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June 8: Slate Magazine, DoubleX Book of the Week: "Area 51"

In “Annie Jacobsen Uncovers the Mother of All Government Cover-ups,” Slate Magazine managing editor Rachael Larimore picks “Area 51″ as Factor” Book of the Week. Larimore writes, “It’s amusing and eerie, as you read through the book, to see that many of the jokes about Area 51 made in movies (I’m thinking of Will Smith’s Independence Day in particular) have a grain of truth to them.  Area 51 being so secret that the president himself doesn’t know about its existence? Not quite, but Jacobsen does spend a lot of time discussing the Atomic Energy Commission, the successor to the Manhattan Project some of whose clandestine work  even President Clinton was denied access to. Crashed space ships? No, but Area 51 was home to captured Soviet MiG fighter jets. Alien bodies preserved in strange liquids? Again, not exactly, but … well, I’ll leave that for you to read about yourself…”