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June 21: CBC Radio, Canada "The Mystery of Area 51."

The Current is one of Canada’s top morning radio shows. Annie Jacobsen discusses Area 51 with host Anna Maria Tremonti, in a forty minute radio interview “The Mystery of Area 51.”

“We started this segment with a clip of Orson Welles’ famous War of The Worlds broadcast. It terrified a lot of Americans on Halloween night in 1938. It was, of course, a radio drama. But a lot of people didn’t realize that and many panicked. That part of the story is well-known. But according to Annie Jacobsen it doesn’t end there. In a controversial new book, she makes the case that the War of The Worlds broadcast was on the minds of people in Washington and Moscow. And she suggests that the Kremlin decided it could use some of that panic to its own cold-war advantage. Annie Jacobsen makes a connection between this story, and the creation of one the deepest, darkest places on earth in her book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base…”