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The Washington Post: Review of The Pentagon’s Brain

A “fascinating new book.”

Dina Temple-Raston for The Washington Post (Sunday Print Edition, October 11, 2015):

DARPA “has long had a habit of eschewing political correctness and shrugging off what people might say or think so it can put science first. It has never worried about how unconventional research might look on the front page of, say, The Washington Post. That attitude has led to notable successes but also some troubling outcomes. DARPA is responsible for stealth technology, tank simulators and the M-16 rifle on the one side of the ledger, but on the other side data-mining programs such as Total Information Awareness and the research that led to harsh interrogation techniques used on prisoners after 9/11. Annie Jacobsen explores that tension in her fascinating new book, ‘The Pentagon’s Brain,’ which she presents as the first comprehensive history of an agency many Americans may not even know exists…”

The Pentagon's Brain Pulitzer Prize Finalist Book Cover