of suspicions impacts that people still believe the government is lying?
    Those are the only questions that I have for you today, so thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response!
    Warm wishes,
    Hannah Schultz

  582. Annie, for you to make empirical statements about the “psychic” and magical community is arrogant. You have not idea what is out here. For starters, real psychics and magical people are usually scientists and the analytical discipline is what allows us to know truth from illusion, i.e. paranormal from fantasy. For you to make empirical statements that such phenomena do not hold to scientific testing is ignorant on your part, because you have no idea how big the psychic and magical community is, and it’s just short-sighted to think that by studying the Pentagon program that you have some idea as to what’s going on in the world outside of the U.S. government.

  583. Dear Ms. Jacobsen,
    Such a pleasure to see so many interested in psychic phenomenon these days. Those neurologists who dispute the possibility, mentioned in the CBS article, do not realize psychicness is based in the emotions, not the brain. I had an enlightening experience in 1997, and wrote about it then. Last year, after a heart attack, I wrote about it more fully. It is now titled Our Magical World, Our Magical Selves, and is available on In it, I describe how I let coincidences , that my impulses led me into, teach me. That is all I did. Life did the rest.
    I had a healing on my leg, and two changes in nature to prove to my partner it was a real experience. I didn’t need the proof, as I was experiencing it!
    Hope you have time to read a four hour story! I’ve included pictures of two of the three “miracles”. The third was a healing on my leg, so that picture would just show an undamaged leg!
    We each have a piece of the puzzle, but life makes us share for a more complete picture! I have also written to Dean Radin.
    Thanks for your efforts, I’ve really felt somewhat alone these past twenty years. Only my Partner, Kenny, and a few close friends, believe me. It is so hard to get people to understand that what they believe influences what they perceive.
    May your impulses always lead you to value fulfillment,
    Dave Starkovich
    P.S. I am giving the book away free this San Francisco Pride Weekend, June 23, and 24, 2018.

  584. Never knew about you or seen you before Annie, but your sure an attractive lady. Seen your segment this morning on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Good Job!! Was interesting listening to you. I believe a lot of people have “Precognition”, I know I have in the past and still do. More in the terms I’ve pre-recognized something in my mind or sensed and then it happens. I’ve had these recognition’s and sometime’s they happen seconds later or sometime’s they happen days, month’s and years later. I don’t consider my thoughts ESP or anything unusual and as stated above that I believe a lot of people all have these senses.

  585. Ms. Jacobsen,
    I am an undergrad student at the University of St.Louis-Missouri and am currently conducting my final research paper for my degree in History. I am pursuing my research on Project Paperclip and i have a question about a source you used. On page 250 of Operation Paperclip you write that “Eleanor Roosevelt became personally involved in protesting Operation Paperclip” . Part of my research is about those who protested against the Project and the allowed importation of former Nazis and i would like to find that source to use for my research. Your book is the only Paperclip book i have found that even mentions the backlash that the U.S. government faced over the secret project something that has proven to be invaluable to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated and i will provide my student email below if you would prefer to contact me that way instead.
    Thank you
    -Bret Love

  586. Thank you, Annie Jacobsen, for writing “Phenomena”. Best and most thought-provoking book I’ve read in years. I don’t claim any psychic abilities but I have had experiences that I can’t explain logically.
    During the 1970s, self-help books on self-hypnosis and alpha waves were virtually my only sources of support. I HAD to believe in myself because I had other lives depending on me and had no one else to turn to for help. I never discussed these books with others because I knew I’d be ridiculed. When books were later published on quantum physics, I intuitively believed the unexplained phenomena I experienced could somehow be linked to quantum physics.
    Since your book is fact based and balanced I hope it inspires those who read it to discuss and explore scientific explanations.
    The recent book by Diane Hennacy Powell, M.D. “The ESP Enigma” begins to make the link between phenomena and quantum physics. I hope you two brilliant women know one another and perhaps work together on a book in the future. A neurologist and journalist would make an ideal team.
    Thanks again for all the time, effort and talent you put into your incredible book.
    Jan Hooper

  587. Dear Mr. Mullholland,
    Thank you for your lovely note. It came at a most brilliant time. Eight weeks out from finishing the manuscript on a new book, wondering how—and if—I can really make this one soar. Your note was perfect and gave me a giant boost from the universe indicating that I most certainly can. So I thank you, truly.
    Warm wishes,
    — Annie Jacobsen

  588. Hello Richard Wade,
    Thank you for reading my book so carefully, and for your kind note to relay errors. (Not everyone is so kind!)
    Please do provide info and I will correct the Errata in the next edition.
    Warm wishes,
    Annie Jacobsen

  589. Annie Jacobsen:
    First and foremost, I’m reading a fourth book of yours (Operation Paperclip), your books have changed my life. My life quest seems to have always been, “what is really going on’ (in part why I became a psychotherapist), and read books such as yours. Your highly in-depth books on very important topics, you have filled-in the ‘why’ in the life directions I’m currently taking (e.g., planning to leave the USA).
    I truly hope you receive a Pulitzer prize, you are highly deserving of this literary award. And, ‘thank you’.
    Paul Mulholland, M.Ed.

  590. Ms. Jacobsen,
    On the recommendation of Billy Waugh, I have completed reading Area 51 and Operation Paperclip. I compliment you on your excellent research and writing ability. Billy is absolutely correct in praising your work. I’m looking forward to the next book..

  591. Mrs. Jacobsen,
    I have read Phenomenon, 51 and The Pentagon’s Brain. I consider myself a fairly well read individual. The topics and breadth of knowledge and understanding in these books is incredible. You have a passion for topics many have tried to report on in the past, unsuccessfully I might add and brought this accurate and timely information to the public. In this era of social media and instant information at our fingertips, again not necessarily accurate or factual information, it is refreshing to read well written and thoroughly researched books on our nations history that is not readily brought up in your average cocktail party. Area 51 resonated with me in particular with the extremes our country was willing to go to for research sake. I was born in 68 in Maryland and moved to San Diego when I was 4 years old. Both my mother and in particular my father was apart of some of the work you talk about in some of your books and I am grateful for your hard work in bringing to light so much of the mystery surrounding these topics. As stated in one of your books on one of your interviews the crouton is just a hint of what is out there.
    I am finding personally the statement, “be careful what you wish for”, has more meaning now to me than ever before. I am hesitant to pick up Parperclip knowing what I know now but seeing what is going on today in our country I am a firm believer in not repeating the same mistakes we have made in the past. Respectfully, Eric McElroy

  592. Hi Annie — Area 51 is a wonderful book, details never understood, even in the aviation industry. Congratulations. Facts are detailed, events fully described, and writing is superb.
    I was USAF jet interceptor pilot during early ’50s flying F-94B/C, and then an engineering test pilot for P&W at Edwards testing the first supersonic fighters, F-100 and -101. Had unofficial world speed and altitude records in -101 (Civilians not allowed to hold official records). Knew Tony LeVier very well, and Lou Schalk chased some of my -101 test flights. Very surprised I didn’t know others in your book – apparently they did not cycle thru Edwards in the mid ’50s. Those were great days for aviation research and development. I loved being a contributor to that history.
    I am in the final draft of my autobiography, designed for family and friends, but would gladly send you a copy if you provide mailing address.
    harry schmidt cromwell ct 860-635-7716.

  593. I thought that Operation Paperclip was a masterpiece. All accolades are well deserved. It was well researched and substantiated. I would provide one suggestion. Near the end she refers to the 6 million prisoners killed at concentrations camps. This is incorrect. There were 6 million Jews and about 8 million non-Jews (mostly communists and gypsies). The real horror is the correct number 14.7 million casualties, and more non-Jews than Jews.
    Area 51 is next on my reading list
    Thank You

  594. Ms. Jacobsen.
    Just started reading your Operation Paperclip text, very much enjoying it. There are some glaring errors in some parts of your background geography- timeline and a few individual notes which are factually incorrect at and around page 19.
    If you plan on a second edition I would be happy to provide you with the necessary and correct cartography information and background corrections. The Eastern Front is my area of expertise.
    Richard P. Wade
    Military Historian

  595. I have a tip for you regarding DARPA, the MOAD, Carter Hawley Hale, and Elevators on the Golden Gate Bridge. Should I go through your agent on the speaker’s circuit?

  596. My name is Mason Hurlbut and i’m in 10th grade at SJHS. I am doing a NHD project one Operation Paperclip and was wondering if we could send a couple emails about the book for an interview. My email is or either would work. Thank you have a great day

  597. Dear Annie, heard you on Salt Lake City Radio, 2/7/18
    Are you interested in doing a story on MISDIAGNOSIS of a woman in Salt Lake City, Utah? NSA headquarters in Bluffdale, Patriarical headquarters, Dugway(Area 52), Hill Airforce…. etc?
    It is not just that I was misdiagnosed, it is how women are treated by the medical community AND what I have learned about Craniomandibular Alignment (jaw to skull), setting the Atlas/axis, (skull to spine) and how this all effect the brain and spinal column OPENING THE PINEAL
    1982, dentist tells me all he needs to do to move my jaw forward is the new technique of putting wax strips over my back teeth and drilling them down. I was only 32 and trusted because a relative sent me to dentist. I left the office with NO Back teeth touching (he had done no x ray molds etc just eye balled his equilibration). My life changed……… the pain the lack of equilibrium, the vomiting….. the decades it would take to understand what he had done.
    Went to a lawyer, the TMJ (temporal manibular Joint specialist) would not testify but told me all he needed was to restore the equilibration. He did not understand the jaw joint. I had be UNHINGED, the jaw does not just move up and down. He charged me $9000 to recrown my back teeth. IN THE DISLOCATED ROTATED TO the left brain hemisphere…. the migraines were like strokes (read Stroke of Insight by Jill B. Taylor)
    So…. I lost my home and husband and would later lose my job. Three time dentist just said they could cure by making teeth longer/higher…. the back bottom teeth put in plastic so “the condyle could be romanced” into place.!! I have kept records, xrays AND PICTURES.
    When I lost the bottom back teeth to being in plastic…. Implants were put in but the proper xray were not done SO… Implants were put in the NERVE of my jaw…I have been have injections for Craniomandibular Dystonia (form of parkinsons painful spasms!!to lip chin….can not pucker to KISS etc)
    It is a horror story BUT what I have learned could change the health care system. Please let me send you info on how important our jaw relationship to skull and skull to spine is…. just look at the football players hit…. it has been a whiplash chiropractor to relocate my jaw… and another to set my atlas. (side line: I go to IANDS, international assoc near death studies because at 4 I had paritinitis and died came back… no one believed me) My NDE has help keep me going as I have learned about balance and alignment and the third eye or pineal gland.
    Please help a woman, under a corrupt medical community of men who MISDIAGNOSED me for 3 decades and what it is taking, after being mutilated, invalidated and mistakes covered up so no progress can be made. Why don’t drs understand the foundation of health??? the skeletal, muscular, nerve system? Please help me reverse the curse…. Let me send you a bit of my story with pictures…. you are open minded…. Help me show how important, and we are just learning from the football players, car accident, soldiers etc that are left misaligned so spinal fluid does not flow properly.
    My name is Susan I only answer phone when I know who it is… because speaking is painful…….
    Yes I have seen UFO and had what was “abduction”….. We need to make sure the third eye is open so we can align with our Oneness. Yes, when my jaw was dislocated rotated to left brain…. I wrote a book on co creating peace there is a book: Right brainers will rule the world…..
    OK…. I’m 35 yrs into this…. in my late 60’s BUT no one in Utah will help me write my story….
    Thanks for taking the time to read and pray you email…. Sincerely Susan

  598. Hi Annie,
    I just read your book Operation Paperclip! You did a phenomenal job is pulling all the different storylines together to paint a complete picture of the secret plot to use criminals from the Nazi era to further our defense against the Russians during the Cold War and after. You had me exclaimed may times in surprise that the US would do so many undespicable coverups. I want to read ever book of yours, you are an excellent researcher and writer. Kudos to you!!

  599. Half way through Area 51. Astounding. Can’t begin to imagine the depth of research such a book required. Truly amazing and great reading.
    Tom Beardsley
    Waterbury, VT

  600. What do you think of Randy Cramer’s story on You Tube? Needs your researching/organizing talents. You might have one of two reactions: Wow, what a fantasy–so much detail. Or: I may have overlooked something?

  601. hello annie
    can you tell me about your source of eg&g the name and if he is in life?
    and where i could find information about the “operation harass”?
    thank you, bye

  602. Ms.Jacobsen,
    To date I’ve enjoyed “Area 51” and “Paperclip”.
    I wonder if you can shine some light on an interesting detail in “51” ?
    First edition 5/11. Page 220 , lines 18~21. The quotation;
    “The canopy closed and I got into another Mach 3 aircraft we had flying alongside during the test”.
    Does this refer to another M-21 or did we have another aircraft type capable of M3 ?
    Good writing,good history. Thanx Bob Hearst

  603. Hi, I loved your book on the Pentagon. How can I connect with you in a more discreet fashion? I have a few questions and comments.

  604. In the epilogue contend an EG&G engineer believed go Stalin had German hover and fly technology, and that another EG&G engineer called it “electromagnetic frequency.” I wonder if in your research you came across Thomas Townsend Brown? He was born in Ohio in 1905. Before WWII he was working with charging capacitors with high voltage to get movement. Together with Dr. Paul Biefield he explored the Bieflied-Brown effect, and introduce the field of eletrogravitics. Saucer shapes were described as particularly suitable when getting prototypes to lift off the ground. In 1956 he founded the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. When former CIA Director Adm. Roscoe H. Hilenkoetter retired in 1957 he joined NICAP’s board of directors and made statements confirming UFOs being guided by intelligent control. The stories I have read say Brown’s work was classified, but then anything can be classified. A lot has been written about him. His association with Hilenkoetter would suggest his work in eletrogravitics had some merit. Perhaps he had no connection with Area 51. I was just curious.

  605. Ms. Jacobsen,
    University of Tex, El Paso professor Anthony Kruszewski was interviewed 12/30/17 on KTSM-AM 690 regarding his research on Operation Paperclip. Prof. Kruszewski is a history professor who was a member of the polish resistance during WWII.
    I asked him if he had any connection to your work or had been approached by you when working on your book. He admitted that he had never read it but had read good reviews.
    As documents become declassified I’m sure there are troves of untold stories regarding Nazis in America after WWII. Since El Paso played a part in Paperclip I’m sure that any continuing research would prove fruitful and be widely received by the historical community of El Paso.
    All the best.
    Mike M
    El Paso

  606. Hello Mrs. Jacobsen, my name is Diane Arrington. I have always been at the curb of the supernatural. My journey started as a seven year old looking into the Casket of my mother in 1968, and declaring out loud that this is not my mother standing their alone. When a gentle but firm voice said, ” Yes she is”. Defiant in my belief I walked away skipping from the casket in my white Crindelyn dress because an Authority had spoken. I was always attracted to movies like Contact with Jodie Foster, Joan of Ark, and the like to validate my own environmental experiences. Then I started reading the Bible more in-depth in which my heightened hyper-sensitivity sent me to the Church World or Behind the Veil thus entering into the dark night of my soul. I like what Puhurich said about perverting nature, and I agree because we are left with uncontrollable perversions if subdued by them.

  607. Columbia University Press just published a new book, “A Time To Stir: Columbia-68,” that filmmaker Paul Cronin edited, indicating how anti-war students at Columbia and Barnard began protesting against Columbia University’s institutional membership in the Institute for Defense Analyses [IDA[/ARPA/DARPA/Jason Division weapons research operation in spring of 1967 that ties-in, somewhat, to your “The Pentagon’s Brain” book. Coincidentally, the Columbia Life Trustee and CBS, Lockheed, and American Metal Climax board member who was also IDA’s board of trustees chair in 1960s, William A.M. Burden, was also the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium between 1959 and early 1961 who pushed for the Eisenhower administration to covertly work for the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Patrice Lumumba, after formal Belgian colonial political rule of the Congo ended in late June 1960. (For info about the new Columbia University Press book, see info at following link: )

  608. Hi Annie Jacobsen! Earlier this morning I saw You on C-span. Annie, back in ’84 I was a Star Wars freak and friends thought I was crazy! But when I saw You on C-span You were talking about Space. Annie, traveling in OUTER space is filled with secrets! I think I have figured out the biggest secret about space-traveling! I believe that it IS possible to observe ANY time period in earths history! Annie, I have figured out how it is possible to FIX any part of earths history! Annie, it IS possible to go back in time and CHANGE what will happen! Breaking it ALL down >> Annie, I would like to meet and talk with You about >> [time-travel]! David Kirts

  609. Hi, I watched your CSPAN segment from April this year. You mentioned you are interested in struggles (you might have used the word “battles”), so I hope you can find time to look into the struggle for the Article V Convention. The pros and cons and who is making them. has a lot of information available.

  610. Thanks for the three hour cspan interview in april 17′. enjoyable and illuminating. Thanks. kjk

  611. Hi,
    Looking forward to reading your latest.
    Again, small world. I worked alongside BG Stubblebine for 4 years at Arlington Hall as Consultant on Electro Optical Systems….only 🙂 His staff appointed me to serve on Dr. Tony Tether’s IC S&T committee. Tony has been a friend and colleague for many years. Also have had many meetings with Dr. Ed May over some of Andy’s (grill) best bar-b-q ribs and have discussed, in depth, his pursuit of remote viewing and other weird phenomena.
    With the latest acquisition I will own one each of all your books………so far. Every detail you so eloquently describe contains info about which I have either sufficient knowledge or personal involvement, and can vouch for its authenticity. Amazing to me is the number of people listed in your books with whom I have worked and/or had personal contact over the years. Why am I thinking of six degrees of separation?
    You are always “spot on.