Annie Jacobsen

Fall 2015 Tour Dates

9/23: Boston, MA

9/24: New York, NY

9/25 Washington, DC

9/28: Redmond, WA

9/29: San Fran, CA

9/30: Menlo Park, CA

10/1: Santa Monica, CA

10/6: Pasadena, CA


This book is a remarkable achievement of investigative reporting and historical writing, but it is a moral force as well as a literary tour de force. It reminds us, unforgettably, about the wages of war — and the price of victory.”

–The Boston Globe

As comprehensive as it is critical, this latest expose from Jacobsen is perhaps her most important work to date…Jacobsen persuasively shows that it in fact happened and aptly frames the dilemma…Rife with hypocrisy, lies, and deceit, Jacobsen’s story explores a conveniently overlooked bit of history.”

–Publishers Weekly

This is an engrossing and deeply disturbing expose that poses ultimate questions of means versus ends.”